6 Ways to DISCOVER Your Spiritual Gifts

6 Ways to DISCOVER Your Spiritual Gifts


Are you one of God’s Chosen One? Many of God’s chosen ones have spiritual gifts but don’t know it. In this teaching, I’ll reveal the often-overlooked biblical secrets to uncovering the spiritual gifts and supernatural strengths lurking within. I’ll share my proven 6-step method for discovering your divine calling and purpose. You’ll learn how to:

Identify the talents, skills and passions God uniquely placed in your heart
Recognize the signs God uses to show you where He wants you to serve
Activate the dormant abilities inside you and maximize your full potential
Stand out and excel in ministry by playing to your spiritual strengths
Receive favor, blessing and increased effectiveness through using your gifts

You will discover different ways God uses to reveal your giftings to you. Stay Blessed as you fill your mind and spirit with this message.

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