Nigerian Churches And The Rising Influence Of Marine Spirits

Marine Spirits are gradually penetrating and influencing the behavioral pattern of some churches in Nigeria. Marine spirits are generally referred to as spirits which have operational base in the waters. They are spirits thrown down […]

How I Slept With a Mermaid, A pastor’s confession.

TESTIMONY OF NIGERIAN MARINE PASTOR CHIDUBEM OKWU  (Marine Spirits)   Dear brethren and dear friends, we find it useful to share with you this sad testimony of a sorcerer pastor from Nigeria who, in his […]

Exposition of Mermaid Kingdom by Evang. Grace Onyejiaka (Full Audio)

This is the confession of Sister Grace Iwhere (now called Evang. (Mrs) Grace Onyejiaka), a lady that lived in the Indian ocean for Seventeen and half years. This recording was originally owned by The Lord’s […]

Delivered from the Powers of Darkness by Emmanuel ENI

Delivered from the Powers of Darkness by Emmanuel ENI   Video Page Tagalog  [Slovenian v1 v2]  Romanian  Portuguese  Arabic  Hungarian PDF    DOC   MP3   MP4  Chapter 1: My Escape to “New Life” “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he […]

How satan Stops Our Prayers. COMBAT IN THE HEAVENLY REALM

How satan Stops Our Prayers. COMBAT IN THE HEAVENLY REALM MP3 (Human Voice)            PDF   DOC by John Mulinde,  Obsteig (Austria) Nov.  2000    Full Version Spanish  French German THAI Indonesian Malasian  Arabic Chinese Traditional Simplified  Vietnamese  Slovak  Japanese  Malagasy  Romanian  Italian  Portuguese  Amharic MP4   Low I would like to share with you part of a testimony of a saved person who […]