How To Detect Lust And Love In A Relationship

How To Detect Lust And Love In A Relationship

How To Detect Love and lust in a Relationship

Love is the most intensive life scene everyone wants to feels and
encounter. It’s not because is blind but in most cases, often misplaced
with lust and it often seem difficult to detect love and lust in a
Relationship. Hence it’s a pleasant thing to fall in love with the right
godly person and it doesn’t matter if he/she expressed the same love.

Above all you just can’t fathom why you always love these person despite
his/her ugly and wicked character. Anyway that is reason why I regard
love as a fool because it drained off people sense of reason or

How To Detect Love In-Play:

True love doesn’t care if he/she hated you. You just kept having this
strange feeling for him/her, at the expense of overlooking the ugly
sides. Well, my friend, you are in LOVE because LUST doesn’t condoned
offence without reacting while LOVE will embrace offence despite it

How Do I Know If Am Fallen In Love:

  1. Specialty: He/she is just too special to you and you don’t
    feels such heart warm feelings for him/her based on his/her intelligent,
    personality, riches, beauty, jovial, handsome, education, wisdom or
    knowledge. I mean, he/she is just too special to you and willing to
    please him/her in every aspect without any cost.
  2. Connection: It doesn’t matter the distance in connection
    between both of you. I mean, your mind can easily flourished at his/her
    absents for a week. He/she is just always stuck in your heart.
  3. Emotional Feelings: You are never moved or activated
    romantically at his/her presence or while chatting. You just felt
    totally complete and alive as if you were in Heaven with sparkly smile
    and heart warmed joy. Love is just crazy because offense can’t override
    it. It’s too
    big to comprehend because it’s blind and filled with madness while
    lusting comprises of self-torment.

How Do I Know If Am Lusting After Someone:

  1. Emotional-Attached: How often do you spend chatting with
    him/her in a week? While chatting do you always felt emotional touched
    and long to romantically held or cuddle him/her?
  2. Self-Thoughts: While in lonely moody do you often thoughts
    about him/her? Perhaps just wish to chats or hear his voice? Just wish
    to hug or kiss him/her? Do you often paint him/her in your heart? I
    mean, it just stuck in your mind. The memories of your previous
    encounters always propels within your heart. Sometimes you will smile at
    the re-account of his/her face, attitude, caring and just wish to hug.
  3. Mind-Attached: You just can’t do or concentrate a day without
    hearing, chatting or conversating with him/her. You just can’t do
    without hearing from him/her every week.
  4. Romantically-Arousal: While chatting or closed in range do
    you often felt any romantic chemistry sudden arousal. Do your mind
    filled and long for romance? Whenever he/she is in sight, you will
    become uncomfortable with an intense desired to just feel him/her touch.
    My friend if you behold all this attributes you are seriously in lust
    and also in danger and it’s time to break out.

How To Overcome Lustful In Relationship:

Overcoming lustfulness or emotional attached in relationship is a
personal choice to make. It’s not something that can be imposed upon you
or that you can simply switch off. Rather you’ll need to work out a
result that distracts, replaces or softens your lustful thoughts. Here
are some approaches that might work for you…. 

Where Do We Begin?

It all begins in your sub-conscious mind. How you control your mind will
determine how lively your spiritual life will become, You don’t just
follow every leading direction of your mind or thoughts. You must learn
how to channel or control them. Whenever you followed an immoral
thoughts and you begin to ponder or work upon it without “resisting” at
early peak and pleading for the Blood of Jesus you will be crushed.

  • Cutting Of The Bridges:

Emotional Lusting is enacted by what you BEHOLD or HEARD and become
activated in your MIND. Therefore, be watchful, discover and cut off any
sudden intruder. As a brother/sister disciplined your eyes, don’t
behold strange women/men twice. Watch out for tempting or emotional
chats, text messages and phone calls. Beware of immoral movies, Rhythm
and Blues songs, and ensure you always go for Christian or spiritual

  • Mid-Week Church Fellowship:

Create time for church weekly fellowship because controlling your
mindset required spiritual food. Get equipped with spiritual message of
great men of God both outside your denomination and within. Seek and get
them downloaded into your mobile phone. Always get occupied with such
messages; even after hearken severally because the word of God is always
new every morning.

  • Praying Meeting And Night Vigils:

Create time for church night vigils at least once in a week and if your
church isn’t privilege of holding weekly night vigils. You might also
identify with any Bible believing Church around your domain which often
engages In weekly night vigil and fellowship with them.

Lastly; In your eagerness to overcome emotional lusting in relationship
should be utilized as a tool in building up your spiritual life. Please
don’t behold emotional lust as the real bondage or problem but rather
accept it as a raw material enacted in order to cause you to attained
unto perfection.

Emotional lustful become a problem or burden whenever you don’t behold
any reason to seek after spiritual growth. Christianity is all about
growth and multiplication. Your present spiritual level must surpass
that of last month and this year greater than last year.

You must always aim higher, seeking after more spiritual growth, gift,
tasty after the fruits of the Holy Spirit, how to have spiritual
convert, encourages and be of godly help to others. When you began to
aim higher spiritually. My friend, honestly emotional lusting will
become a forgotten History.

I hope you have not forgotten our password for Love? Love has nothing to do with romantic feelings because it is Holy and pure. Love flows within and causes you to gives-in.

  • L: Long-suffering.
  • O: Overlook.
  • V: Volunteer.
  • E: Encouragement.

  1. Long-suffering: Enduring intimidation and oppositions which causes you to persist in helping out.
  2. Overlooks: Disregarding offences and keying unto forgiveness.
  3. Volunteer: Offering selfless and upholding total commitment in bring out the best in him/her.
  4. Encouragement: Providing sources of hope and serving as inspirational tunes to him/her.

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