My Deliverance From Addicted Life Of Fornication And Immorality By Sister Lindsay

My Deliverance From Addicted Life Of Fornication And Immorality By Sister Lindsay

My Deliverance From Addicted Life Of Fornication And Immorality By Sister Lindsay

The awesome mercy of the Lord is beyond human comprehend. The love of Christ upon humanity is something which no eyes can survey because they are unsearchable. God is always faithful and as I often said, “the God that set people free from wickedness and sinfulness is the true God indeed because the devil can’t gives salvation”

The work of the devil is to manipulates and keep luring thousands into inequities and destruction while the Holy Ghost is also busy raising up millions of disciples by leading them to the cross. A single soul been thwarted by the devil will sprout-out and cause the Holy Ghost to resurrect a double soul to replaced the lost because God is not mocked.
However in today message we are going to explore the true life confession of Sister Lindsay who resides in United State Of America. She is presently a divine tool in God’s vineyard. While chatting with her, I just can’t comprehend how the Lord could ever attempt to rescue such a soul from horrible pit of sexual immoralities and gives her the ultimate grace of repentance.
However whenever I tends to flash back the wicked years I spent in the wilderness of iniquities before my conversion unto Christ in comparison with sister Lindsay true life confession, it seem unimaginable. That is reason why i always glorifies his Holy name. God is always faithful and merciful and the purpose of sharing this edifying confessional message with you is to bring to your awareness that God hasn’t forsaken you.
Yes, I know that you are presently struggling in some sort of sinfulness. You knew vividly you are not living right and certainly knew that your names are not written in the Book life. But unfortunately you just can’t help yourself in living righteously or maintaining Holiness.
You have tried severally to stop fornication and quit masturbation or overcome pornography but your best seen not enough. You have tried severally to stop telling lies, overcome hot temper, anger, cursing and gossiping. But yet, you still behold yourself sinking deeper into worldliness.
You have made attempt to stop football soccer gambling or betting but the more you tried the deeper you sank. My friend, honestly whatsoever addictions you are presently experiencing can’t be overcome based on your personal human efforts because your flesh is weak. Hence, I need you to focus your eyes unto Jesus Christ.
discouragement in Christians life
Please don’t ever give up while trying attained unto perfection. That will send a victory signal to the kingdom of darkness and you have yourself to blame in eternity. I repeat, don’t you ever give-up in your fight and struggling over any addiction. Attaining unto perfection isn’t a 2-3 years journey in Christendom.
It’s always required daily wrestling against the flesh. Whenever you fall you must get-up and keep on gazing unto that Calvary. I am emphasizing based on life experienced because been perfected in the word isn’t butter and bread. During my ugly years in the wilderness of pornography, masturbation and worldliness, I often behold myself as a wasted human element that is bound to perish in Hell.
The shame and struggling was horrible. Moreover one of the day, I concluded I am never going to please God or ever going to served him faithfully because Hell is certain for someone like me. I was hopeless and dejected because the power of the flesh was huge. Nevertheless, i never give-up in going to church and spending that few hours in his presence while hearken to the preaching of my pastor.
After a while, I felt the power of the Holy Ghost working through, and gradually I behold a new life transformation. The hatred toward bad gangs, friends, surfing the internet for immoral and gossip news began to spike-up. The cutting of external intruder and bridges also comes into play.
Suddenly I began to experience I new life changes, reading of the Bible, attending mid-weeks church fellowship, church night-vigils and eventually getting baptized in water immersion baptism. It didn’t stop there, the Holy Ghost begin to sprout-up promotions. Suddenly I was promoted and appointed as the Church house-care Fellowship leader and later Zonal leader and now a pastor and preacher of the gospel of Christ.
So my friend, don’t ever belittle yourself because with God all things are possible. He has not forsaken but rather still working out your perfection. If Sister Lindsay could overcome fornication and sexual immoralities, I believe you can also overcome.
You need trust and believe in yourself and never you blame or hate yourself. Hence keep on gazing unto Jesus Christ. Don’t give-up and decides to join the world because that will be a terrible disaster. In this confession of Sister Lindsay, we shall learn a little of her struggling and how she eventual overcome sexual immoralities. I pray that it will be blessing to majority who are still struggling to overcome sexual addicts and wickedness.
My name is Sister Lindsay and I reside in U.S. This is my testimony and true life confession on how the Lord Jesus Christ delivered me from several years I spent in the world of immoralities. I gave him all the glory. In order for me to truly get my deliverance I want to explain to you exactly what the spirit of guilt does.
The spirit of guilt is used by Satan to keep to your consciousness so that it will bring down your praise and it will pull down your worship instead of giving God 100% you’re giving him less than a hundred. You’re giving him maybe 50% why because you still feel guilty about the things that you’ve done. But I will talk about your innocence through the blood of Jesus.
Colossians 2:13-16 “Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross. And you, being dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh, hath he quickened together with him, having forgiven you all trespasses;And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it”
The Bible in the book of Colossians says he has erased everything in the handwriting’s of ordinance contrary to us. So we are face with our guilt conscious and sometimes it’s even hidden (unconscious guilt) We felt we feel it’s due to our previous disobedience towards God.
For example, I was a very lustful person. I was a person who nobody could trust. I was a person who slept with married men. I was a person who slept with anybody’s boyfriend or fiancé. I didn’t care and so when I came to Christ, first of all the only people who would actually sit and listen to me were men.
At first I thought that was a good start. Lord thank you for allowing me to build up what I messed up and it was usually the people or the ones that I had done the wrong with, for example I could only preach to lesbians and men and I thought that was God’s way of redemption but the funny thing is that Satan send people to watch you. To satanically inject you and to poison your conscious mind subconsciously. This is why I say don’t be so quick to rush to the pulpit, Satan is smart. May the grace of God be upon us.
I will explain, after I got kicked out of my parent’s house for serving the Lord Jesus I went to go live with my brother Mike a prophet and his wife, and his two children and at the time I still battle with lust very heavily and my mind was already poisoned.
There was no speaking of purity in my mind. Though I went to a Ministry that preaches about repentance and I never really got to repent because I love the thought of fornication. It was the only thing that I have left in the satanic Kingdom and it was hard for me to let go at that period.
The Prophet had no evil intention. It was concerned for my salvation and that of my child. He is a happily married man. I was attempting to seduce a man of God, seduction is a power given by Jezebel against the men of God. This who love to be worshiped, or take God’s glory will soon fall to this wicked SPIRIT.
Both he and his wife were able to pinpoint my satanic powers. That I had a voice induced with seduction, a certain way of walking, a certain way of dressing. So today I’m telling you in the name of Jesus if you come from a background of doing these things it’s better that you repent and flee from all sorts of Satan’s cunning devices he may be using you and you don’t know it, repent.
So we often talk about my problems, personal and spiritual although my intentions was to be delivered, something in me wanted to remain in lust. I couldn’t speak to his wife because I was uncomfortable. And I knew something in me was guilty but I didn’t know exactly what it is. So that guilt was manifesting because my subconscious mind was attempting to seduce the man of God.
The amazing thing about God is no matter how powerful the kingdom of darkness has made the Lord’s words will never fail. He says touch not my anointed, and do not harm unto my prophets. This man of God and our spiritual leaders, along with His wife took me through series of fasting and praying, I fasted for two years STRAIGHT, every weekend was automatically dedicated to God.
And I’m telling you my story so that somebody may be free. I’m telling you my story so that a man of God may know that not every woman who comes with the need of help needs that closeness. Please do not bring strife and jealousy in your homes by taking care of the so-called feeble sheep because they may have seductive powers still inside of them unless God reveal it to you. Be sensitive to the SPIRIT OF GOD because if not you will bring your own house down.
So I begin to have thoughts about the men of God and when those thoughts came it didn’t please me but my conscious mind was well pleased because I was in the deepness of sin. And so when I was delivered and this is how I got my deliverance. I begin to tell the truth to God.
I began to tell God by openly every image, every open satanic vision and every imagination that went on in my mind, the emotions and I felt in my body how it made me feel. Please sisters; don’t hold your pee (urinate) for long because it is one way to subconsciously invites Spirit of lust because when you hold your pee, lies your uterus and also your point of pleasure.
So I encourage you listen to your body and don’t fall for the seduction within your own flesh because your flesh will please itself. How do I know? Because there is a sin of masturbation and homosexual sin and when you begin to commit such things, your mind falls in love with itself.
You now have the power to overcome your own body and this is all subconscious manifesting consciously. But we thank God for freedom in the name of Jesus Christ. So it happened that I couldn’t be around my sister, although I wanted a relationship with her. I was so contaminated and I had no trust for anybody.
I was so dirty that anything I thought about and everything I thought about was sexual because I was also lusting after her. And there came a day where I begin to confess my sins to God and I told him everything absolutely everything. How I vision and I don’t care who judges me or whoever reads this but just know the moment you begin to sincerely cry out to God and you ask him where did this come from, where did I begin, how did it begin with, whom did it begin with? He will surely answer you in Jesus name.
He is a God of second chances, although you ran well and fell DON’T STOP PLEADING WITH GOD, DON’T GIVE UP THE TRUTH. I was greatly ashamed and suffered loss of respect and position MANY TIMES!!! But to get to the feet of CHRIST JESUS. I CHOOSE TO SUFFER AND KILL MY FLESH, make amends to my wrongs.
And after 2 years I came to this revelation by the Holy Spirit to never give up, to keep on going tell God all of your secrets, tell him what is presenting itself as a mountain or a skyscraper. Lust my beloved brothers and sisters was a skyscraper for me and I’ll tell you what a skyscraper, is it’s firmly planted on the ground and its dimensions are accurately placed so that when wind comes by it will never and can never fall down.
It will shake but it will never collapse until a strong hurricane, tornado, whirlwind or tsunami hit and crushed it, or else you will never see the skyscrapers falling down. And these are the skyscrapers in my life that made me feel guilty. It was my sin that led me to my guilt but it was Satan that built it thank God that it is written there is no other foundation men can lay other than that which is Christ Jesus.
So my guilt was growing every day. There came a point of my life where I feel guilty about talking to anybody because I previously already messed up all relationships in the ministry and outside of the ministry in my family. I was a destructive person. And I have destroyed many relationships that I really could have benefited from especially that which of my sisters.
But there was this guilt that was protruding from my heart and it was a skyscraper that made me look high up above all relationships. I was jealous of every relationship each individual had within the ministry and every woman in the ministry. I would always mess up the relationship.
Because I had guilt in me, i had guilt as to how long will this relationship last? When will I kill this relationship? When is this relationship going to end? My brothers and sisters if you can’t trust a man who you see on Earth you can never trust God. I battled with subconscious guilt of wanting to hurt people’s children, guilt of hating, guilt of witchcraft, guilty of wanting to destroy marriages and all these things Satan built and continue to build on the inside of me.
Listen, is not your senses that has kept away sin, it’s your acceptance to his salvation. When you begin with God and show him how big your problem is, he will show you how big he is. Some people may have the mindset that I had messed up every relationship that I have ever, including with my kids Father. The guilt I had persuaded me to not continue in sin because I was already a sinner.
I did not care for any soul. If there was pleasure in my body I disregarded all feelings for every human being and that was how I live my life. I slept also with my sister’s boyfriend or in the world cuddy buddy. And I had no sympathy. The spirit of guilt will remind you of your past of how evil and wretched and wicked you are, it will remind you of the things which you have done against God, giving you vivid pictures and images of your life of fornication and sodomy.
Giving you open visions and imaginations, seducing and making you to cry, but the spirit of guilt also has a best friend named “The Spirit of Rejection” and that Spirit of rejection comes in and it speaks death, and destroys you. When the Spirit of rejection comes in, it builds upon it own foundation.
It uses the same tactics as the spirit of guilt to come into your life and bring other destruction, it rejects relationship, it isolates you and separates you from those who truly love you and remind you of your past and you begin to isolate yourself and you begin to be alone because it wants to kill you.
But I thank God that we have a father of the fatherless, husband of the widow’s, a friend to the friendless and a lover to those who have no love. See rejection is what you call a satanic carpenter. It can build perfect obstacles and it knows because these are the real sins that you committed, so it takes your reality and turned it into something, but because you remember those scenes you start to accept them and when you accept them you are accepting the Spirit of rejection voice.
The Bible says in John 10 26 that the Sheep know his voice and a stranger they will not follow. I’m here to tell you that the voice of the oppressor cannot be heard by the children of God anymore. If you’re sitting up there feeling guilty, feeling lonely, rejected or felt isolated, it is because the Spirit of rejection has perfectly built things that you remember, the feeling and emotion and it uses that to push you away from those whom you’ve hurt, so that you’ll never ask for forgiveness and if you had, you’ll never forgive yourself.

But I thank God that we have help through Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He will not let us suffer alone because he instructed us to cast all unto him. Matthew 11:28-29 “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls”
Jesus never lusted after women or men, he never was bisexual, homosexual and he never stole. He never got into wicked arguments but he fought for good and in his fighting for good he fought for your good for my good. It is written that in his goodness, it pleased him, for the joy of the world that was set before him. You have let it go and now you must give it to God.

You are the joy of the world and don’t let that Spirit of rejection fool you into thinking that you’re still wicked.

As you are reading this you may be crying because you’re realizing that you never realized how innocent blood of Jesus has made you.  The blood of Jesus Christ was shed in order to justify and to sanctify and redeem you. The blood of Jesus is real and I just came to expose evil and wicked works just as I’m free in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He called you not unto uncleanliness but unto righteousness. His call is not for those who are strong. God called you for His will John 1:11-12. Now you must confess:
I am released from offences, be released from pain in the past, be released from anything that has hindered my walk with God, be released from every guilt, every rejection and the fruits and the foundation, the tentacles and the arms and all glory be unto the precious name of Jesus.
The Bible says if you confess of your sins he is faithful and just to forgive us. 1 John 1:9 “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” So let me start confessing my sins. I have an attraction to women especially those who dress and specific clothing. Sometimes it may expose the breast, sometimes it’s tight and it’s form-fitting and it exposes the shape of their body. I also am very lustful when it comes to men.
Sometimes the clothes that they wear, the things that they wear it bring back memories and it starts to create fantasies with those people that are present before my eyes. Let me get to the loneliness and void in my heart because I believe that as I’m telling this God is at least listening to me and that he will deliver me.
I truly do love God but I know myself. I know that I still have feelings and affections for this world. The word of God says love not the world or the things in the world. And if anybody loves the world he is an enemy of God.
1 John 2:15-17 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever”
So how do I have integrity or become honest? When I know that it’s conscious. How do I find myself in the presence of God being who I know that I am though he’s not with me physically? How do I act like he’s there physically? Some other people they can experience God and they react totally different from me.
The HOLY SPIRIT is there to truly show us the way, he’s there to talk to me like he’s my dad. The Holy Spirit is not just a feeling or emotion or a waves of emotion. My mom taught me that the Holy Spirit is God and if Holy Spirit is a witness to the death of Jesus Christ then I should feel the death of Jesus Christ not only in flesh but in SPIRIT. He will help you let go especially those things that are deeply placed in you.
So for the past three years of my life I had been sacrificing and sacrificing. I’ve been in the presence of God. I’ve been learning and getting all the same teachings but I had and I had no integrity, i was afraid to confess it to men. This is why I was stuck in a rut of sexual immoralities. So today I’m speaking this so that maybe God will be glorified. I don’t care of people lose respect for me, I’m grateful I fell and God by His infinite mercy and grace lifted me beyond my deepened of sin.
It should be an eye-opening experience and unfortunate when people of this world look at you and they can recognize themselves in you and not Christ. What good are you to God if you are not walking in integrity? If you are afraid to lose what you gained temporarily? It is important to confess your sins to people. You never know who you may be releasing from bondage. Here’s some revelations I has received during this time of my life.
Are you still going to sacrifice? What is obedience? The Bible talks about Samuel’s call, how God called him out of his sleep. And that’s so important for us because God calls us out of our sleep and how do we know that we’re sleep because the Holy Spirit is called, a quickening spirit, quickening means to awaken.
I know that for us to walk total consciousness of Jesus Christ like what the book of Colossians chapter 1 & 2 talk about we have to first be awakened out of our list of this wrong lust of the flesh, the lust of eyes, the pride of life. Somebody maybe likes me trying to seek deliverance and different churches and different places and you’re finding different prayer points, different teachings they all have good foundation,
But I want to tell you a sad truth that you can go there and receive absolutely nothing because your motive is wrong and you still lack the same obedience from the beginning. So save yourself the trouble, the money, the hardship and the heartache and go to God in Prayer.
So kiss the feet of Jesus Christ with your tears and tell him that you want out. Nobody may understand that you want to come out of sin but God. Sometimes God has to take another route in order for you to learn how bad it feels to be separated from him. Men and women of God do not be like the world for everything in the world would perish.
The Bible says be like Christ. When Jesus was tempted he felt the pain before the pain came. He knew the hurt before the hurt came and the moment it was too real for him after he already knew and had the feeling of it he got a taste of it. Do you know what Jesus our Lord and savior did? He resisted sin in order to do the will of his father for Jesus was a spiritual man.
He was God and man together in one. So I want you after reading this to know that deliverance comes first by obedience and walking in integrity. I want you to be real with God be completely 100% real with God, neglect the things of this world and just focus on God. The things of this world don’t taste like the things of God, it’s not a delicacy like the things of God.

So I’m going to go over the list of things to do again for your understanding:

  1. Confess your sins.
  2. Let go of those sins.
  3. Ask God to give you the grace to get over these sense.
  4. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you.
  5. Continue in the word of God and let not your spirit be discouraged by the sufferings or the Lost of respect or honor.
  6. Pray against those foundational sins guilt rejection and sexual immoralities.
  7. Rejoice because there is always a reward for those who choose to reject the world and accept Christ Jesus.
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The Bible says that the kingdom of God is not meat and drink. Integrity begins when you decide to accept the ways of God over self righteousness. I hope this can help somebody one day and I pray that it brings you to the point of tears before God, because he is right there with you. Please keep your God in your heart and don’t disappoint him. Be men and women of integrity. May God Bless You!

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