The Visit of the Queen of the Coast (Year 2020)

The story goes like this. I myself, having sincerely repented in the past and stopped worshiping demons through the watching of secular movies and music and games. There was a time when the person (close relative) I used to live with did not entirely believe in this doctrine of total renunciation of the world. You know, of not watching/engaging in secular things like movies and music, for they are taking people to Hell plus people get possessed with demons of lust, covetousness, idolatry, masturbation, fornication, murder, etc by simply engaging/watching/listening to them.

So, as we lived, one day as she was watching TV in the living room, a movie came up, and It was a magical but drama movie full of worldly jokes and scandals. Meanwhile, I was in my room, just close by, with eyes open, laying on my bed.

So, she called out to me, and said, ‘’They have put back that funny (magical) movie on TV.” (A kind of invitation to make me join her in watching the show.) Of course, I politely denied the request but when the memories of the movie came to my mind (I had watched it before in the past), I ended up laughing aloud and also commented, by saying, ‘’That movie is really hilarious.’’

NOTE: i)This happened between 10:00am-11:40am. and ii) This was one of the days, I had prayed the most, with the help of the Holy Ghost, and if I remember correctly, I prayed, on my knees, for 7+ hours, from around 11pm to around 6:30am if not 6:40am in the morning of the next day.

(Serious intercessory prayers are only possible of course with the help of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, it just doesn’t work without HIM. Glory be to HIM, and God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I remember, during this night, the prayer was so sweet, and I wasn’t even losing words or feel tired. So the Spirit kept me going and going, till morning.)

Now, In the morning, I only had a short intercessory prayer, in addition to the night one, probably less than 2 hours between 8am and 10am, and I felt tired and sleepy. So I decided to lay on the bed to sleep a little. Now before sleep came to me, that’s when my relative spoke to me from the living room, telling me that the channel was showing the same old hilarious –drama (magical) movie.

You see, as I said above, I refused to join her politely BUT I laughed to myself, when the memories of the movie came running into my mind and I also commented to say, ‘’The movie was really funny and full of drama.’’

What happened next was that I slept off, a few minutes later on the bed, I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT THE BIG MESS I HAD DONE !!!!!!!!!

Immediately I slept, the QUEEN OF THE COAST entered my room, through a wall, in the direction of the living room, specifically the TV’s direction. FACE TO FACE WITH ME. She was dressed in a particular long sparkling kind of dress and black in color. Something like that.

NOTE: For those who don’t know the Queen of the Coast, a.k.a Mami-wata as is locally known in some countries in West Africa. (In my country, Malawi, she is just called Chiwanda. meaning a demon/evil spirit). She is a very powerful demon, with a demonic-seductive-feminine face, normally full of make ups, lipsticks and jewelry, (with a kind of bleached skin, (smiles). She is a Principality, a Fallen angel, who dwells in the Ocean, responsible for worldliness, fashion, makeups, hair attachments, all jewelry including earrings, wedding rings, nose rings, bracelets, torn clothes like jeans, low neckline clothes/blouses (to show the breasts or chest and back), women trousers, nail polish, hair dyes, bleaching creams etc. She is the source of all these vanities and abominations and many more that our dear women love and put on and also, some men who are attached to fashion.

Oooooooky, back to the story. There she was in my room, facing me. Meanwhile, my relative was still busy entertaining herself with the same demonic magical movie. Not “entertaining,” of course. That’s what people think and believe. But the reality as we know it is that, she was destroying her spirit, soul, and body, all at once.

She stood close to my bed at a distance of about 2 meters. She never spoke a word nor touch me but she quickly projected very strong evil desires into me, of lust, to arouse me before I even thought of mentioning the name Jesus Christ. And they did some damage to me. Then she left, without even touching me or speaking a word, heading to the ocean. (And I could see the Ocean, with the waters moving to the shore and back).

Then I woke up, and this was around 11:30 am, there about and I couldn’t believe it myself, that she managed to enter my room, for previously I sealed it very hard with the blood of the Lamb of God. (Asking our Lord Jesus Christ to seal it and build a wall of fire around my room and also the entire house, according to Zechariah 2 v 5). I did understand why she entered the house, through the TV, entering the living room first, and that was because my relative was still watching the movie, but for my room, I couldn’t get it.

So I knelt down and cried to God, asking Him why He would allow her enter my room, just like that, and also allow her to cast her evil darts of lust on me.

‘’What sin have I just recently committed which opened a doorway (portal) to allow the Queen of the Coast to enter my room?’’ I asked. Plus I wanted to know it so that I confess it/them quickly and ask for forgiveness. That’s why I enquired this way. ‘’What has opened doors to me?’’ I asked over and over.

Then I heard an inner voice, from God, saying, ‘’Can two walk together unless they agreed?’’ (The Lord was quoting Amos 3 v 3).

Then He further said, ‘’You opened the doors by yourself when you agreed with your relative that the demonic movie is hilarious/entertaining and also you laughed (happily in an agreement).

THE THING IS; My mistake was that I did not correct her on this day, unlike on the other days, when I used to, but I laughed Immediately the old memories of the movie came into my mind, and said, “Yeah, it’s really a funny movie.’’

And this opened doors to the spiritual world of darkness, where I was and still am a very wanted man, just like any other born-again Christians, who engage in fasting and intercessory prayers of warfare. WE ARE AT WAR AND WE ARE WANTED BY DEMONS AND THEIR SATANIC AGENTS LIKE WITCHES AND SATANISTS. They are seriously monitoring us, waiting for us to stumble and fall, so they can launch their attacks.

THE GOOD THING IS THAT The war is for the Lord Jesus Christ Himself and Our God and Father and the Holy Spirit, one God. (1 Samuel 17 v 37, 45-47,, Exodus 14 v 14, 2 Chronicles 20 v 15-17, Psalm 46 v 10, Isaiah 52 v 12, Exodus 15 v 1-18, Psalm 27 v 1-4, Psalm 37 v 34, Psalm 54 v 1-7, Isaiah 54 v 17, Psalm 28 v 1-9, Psalm 23 v 1-6 etc).

So, no worries. Our God always fights for our battles. So, yes, my mistake, my sin, gave demons a legal ground, not only to enter the house, but also to get into my room and attack me in broad daylight (between 10:00 & 11:40am).

And what the Holy Spirit was trying to make me understand was that demons had already gained access to the house, since the TV was on (in the living room).

But for the Queen of the Coast to enter my room, it was my FAULT, because before I slept off, I laughed and commented on the movie, even though, I refused to watch it. By laughing and commenting on it positively, the Holy Spirit was grieved, (1 Thessalonians 5 v 19 & Ephesians 4 v 26-32).

So I sinned without knowing, But that was no excuse, and this opened gates/doors to demons to come and harass me. On this day, she came by herself. This means as most Christians are aware, on this day demons were busy monitoring me, trying to get to me, and angrier than ever due to the disturbance and damage to the Bermuda triangle, and many other satanic kingdoms of the oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, springs, dams, land, roads, bridges, hospitals, first and second heaven, etc through the intercessory prayer I made, from 11pm to around 6:40am.

They were angry and alert, the same way they get angrier each time born-again Christians (in Church or not) engage in spiritual warfare and intercessory prayer all over the world. The devil and his demons and the satanic agents like Satanists and witches hate intercessory prayers. And if done in fasting the destruction to their Kingdom and works is catastrophic. This is why the Devil and his demons (each day) always try to come up with new ways of distracting (eating the time) of humans especially those who are already Christians, by producing and promoting Secular Movies, Music, Games like Chess (eats a lot of time), Football, Basketball, Video Games, Olympic Games, fashion, etc. Of course, demons call these things ‘’ENTERTAINMENT’’ and not ‘’DISTRACTIONS/ ABOMINATIONS’’

Why? To get people to watch or engage in these worldly things and get cut off from God. And if humans get caught off guard, by death, they should end up in Hell. In the same way, demons daily promote, nakedness/nudity, and sensuality, Fornication, Adultery, and worldliness in general and call these abominations. ‘’NORMAL BEHAVIOR’’ or ‘’FASHION’’ or ‘’CIVILIZATION’’ or ‘’MODERNIZATION.’’

THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT the devil has no FREE things. As our Lord Jesus Christ says, In John 10 v 10. The devil only comes to STEAL, KILL & DESTROY, throughout 24 hours. That’s all. And he and his demons don’t joke about this matter, like the way people joke about their Christian life or True Salvation of their souls through the Mighty Jesus Christ our Lord and God, taking Him for granted. .

So, that’s the story. I agreed with demons without knowing and ended up breaking Amos 3 v 3, And The Queen of the Coast used it against me, attacked me, and left me sad and confused. And when the Lord was done teaching and chastening me, I confessed my sin and repented. I also talked to my relative about it and discouraged her from watching or listening to secular movies and music and other abominations. END OF STORY.

What followed next, in the weeks after this confrontation, was that their master, the devil also came, This time, around midnight, in a form of an Angel of light to threaten me.



Just a few days after the visitation of the Queen of Coast, in my room, finally Lucifer himself came, And he took a form of an Angel of light. He was full of light and shining. This happened in a vision around midnight. And as he was getting closer, the Holy Spirit introduced him to me, and said, “This is Lucifer.” He looked disturbed, annoyed, and very angry at me.

He did get very a little close to me, before he stopped and pointed his index finger at me in a ‘’warning way’’. And started pacing up and down, like moving forward and going back a few steps and coming again and moving back like that, with his finger pointing at me. For some reason, I could not hear what he was saying. Then immediately the vision ended.


In February 2021, right in the middle of the night I had short Rapture vision. This came about at the time I couldn’t focus much on midnight prayers, for unknown reasons. I had just relocated to a new district within the country, and my midnight prayers went sideways. It was as if the demons had communicated already and were waiting to neutralize me upon my arrival in the neighborhood. It was strange.

For almost 2 weeks, my prayers were very irregular, as sometimes I could sleep over and wake up around 4am or even 5am which is very unusual of me. I just couldn’t maintain it nor figure out the reason why. And my Midnight prayers were dying at a very rapid rate.

Then one day, right in the middle of the night I had a vision. And in this vision, I went somewhere to look for something, which I couldn’t even remember when I woke up. So, I left my brothers and sisters in Christ gathered somewhere and went to some unknown place.

And on my way back, as I was descending a mountain, (the way back was through a mountain), I saw holy Christians, transforming and changing their garments into pure garments that I have never seen before in my life, pure of the purest, and were flying, going into the sky to meet the Lord. They were going at a very high speed that, a person can’t hold onto their legs. (For those who say, on Rapture day, they will try to hold onto the legs of the born-again Christians who will be rising. Here this, it won’t be possible. can’t/wont happen. It is in the twinkling of an eye as the scripture says).

It happened so fast just as it is written in 1 Thessalonians 4 v16-17 and 1 Corinthians 15 v 52. I couldn’t make out the face of the Lord in the sky. But Christians all over, (as far as I could see) were flying towards one very bright point in the sky. And there was total chaos on the Earth. I was 100% convinced in the vision, that it was Rapture, and many people were left behind including myself. And some of them left behind on the mountain, were kind of jumping up, trying to fly also, only to return to the ground.

So I went down the mountain, to where I had left my brothers and sisters in Christ (from the fellowship I belong to), and didn’t find them. And just nearby, they was a security checkpoint. I went straight there and inquired about my brethren. And one of the guards quickly explained to me that they were all long gone, And he further said, ‘’And your sister was one of first to fly out from your group.” I said, “What? How could Jesus Christ leave me behind? Why?”

So, when I cried out, the vision ended. (I think I was crying also in my room. I don’t know. but my crying ended the vision). And I was back in my room, on my bed.

When I enquired from God, “Why I was left behind in the vision?” God spoke through a different vessel, through my mother in Christ, who lives in another district (about 300km from where I live).

And Jesus Christ said, ‘’The reason you were left on Earth seeing the Rapture happen was because I wanted you to observe how Rapture will be.’’

He was referring to the things I had observed. Like, i) It will happen without warning ii) Some left behind will try to jump up into sky using the human strength to meet the Lord, like those I saw on the mountain, And iii) They will be total chaos and panic on earth after Rapture.

Oooh !!! My Goodness!!! . I FELT BETTER AND RELIEVED !!!!!! And was glad in my heart. But I later took extra steps to revive my midnight prayers which had suddenly become irregular for reasons I couldn’t explain. “Maybe the witches in the neighborhood could’’ But for me, I couldn’t!!! (smiles)

I never inquired from the Lord on why my spiritual life was being drained for I felt it was less important. I just assumed it was the devil and cohorts in my new neighborhood. Who else would be responsible anyway? But anyway, that’s less important.

The most important is. RAPTURE IS IMMINENT. And our Lord Jesus Christ is coming for a Sanctified Bride, A Holy Church only. So let’s keep up the good fight, keep the faith and hopes high, and finish the race as a holy people by walking in total holiness, righteousness and truth.

And also keep in mind the words of these two Apostles, Paul and Peter. Personally, remembering the words of the apostle Paul, I added more fuel to my prayer life and walk with God even though the vision was just for me to observe and not really that I backslid and got left behind. We need to be extra careful people in this Christian life. The Apostle Paul said this. 1 Corinthians 9 v 27. ‘’But I discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest when I have preached to others, I myself should become disqualified.’’ And The Apostle Peter said this also. Acts 10 v 34 ‘’Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons.’’ Preaching, we should be preaching;

Sharing the Gospel we should never stop. But let’s never forget to work out our salvation also with fear and trembling, lest we get disqualified in the end, for God is not a respecter of any person.

(Philippians 2 v 12) STOP BEING A ‘’SIGN POST’’ ALREADY. Just pointing direction, like ‘’Heaven is that way”’ Is not helpful. Heaven is Beautiful, Hell is Terrible, And The Lake of Fire is a Nightmare. DO NOT MISS RAPTURE!!!!! STAY ON THE NARROW WAY AS A CHRISTIAN. For God is interested in saving all souls of humanity including the one preaching, evangelizing, shepherding, prophesying, and also the one typing/reading this.

Oooooooky. Lets not forget Revelation 22 v 12 because: . JESUS CHRIST IS COMING TO TAKE US HOME TO THE NEW JERUSALEM IN HEAVEN. #Rapture is near. #Rapture is imminent. #Stay in Jesus Christ. through–Total holiness. A life of continual repentance. #STAY SAFE.

REVELATION 22 v 12-13 . 12. “Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with Me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done. 13. ” I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, The First and the Last.” AMEN.

Pililani Blessings Mughogho. May the Good Lord Jesus Christ Bless You.

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