The Lord’s warning to every single woman on Earth. I was on my knees praying when suddenly my spiritual eyes opened. I saw a woman in a vision.

The Lord asked Me, “Do you see that lady? What do you notice?”

I said, “Lord I can see the lady but I don’t know her.”

The Lord said, “Look at her carefully. What do you notice?”

I looked at the lady. She seems to be in a celebration. She was talking with her friend and laughing but nothing struck me.

The Lord said, “Really you don’t see anything?”

Immediately I noticed that the woman was wearing a blouse that was beautiful but around the shoulder there were openings and along the arm there were many little holes revealing her body skin.

The Lord said, “The woman you see is My servant. I love her a lot for she lives in My fear but look at the blouse she is wearing. She fears Me but her dressing is a concern.”

The Lord asked me, “Are you people saying I don’t look at the body, I only look at the heart?”

I said, “Lord, I used to think that way.”

The Lord said, “How could you think that way? Don’t you read what the Bible says that your body is My temple. How can you lack wisdom when I already told you that your body is My temple? How can you expect Me to let you destroy My temple? How can you imagine Me looking at your heart ignoring your body which is My temple? Be warned My daughter for My eyes never look away from My children not even for one second and My eyes is on this daughter of Mine that I am showing you.”

I kept watching this lady while the audible voice of the Lord was talking to me. What struck me is when the Lord said, “I love her a lot.”

I came to understand that the Lord loves all of us but there are people He really loves a lot like this woman.

The Lord said, “I want My daughter to be simple. I don’t like their nudity to be exposed. Tell them to adjust their garments accordingly.”

The devil tried to stop me from delivering this message but we thank the Lord. My dear brother and sister I was sleeping and I felt the strong presence of the Lord. As a result, I opened my eyes. Immediately I saw two bright angels standing before me.

At that moment the voice of the Lord spoke and said, “My daughter Adeline, in My kingdom, there will be many men but few women.”

I said, “Lord, what do you mean and why is that there will be few women?”

The Lord said, “Do you really want to know why there will be few women in My kingdom?”

I said, “Yes Lord, I want to know why.”

The Lord said, “This is precisely what I have come to show you, and whatever I will show you don’t hide them from My daughters all over the world. They must hear it.”

Then the Lord addressed the angels of light and told them, “Now tell her why they will be few women in the kingdom of Heaven.”

The angels told me, “Adeline, any woman who wears wigs will not enter the kingdom of Heaven. Any woman that weaves her hair with artificial hair will not enter the kingdom.”

I said, “Is that so?”

They said, “Yes it is. Any woman that uses nail polish on their nails shall not enter the kingdom. Any woman that applies lipstick will not enter the kingdom. Any woman that has eyelash will not enter.”

Brothers I was in terror to hear this truth.

The angels said, “Any woman that uses face powder will not enter the kingdom of Heaven for these face powder change the skin of the woman.”

Then the Lord spoke and said, “I have pain and sadness in Me because My daughters that are serving Me and fearing Me are using these items that are instruments of the enemy for they will not enter My kingdom. They are wearing wigs and attachments. They are using nail polish and evil instruments of the enemy. Go tell My daughters that are fearing Me and walking in holiness but are still using beauty products they will not enter My kingdom.”

My dear the voice of the Lord was filled with sadness when He spoke these words.

The Lord said, “I am filled with sadness for My servants. They are serving Me in truth and they walk in sanctification yet they are attached to these lipsticks, wigs, and makeup. Tell them to abandon these items. Otherwise, they will not enter the kingdom of Heaven.”

The Lord told the angels of light, “Tell her what happened when My servants and daughters die with these worldly ornaments.”

The angels told me, “When the dead in Christ passed away in the Lord we come to get them and transport them to the celestial kingdom but when they come we check whether their white garments have been kept clean. In case their white robes are spotted, we don’t take those saints that have failed to keep their garments clean. In this situation, demons and the angels of Satan would come to capture these saints and lead them to destruction. However when women that fear the Lord die their white garment are always spotless. That is why we come to get them for their garments are as white as snow but as soon as we try to get them to the eternal kingdom the angels of Satan would manifest in anticipation. They always tell us, ‘You cannot take them to Heaven. They belong to us and our kingdom. They are not yours.’ There is a lot of dispute between us and demons beyond the grave because of souls of daughters of God.”

The angels of light told me, “We come to get daughters of God because they are walking in purity and fear of the Lord and they have washed their garment that is as white as snow and spotless but demons keep telling us, ‘We have no issue with white garments (that means the holy life of purification and fear of the Lord) but take a look at the appearance of these daughters of God for they have our identities.’ Demons always point to us about women’s appearance and when we look at the souls of these daughters of God that have washed their robes we can see that on their heads they have wigs, attachments and weavings. They have eyelashes. They have lipstick. They have face powder. They have nail polish.”

The angels told me, “Unless daughters of God separate from worldly adornment we cannot take them into the celestial world where there are no women with attachment and artificial nails. God’s daughters must separate from evil ornaments and vanity. Even if these women fear the Lord when they die failing to separate from these vanities, their souls will be adorned with wigs, eyelashes, nail polish and we cannot take them into the Everlasting City with these instruments of devils. Despite their white garments, no one will enter Heaven with wigs, lipsticks, and face powder for in Heaven there is nobody with artificial hair and nail. We cannot take anyone with the painted nails. Many God’s daughters are dying with the fear of the Lord but we are unable to take them to the golden kingdom because of these ornaments of the enemy. It’s the adversary that is taking their souls because we cannot bring these items to Heaven. Tell women in churches beauty products and worldly adornments are appearing on their faces in the afterlife. The Lord is against attachment and change of natural complexion.”

The Lord said, “I am against attachment of hair nails eyelash and I am against the change of your natural complexion. Tell My daughters to only groom their natural hair. They do not need attachments of hair. That is adding to what I created. Since My daughters are attached to vanity they are not going to Heaven. These things are identities of demons. They are changing natural creation. Tell them to give up attachments and artificial nails. They should not dye their hair. People are dying and coming with wig attachments and artificial hair before the gate of Heaven.”

Beloved I want you to share this message even if you are a man. Share this message with your sisters and mothers. The Lord will remember you when you share His warning with His people.

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