Job 33: 14 For God speaks once, yes twice, yet man perceives it not. 15 In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on men, in slumberings on the bed;

Our purpose is to do the essential which is to warn God’s people more and more about the grave realities and dangers that await humanity in the afterlife. We will testify about the 351 chambers of Hell. You wonder why we are focusing on this testimony? I said I will also teach.

But given that we are in the final hour of human civilization, the Church must accelerate in truth in terms of preparing for the end of time. The Lord is coming shortly. All the signs of His return are evident. We have seen and we continue to see how the world is heading to the end and the coming of the Son of God.

Even within the church, we can see the signs of the return of the Lord. For the Bible says in Matthew 24:15, “Therefore when you see the ‘abomination of desolation,’ spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place” (whoever reads, let him understand),

[Commentary: Historically, this Abomination of Desolation was thought to be the statue of Zeus and the pig-offering in place of the lamb-offering offered twice-daily in the Jewish Temple during the Greek empire. Today, worst things have entered the Church. We are seeing many abominations in the churches today: gay and lesbian pastors and bishops; pedophile priests; lesbian nuns; priests who rape nuns; nuns who give orphan boys to priests to sodomize; pastors performing same-sex weddings; pastors who divorce their wives to marry another under the guise of soulmates; LGBTQ churches; drag queens in churches; satanic-covenanted and occultic pastors; worship songs composed by demons in Hell and sung in churches; the use of rap, reggae, punk, heavy metal, mariachi, ranchera, and many other worldly and demonic-inspired music in church worship; doctrines of demons from Hell preached in churches like the prosperity gospel, hyper-grace gospel, once saved always saved gospel, sacramental gospel (salvation by the sacraments), Marian gospel (false apparition of Mary that says she will save the world through the rosary and scapula); Catholic seers that see false visions and Marian apparitions of demonic origin; statues bleeding blood and shedding tears by the workings of demons; kundalini spirits in counterfeit Charismatic movements; churches that teach Yoga, Reiki, New Age; grave soaking which is the same as occultists sleeping on tombs to gain power; white garments churches that have occultic links to the marine kingdom and to the cemeteries; altars and churches defiled by buried fetishes, animal and human sacrifices; pastors selecting certain members of their congregations as human sacrifices to demons for signs and wonders; pastors having gay sex with their bodyguards and sex with virgin girls before church service for power and healing in the church; infiltration of witches into churches and Bible colleges where they take over the leadership, the prophetic teams, the intercessory group; fornication in church leadership and worship teams that release demons of lust to the congregation; pastors operating signs and wonders by marine spirits and sacred demons; pastors using oils obtained from shamans and occultists to work miracles in churches; pastors selling anointed waters and bracelets obtained from marine kingdom; pastors marrying mermaids for power and mermaids appearing in churches as the pastors’ wives; prophets prophesying and seeing visions from the second heaven which is the realm of fallen angels; churches who worship fallen angels under the guise of Mary and the saints; persons in scattered parts of the world claiming to be Jesus Christ; enthronement ceremony by Satanists in the Vatican; Satanic Ritual Abuse in churches; churches that celebrate pagan festivals like Mother’s Day; Christmas; Valentine etc; women possessed by spirits of vanity adorning themselves with bewitched beauty products from Hell wearing men’s clothes like pants and seductive dresses inspired by marine spirits. And many more not listed here.

All these abominations are paving the way for the Antichrist to take his place in the Third Temple as the “Abomination of Desolation.”

2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; 4 Who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sits in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.

Just as Satan entered Judas and night has fallen (John 13:27-30), likewise Satan has entered the Church and night has fallen on the churches.]

All these signs show that the church has reached the end of Time of Grace.

What matters is that we must prepare ourselves very quickly through sound doctrine and the end time teachings. What matters is the eternity of our souls. We know that life is short on Earth but perpetual beyond on the grave. Unless we fix our character and walk before the Lord we shall not inherit everlasting life. We must be able to produce the fruit of the Holy Spirit that will facilitate our entry to the gate of the everlasting kingdom, nurture the love of God and let us be attached to the reading of His word.

Today we shall talk about the chambers of Hell and the prison of souls that were condemned because of dreams. These souls fell into Hell because of the kind of dreams they were having on Earth.

First and foremost, the Lord told me, “Dreams are a representation of the spiritual identity of people. You are what you see in dreams.”

On that day after visiting the chamber of souls that lacked brotherly love, we continued to move in the corridor of Hell. I was crying so much.

I said, “Lord, I have had enough with these experiences.”

The Lord replied, “I want the bride to prepare herself for the rapture is very soon.”

We continued to move and I kept hearing cries of souls that were hopeless. They knew that they were dead and it was too late for them. They are lost forever. Tears were falling on the face of the Lord as we kept moving in this terrifying place of darkness.

I said, “Lord, what is the end of all this?”

He replied, “The judgment will be severe for the unbelievers and the wicked.”

Quickly I saw in the horizon a smoke rising from a pit.

I said, “Lord, what is happening there?”

The Lord said, “It is the place prepared for all these people that were having bad dreams on the Earth. They are punished for the dreams that they were having.”

The Lord looked at me and said, “Dreams are realities in the life of a man. Many are being lost for failing to deal with this issue seriously. They are taking it lightly. You must note that I always stand in the dreams of My people, in order to warn them. I am always in the dream of My people because it is a means by which I want them to be careful and on the alert. However, My people fail to get My message that I give them in the dreams when they sleep. When a person is having continual bad dreams, that’s where judgment begins.”

As we continued to move, the Lord looked at me and said, “A man can be righteous in his behavior and his heart. But when a man began to sin in his spirit, he will be judged because of the sin he has committed at the level of his spirit. I want My people to know and be aware of all these things. There are our spiritual sins that the world must confront.”

2 Corinthians 7:1, Therefore, having these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.

I was astonished to learn that there are also spiritual sins. We were walking on stones that were burning. They were burning trees and there were impure animals. There were great hills that were vomiting fire. The stench of death was coming from everywhere.

When we got to these volcanic mountains that were vomiting fire, I saw thousands and thousands of souls that were damned and tormented forever in that pit of lava. Around the pit, there were flashes of fire. I saw insects of Hell and small demons descending in the pit to torment souls that were in the lava forever.

We had to descend in this wild place to see souls that fell here because of the sins of the spirit. There were stairs leading to the pit. When we got down I found myself in an unknown and mysterious place where thousands of souls were slaves in this place of torment.

Beneath this pit, I saw terrifying things. This was a vast volcanic land where millions of souls were burning in Hellfire. They were running all over the place. They were lost forever. We were in an unimaginable macabre state.

The Lord said, “I never wanted this to fall to man. It was never My wish.”

The Lord said, “We have to see the list of offenses these souls have committed on the Earth.”

On the list was written, “These Souls Are Condemned Here For Having Had Bad Dreams.”

The first category was souls that were eating in the dream. Secondly, those who saw themselves naked in the dream. Those who are bathing in dreams. Those were in unknown meetings of witches in dreams. Those who found themselves in unknown places, in forests, underwater.

The list was long. It was unbearable for me, for men often have these kinds of dreams. We all have these dreams.

I said, “Lord, it’s unbearable. How can it be?”

The Lord said, “The salvation of a soul is not easy. There is a price to pay for you to enter My kingdom. Tell My people, they can ask Me everything, I will give it to them. But it does not mean that they will enter My kingdom. They can still lose their souls despite the fact that I answered their prayers. You cannot enter My kingdom just because I answered your prayer by grace and mercy. My kingdom is so precious. You’re going to make mistakes in life and your walk but make sure to amend your shortcomings on the land and repent. Tell My people to be extremely careful. I give them My blessings that are precious, but it is difficult to inherit the kingdom of God. You must be willing to pay the price. My people are so distracted by blessing, wealth, cars, and houses, but they do not take into account their souls that will face eternity. I will return to Earth to take only souls that are pure and holy, those who have prepared themselves.”

When we took a turn, I was watching these damned souls in Hellfire. We moved above stones that were burning. The more we moved, the more torment I beheld in this place. Finally, we got to a soul that was inside acid. She was half deep in the acid and she was screaming hard.

To my surprise, I saw marine ladies and mermaids bathing around her in the acid telling her, “You are in a good place.”

But she told them, “I don’t know you.”

The Lord looked at her. As a result, I saw marine ladies moving away from her. This soul whose body was burned in the acid said to the Lord, “Have pity on my soul.”

The Lord said, “I battled your whole life to save your soul.”

But the lady kept saying, “Save me, Lord.”

Jesus said, “I am unable to save you. It’s too late My daughter, but this is the end. It is the fate of those who have abandoned My way.”

The lady was fighting to come out of acid.

She said, “Lord, I fought all my life to find Your way and walk in Your path and serve You. But I used to see myself in dreams washing with women. What have I done wrong? Lord, it’s not right. Have mercy on my soul.”

The Lord said, “Whenever you saw yourself washing with mysterious and unknown ladies, it’s meant that your spirit was in covenant with marine spirits and you were part of the marine world. Your portion is with the world of water for you were in covenant with them. I cannot do anything for you. It’s too late. The judgment has fallen.”

This was shocking for me and I was stunned. And I wanted to know more.

The Lord said, “This woman was a soldier in My kingdom. She fought hard to enter the narrow gate, but she fell victim to the evil covenant. Thus she was having dreams in which she was washing in the river with women. She could not understand that this dream meant that her spirit belonged to the world that is underwater. And all these mermaids that you see with her in the acid were the women she was washing with in the dreams. Tell My people to be careful for when they see themselves in dreams washing with people they don’t know they are already a member of the marine world.”

Then we left these souls. I was looking at the torment of these damned souls that were lost forever. And the more we moved, the more I heard like noises of dogs. Finally, we found a soul that was in a pit. She was bitten and tormented by four dogs in a pit. There was no escape. I saw that the teeth of these dogs were metallic. It was horrifying to behold this torment.

The Lord said, “Whenever she was sleeping, she used to dream that she was chased by dogs. She was praying against this dream. But she could not understand that being pursued by dogs in the dream was a covenant with spirits of sexual impurity. She was under possession. And these dogs were chasing her in the dream to signify that she belonged to their kingdom. She is theirs. She did not know that her spirit was used by the devil. Tell My people to be careful with what they see in dreams.”

Then I saw a rock burning with flames of fire and I saw a demon throwing a soul on that rock. The soul was undergoing cruel torment.

The Lord said, “This man was always eating in the dream.”

The demons were telling him, “You were continually eating in the dream. You always wanted to eat our food. You belong to us.”

But this soul kept saying, “I don’t know you. I never saw you.”

The demon told him, “Since you were eating our food in the dream, you should have known that nothing is free. You accepted to eat our food and we offered our fish for you were part of our kingdom.”

I saw that this man had a huge belly for he was eating food in the dream and demons were butchering his belly. He was eating their food in the dream.

Beloved, I felt lost in this place because of the torment that souls were undergoing. Then I saw a soul that was tormented by burning trees. There were demons around these trees.

They kept saying, ”The condemnation has fallen.”

The Lord said, “When he was sleeping, he was dreaming that he was always in a forest. Many men though they live on Earth, their spirit is part of the world of Satan in a forest. You cannot be part of the satanic world and be Mine. The devil has captured many spirits and is using them in the Satanic world. This man did not know that his spirit was part of the world of Satan. We must be careful about dreams of the forest.”

Then I saw a man that was whipped by demons savagely. I was crying before this brutal scene.

The Lord said, “He always sees in himself in dreams driving a vehicle, for he was a taxi driver in the night in the world of which in the morning, whenever he woke up, he always felt exhausted. In truth, he was employed by unclean spirits to drive their vehicle in the spirit world. He thought these dreams meant that one day he will become a driver since he was working for the kingdom of darkness. His soul is here. Actually, his mother is a witch. And his own mother was using his spirit in subconscious witchcraft, where he was driving witches of the neighborhood. His own mother was using him in witchcraft to drive the witches of his neighborhood. His spirit was working for the devil in the night and he was their employee.”

This man said, “I know nothing. I thought these were just dreams. I thought they were just nightmares.”

The Lord said, “It is the spiritual condition of man that determines his eternity.”

I said, “Lord, how do men become prisoners of these things? And what can they do to free themselves?”

The Lord said, “These dreams are consequences of covenants contracted with the satanic world. When a man found that he is having these dreams he is in a covenant. He must break that covenant. He must first go through the offering of Covenant. This offering is enough to undo the covenant with the satanic world, thanks to My servants that have the power and anointing of liberation. My servants will change the spiritual membership of these souls. My servants are going to break the covenant and transfer the soul from the satanic world to the kingdom. If My people don’t go through that Covenant offering, they will not be able to break the evil covenant. As a result, My people will be reclaimed beyond the grave after death because of the evil covenants that were not broken.”

[A Covenant offering is a freewill offering (in the form of money) that is brought to a servant of God to pray the prayer of agreement and deliverance to break all conscious, unconscious, subconscious covenants with Satan and his underlings entered in by your own self, your own family or by your own ancestors and to establish a Covenant with God. Please ensure that the servant of God you are going to is a bonafide servant of God, holy and anointed and moves in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.]

The Lord said, “All these souls that have fallen in this place were fighting to keep My word in order to inherit eternal life. However, when they died, they were reclaimed by evil covenants that they contracted.”

While the Lord was talking to me, I saw a man that was raped by demons.

The Lord said, “He used to dream that he was having sex with men in his dreams. What he used to see in dreams is happening to him here forever.”

When I saw this scene, I cried, and I said, “Lord, this is unbearable for me.”

In this place of torment, I kept hearing thunderclap in the sky and lighting was striking all over the place. These souls wanted death but they were already dead. Then I saw a soul in a pit of torment.

I said, “Lord, what has he done to fall here?”

The Lord said, “He used a dream that he was always with people who are already dead in his dreams. He walks and talks to the dead in his dream. My word says in Deuteronomy 18:11, you cannot invoke the dead. Tell My people to go through the offering of Covenant to be delivered from satanic covenants. Satan is reclaiming many souls beyond the grave. I walk with those who are in covenant with Me, not with the devil. Tell My people what they see in dreams reveal their identity in the spirit world. You cannot belong to Me if your dreams reveal something else about you. Your dreams must indicate that you belong to Me.”

Transcribed from Peniel Ngonde’s video.

Some prayers against evil covenants that can be used are listed below:





More prayers can be found online if you google “prayers against evil covenants.”

A helpful website on understanding eating in dreams:

Some viewers’ comments on Peniel Ngonde’s video:

Stephanie Wade

People, when we have any Satanic dreams, when we awake we must immediately and firstly confess and repent from the dream. Then we must break covenant with the demons of that dream in the name of Jesus Christ and then cancel the manifestation/s of that dream in our physical life. Then pray and ask the Lord to wash our spirits, souls, bodies, minds and spiritual garments with the Blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ and the water gushed from his side. This is sanctification and purification.

Silver Mann

There is a gentleman by the name of Apostle Dr. Paul Williams from Nairobi Kenya. He often gives deliverance prayers from what this video is talking about. His channel is on YouTube. It is very informative and helpful for dream deliverance. He has a post right now called Bye Bye Dream Criminals. He prays for just about everything that is mentioned in this video. I pray that this helps someone.

Lalnunkimi Hauhnar

I always pray ‘I cancel every negative dream that I dreamt last night in Jesus name. I cancel all the evil and negative invoked in that dream in Jesus’ name. You dream of (whatever I have dreamt) shall not stand neither shall it come to pass in my life in Jesus’ name. Father, forgive me for every sin that I have committed and wash me clean with the blood of Jesus in Jesus’ name. O Lord send your angels to search the universe to bring back and restore to me everything that I have lost in the dream and to bring to divine judgment every power behind that dream in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen’

For those new to negative dreams you can use this prayer. I have used it for many years. But remember it is only through Jesus that we have victory over the enemy. The enemy may attack us in the dreams but through Jesus we have victory. He has already won the battle for us. Believe in Him. Have faith. Be strong in the Lord.

Janique Lalor

Eating in your dreams is very bad. It brings sickness to your body. They can feed you cancer, diabetes, and other sicknesses. When eating in the dream they pollute your spirit man. You can get spiritually weak. It causes a lot of affliction in your body.

Some contrary opinions:

Ramon Globa

Dear Brother Peniel, I gather much in this dream as un-Biblical. How come The LORD would say He will allow the people who both faithfully and conscientiously served and adhered to Him on Earth to concede being dumped into hell fire unless they themselves verbally and wilfully deny Him first? And how come it appears the God-following souls were thrown into hell fire just because of their family covenants with the world of demons? Isn’t the Blood of Jesus strong enough to erase ANY unholy bond or covenant? It CERTAINLY is! The Word of The LORD says: “But whosoever shall call on The Name of The LORD shall be saved: for in mount Zion, and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance as The LORD hath said, and in the remnant, whom The LORD shall call”. (Joel, ch. 2 vs. 28, The 1599 GNV Bible). The KEY words here are: “WHOEVER” and “saved”. In the footnotes of this Geneva Bible the following message on this verse is noted by the Reformers who had translated this Bible from the original tongues : “God’s judgments are for the destruction of the infidels, and to move the godly to call upon The Name of God, Who will give them salvation”. Therefore, unless a person EXPLICITLY, WILFULLY and DELIBERATELY turns away from The LORD, there is NO way that The LORD rends His follower apart from Himself and tosses him or her to hell. According to the Bible, the adherents of God shall be judged by their actions with an explicable display of their commitment, faithfulness and the sincerity of heart towards The LORD and His Kingdom.

Jesus Cardona

This is so messed up… really? That woman fought hard to enter the kingdom but just because she couldn’t understand a dream she was eternally punished??? Why couldn’t God talk to her like He talks to this “prophet”?? If her soul meant that much to Him, He would have spoken to her. This is why I don’t trust these “prophets” there is no way that this is true. What was the cross for? Are we not justified by faith? Not to say that we can go on sinning but the scriptures clearly state that we are justified by faith and not what we do and that our faith is counted as righteousness.

Jesus Cardona

This is a video of hopelessness. Putting heavy burdens on people’s backs and making people not even want to try because of what seems to be an impossible way to heaven. If righteousness came by the law then Christ died in vain! IF THESE VIDEOS ARE FALSE THE OWNER OF THIS CHANNEL WILL HAVE TO GIVE AN ACCOUNT! give me a verse in scripture about covenant offerings?? And if this were true then why would God just watch as one helpless soul die because of dreams they didn’t understand? Even so, we are justified by faith in the sight of God. Jesus never commanded to do all of this stuff like covenant offerings, the message of the bible is to be Holy and keep the commands of Jesus. According to the word of God. Read it yourself and don’t take some prophet’s word. Go back to the word of God and as far as I can understand this video does not line up with God’s word. Read the scriptures yourself!!!

Carol Harrison

With all respect. Something about this entire message is way OFF! How did this woman still go to hell when she prayed against the dreams she was having and fighting to be on the road of righteousness. The dreams came to her. She didn’t ask for it. Then it talks about an “offering of the covenant”. Well what exactly is that, because I hear about a so called servant, but I do NOT hear the name JESUS CHRIST. Because the name JESUS CHRIST is FAITHFUL to FORGIVE us and ALL our sins. Especially when we repent and sincerely ask for truth. If this so called servant in this message is NOT Jesus Christ, then I don’t want to entertain it. Because it’s not helping people to want to know GOD and know that HE is a merciful GOD. But it can make people feel hopeless as though there is no point of trying to live right if you’re going to hell for every and anything anyway. It’s one thing to inform, but it’s something different to make people FEARFUL. This is NOT the GOD that I serve, love and have grown to know. Just a thought. GOD BLESS.

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