The Mystery of Dreams


It is my greatest joy that the world has begin to accept the fact our dream life is very important.

Dream is the blood of our destiny. Dream is the picture of our world. Dream is a powerful tool which can be used to determine the future, today and the past. It is one thing to follow your dream it’s also another thing to monitor it through prayers.

Anything that happens to man today, it must have taken place in the spiritual realm which is the dream. It is therefore important to take your dream very serious. Through our dream, our destiny can be checked therein. This is the more reason we must bring back the culture of understanding our dream.

Naturally, God speaks to man in their dreams. God speaks to man through revelation and also God speaks to people through vision (Job 33:14-16).

But most people have not been able to discern the voice of God from the voice of the devil while they are asleep. These agents of darkness operates in a night to introduce bad dreams into the lives of people and to confuse and distract them from picking important message or revelation God is bringing to them through that dream (Matt 13:25).

Today, most people went into deep spiritual sleep and when they wake up they never remember what they dreamt about.

While there are some people who have chosen to ignore their dreams never make any attempt to look for the spiritual interpretation. This is dangerous because when you forget or ignore your dreams, you stand a danger of missing important messages from God. And the person may not know what the devil is planning towards him and may stand a cance of remaining under the bondage of the enemy.

Every dream has a voice whether good, bad or nonsense(Jer 29:11). But the problem is that the enemy operates in the lives of people to disorganize what God has arranged, and thereby plant troubles into their dreams.

The enemy has used dreams to confuse a lot of people in their marital, financial, and spirtitual matters. Satan can transform into an angel of light to deceive believers in their dreams.

Dreams cannot be examined by human understanding, reasoning or imagination except by the knowledge and power of God.

Dreams are not to scare or make us afraid, especially the bad ones.

If you are the one that hate dream begin to love it because its very good as the roadmap to your destiny. It is very good that many people are beginning to understand the important of dreams in their lives.

Dreams are not friction but they are true realities. Many people dreams and they would see their dreams come to pass immediately they had it. While others would dream and their dreams would take a longer period before it start manifesting.

In fact, it is even clear that most people would dream and sleep over it thinking that it can never come to pass, while there are other categories of people who would dream about others and decided not to share their dreams with them. When you do this, you are the enemy in focus.

It is through dream you can able to know how to pray for or against your enemy (Eph 6:11-12).

If you are the person and you don’t remember your dreams, it is not something you rejoice about. Don’t joke with your dreams as they are important to do a spiritual checkups.

Some people would notice that whenever they are about to do anything that would give them breakthrough, a particular dream would occur and when they had this dream, that is the end of the breakthrough.

This book has been put together with the help of the Holy Spirit to help or assist you in interpreting your dreams, supported with bible verses and deliverance prayers. With God’s help, I will make sure the most trending dreams would be interpreted.

If your dreams are not touched or interpreted, don’t worry, the Lord will help us to put them in our subsequent book. The Lord will interpret them for you when you ask in prayers (John 14:14).


90% of spiritual stealing happens in the dream. For many, their marriages have been stolen in the dream. For others, their finances have been stolen in the dream. For millions, body of organs have been removed and exchange in the dream by spiritual vampires. The sad thing is the enemy is getting away with it.


1. The Reminder Dream: This dream bring things to your remembrance or consciousness. This dream could be good or bad. Even when you have prayed towards it, it will keep reminding you that it has not been solved spiritually.

Take care of the dream that reminds you of a person, thing or situation. For example, a dream about your village more than once, it is reminding you of some bad things in that line which is not clear to you.

2. The Repetitive Dream: This dream keeps telling you that you have not address the dream well. This is a picture that indicate that the problems still remains whether prayers or no prayer.

God  gives us the revelation about the dream so that you can solve it well through the right prayers.

3. The Predictive Dream: This dream keeps telling you what is about to happen to you. This dream may give you the feeling that such dream would come to pass that you should follow it up with prayers immediately.

4. The Descriptive Dream: This dream keeps describing the dream for you when you could not discern it quickly. It discern it by describing the intention of that person in the dream. For example when you dream about a man planning to put ring in your hand and you wake up. This dream will tell you what the man is about to do.


1. The Dream Of Infancy: This is the stage where God begin to show the child good revelation about his or her future.

2. The Dream Of Childhood: This is another stage that everyone need to take close attention to. Such a person can start having all manners of dream ranging from good or bad.

3. The Dream Of Adulthood: This is also the critical stage that every mature person needs to monitor and address their dreams. When you are in the stage of adulthood, God might just decide to remind you of the dream you had during your childhood days.


We are going to briefly examine them one after the other through the following:

1. DREAM FROM GOD: Dream from God always make people normal, peaceful, happy, stable, reasonable and sensible. God reveal important things that should make man great in life.

God can reveal a particular person that has been responsible for all your troubles. God can also reveal terrible things ahead of you that should destroy you, your family or your friends. He can give you the solution to overcome them (Gen 37:3-7; Num 12:6; Joel 2:28; Jer 23:28).

God spoke to Joseph through dream. God also speak to people in dream in order to instruct and guide them concerning what to do. God also speak to people in order to warn them (Job 33:14-16). God can also use dreams to reveal the plan of your life He did in the case of Solomon (1 Kings 3:5; 1 Kings 3:11-15). God can use dreams to pass serious message across.

2. DREAM FROM THE DEVIL: Dream from the devil always make people confuse, frustrate frighten, unstable. It is a nightmare that gives tension, fear, sorrow and sad. The devil plan is to deceive kill and to destroy your good dream. He does not want you to receive peaceful and joyful dream. Sadly, the devil will make evil covenant with you in the dream to make sure you are under their demonic custody forever.

3. DREAM FROM MAN: Dream from man has to do with the mind. This is the dream of man that often occupied their mind throughout the day. The man’s flesh has the ability to influence the physiological state of man (Eccl 5:7).

When a dream comes from man, God has nothing to do with it. Neither is the devil behind such dream that emanates from the mind of man (Isa 29:8).

If your heart is obsessed with a particulae thought, events or occasions before you sleep, such thought may be replayed in your dreams. Those who have problem with emotion matters may dream about it which is not necessarily mean good or bad.


1. Joseph dream make  his own brother and his brethren to hate him the more because the grace to dream dreams that would come to pass (Gen 37:4-10).

2. God came to Abimelech in a dream by night and said to him that Sarah was not his wife but sister (Gen 20:1-4).

3. God revealed to King Pharaoh in his dreams that there would be seven years of abundance of food and seven years of hunger. King Pharaoh stored food for the hunger time, Egypt and its environs were saved throughout the period of starvation (Gen 41:22-32).

4. The life of Jesus Christ was protected by means of dream which God gave to Joseph (Matt 2:12-13). “…And they were departed, behold the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream, saying, Arise and take the young child and his mother, and flee into Egypt, and be thou there until I bring thee word: for Herod will seek the young child to destroy him’’.

5. Nebuchadnezzar had a troubled dream which the magicians, astrologers, sorcerers, and Chaldeans were not able to interpret his dream, God save the servants at last from destruction. It was Daniel that interpreted the dream for King Nebuchadnezar (Dan 2:1-14; Dan 2:36-46). The King knew the importance of dream! He did not  rest until his dream was interpreted!

6. God also spoke to Abraham in a vision concerning his destiny and his seed of greatness (Gen 15:1)

From this biblical passage, it is therefore good to say the importance of dream cannot be overemphasized. Dream is a picture of our destiny. Whatever you are about to do, or the situation you are experiencing may be translated to you through dream.


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