The Danger Of Marital Pressure In Life Of Spinsters

The Danger Of Marital Pressure In Life Of Spinsters

Sister Charity was a hard working and spiritual devoted young lady. She
was well respected within the village community while nursing the
children of her aunt. The aunt was a fearless woman who was a very close
friend of my mum and she dedicatedly nurtured sister Charity with good
morality, godly fear and faithfulness.

However after several years spent with her aunt in the village, an
emergency family meeting was summoned by her kindred which later
prompted her to returns back to her place of nativity. While staying
with her parent and families she was persuaded to lured into marriage
which she blatantly abhor because she acknowledged that God was
preparing a befitting life partner; an handsome and spiritually endowed
man of integrity for her.

She vividly affirmed that her time for marital breakthrough isn’t yet
imminent, hence patience, perseverance, faithfulness and hopeful unto
God for his perfect will partner is her uttermost desire. Though in her
late 25-27 years she looks gorgeous, tantalizing, and pretty and freshly
like tomatoes but she was internally sorrowful.

Inwardly she looks pale, worrisome and perplexed. In fact she cursed the
day she was born due to the intensiveness of marital pressure imposed
by her parent and guidance but unfortunately she decided thrown-in the
towel and eventual yield unto their request.

Few months later; wedding was concluded and years later the conceptions,
death of her husband and the outcast. At this moment she is a widow
struggling under an hectic sunshine and intensive rainfall in order to
cater for the needy of her children.

Presently none is ever ready to support her, she is completely cut-off
from families, friends and in-laws because obedient is better than
sacrifice and whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite. (Let Stop Here).

  • The Danger Of Marital Pressure In Life Of Spinsters:

Yes; i knew you are already due for marriage but i would advise you
meditates below marital references before yielding unto marital pressure
because marriage isn’t fun or entertainment centre but rather a place
of proving your ministry. And if you ignorantly walk-off from godly
standard or perfect timing due to marital pressure; please don’t ever
blame God.

  1. Have you ever considered the implications of getting married to a wrong man?
  2. Have you ever pondered the mystery behind marriage?
  3. Can you keenly distinguished between Wrong Marriage and Hell Fire?
  4. Do you think an early sweetness in marriage always last till decades?
  5. Do you know the quickest way to eternal torment in Hell Fire?
  6. Do know you think getting married will solved all your marital pressure?
  7. Have you ever considered the pressure involved in barrenness?
  8. Have you ever thinketh about the pressure within the in-laws?
  9. Have you pondered about the danger of getting married to a wrong family?
  10. Are you spiritually fortified to pray the prayers of tied & loose consistently?

My sister, apparently i can’t compelled you to endured marital pressure
imposed by your family and probably due to peer pressure as a results of
your mates & colleagues who are already married with Children but
would advice you cast your sight unto God in “Hopefulness” for greater
good of your future and eternity. Because you sincerely needs God while
wrestling marital battles and if you can’t TRUST him at this moment for
his “perfect timing” and decided to rush due to pressure, how do you
expect him to feel?

  • The Reason To Be Hopeful — The Four Burning Candles:

The Four Burning Candles

There were 4 candles who slowly burned. The ambiance was so soft, one
could almost hear them talking. Then the first candle said; “I AM PEACE
but the world is full anger and fighting and nobody can keep me lit”
Then suddenly the flame of “Peace” went out completely.

The second candle said “I AM FAITH but i am no longer indispensable. It
doesn’t make sense that i stay lit another moment”. Instantly a breeze
softly blew “Faith’s” flame.

Sadly the third candle began to speak: “I AM LOVE but people don’t
understand my importance so they simply put me aside and they even
forget to love those who are nearest to them”. And in twinkle of an eye
“Loves” flame went out.

Suddenly a little child entered the room and behold the three unlit
candles and uttered “Why are not you burning? You are supposed to stay
lit till the end” and afterward the child began to cry, then the Fourth
candle answered: “Don’t be afraid for I AM HOPE and while i am still
burning we can re-light the other candles” And with a shinning eyes the
child took the candle of HOPE and lit other candles.

Nevertheless; the greatest of these is LOVE but the flame of “HOPE”
should never go out of your life, because with hope unto God’s perfect
timing for your marital breakthrough “you can still live with Peace,
Faith & Love.

I employ you always be hopeful that someday you shall surely get there
because when you are hopeful of getting married at the “Lord’s appointed
time” inwardly you will be revived. One of the source of my inspiration
is been Hopeful irrespective of any ugly situations because i am an

Hope is a vital ointment for been spiritual active because WORRIES &
PRESSURE kill faster than Ebola disease. Yes, Stop worrying yourself:
“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its
joy”. One of the enemies of progress in life is worry.

And no one can actually amount to anything great in life simply by
worrying on daily basis. “Cast your care (worry) upon Him for He cares
for you” is what the scripture says Matthew 11:28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 1 Peter 5:7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

So, What Other Assurance Do You Need Apart From This? I degree into your
destiny as you begin to hand over your marital worries unto God, may
you continually be seeing the mighty move of His hand over your life in
Jesus’ Name.

  • Prayer Points:

Dear God, you are my light and salvation. You are my hope. Please come
into my life and forgives me of all my wrong doing, faithless, doubt,
fear and healed all my worries. Strengthen my hope unto your perfect
timing for my marital breakthrough and help me be an instrument of your
love and cause your light to shine on others through me in Jesus Name.

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