Operation Mark Of The Beast 2: The World Economy And The Mark By Sister Toun Praise Olujuwon


The foremost thing for every Christian who desire to get the gimmicks of anti- Christ is not to focus much on timing but THE SIGNS first. The reasons being that the major target of Satan is to fool Christians as much as he can before they got his gimmicks. For many will still be thinking his operation is far or later; while Satan is busy recruiting Christians for his service with their ignorance.

I was instructed by the Lord to major on SIGNS of his operations. I wasn’t given a particular time but was warned sternly to point people’s attention to his symbols and signs that are capable of trapping Christians with delusion of DECEIT. Don’t forget the bible warns of this; and DECEIVETH THEM THE DWELL ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH… (Rev. 13 v 16 and Dan. 11 v ———).

You as a Christian of the end-time needs to be knowledgeable of what is going in your environment especially with present evolution of high tech. DO NOT BLINDFOLD YOUR MIND.


               THE BEAST IN THE CHURCH

Part of the end-time signs Jesus had pointed to, is that of anti- Christ and the false prophets. This is what brought the Church in to this topic. The background of the prophets is the church; without the church we cannot see the prophets. But at the same time the head of the church who is Christ has an infiltrated enemy, one that covet the head position of the church which is anti-Christ. The battle of Christ with this imitator is the same startling battle of light and darkness; the age long battle that started in Heaven before man was created in the book of revelation 12. And the reason we are considering this part is because part what would be employ to deceived people is miracle which also has its compass pointing to the church.

Revelation 13 verses 14 says the beast would DECEIVE people living on earth by the means of MIRACLES which is commonly associated with the church already. One of the characteristics of the anti-Christ is to perform miracles like that of Christ to get people‘s attention diverted to the beast. And the church on earth is meeting point between God and man. The bible said in the last days the mountain of God (the Church) will more popular than any other mountain (organization) in the World; this would cause people to troupe to church more than they have done in any other generations. The Church being a popular ground would provide opportunity for Satan see the Church as a tool.  The aim of Satan is to get more human being all over the races of the earth to his side by using the beast to accomplish this mission.

What many don’t understand in this present pressure of unrest age is that whole human race is battling between two forces which is contending and determine to win human being to their sides. These forces are the same force of Good (God the creator of the universe) and the Evil (Satan the enemy of the creator and the enemy of all creation). This enemy was the one that set the arrangement of the beast as a trap to win people to his own side.

One other point you also need to know is the greatest battle that the world has ever imaging is about to kick off. And the location of this battle is this planet earth; this battle is between God and Satan and they are both to preparing for it. But while Satan is preparing his own God is also doing the same; the preparation for this battle was mentioned in the book of Joel chapter 2 with the introduction of an arranged army of God that will be among the Christians of the last days. Likewise, Satan also wants to get also his own army from this same generation with Christian inclusive in every racial background of this planet.

To get this done, Satan needs an advocate familiar with human statistics which will be his mouth piece among human. Someone who understand craftiness and will not be afraid to raise his hands against the God of all creation. The bible says Satan has prepare to hand his throne and power to such because of the accomplishment of this special assignment of getting human to Satan side (Rev. 13 v 2). This is why the beast will be giving birth as human-being to bring the whole world into the worship of Satan (bow to Satan). And the people of the earth would dance to the tune of worshiping Satan Revelation 13 verses 8 says which is now going on in different platform including the Church. This is because for the beast on his own to have Mission accomplished for Satan; there is need to agree with the merchants of miracles which are place in charge of the Church of Christ on earth to get people to the side of Satan.


Since the inception of Sin into the world, God has decided to have His own people separated from the darkness of Sin. So he had made preparation of his own mark to separate his own people from Satan’s own people before this planet would come to end. Rev. 7 verse 3 says “the angel said, “Do not harm the earth, the sea, or the trees until we have mark the servants of our God with a seal on their foreheads.”

This is what got Satan also to introduce his own mark also to the World but because Satan had lost the battle of light and darkness in heaven and also lost heavenly abode seeks to use this earth as his own. This is the origin of the mark of anti-Christ introduce by Satan.

The second aim of Satan giving the mark is also for identification of those who is on the side of Satan the same way in normal setting of human logistics which is also aimed at one global government. According to the plan of Satan revealed by the Bible, ALL human being in great and small, free and bond, old and young (Rev 13 v 16) irrespective of their racial background are normal target of his mark. Likewise the verse, Rev 20 v 8 says “…And shall go out to deceive the Nations which are in four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.”

However, there is a section of the world that will defy the Devil’s plan of presenting the mark without raising eyebrow on it. These are People of God on earth that is where the Church (Christians) and the people of Israel comes in. As long as these people are on earth the presence of God of Heaven is still imminent on earth through the Holy- Spirit who is capable of raising objection if people who are call of GOD will cry out him (PRAYER). This is like a major hindrance for Satan to present the mark to the people of the earth which gets Satan on his toes to get a disguise (DECEPTION) that the people of God are prone to fall for which is MIRACLES.  Have you read in the bible that he (the Beast) will perform miracles that is capable of bringing  fire from the sky in order to get the children of the kingdom (the Elects). Jesus said they will do this to deceive the very ELECT of God Matt. 24 v 24-25, this is the major reason to get people to the side of Satan for the BATTLE OF THE AMAGEDDON which was depicted in Revelations 19 V 19. This is the AIM of any servants of Satan disguise themselves as Pastors TO GET CROWD OF PEOPLE for Satan because this is the decree from Satan to them.

(I would advise all Christians to stay glued to their bible by reading it always so as to escape this evil trap Luke 21 v 34 – 35).  To get this done, recruiting men from God’s people must be done through a kind of disguise God’s people are prone to fall for. I need to remind you that the time the bible speculate of increase in the knowledge is also the same as distress this two are interwoven, meaning that as great as the space acquired by knowledge so will be for distress which would aid the induction of the mark.

Bible says people of the last days would through greed accumulate knowledge and I say this would give rise to evil addiction of wanting to stand out above others and this would push men to the wall of shedding more blood to achieve a purpose. But watch out for this signs POWER, POSITION and WEALTH would be the order of the day.

For children of God to survive this present time more PRAYERS and PATIENCE before taking any decision required but to be inculcate as a personal habit of daily life. Rev. 14 v 9- 12.


For us the side of Africa I also know Satan has raise as many false pastors as possible with the same intent all around the world. There is a dream I used to see for almost one year in the year 1990 till the end of it.          In the dream I will see myself at the sea shore bush hiding as if wanting to get a glimpse of something while as I look on; I will suddenly see men dressed in black suit carrying calabash at their right hand then use left hand to carry their bible. Then as they are emerging out of the sea, there was a female voice tailing them from the sea level with instructions and aims to infiltrate and initiate Christians with the abominable teachings and dressings but majorly enticed the genuine with different kind of services but with aim to get crowd. I was surprise during the research of this messages when the Lord specifically point back to this dream that he showed me this each time there has been a release of fake pastors from the sea to different environments.

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The aim of Christ establishing the Church before his physical departure from the earth is to present the kingdom of God to the lost souls of men and bring them on a closer walk with God (Matt. 10 v 6-7). Unfortunately most of our pulpits are vomiting poison instead of bringing issues of life forth.   Any pastor or church that is complacent in preaching thinking they are bringing simplicity to the gospel of Christ is fake.

Narrow is the way that leads to life broad is the way that leads to destruction. The meaning of narrow is that it doesn’t tolerate extra but lone walk with God. (Please check out for this bulletin topic: Attributes of narrow way on out blog). There is no bridge that link light and darkness together (Luke 16 v 26). Likewise you cannot preach God and mammon together they are not together.  Call a spade a space, purpose of bringing people to God is to have them transform to the total image of Christ both inwardly and outwardly. Churches that focus people on their on their inward alone and says their outward doesn’t matter should understand what God wanted when he rejected the offering of Cain. God rejected Cain and his offering simply because of presentation; meaning most of our worship centers and their worshipers must dressed in the way applicable to Gods own to prove a change in mentality that have transform to that of Christ.

What pastors need to know is the kind of work you are doing now; is it bringing sorrow or joy to heaven Luke 15 v7. No sitting on the fence, it’s either you recruiting for Satan or gathering for God’s kingdom; don’t let Satan use your ignorant to throw you and more people to hell. “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the father is not in him. 16. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the father, but is of the world” (1 John 2 v 15-16).

Another dream

The Lord Jesus appear to me in a dream and told me that he came to show me the secrets of false prophets raised by the beast. In the dream he bid me to follow which I did. We came to a church and he instructed me before I entered that I should be calm and wise enough to get the logic of what I am about to see. I entered the church like everyone else. I was almost carried away by the songs in the service because it didn’t show the sign of falsehood. I guess the purpose of this was to make me know that one cannot detect the deception of the devil through the mode of worship of fake churches.

Towards the end of the service, there was an announcement that core members of the church were to move to the usual place of meeting and that new members are welcomed. Against my wish, I found myself in the underground building of the church which was the venue of their meeting. The first thing that struck me was that ushers there different from the ones in their normal church service. These ones are dwarf and black in nature with a monster look. I also noticed that they were serving food from trays in their hands and when I looked at the contents I discovered they were human flesh and blood. I screamed and this drew the attention of some around me who told me it was too late to shout “because once you enter no going out again.” They now point me to their foreheads where it was written in black 666. It was then I discovered everyone in the meeting had the same number written irrespective of the service they just attended. Some shared their plight with me, lamenting that they did not know that this is what it entails to move with men of God; as it was in the place of seeking help that got them trapped. I asked why couldn’t open up so as to help those that are innocent from falling a prey. They replied that if they do, death is the penalty. I became agitated in my spirit and wanted to move out but could not until I was permitted to.

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Finally when I was brought out, I was directed to where Jesus was sitting waiting for my coming out but the reality of where I was coming from dawn on me and I turned my back because I was curious to know the name of the church but the Lord reach out his hand to cover my face saying that was not the reason I was allow to see secrets. He then gave me explanation on the origin and the operations of the mark of the Beast which are parts of what I am writing to present in the four episodes of bulletin.

The bible says in Luke 21 v 34-35 that … take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting and drunkenness and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares. For as a snare shall it come on ALL them that dwell on the face of the whole earth. WATCH YE THEREFORE AND PRAY ALWAYS. That ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass and stand before the Son of man.

There is a demonic spell cast presently over the inhabitants of the earth to control and make men forget the purpose they were made for. If you will make the Lord Jesus your personal savior and be obedient to him. He promised to protect you and all who believe him in the hour of trial that has come over the world (see Rev. 3 v 10). I repeat again here that it is important you maintain patience and prayerful life habit to escape this present pressure of the last days. The impatient might fall victim to the antics of false prophets.

Also, the church that over emphasize obedience to church rules aside from the bible is prone too. I quote Jesus that … man shall not live by bread alone but by EVERY WORD that proceeds out of the mouth of God” (Matt. 4 v 4). Bread alone messages are motivational messages that has no eternal value but to direct your attention to earthly values to boost your greediness rather than making you to live accounted life that you will still give to God. Though they hide under the disguise of Christ, false prophet’s major target is to bring you closer to Satan for eternal destruction. I thought before that they would only dwell on motivational messages, if you are a sensitive Christian and are aware of what is going on now, you will agree with now so many things are out of way. BEWARE! false prophet are now preaching holiness, they also dwell and preach on last days events just to get the very elects for Satan (they are satanic hunters). Remember the LORD emphasizes the need for us to WATCH and PRAY. Unfortunately, many Christians pay attention to praying alone. Your discernment must be sharp to know who is on the Lord side. Oh Lord help our weakness. Amen

Look forward to part three where I share global logistics of introduction of the mark.

SHALLOUM! God bless.


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