The Assignment Of The Queen Of Coast Against Christian Series 1

The Assignment Of The Queen Of Coast Against Christian Series 1

The Assignment Of The Queen Of Coast Against Christian Series 1

The Queen of the coast appear with great anger on her face.She said, What a great loss, we have failed, 50 people is too much for just 3 years.What a great calamity. In the last two years, we had a great loss because of what that righteous man is now doing, we need to act fast. Out of the 1.2 Billion of souls who died in last three years to this time, closed to 50 people has made it to the kingdom of God excluding children, how come, this is a great loss for us and it shows that our performance is very poor.

Lucifer is very sad about this, and we all need to act fast before things become worst. Now I’m sending you into the world and I need a good report back in the next 6 months. Whosoever fails to achieved his or her task, should consider his or herself dead. As you all know, there is nothing like mercy in our kingdom, a little failure, count yourself dead.
Now look at the screen, there are 3 categories of people on it.
1. There are some people walking naked without any cloth. They belong to us. They are those who are yet to accept the righteous man in their life. They are been chain to one religion view and another. They are the one we will use for celebration, after our victory, we will eat their flesh and drink their blood by December, and use the remaining blood to prepare more lipsticks, jewelries and cosmetics for the foolish women among them.
2. Those one’s you see putting on white shining cloths. They must be pull down fast, because they are Christians that have not giving their life to prayers and fasting. They hardly read or use the word. So we can still get them easily.
3. While those putting on white shining cloths but shield with consuming fire and been surrounded with fire are extremely dangerous. They are prayerful Christians. When we say Yes, they say No, when we build, they destroy, if we close they open, when we bind they lose, they are mad people and they are the one disturbing our kingdom, once any of them fall into your trap, KILL THEM QUICKLY.

The Demonic Strategies And Plan Of The Queen Of Coast Against Christian.
You can see what happen to those who allow the captured one to live? They had been capture by that righteous man. Now that righteous man has forgiven them and they will start raging war on us again, moreover see how they are exposing our plans, powers and tactic and now sharing their previous miserable experience in the kingdom of darkness to the world and many are been converted due to their testimonies.
Go and seduced them and get them empty, caused then wrenched with pain, regret, confused and poor. Go and program poverty and wretchedness upon their life and house-hood. By this, they will compromised their faith and standard before God and backslide, immediately, don’t waste time, But strike them death and KILL THEM QUICKLY before they thought of repenting or amendment. Go-go-go.

Go into the church because i now find out that, some youth have started giving their life to that righteous man even more than adult, and they are our target. Moreover that righteous man is really using the children and the youth to gain more soul for his kingdom. He keep on exposing some of our secrete through visions and dreams. Many of them are now afraid of hell. Some of them are even on face-book and we must act fast.
Go to the church and make them fall, go to offices and make sure they lust after you. Give more bribes. I’m sending you into the Universities, Polytechnics, college of educations, disguised as secondary school students and let those Christians teachers and youth Corper lust after you. Once they have sex with you once, place your tube on them, they will never get tired of having more sex till we finish their blood.
Our time is short, no time to waste. There are many youths among the evangelist. I hate them and I feel like killing them right now. But they are shield with the power of that righteous man. They are very hot for that righteous man. Go to the face-book ,twitter, my-space, internet and many multiple social media across the globe with many pornography images and pretend to be a born-again on face-book to request them.
But make sure your profile pictures is very seductive. When they see your picture, they will lust after you, and I will make sure many demons of immoralities work with you. Once they gaze on your pictures, these demons will remind them of what they have always enjoy before that righteous man set them free from us.
We need to begin their downfall from their heart. Go to banks, Markets, offices, schools, streets and make even the customers lust after you. Make pornography movies and pictures free on internet, even when they open Christians page on internet. Make pornography advert show on every pages they open.
If I found out that any of you ever walk on street, putting on cloths that covers your kneels, consider yourself dead, remember I killed Jikaya for that? If I found out that you ever go out of your home with your boobs and bosom cover a little bit, you are dead. Remember I killed Kakadika for that.
If you ever walk on street with no seductive movement, I will kill you. If you go to churches without your laps and boobs outside, i will kill you instantly, Remember I killed Aguanna for that. Soon the fools will love your dressing and copied your style, years to come, they will start walking on street without any cloths not even a pant. Remember how we captured the American’s and other European and Western countries. Which are the heart-beat and most sophisticated organized and civilized countries in the world. Almost all their names had enter into our book of death.
The Great Britain, United State, France, Brazil Germany and the rest of them, now belong to us. We had legalized abortion, Prostitution, and other various of forms immoralities , sodomy and finally gay-marriage had just been added to our achievement. All praise to our prince of darkness, Our Lord and wisest One, Lord Satan.
Christians women on makes up and painting
I have given you enough power and cosmetics to make even women lust after you. I’ve given you enough trainings, those powder I’ve given you are very powerful, use it and souls who refuse to run into the secrete place of the Lord and live under his shadow, will lust after you. This powder is the ashes of those who fail the task I gave to them. If you fail yours too, you will be grind into ashes.
Go to higher institutions, target those brother and sister who serve the righteous-man wholly-kindheartedly. Make friend with them, visit them at home, try your best to always be around him. If possible, do his domestic job for him. Find a way to sleep in his house, from then, you get him, he can’t escape, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!.
I’m sending you as a flood to work and win-soul for our kingdom. Our time is running-short. That righteous-man will soon come and harvest them-all. And that will bring the end of our fun and aims. We need many souls as soon as possible. Go, Kill and great terrible havoc in Christian Homes and Churches.
Since many churches across the world had already been captured and majority of them is been head by our agents. Go and caused those righteous pastor, to stop preaching about salvation message’s. Even when they preach, let their message’s appears enticement and fun. Cause her member’s to sleep during those sermon message’s and make them to lust after earthly glory.
Laid it upon their heart to believed that the world end-here. And concerning their women. Am going to give you all, a special charming, compelling and enticing power’s, that will lure their women into worldly dressing, makes-up, painting, body beautification and wearing of trouser both in their home and church and will make them to believe every word you uttered.
Tell their women, the importance of exposing their hair uncover in the church and the reason why they had to show-off their fried-hair which cost them dearly. Organized the women together or rather form a women committee and let the pastor see NO REASON TO OPPOSED YOUR DEMAND. 
Beside you member’s are the owner of the church. Whatever the whole members agree upon, the pastor will not say otherwise. This enticing and compelling power will also laid a terrible yoke and burden upon their women. It will also make them to believed that, salvation of their soul only base in their heart.
It will convinced them to also believed that body appearance doesn’t matter to God. I will also sent a special agents to various church as their pastors and leaders in their church to counsel them wrongly concerning this fact. They will convinced and counsel them concerning women dressing and their appearance doesn’t no count before the creator but only their heart, fools, fools–ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!.
Go and cause confusion in the family of the pastors and their wives, children. I will sent demon Belian to accompany you for that tasks. He will assist you to cause rioting, confusion and commotion in those righteous churches, her member’s and homes of the believers.
Go and cause great havoc and bring asunder and broke the home’s and marriage of those believer’s and their pastor’s. Since most of them are not watchful nor prayerful, but always busy for personal and selfish interest. Walk on street, make sure you put on skinny cloths that will show all your shape, this is one of the arrows we can use to pollute the mind of those young men in That Man (Christ). We will win them, once you get them; KILL THEM, so that they won’t have another chance for repentance.
Go to the churches and make even the pastors lust after you. I will allow those of you assigned to holiness preaching churches to put on skirts, but must be skinny and transparent, fools who called themselves a pastor will not be able to correct you since you are not putting on trousers, fools, expose your boobs in the church. Whosoever fail in this assignment, consider herself dead by grinding. Pretend to be as one of them as the damsel girl possessed with a spirit of divination also did.
Act 16:16-18 “Now it happened, as we to prayer, that a certain slave girl possessed with a spirit of divination met us, who brought her master much profit by fortune-telling, 17 This girl followed Paul and us; and cried out, saying, “These men are the servant of the Most High God, who proclaim to us  the way of salvation, 18, And this she did for many days. But Paul greatly annoyed, turned and said to the spirit “I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her, “And he came out that very hour.
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I’m sending some of you to go and work in T.V and Radio Station The word of immoralities, immoral and unclean program should be view all the time. I’m sending some of you to be a musicians, introduce many dirty words into your music’s, like Saint Janet of Lagos Nigeria did in all her album, sing Christians music and dance like Shakira. Break like Michael Jackson in the church, those fools that are not watchful will fall into our trap Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
Many of you are friends to these new born-again brothers and sister. Now you must get even more closer to them now, with this cosmetics. They can never resist you, foolish people, they think they can overcome your seductive power with their prayers, fools, fools Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!.
We will get them, make yourself cheap for men. Destroy peaceful homes. I hate Happiness. Break homes. The fools will focus on their village witches and accused the neighbor for their downfall. I need more blood of Pastors and Evangelist. Make sure you seduced them with your charming spell in your eyes and body shape and lure them to have sex with you and place tube on them. When the alter is polluted, the spirit of that righteous man will depart from them, and the church will become dirty.
Appear to them in dream, dress like harlot to the church, your bosom, boobs and your laps is enough to get them, make sure you always sit where their eyes will see you. Join the ushering unit or group. Go to their office to greet them if they prove stubborn to look at your side during the service. Once they see you, they will be confused while preaching, from then on. Their sermons and prayers will have no effect, cat walk around the church. Even if the coward who can’t approach women see you, they will run to a hidden place and start masturbating, Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!.
Once they gaze their eyes on you, your image will fill their heart, and the fools will lust after you. It will only take the power of that righteous man (Jesus Christ) to get you out of their mind and to fight against such lust. Whenever they prove too difficult, extinguished their fire through gift, giving of foods, envelops, cloths, and many gift. You can extinguished their fire from there on, when they go for 3 days fasting, then you must go for 9 days to counter their fasting.
Whenever you need urgent blood, just walk among people who dress or use any of our materials, perfumes, lipsticks, jewelries, attachment or relaxers, rings, tattoos, and many more, Just place your tube on them and drink their blood. Drink the blood of whosoever love to dress like you. Destroy new marriages and increase divorces. Make the youth and children to disturb whenever sermon is going on. Make babies cry.
Compel the youths to chat and browse with their mobile phones while the sermon is going-on. Possessed the children with biscuit and sweet you give them in the church and make them rebellious against their parent. Initiate the children, youths, adults and anyone available around you. And also anyone that has intercourse with you. We need more agents to replaced the escaped one. Inflate the drummers to beat demonic beat. Join the choirs to introduce unclean music’s and dancing in name of Christians music.
You men, make sure you entice the ladies in the choirs with money and everything have given you. Put on body hug, expose your chest, put on nicker to church, sleep with them, and you ladies, allow the men in choir to sleep with you. We must pollute the church. But for Christians ladies, appear to them in dreams and review to them as their future husband, the fools will be carried away by dreams, and will not pray further.
As for you pastors, you need more members and I’ve given them to you, allow members to dress the way they like to church, introduce adultery into the church by divorcing your wife and re-marrying another. Never allow any of your members to cover their head in church. Tell the women, the importance of exposing their hair uncover in the church and the reason why they had to show-off their fried-hair which cost them dearly.  And don’t forgot to counsel the women, the importance of their heart toward God, that their body appearance doesn’t count before God. Tell them to dress any how to church and in their homes. Salvation is only in the heart not by appearance Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!.
I’m recommending trousers for your Choirs and salvation, holiness and righteousness must be taken far from your lip. If you go against this order. I will disgrace you and kill you. Remember how i disgrace some pastors in Nigeria and Ghana. Just tell them to give their life to that righteous man. Once they do that they can keep enjoying their life in sin, that their name is already in book of life. Preach eternal security, inspirational and motivational gospel to them, more members will flow to your church.
I have fortifier you all, with more power’s to perform miracle, to heal the sick, the blind, the lame, the deaf and also make the dead to rise. YES! YOU CAN DO IT. We had discovered a way to manipulate every works, signs and miracle done by that righteous man (Jesus Christ). We can counterfeit all his deeds. But we’re yet and unable to counterfeit his BLOOD.
All those healing, signs and miracle you are going to perform has a special price to pay. You must sacrifice one of your member yearly and must not eat any food prepared by woman. Whenever you perform any miracle, such disease or infirmities will fall upon another person, but not immediately so as not to be suspicious. You are free to mention the name of that righteous man during your preaching and healing process. We have counterfeit everything since people are getting suspicious.
Many people are now going to church for miracle, money husband, wife children, green-card, blessing, promotion, employment and others. Therefor deceived them with all this worldly pleasure and possession of life. Let them see NO REASON to pursue or lay TREASURE above. But advice and counsel them, that HEAVEN IS ALREADY HERE ON EARTH.
Go to the TV programs, cable network and advertise your ministry. The fools will rush to your church and leave their true present church of fellowship. Now I’m sending you all. Go and work for me. I’m always with you all. Whenever you encounter with any danger or powerful man of God, Just make a sign and i will come for your rescue.
I am queen of queen. the queen of the coast. i am queen jezebel. the mother of the earth. the mother of all mother’s. i am the prince of persia and always appears with different form with different names to people. am no window and shall no sorrow, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha GO-GO and defile the whole earth. Am always with you all.

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