Sister Ayodelle Sawyer – a Revelation of Heaven and Hell

Sister Ayodelle Sawyer – a Revelation of Heaven and Hell

Sister Ayodelle Sawyer – a Revelation of Heaven and Hell


This is a revelation of what Sister Ayodele Sawyerr from Sierra Leone saw in Heaven and Hell.  I have spoken with a godly sister in Christ, who knows sister Ayo, named Claire Andoun Atongo.  She says that sister Ayo is very reserved, and was training the sisters in prayer.  Claire was always together with her praying, and said she is a mature believer in Christ.  Here is her testimony:

When sister Ayo saw the Lord, she said He was shining as a Light.  She said, if you were to take all the energy in the world and put it all together, it would not compare with the Light of Christ.

Time is Up
He told her that the rapture is imminent.  He said, “Time is up!  Time is up!  There is no time left. Soon and very soon the rapture is about to take place.

The State of the Church on Earth
He took her into a heavenly garden, where everything was in order and showed her on a screen the church in Sierre Leone.  He showed her a very large denomination, and said he didn’t even recognize it.  He showed her a highly regarded preacher in that denomination, and said He didn’t recognize him.  The man was committing sexual immorality with the women in the church.  She said that nobody there in Sierre Leone was preaching holiness, they were mainly preaching prosperity.

And the Lord showed her a woman of God that she had great regard for.  “When she stood to minister the Word of God, you feel you can get the Word of God. He said, ‘She is my daughter. But look at the way she appears in front of people. Look at the hair attachments, the short skirts; the code of dressing is wrong to God.  She’s preaching the Word, but the dressing, the [hair] attachments…‘ Then the Lord said, ‘Go and tell her I sent you, and that if she does not repent and remove these things she is putting on — these attachments, this makeup, these things — she will not make it.'”  She was shocked.

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He said, “I AM that I AM that I AM. Before Abraham was, I AM.  I created the heavens and the earth.  This thing that I’m telling you to go and tell them, they will not believe you.  Even your own family will not believe you.”  He said, “Many will doubt.  And by the time they realize that I sent you, it should have been late for them.” She said she is seeing it, because even her own blood brother ignores her when she tells him her testimony.

Afterward the Lord showed her about two ladies, who were preparing to go to a church service (see 49:00 in video).  The older one was dressed modestly and never put on anything.  She came to the younger one’s door and beckoned her to come.  But the younger one just said, “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.”  And Jesus said to Ayo, “I want you to look.” The Lord said to Ayo as she watched this on the screen, “Look!”  All of a sudden the lady came out, and what Ayo saw was that the makeup was so thick that she looked like a Jezebel.  And the blouse she put on was like an empty bra.  You could see the hair attachments.  You could see the way the lady dressed. She just looked like the Queen of the Coast.

She said the Lord was angry.  His countenance changed.  His tone of talking changed in that particular area.  He said, “Look! They have idolized these things. With all those things, they can no longer serve Me. Go and tell them, My daughter, ‘If anyone be a woman of God, no matter the kind of congregation.  If she is putting on these things, she will not make it. She will go to hell. They have taken these things more than Me. With all these things, women can’t praise Me, women can’t worship Me, women can’t seek Me with all these things.”  Once again, Sister Ayo was shocked, and said, “God!”

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She said that when He held her hand, it was a giant holding the hand of an ant, because it was so big.  The sweetness she felt when He held her hand, she forgot about everything in the world. She said that when you see the Lord Jesus, because of His glory and His mighty power, you cannot stand.

Jesus also told her that any church that does not believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, any church that does not believe in the Holy Spirit is going straight to hell.  He said, “Go tell those who are blaspheming, ‘Anybody who is blaspheming against the Holy Ghost, pardon is not their own. Pardon is not allowed.‘”

Then He showed her the churches where people used to worship God, so she could see the kind of dressing the people put on.  The church is a very big something.  Sister Ayo said, “Some of them are just half naked.”  The Lord said, “I want you to look, so that you can explain exactly to the women.”  She said there are more women than men in hell.  She says, “Most of the women because of their dressing, it will take them to hell.  They think that if they don’t dress like this, they will not be attractive to men, and will not find a husband.  Seek ye first!  When you put God first in your life, He knows what you need.”

The Lord showed her the ways the brothers dressed in the Church. They are wearing their trousers down low on their hips, exposing their hind cleavage. They are exposing their chests with open shirts, so you can see their chests and the hair on their chests.  She said, “They are not making it to heaven.”  It looked as if the anointing was with them when they worshiped.  Some of them were speaking in tongues, some were rolling, some were falling down, some were shouting as if the anointing was there. But the Lord said that this was not His anointing, because He does not enter into such churches.  He said, “I am not in their midst. I do not go into churches like this — people dressed half naked, exposing their bodies.” He said, “Your body is the temple of God. You should live a blameless and holy life.”  Then she said, “I realized that churches today that say they felt the power of God; because of the way they dress, Jesus does not enter into those type of churches. The anointing they receive is not from God.”

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