Operation Mark Of The Beast 3: The World Economy And The Mark By Sister Toun Praise Olujuwon



I bless the Lord for the privilege to get this message out again to edify the church on earth. And I also thank God for His mercy that has kept us during this Pandemic period and I pray his mercy on all families that are afflicted in one way or the other in every Nations of the world.

I received a lot of calls which I will call panic calls starting from the time the Lockdown started, several pastors and different Christian individual pull a call through asking questions about how 5G and the mark of the Beast related. This is exactly what I will explain here and probably the measures and purpose of introducing the chip (the mark). This is a Christian portal so don’t expect that I should base my points on philosophy or human logistic like some of my callers expect that I should use materials they sent to me to explain what God is revealing concerning the mark. It is only what God wants me to say that I will dwell on which is the biblical facts alone on how you can get the gimmicks and aims of Satan for introducing the mark especially how you as a Christian can recognize the mark and avoid its trap. Please let it be known that these information gets to you after much prayers of waiting on the Lord and the confirmation through much efforts of research which the Lord had directed my attention to. Look forward for the last batch of this topic which is part 4 titled “The Personality and the role of the Beast in the end-time “.


Sis. Toun Praise

The Ten Virgin Ministries


“…and he causeth ALL, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a MARK in their right HAND, OR IN THEIR FOREHEADS: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six (666)”. Rev 13 v16-18.

Remember in the part one of this title that I said many (Christians) had thought the number (666) of Anti-Christ would just be written on the forehead just like tattoo. But I tell you no it’s not going to be like this; reasons being that there is no justification to pillar the acceptance of the of people for the mark. There must be advantage attached to attract men to the mark as the purpose of wearing the mark. (Please I will advise anyone who wish to escape this mark to stay glue to bible and understand that the bible have answers to all your questions to reveal vivid confirmation and medium of the mark).

Going back to the quotation above,  the bible made mention of three mediums by which the mark would be introduce that is (1) the receiving of the mark; (2) having the name of the beast; or (3) the use of the number of the name of the antichrist which is 666. These three mediums must be well understood for us not to be deceived.

If we are focusing on the receiving the mark alone, there is a tendency that Satan might raise some leaders of a fallible background to sweep people off their feet with a strong conviction claim that he has not the mark; yet he belong to the group that uses the name of the beast. Before you can be allow to use the name of the beast you must belong the top Satanist group in the world where we have league of great men and women with high connection to power and wealth (many presidents inclusive) spread throughout the Nations of the world.

Having the name of the beast also can implies people that are drawing imaginary pictures of beastly tattoo on their bodies.  Don’t forget the bible warns that we are not to draw any pictures on our bodies because it is the temple of God; unfortunately it is whatever the bible warns against that are the fashion of this world. Good example are wrestlers which have pictures of tattoo drawn on their bodies to climb higher in their so claimed career; once they discover they are not making waves like before tends to make pact with more higher demons that condition their victory to carry the pictures of such beast on their body.

The third category is the use of the number which is the coded number of electro-physics where the use of smart life comes in. the bible talk of getting the number; if you have wisdom (understanding + knowledge = education on innovation), then use your knowledge to calculate the number. This knowledge of counting is in mathematics, getting further in mathematics based the knowledge of physics which is also based on equation the bible refer back to as dark sentence.  With equation you get electric and magnetic field that are producing all electronic devices which is the accumulation of knowledge that Daniel wrote about that it will manifest once we approach the last-days (Dan. 12 v 4 “… and many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased).  

The meaning of increase in knowledge is what brought SMART LIFE (5G). 5G is an improved innovation of electronic life which is the fifth generation technology standard of networking the whole world together as a pact of one world system. This is an improved version of 4G which we have been using in telecommunication network with different electronic devises but still cannot complete total digitization of the world for bio-metric induction into human system.


There are lot of false information that are been passed around which we need to understand before getting to conclusion; for example so many just conclude without bothering to find out but just concluded that 5G is the mark of anti-christ. If this is your resolution as a pastor and you are teaching your members same then I say to you that you will become a victim of the mark before it would even be launched. The reason I said this is because I want all and sundry to know that the operations of the mark of the anti-christ is bigger than the vaccine of Covid-19 which was claimed to be attached to 5G pandemic. Like I said that I’m not an I. T. professional person so I won’t bother going into induction of 5G operation, if you feel you want to know more on it you can Google it online.

The Vaccine a testing ground for global implant chip

I explained in part one of this topic of how these three things (phones, computers and orthodox herbal medicine) are been used to test run the accessibility of men by catering for the needs of man. These are the things shown to me in dreams; check them out you will discover them to be operating 4G sources which will now be upgraded to 5G. Remember also that I said human implant chip is a storage devise meant to store information on human data. The vaccine created as an immunization against CORONA virus pandemic have not been created as a storage device or to operate the smart life coverage but have been created to occupy space and test run operation of global implant chip in human body meant to cover all other use of different devises that are attached to 5G. But just to let you know that the same way this vaccine was introduced and will be compelled on people is the same exact way for global implant chip (anti-christ chip) will be force on people. And many will partake of it due to lack of control on their side.

5G is going to make available experiences that will be able to control all electrical devises with your phone irrespective of distance between your house and your phone. (For example if you have gone out on your daily chores you can access your doorbell any moment someone approach your door and tell the person when to come back by speaking to your phones which will be heard audibly by the person standing at your door). The 5G innovation has been built to access and connect all electronics devises together including all house ware, all security system, kitchen ware, including establishing your voice control into all devises in the home or outside.

Though the purpose of 5G was introduced is complete total digitalization of the world where everything would be completely controlled electrical wise (with auto industry inclusive).

One of the dreams the Lord gave me last year in the continuation of this topic was how all our they will built robot for all schools from crèche to tertiary institutions to operates as security operatives and was also employ to teach in classrooms as teachers. I saw robots in all malls worldwide being use to direct people as they troupe to the premises. I saw all school directives complying with government instructions for better upgraded academics boost. According to what I saw, all school owner are to purchase a ready made robot built with proper uniform syllabus for an improved system of teaching. This also apply to homes where the use of human care giver (house keeper) was replace with robot with the excuse of security which also abolish the use of CCTV in the home.

One important thing you also need to know is that 5G innovation carries the potential introduction of anti-christ global chip to bring the mark into being because of its operation as smart life likewise a green grass to fully implement one World Government. There are other avenue prepared that Lord wants us to know that is capable of birthing chip to establish NO MARK NO ACCESS TO MONEY (cashless policy).


One major challenge in the world today posing its back up for the whole world is what I call SECURITY; one is to secure human life while the other one is MONEY which has to do with the economy. Notice that the situation of this pandemic has brought in Global economic meltdown and depression all over the nations.  These two are the major focal point spoken by the Bible as a tool in the hand of Satan to seduce and attract Nations to give satanic seal (the mark). A look into different societies today reveals that security of life is being undermined. Nations of the world are experiencing all kinds of catastrophes at different levels which also poses a greater challenge to the leaders of the world on how to tackle challenges of a secured life. A good example is how the leaders of the world reacted to the this Corona virus pandemic challenge on human life in order to secure human life that is being cut short by this virus; believe the only way is to produce a vaccine. Since the pandemic is a global phenomenon, this provide an avenue for Satan to create an induction of the mark because life is valued by all.

While the logistics of securing human life create also the need of individual information (bio-data) which would help creating necessary information for global control. This information includes, blood sample, monetary information, immigration information, and other documentation attached to sustaining daily life under government supervision. All these are aimed at preventing fraudulent and crime activities all over the world (SECURITY OF LIFE). That is why leaders would prepare a special chip that can carry all necessary information about individual at once and would insist and force all their citizens to wear a chip that will be able to carry all necessary information (bio-data). The sample of a storage chip can be found at the back of ATM card; the small square that appear in gold form was made to keep track of all banking transaction. Like I said above it is not one form of level of information that was needed but as much as it is important to keep the body and soul of men together for facet of life. These are the mediums of converting all information into chip storage for the benefit of human life to curb crime and fraudulent activities based on e-recording. In order to enforce this law on citizen, money would be brought since no one can survive without it; once you don’t comply then you won’t have access to money. The birth of CASHLESS POLICY.

The banking industry endorses chip storage card to help prevent securing individual data information; likewise the registration of both National and international passport have also endorse storage chip for proper update of data prevention of impersonation fraud. In securing citizens life and territories many leaders of different countries will also endorse chip into their census board for smooth numbering. Tax and licensing office will also endorse e-recording which will also prevent fraud and encourage tracking of citizen defaulting government law. Driving license have also endorse e-recording for smooth operation where CCTV camera can curb high way crimes anywhere in the world. One major body that is very crucial and prone to the mark is the world of anatomy (medical world) because of life stake that is attached to it.

From a particular dream that was shown to me in the process of this work, I saw a particular machine that will be invented for hospital use; to abolish the use of lab test. From what I saw no hospital would operate without the use of this machine because of the important port that will be connected to a chip in human body. This is where the use of bio-chip would be brought in for the machine invented to pick information of any damages that had occur in the body system. If chip can be implant into the body one of its advantage since it is in the blood, it will instantly report not only the blood sample of its carrier but also the medical fitness which includes the heart condition and many other diseases in the body. From what I saw, once they bring any one with implant chip close to the reader of this machine, it will begin a scanning process and declare the results within seconds of scanning if there are internal bleeding or any condition that can give rise to higher risk of disease. This chip when implanted into the body will operate like a computer in the body for any other electronic devise would be able to communicate with it. That is why it is so versatile to the world of anatomy (medical). At this point, I want you my reader to pause and imaging if you have to rush a child at the point of death to hospital and you were told that before any treatment can commence on the child there must be an implant either into the hand or forehead to know the cause of event for a quick intervention. This is because the machine invented cannot detect anything without bio-chip implant. That is the meaning of saying “…that no man may buy or sell except such have the mark.”  The Lord also show me in dream how the health sector would be use would be use in these last days to promote abominable discoveries.


In this end-time, medical line are more prone to the use of abominable discoveries aimed to deform God’s image in man. For example transgender discovery, changing of human body from its proper use as the creator made it to fit for abominable ventures to suit the world standard. Another point that need to quickly come to your notice is that as every levels of operation on earth now is being conform to e-recording which will eventually got all operations of this world in to an online system. No one would be able to operate or transact anything without going online while going online will also be coded with the implant chip with the flimsy excuse of tracking fraudulent activities.

Now, I’d like you to imaging children writing exams with implant chip to be able to have access of writing exams for promotional progress, meaning that any child without the chip cannot access exams such would have to forfeit opportunity of academic. Remember again …that no man may buy or sell except he that have the mark.

It is the online transaction that would promote cashless policy that the Bible is referring to; for none would be able to do anything on money without the web and web transaction will be coded with implant chip for authenticity of any individual identification to be presented by the chip online.


From research, we found out that the implant chip also known as bio-chip has to be attached into the veins under the skin of the right hand or forehead (note that it is not that the chip would be in two places simultaneously but an option of permit). I think it is like making a blood covenant with the Satan once you engage in taking the chip; deadly but hell bound. I can’t imaging several millions of dollars that was spent in researching where to place the implant chip in human body where the back of the right hand and the frontal head were the only satisfactory place to insert it. Another amazing thing is that in order to secure the chip of being use by another some substances were integrated to instantly raise alarm through the GPS (satellite) this would also fault the chip of being use by another being. Thus in the process make the remover to have a grievous consequences or impossible for remover. Exactly the way the Bible says in Rev. 14 verses 9 -11 “that everyone should avoid taking the mark; for if anyone found to take the mark or have the name of the beast on them or ever bow to the worship of Satan as a result of any challenge of life; such would be totally condemned to total destruction to experience the wrath of God forever.” The question we should ask here is; why the coincident with the Bible.

Remember, “he causeth all both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond to receive a mark in their hand and in their forehead Rev. 13 v 16 take note the Bible says IN THEIR … meaning inside the body not outer. This is mystery of God exposing and giving vivid description, which is why I advise all Christians to stay glue to their Bible for whatever would happen is not far fetch from the scriptures. Meanwhile the Bible gave a suggestion of a simple solution in Rev. 14 v 12 calls it PATIENT on behalf of those call Christians.

Shalom! The Lord keep you and cause his face to shine over you till the end.

Toun Praise Olujuwon.

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