The word of the Lord for the Congo.

Brother, I watched in the news, a lorry transporting oil which exploded and people died calcinated in a great number.

I said to the Lord, “This is not an accident. They are killing our people in a premeditated way. Lord, how can you allow even babies to be calcinated like this?”

The Lord said, “I am the One that allowed this accident to happen. These victims are foreigners. They are not your people. These are your neighbors who are infiltrating your country with the intent of destroying your people. I will strike them up to their root. I will go against them and their children.”

The Lord said, “Your country is like your child. It is all that you have as a people. Cry for your country.”

The Lord said, “I am not slowing down. I am sorting out your country so that you can enjoy the mineral I placed before the blast of the trumpet which is imminent.”

I was praying when the Lord took me to a strange place, a place of darkness where I saw demonic animals that do not exist on the earth, but I never saw them before. I saw a lion with four heads. I saw a crocodile that was standing up instead of creeping on its belly. I saw mythological beasts and dragons that were terrifying.

Beyond these animals there were grass and a seat.

The Lord told me, “The beasts that you see in the Congo are guarding the many treasures and minerals. The seat that you see is Mine and the wall that you see is the limit and border I set for the Congo. You must understand that this country will never be divided.”

I did not know that they were interest groups and multinationals working to divide our country.

The Lord said, “Two men are in the balance. I am supposed to use one of them as the leader of your country. They are in the balance for I have called them to separate from a sinful life and I am calling them to return to Me in repentance and confession of sin. The first man that heard My warning was unable to leave his sin and he continued with his sinful life. But the second man that heard My warning was able to repent and abandon his sin. Therefore I have chosen him to rule your country. He has answered My call of repentance. He was in the balance and he was weighed and was found worthy.”

Brother, the Lord is calling His children to separation from the world. The End Time church is on the balance. The Lord is warning the bride and calling the church to repentance and separation.

My brother and friend, warning against false doctrine and dirty water in the End Time.

The Lord said, “Time is gone and I am taking over My church. Principalities and dominions will fall. Leaders are attending biblical schools to speak with eloquence, yet their word has no life. Given that you are living in the End Time, I am pouring My Spirit over My children who live fearing Me.”

When the Lord was speaking I saw a white beautiful barrel that was pouring water but I noticed that the water was greenish. It was really dirty. I was disgusted.

The Lord asked me, “Can you drink this water?”

I said, “Lord, it is dirty water.”

The Lord said, “This is the water given to My children in various churches in the world. At the end of time, My children are drinking dirty water, which is harming them.”


There was a time I began to have a hunger for God that came into my heart. And I decided to seek the face of the Lord for I wanted to have an encounter with Him. I began a campaign of continual prayer and fasting. At that time, I had no church and I made up my mind to seek the face of the Lord at home.

Brother and friend, I did a prayer campaign that lasted nine months, and I was fasting every week on Saturday, for I wanted to see the Lord’s face. I wanted an encounter with the Lord in my life.

I remember that night after prayer, I slept. While I was sleeping, I got off the bed and began to sing songs of praise and worship to the Lord.

Suddenly, three men of light broke into my room. These beings of light were suspended in space and they were not touching the ground. They were in the garment of the purest white. I thought they were angels of God.

I saw that the one in the middle had a really strong ray of light. Quickly He addressed me and told me, “Esther, touch My hand.”

Actually, this communication was telepathic.

The man told me, “Esther, you have been seeking Me in prayer. I am Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Now touch My hand.”

Brother and friend, the beam of light generated by the Lord Jesus Christ was so intense, I could not touch Him.

This was my first encounter with the Lord. In the aftermath of this encounter, whenever I was in the presence of the Lord, I kept saying, “You are the One who visited me with your two angels. You are alive.”

However, when the Lord appeared to me again, He told me, “Esther, the two people that were with Me previously were not angels. They were Elijah and Moses. I brought them for you are supposed to continue their work.”

The Lord said to me, “You will see the vision of all the coming calamities that are about to hit this world. The Rapture is imminent.”

The Lord said, “People think I am a God of anger but I am a God of love for before the Coronavirus ever struck the earth, I warned humanity telling people to abandon their evil. I warned people to repent and to come to Me, but everybody continued with his ways until the world was struck. People have died in great numbers because of Coronavirus and many hospitals have rejected people and they send people away because they were overwhelmed. Yet people will die more in the coming calamity. Pray for your people. as many of your people will die in Europe.”

The Lord said, “The Coronavirus is going away. However, this is in order to give humanity a breathing space for calm to return.”

The Lord said, “I had to restore normality so that you can pack your bag and leave the Western world. This short period of normality is so that you can prepare yourself before the impending disaster.”

After the warning of the impending calamity, the Lord told me, “You will tell your people in the diaspora to prepare themselves to leave Europe.”

For the Lord warned me long before the coming of Coronavirus that a calamity was about to happen and people will die. Therefore, let’s take this warning seriously and let’s take preventive measures.

The Lord told me, “You will tell My people in Africa that the western and eastern world will be struck by the calamity that will kill more than the Coronavirus. The calm and normality that you observe in the world today is so that you can take measures. So you’re going to tell My people to go back to Africa. They must begin to take action. They must get their money out of the bank.”

When the Lord was talking like this, my brother, I began to see the Earth invaded by swarms of bees. I saw that these bees were going after white linen clothes. And I noticed that these bees were huge.

The Lord said, “These bees have teeth like that of a crocodile.”

Then the Lord explained to me, “Linen clothes that bees are following is symbolic of something attractive to everybody.”

The Lord said, “Linen cloth represents the Western world and rising Asia. You see these bees going after white linen, which represents America, Europe and Asia where Africans go to emigrate and settle and live. But this is what will happen in the European continent.”

The Lord said, “I will strike European countries badly with bees that will invade this continent. America and Asia will be hit as well. Africa will be hit less but South Africa is the African country that will be hit like European countries. Tell Africans to prepare themselves but they are leaving the Western world. Evil has increased in the Western world and I will soon strike these lands. I am warning you so that you can transmit the message to your people and Africans to leave the Western world.”

The Lord told me, “The calamity of Coronavirus is little in comparison to the disaster that is about to befall the world.”

As the Lord talked about the impending disaster, I began to see the world in a state of emergency. People were in confinement again, and I saw military personnel deployed all over the street. Some of them were getting instructions from leaders to march and guard cities.

Surprisingly, I saw some soldiers refusing the order to go out in the street to patrol the city. These soldiers were afraid of these deadly bees.

Then the Lord showed me a bee biting a man. As a result, the body temperature of the victim hit 100 degrees and he died. These bees were deadly and no one could go out. I was stunned. Whenever you are bitten by these bees, there was a rise in body temperature. And this was fatal.

When the Lord showed me the world, I saw that all the shops were closed for no one wanted to go out. This calamity was worse than the Coronavirus.

The Lord gave me this message when we were still in confinement for the pandemic.

And the Lord told me, “You are going back to Congo.”

I said to the Lord, “Thank you, Lord. I will tell the people.”

The Lord showed me that the confinement that is coming will be different from that of Coronavirus where people were still able to do shopping. This time around people will not be able to come out because of these deadly bees.

The Lord said, “The calamity that is on the way will kill more people than Coronavirus.”

When the Lord was speaking I saw a man holding a cup full of caterpillars and he was dropping them to a hole.

The Lord said, “What is falling in the hole is not caterpillars that you see. These are the dead that will result from the approaching calamity. Pray for your people.”

The Lord warned, “The country of France will suffer great loss in the disaster that will strike the earth. Tell pastors to pray for that country. Countless people have died in the pandemic. Those who had confessed their sins are saved and those who have hardened their hearts are lost. But those who are still alive must amend their lives. They must confess and keep My commandments.”

Brothers and friends, we got to amend our lives now, and we must prepare for our eternity. Jesus is coming back. The Lord made us in order to serve Him, to worship Him and to keep His word. If we turn our back on Him despite His death on the cross, the consequences will be eternal.

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