Why fasting attracts God: Things You Should NEVER DO While Fasting

Why fasting attracts God: Things You Should NEVER DO While Fasting

In this eye-opening video, we dive deep into the spiritual practice of fasting and reveal the crucial mistakes you should NEVER make while fasting. You will learn why fasting attracts God. Whether you’re a seasoned faster or just beginning your journey, understanding these key points will help you attract God’s favor and deepen your spiritual connection.

In This Video, You Will Learn:

The importance of fasting in spiritual growth
Common pitfalls to avoid while fasting
How to properly prepare for a fast
Tips for maintaining focus and dedication during your fast
Biblical references supporting the power of fasting

00:00 Fasting Attracts God
00:30 Fasting’s Spiritual Benefits
01:52 Fasting Mistake #1
02:48 Fasting Mistake #2
04:08 Fasting Mistake #3
05:34 Fasting Mistake #4
06:22 Fasting Mistake #5
07:56 Fasting Mistake #6
08:40 Fasting Mistake #7
9:06 Fasting Mistake #8
10:14 Fasting Mistake #9
10:49 Fasting Mistake #10

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