The Different Between Marriage, Relationship And You

The Different Between Marriage, Relationship And You

The Different Between Marriage, Relationship And You

Marriage is bigger than what most singles assumed and isn’t what they
ought to joke and carelessly walk-into without godly instruction or
approval. The next thing after Hell fire is a bad marriage. Marriage
isn’t to be endured but enjoyed.

There will be times when things won’t be so smooth in your marriage. The
love that embed you and your partner might tend to turns sour and that
is when the Holy Spirit will emerges to carry both of you along because
you have already devoted your time in godly activities before getting

Marriage And You:

However as a single, you must use your singleness era’s to work on
yourself. As a sister ensure you do all the things you want to do “now”
because when you get married, it’s going to be all about your husband.
Search yourself to see if there are areas in your life you need to work
on because you can’t go into marriage saying you’ll work on it there. If
it is your cooking, start taking cooking classes.

If it’s cleanliness, start living in your home and cleaning like there
is someone there with you. If it’s your relationship with God, spend all
the time you can spend with God now because very soon, it’s not going
to be you alone with God but you and your husband with God.

Soon and very soon, God will give you a new song. I don’t care how many
disappointments you’ve had or how many people are ridiculing you, God
has already done it and it shall surely come to pass.

It may tarry but on that day, God will surprise and shut the mouths of
your mockers. You shall rejoice. You shall sing your new song and dance
your new dance. You will be celebrated whether the devil likes it or
not. There shall be no more reproach in your life.

I don’t care what your past is, where you’ve been or what you’ve done,
because God has wiped it away with His blood and made you brand new, and
He shall do what he said He would do. Please rejoice for the light and
glory of God is raisen upon you.

Relationship And You:

I consider marriage as a life sentence. So why then don’t you want to
start it right? Being single is not the end of the world but an
opportunity for you to re-evaluate your life, priorities, visions and
goals. It is the time you have to discover yourself as an individual
because once you know who you are, you know who to choose as a life

If you’re destined to be a high-flying “Ceo” but don’t know that, there’s a possibility you might end up with someone who’s not compatible with your destiny. I mean “it’s like an elephant getting married to an ant.”

In such situations, you will need abundant grace to endure the marriage
because both of you will never see eye to eye. “It is better to be
single and happy, than be married and miserable.”  “A failed
relationship does not make you a failure but it gives you another
opportunity to start afresh on the right path” “It is better to go
through the motions of doubt, anger, depression and heartache from a
broken relationship than having to endure it whilst married”

Because in a relationship, those moments are temporary and you
eventually heal and most probably won’t have to go through it again
unless you didn’t learn the valuable lesson being taught. Not many had
or used the opportunity and did not let go before they said “I do” and now their lives are full of regrets. They live with their partners like they are flat mates.

When you see them out together, no matter how much they try to pretend,
it’s more than obvious that they’re tolerating each other. I don’t think
anyone in their senses would want to spend the rest of their days
living like that. If you have to end that rocky relationship now, I
suggest you do it as soon as. It’s difficult but it’s worth it. If you
can’t change the person now, you will never be able to change the person
at all.

Those things that you’re hoping will get better will only get worse and
it will be you enduring it. But I must say, no one is perfect, so if
you’re out there looking for the perfect mate, I have bad news for you,
you will never find that person. And I hope you won’t end up marrying

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