The Practice Of Witchcraft Doctrine In The Church

The Practice Of Witchcraft Doctrine In The Church

The Practice Of Witchcraft Doctrine In The Church

Exposing The Secret Fellowship Of celestial Church in nigeria

I do not come up with this write up to mock or look down on any churches. But one thing I believe. I have a thousands of souls to win for Christ. Some are dead already while some are alive but scattered around the world. Some are Muslims. Some are atheist. Some are Catholics. Some Jehovah witness and some are mostly blind Christians. So I don’t care if this write up will offend anyone. My desire is for you and me to make Heaven at all cost. Proverb 14:15 “The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going”
Read Below Drama That Took Place In A Church (name withheld) In Nigeria.
The pastor came to the front, known as Baba Adura, to lead the prayer. Now these are the word of his prayers.

Pastor: Shall we pray (Dansalam Jehovah Rapheical).
Members: Mimo (Holy).
Pastor: Elisa Eli Eli.
Member: Mimo (Holy).
Pastor: Jah Rah Rah.
Members: Mimo (Holy).
Pastor: Angel Michael.
Members: Sokalewa (Come down).
Pastor: Angel Gabriel.
Members: Sokalewa (Come down).
Pastor: Ida Olorun (Sword of the Lord).
Members: Ja fun wa (Fight for us).
Pastor: Eli Jahurah etc.

The Secret Practice And Worship In Religious Churches
Are these names in the bible? Satan has succeeded in capturing many Christians such that he has covers their eyes and kept them from the light. I’m not talking about what I did not know. If God should open your eyes to see the kind of demons you have being calling days and night, never will you call on those names again. What makes you think the Angels you are calling are from the Lord? 

Angel Michael and Gabriel stand before the Lord in Heaven. Satan was one among the top angel before he was cast down. Satan is full of pride and will want to imitate God in every ways. He has his angel Michael, his Gabriel, his Uriel, etc he has his own 24 elders who worship him. He tried to imitate God in every way, mind you he has his own Jesus,whom you hang around in your houses. I said, whenever you mention Angel Michael or this come down, this demon will be the one to come how. I said, whenever you mention Angel Michael or this come down, this demon will be the one to come how?
Satan also has his Gabriel and Michael in his government, even Zachariah too was aware of this when he ask the angel out of fear not to mistake him with satan Gabriel, but because he fail to believe him, he made him dumb. Please have this in mind, it was never Zachariah who invoke the Angel to come. But he came in God’s bidding. Also Daniel 10 and 12, it was. never Daniel who invoke the Angel or tell God to send him Angel. But God himself sent the Angel Michael because Daniel was in position where he needs God’s help.
Father Abraham, Jacob, David, Elijah, Moses, John, Peter etc all saw angels, but none of them ever invoke them. Angels came to minister the message of God to them. God sent them for a particular reasons as the case was with them,
Hope you still recall the name “Manua” the parent of Samson. He ask the name of the angel but the angel replied and said, why do you ask of my name? reasons being that those angels are not servants of humans. But God’s servant and they are directly responsible to God. You can’t call them and send them on errand because they are not your servants and if they do, that they will be going beyond their boundary and against God free-will on human. 
But if you pray hard, God can send them to you if he like. But you have no right to command God or tell him what to do, and as soon as the Angel deliver the message he goes back to the Lord. So if you are among those who shout Angel Y angel Z come down, and the Angel come down, note that A demons has visited you.

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Hence, among the army generals of Satan; you will surely finds fallen angel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel etc all these angels are fallen angels and they have the ability to control man in his thinking, they invade the thought of man by suggestion. And made man think immensely, then the evil spirit will encourage him to carry out the thought, till the man is finally destroyed. Some who hang themselves and people who commit suicide are as result of these evil forces. They are real but no natural eyes can see them. They are so much organized. 

Those that set up these witchcraft doctrines know what they are doing. But you the follower’s, do not know. This is a deep secrete the Lord is exposing through this post. Satan is full of pride and will want to imitate God in every ways. He has set his system of governing to counterfeit the things of God. Satan has his own Michael, Gabriel in his government. , and they have no rules. If you just kill, call them they will answer you.

If you commit adultery call them they will answer you. But The Angel of God called Michael or Gabriel, you don’t have the power to call them, because they are not your servant. They work according to God instruction not yours, and you can’t command God on what he should do, all you can do is to table your matter before him through prayers.

No prophet or Apostle ever invokes any angels, they come at the bidding of God, and he will decide if to send a particular Angel to carry out his assignment or not. Do not be deceived, whenever you hear any one invoking an angel and telling you he’s commanding a particular angel from Heaven. Don’t be deceive, he is invoking a demonic spirit from the second heaven or from the bottom of the sea.

demonic mary

Many of them will come up with tricks, telling you to pray with anointing oil, have you ever seen Jesus praying with anointing Oil? Or did Paul or peter prayed with anointing oil, today many Pentecostal churches are now following the doctrine of anointing oil, no wonder Jesus said in Mathew 24:24 ” Insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. I’m not saying anointing oil is sin ooh, but today it has replace the name of Jesus Christ. 

We have being given a name which is above all names that in the name of Jesus every kneel should bow. Have you ever seeing Jesus even mentioning the world anointing Oil? Who are the one manufacturing this anointing oil, Are they not human? Or were they manufactured from heaven? Human are very easy to deceive such that they will come with water and tell you this particular water was brought from Jerusalem, in fact this is river Jordan where Jesus himself did his baptism, just drink or bath with it, the fools and the blinds too will rush into it and start buying evil with their money. 

Some will bring a mustard seed, and tell you, Jesus spoke of it, just buy it and sprinkle it in your rooms, This are the things I myself has done, they will ask you to bring red candles, black candles, yellow or blue candles, let us pray for you, this and this will leave you, do you want to be deliver from evil spirit, come pray with this candles, call this Malaika and these Angels, they will come, and fight for you, do we have any names like Malaika in the bible? Rubbish, many people has done this and they have sold their glory and soul to Satan even the destiny of their own children, 

They will tell you go and bath in a river, with a sponge, and a particular soap, after that throw away these sponge and never try to look back, why will you look back, because when you look back you may run mad, because of the demonic creature you will see going away with your soaps and sponge.

Let me tell you the fact, you are engaging yourself with a marine spirit, unclean spirit lives in the water, for either you like it or not, you will never be free from Masturbation, you can never be free from having sex in dream, you can’t be free from prostitution, you can’t be free from miscarriage, because you are married to a marine spirit, you can’t get a stable home, stagnancy in financial aspect, anxiety, restless, difficulties in getting married, carrying pregnancy in dreams, carrying children in dreams, these are the things you are getting involve in unknowingly, these unclean spirit reside in water even before the birth of Adam Genesis 1:2.

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Many who pray with candles, they do not know that the odor of candles itself invite demons, (I know these are hard words to understand) these candles, there is an odor that comes out of it and these odor invite demons, praying with candle is 100% demonic, and the Holy spirit of the Lord can never dwells in place where demons dwells, even praying with white candle, all these are false, candle is made of tallow and it’s a kind of hard wax to be melt down to bring light. People who do candle night must be careful.

Also incense, let look at what the Bible say about praying with incense (Isaiah:66:1-3) he that burneth incense, as if he blessed an idol. i.e Whosoever that pray with incense do not deceive yourself, you are an Idol worshiper you are praying to a demons and your prayers will all be directed to a fallen angels called Ashtoreth / Venus for she is the mother of false doctrines. Whosoever prayed with incense you are not praying to God, it doesn’t matter the kind of religion you are, put on the purest white on earth, you are praying to a demon believe it or not, and demons fill these odor of incense. 
Whenever you smell in these odor, you have smell in a demonic spirit in your body, and the spirit of God can never dwell in you. (Ezekiel 7:22b) and they shall pollute my secret place (your body): for the robbers (Demons) shall enter into it, and defile it. When you ask some, why are you doing this, they will say they are driving away demons, of course, you are driving away little demons to invite mighty and large one like Beelzebub. Isaiah 1:13 “Bring no more vain oblations; incense is an abomination unto me; 
The purposes of sacrifices and burning of incenses has being fulfilled when the lord Jesus Christ died for us on cross of Calvary. For he offers himself as a sacrifice for all Hebrew 10:6-14, In burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin thou hast had no pleasure.10 By the which will we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all. 11 And every priest standeth daily ministering and offering often times the same sacrifices, which can never take away sins: 12 But this man, after he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of God; 13 From henceforth expecting till his enemies be made his footstool. 14 For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are doing these abominations is a slap on face of God
Also Holy water, you as a member only go to church to collect holy water, but I tell you the truth, go to a native doctor too, they will supply you the same holy water. No devil will cast out devil, that I’m very sure of, they build a pool or keep a basin where evil spirits would continue to supply special water. This water is what you hear them call “holy water.”

Many people when disturbed by evil spirits go to these “prophets” to cast them out. The truth is, they only add more demons to them. A devil cannot cast out devil. (Luke 11:17-19) What the prophet would do is, he will pray for the member and then give him/her a red cloth to put in his/ her house, and then would advise him/her to always pray with candles and incenses. By this act the person invites evil spirit into his/her house.
There is nothing like Holy or special water. Do you have anything like that in the bible? You are no longer ignorant of Satan devices after reading this post. Please come out of them now else you perish with them. Have you ever once go on your kneel to pray and ask the Lord, to show you where the founder of these churches are Heaven or Hell, because if the Head is not free, the whole body will be in bondage. I’m writing this because I grew up in this church and I’ve pass through all these rubbish before the Lord delivered me.

Also, Killing of Goat or rams? Do you want to generate another lamb that will take away the sins of the world? Isaiah 66:3 “He that killeth an ox is as if he slew a man. (You are a murderer). Now tell me if there is any different between a witch doctors and the so called prophet? These evil still goes on in this church up till now. They give members different kind of forbidden foods right in the church. Initiating members into an occultist. (He that killeth an ox is as if he slew a man; he that sacrificeth a lamb, as if he cut off a dog’s neck; he that offereth an oblation, as if he offered swine’s blood;)

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What annoyed me most is praying at the sea shore. So your god is now tired in answering prayers in the church. He now choose to go and sit with Satan at the sea shore (Isaiah 27:1) In that day the LORD with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan (Satan) the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon (Revelation 12) that is in the sea.

Do you know the meaning of the cross buried in front of your church? Do you know the legion of demonic spirit that moves around with that perfume you used? Have you ever tried to investigate why your church will never allow members to enter the church with shoes on? They hide under the word the Lord said to Moses, put off your shoes. Do you know the meaning of the children you bear with dreadlocks called Dada? Don’t you know Dada is a name of demons? So you want to give birth to another Samson that will tear the mouth of Satan the lion seeking for whom to devour?

Or are you deceived by the white garments you put on? What makes you think Satan does not use white? What about people who worship the goddess of the rivers called Mammy water? What do they put on? Is it not white? Do they put on shoes too? You are serving the same goddess of the river. Now am telling you the truth and the facts, no devil can cast out devils, I know what I’m telling you.

Praying with salts, honey, anointing oil, incense, candles, perfumes, special waters, cross, all these are Satan deceit, and if you die in that state. Well I will tell you the truth, if the head is not in Heaven, the bodies too cannot go there. Today, God has overlook the time of your ignorance, and now is asking you to repent.

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