How To Differentiate Between Lust And Love In A Relationship

How To Differentiate Between Lust And Love In A Relationship

How To Detect And Differentiate between Lust And Love In a Relationship

LOVE is the most overused word in the English language. It’s what we say
when we want or need something, and many has fallen victim of this
vocabulary. “I LOVE YOU” is a powerful statement. It’s very easy to say
but very HARD TO KEEP because man can’t love unconditionally. But in
most cases it seem difficult to detects whenever someone is in love or
lusting while in relationship.

These two emotional feelings has confused majority and today we are going to deals on how to detect and differentiate between lust and love in a relationship because many hearts are left broken while many are already fallen victim and despair in spirit due to this confusing feelings.

Unfortunately majority don’t really understand the basic meaning of love
and at this moment they are presently dancing to the tune of lust,
defiled and been deceived by a statement “I LOVE YOU”

  • Differentiate Between Lust And Love In A Relationship:

Whenever anyone profess how much he/she loves you by express his/her
feeling, telling you how he/she can’t sleep without thinking about you.
How a vehicle nearly knock him/her while thinking about you and how
he/she always dreamt about you or how a cockroach enter his food while
eating and didn’t knows when he ate the cockroach while thinking about
you or blabbing with romantic words.

That is not love that is what i call lust. Love has nothing to do with
too much exaggerating or grammar; it easily reviewed itself even without
confession. Love causes your brains, heart; natural human thinking
and affection to be weakened and crushed. It drained off your sense of
reasoning and demolished your egoistic and causes you to give-up some
certain things unexpectedly.

While “LUST” is an immediate rational feeling which zoom and cause you
to feels uncomfortable. You just wish to be satisfied, longing
compatibility without mindful of others people needs or desire. Lust is a
means of draining others people virtues because it’s all about YOU.

You don’t give a dime of others well-being while Love is all about
the others. How to meet up their needs, encouragement and expression of

At this moment, it’s either you are already in LOVE or LUST or NEUTRAL
but whatever happens always remember this; LOVE is all about “GIVING”
while LUST is all about “RECEIVING”

Therefore if you already in love with someone, you can easily detects
this by how you wish and pray to behold his/her glorious impact, success
and happiness and not how to satisfy or makes YOU feel happy. It’s not
how to makes you feel comfortable, appreciated or cuddled.

Hence if you already in LUST with someone, you can detects this by how
you always felt to be closer, cuddles or hold by the person. In
nutshell, you just want to drain off all the virtues in such person and
empty him/her worthless (ignorantly).

Personally, i aim for love but unfortunately am just afraid of falling
in love because its filled with madness. It drains off your senses and
causes you to unleash your virtue upon others and at this moment, I am
still maintaining my NEUTRAL LEVEL because Love is blind and always

Spiritual Definition Of Love:

Love is God and it symbolic is Death and Death is an evidence of
Love. Christ is evidence of that Prove and that prove is what made us a
So, next time someone profess and uttered “Hello, You know i always Love you”

Please kindly inquire from him/her; “Yes i knew you love me but please
can you died for? Can you bear my pains and suffered with me? However
he/she might concur but you must not be taken for fool. There is need
for a test of trial for a prove and don’t forget the password about

Love has nothing to do with romancing because it simply means…

  • L: Long-suffering.
  • O: Overlook.
  • V: Volunteer.
  • E: Encouragement.

(If you forget this code you will definitely blame yourself)

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