Is Your Name Written In The Lamb Book Of Life

Is Your Name Written In The Lamb Book Of Life

Is Your Name Written In The Lamb Book Of Life


Is Your Name In The Book Of Life

In the morning, his name was in the book of life, but in the evening, his name was cancelled from the book of life. What a painful life, he died and ends up in hell, so sorrowful. Mr. Kola gave his life to Christ in his young age, and was very zealous in working for God. He hates anything called sin. At 40, he remains virgin.

A graduate from the University with first class grade, but no Job, yet he never compromise. He has gone for many interviews, but age discrimination made him loose some of the jobs. Some of the interviewer has even advice him to reduce his age in many occasion, but he refused, he put all his trust in the Lord. He suffers so much that Satan himself regard him as the second Mr. Job.

This man has no job, no wife, and no home but sleep in the church. This man is not a pastor, he has no name in the country, he is nobody in the society, he is not even a founder of a church, but to the kingdom of darkness, he is a mighty most wanted terrorist. Even heaven knows him. Satan has sent many satanic agents to him to capture him, but of no avail.

So day, he board a bus and he met a woman, he never knew she was an agent of darkness sent to him from the kingdom of darkness, he was talking to the lady face to face, he never knew the lady has made use of some demonic eye bra gotten from the queen of the coast to charm him. Later, she charmed this man with her looking and Mr. kola lusted after her, he took her to a hotel, in fact the lady was the one who pays the bill. He slept with the lady, and immediately she killed him. Because he is a mighty terror that is one of the most wanted for the kingdom of darkness, if he dare try to leave him for an hour, he might realize himself and repent of his sin.

Mr. Kola appears before the Lord, pleading for mercy, but there is no more mercy. He was showed all his rewards including his crown but he died as a fornicator. What a pity, the Angel felt so pity for the Man, but the judgment has being set and there is no turning back. What a pity, despite all his suffering for God but yet still end up in hell. God is not a respecter of any man, he will never go against his word, and he has exalted his word even above his name (psalm 138:2).

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Is Your Name In The Book Of Life?

Will Mr. Kola really want to do this? The answer is No. Many Children of God has fall into the trap of satan not knowing. In-fact, Mr. Kola did this without knowing what he was doing. He was under a spell. Many still have the grace to live, but they tried to cover up their sins. Satan is really using women as tools to fight against many Christians.

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This is a warning against you as a Christians, be watchful and be very careful, many youth that was very zeal for Christ end up getting pregnant before marriage, many has sold their destiny and their glory in the name of fornication. Satan has sent many of his agents into the church of God, clothed with a garment of sheep not knowing they are a wolf. These types of ladies always want to be among the prayer warriors, ushers, Choirs, In fact, some will come to you themselves to greet you.

demonic agent of seduction

They may pretend to be a new member of the church, just to come closer to you. I remember when I was attending one of the most popular churches in Nigeria before I gave my life to Christ, there was a particular Usher in our church then, many men lust after this lady, and she is very seductive. Always Cat walking, put on cloth that will show her shape. Very seductive, she is a very beautiful lady with a very attractive stature, put on cloth that will even show her laps. These kinds of ladies are many among the Chorister, even leading the praises. Gazing your eyes on them alone, you are doomed because it will only take the power of God to clear their image from your mind. (Revelation 2:20)

Job 1:6 “Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them. You can see that the children of God couldn’t identify him, because he has dress and pretend like the sons of God. Many pastors and born-again Christians has fallen into the trap of these type of ladies, you will see them moving up and down unnecessarily during church service. No they have a mission. Whenever prayer is going on, they may live the church, as if they are going to the toilet. No, they went out to re-equip themselves.

Whenever a true pastor is preaching on the alter, you will find out that, some will start coughing unstoppable, it’s part of their attack. during sermons, different kind of arrow will be flying from right and left, then you will see people pinging in church, people sleeping, children crying, at times, pastor will start talking rubbish like When I was in America, when I was in London you know, what has that got to do with the preaching, that is how some of them attack

But most of these sexual seductive agency are sent to pollute the mind of believer, after-all when they have unclean taught in their mind after seeing their dressing or their bodies, their prayer will never get to God. If you have these type of Ladies in your Church Choir, even her voice may be one of the best, be watchful. if immoral taught always fill your mind when you gaze upon a particular Usher or Lady in the church, Avoid even looking her direction. These are Marine Agents sent to work evil in the Church.

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Moreover, if you are a Christians you must be very careful and be watchful. satan has captured many born again trough T.V Nollywood, Hollywood and many TV actress, spending days in watching Mercy Johnson Bossom and Genevieve Nnaji Laps, Angela Okorie , Ini Edo booms, Shakira, Jackie Appiah, Rita Dominic, Tonto Dike, Jenifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce etc. don’t worry, very soon, they will visit you in dream and start having sexual intercourse with you, in dream.(Mathew 5:28) Then your spiritual fire will start dying little by little.

Many pastors has fallen into their traps and the congregation can never know they are just an empty barren. After these ladies has captured them, they will be tied down under the sea, but only their empty body will be preaching. Many youth of today are already caged under the Sea not knowing. Many Graduate are walking on street without any job, they can’t move forward, their destiny has being exchanged for sexual relation when they were in School.

 No wonder at 40, they are still single.These ladies after capturing men of God, they will be the one to tell the pastor what to preach, this is the reason why many pastor that were once zeal for God are now dead spiritually. No one can know these but only them no they are doomed. No wonder they have stop preaching against immorality, because the Alter is already polluted.

No wonder their church ladies no longer cover their head. no wonder Jezebel is the leader of the church Today, many pastors are living a life of immorality, in name of divorce. Believe it or Not, Any Pastor who divorce his wife to re-marry is an Adulterer (Mathew 5:32) and any one who stay under such pastor anointing will surely commit adultery directly or indirectly.

If you have involve in this kind of mess, probably slept with one of your church member, a blood covenant has being established already, and only one way you can be deliver is to confess your sins openly, no amount of fasting or prayer can deliver you, salvation comes first before deliverance. you must never cover you sin, Let them sack you as pastor. Are you not even surprised that she was never moved, neither was she sorry about what happen between the two of you? In fact she wants the both of you to come together again?

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Whenever a particular woman image keeps appearing in your mind, be very careful, she is an agents sent to you, their first assignment is to make friend with you, come closer to you, even if you are not ready, once that is gained, they will use their charm to seduced you to lust after them, once that is achieved,

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They will appear to you in the dream and if possible, kiss you and have sex with them in dream, after then they will then get to the next level by making you to have sexual intercourse with them physically, once that is achieved then you are dead alive. Some men will ran mad, some men brain will only be ringing women, women, some men will die mysteriously, some will be deaf and dump, they have sold their glory out.

They don’t know their way back to the lord, because their soften heart has being removed and has being replaces with a stony heart Ezekiel 11:19. Many homes has being destroyed, many pastor has died before their appointed time, because Queen of the coast is ruling the church. (Revelation 2:20)
I’m not saying every ladies are evil, but as a lady, you can be working zealously for Satan without knowing, trough your dressing, your make up, even if you are a pastor, and you are always seductive trough your dressing, you are a Jezebel and a witch, because Jezebel is a witch

Satan has no good iota for any human, most especially born again Christians, never go to a lady house or a man house alone to preach, go instead with a lady if you are a man. Satan has a lot of trap for you. If you are not married yet, but you have a fiancee, don’t allow her to come alone to your house for visitation.

Satan can use her against you as a trap, you are a deliverance minister, don’t do deliverance for a lady alone, not even with to man, make sure you have a lady with you, don’t counsel a lady in a closed door, don’t visit a lady in her room alone, fleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew from fornication and adultery, you can’t rebuke it. Shout ten thousand Holy Ghost fire or 1 million blood of Jesus, it can never be over power. The best is to run and never tend to look back. Learn from Joseph.

Avoid secular movies and music’s, it’s an arrow of darkness. If you have fallen into these traps, you need to go back to Jesus, confess your sins and he will deliver you. Is your brain and mind ringing woman, woman always, go for deliverance, you have being captured and soon, they will kill you. But the word can deliver you today Psalm 107: He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction.

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