=== Street Interviews ===

=== Street Interviews ===

=== Street Interviews ===

(John 14:6)I am the Way the Truth and the Life, no man comes to the Father but by Me.

[Announcer]A random survey reveals that many people do not believe in a true Heaven and Hell.  Many of those who do believe these places exists, have different ideas on how a person gets to one place or the other.

Interview with a random person on the street [Random Person on Street #1 (Man)]
I don’t believe there is a Hell.  I do believe there is a Heaven.  Somehow there has to be more to this existence than just a short period of time on the Earth, there’s got to be something following it.

Interview with a random person on the street [Random Person on Street #2 (Man)]I believe that everyone will pay for what they do in life.  I don’t necessarily believe in what the Bible says about Hell being a fiery inferno, I believe Hell is just your worst fears and everything that can be evil in your own perception, you pay for – for eternity.  And Heaven is just where you live the rest of your life in peace as long as you love God and live for God and live by His Word. 

Interview with a random person on the street
[Random Person on Street #3 (Woman)]I do believe there is a Heaven, definitely there is a Heaven.  I’m not sure so much about the Hell.  How do you explain Hell.  However, Heaven Yes.

Interview with a random person on the street [Random Person on Street #4 (Man)]I don’t think its necessary that you attend church to go to Heaven, or that you believe in the bible, but just live a good life.  Hell is reserved for just a few really bad people, maybe somebody who might commit murder intentionally.  Murder is probably the only thing that you would wind up in Hell for. 

Interview with a random person on the street [Random Person on Street #5 (Woman)]I’m not really sure what would lead you to Hell, or why you would go to Heaven.  I wouldn’t know.

[Random Person on Street #6 (Man)]I think there is not really a Heaven or Hell, just an afterlife.  I don’t know exactly what it is.  I not sure what there is, but I think there is some sort of middle, or limbo, or purgatory where everybody goes.  Its neither really comfortable or really traumatic.

Interview with a random person on the street [Random Person on Street #7 (Woman)]I believe that everyone in their own mind thinks of a Heaven and a Hell.  Heaven is what makes them happiest, what they are looking forward to in the future, and what they believe by “their own belief”, whether it be God or some other deity or entity, that Heaven does exist.  And that is what they work for in life.  My daughter is a proclaimed atheist, but somewhere in the back of her mind, she knows there is something that she wants out of the final life time.  And to me that is all that is required, a deity is not required. 

Interview with a random person on the street [Random Person on Street #8 (Woman)]I believe in my own kind of belief which is more of a metaphysical belief.  I believe however you feel on Earth, how you view Heaven, what it is, it’s your own conception.  So it becomes that way when you die.  So if you believe that there is a god source in you, and that you are a good person, and you’re a happy person, that is what happens to you after you die.  But I don’t believe that you’re penalized, and you go to some place full of fire, because you didn’t live your life the way organized religion thinks you should. 

[End of Interviews]

Dr. Rawlings[Dr.  Rawlings]Many people are trying to dilute the message of hell and heaven saying that neither of these places exists.  Why not eat, drink and be merry?  If there is no accountability, then there is no sin.  And if there is no sin, Christ died in vain.  And if Christ died in vain, what do we need God for? This is the new philosophy of New Age, that there is no hell.  It is a hope of most people that there is no hell. 

Volunteers are going into hospitals, to visit our loved ones, with the New Age message.  It is called the religion of the ending years, the religion of near death experiences.  “Look, I went to heaven”, they tell the patient that is dying, “I saw the light and I came back.  All is well.  There is no accountability, there is no hell.  Heaven’s gates are open wide for everyone who dies.  Look at me.  I am an atheist and I am here.  You don’t have to worry.  Death is nothing to be feared.  I am going to stay with you.  Your family is too afraid to stay with you while you are dying, but I’m not.  Let me hold your hand.  Let me tell you about this glorious thing that are coming to get you, this beautiful light at the end of the tunnel where there is no worry, no loss, only gain.  You are acceptable as you are.  There is no heaven, there is no hell.  It is eternity for all.”  This is the new age philosophy called the Omega Faith, where everybody goes to heaven.  There is a group of these people coming into our hospitals, consulting the dying, instead of our church groups consulting the dying. 

Ministry to the dying is the most neglected ministry of all.  Nobody wants it.  Everybody is afraid of a dying patient.  And the dying patient wants to know what dying is all about.  Does it hurt?  Is there a life after death?  Is there a Heaven and a Hell?  How can I make sure that I am going to get to heaven? And you can tell them it is a free gift.  You can tell them how to get it.  But if we don’t defend ourselves against the Omega faith, who are infiltrating the hospitals now with a faith that is deadly, then we are going to lose our own Christianity.  The patient will die naked without any faith at all.

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