I SAW Heaven…….by Sis. Toun Praise

I SAW Heaven…….by Sis. Toun Praise

I found myself on the highway that leads to the great City of God, which is called the holy City. On this highway, I saw different individuals walking w/ no one looking backward but forward. As I was walking, I noticed a big golden gate at the end of the highway. I also noticed that this gate opened on its own accord to selected individuals. My attention was drawn to the fact that those that the gate opened to possessed a tablet, which served as their ticket to enter. The tablet was a rectangular shaped, light colored engraved stone. It has the picture of Jesus Christ and the name of the bearer was written in Hebrew language. I had noticed earlier that the gate turned on those who were not in possession of the tablet though many in this category possessed white garment but w/ STAIN and such people turned to the left side of the gate and disappeared into the clouds. I could not guess what’ll happen to me since I did not’ve the stone in my hand, but I knew it as not my wish so I prayed silently and continued moving towards the golden gate.

Suddenly I found myself before the gate. For a second, I could not breathe for I did not know where my next step’ll land me. W/ my eyes closed I forgot myself only to hear some voices shouting at me to enter. I opened my eyes in dismay, I didn’t see anyone though the gate was opened for me to enter then repeated again were the mysterious voices that spoke in my native language “ENTER, THE GATE IS OPEN FOR U!” I stepped in while the gate closed behind me. I took a look around and what I saw made me look wretched compared w/ the beauty of the place. Merely looking at my reflection on the crystal-like golden floor made me ashamed of myself. I noticed that the City was walled round while the entire roadway w/in the City was made of gold. The City seemed to be a place for the continuation of life for those redeemed by blood of the Lamb, for those who did not’ve their garments stained. When I stepped in, I realized that no one seemed to notice me, as the place happened to be a very busy place. From where I was, I noticed there was a tree conspicuously different from all others. The tree was planted in the midst of a river shining as crystal which was situated at the center of this great City just as Revelation 22 puts it. A white flame covered the tree which enabled the tree to give light to the City such as their was never night nor day.

The people I saw were same human being here on earth but it looked they had gone through a sifting process before they got there. I saw some giant buildings that looked like administrative buildings, warehouses and banking halls. At another section of the City was a big hall containing seats bearing the names of the saints of God. I saw Angels working, some carrying boxes that were filled w/ files while some were walking in twos and threes. I saw the place as a City of treasures because most of the things I saw there were priceless and beyond human description. I was amazed when I heard someone call my name and touched me on the shoulder at the same time. I turned only to see a radiant looking Angel, wearing white apparel and a pair of sandals. He had a tall feature while his hair fell on his shoulder. The Angel sounded like someone who knew me more than I knew myself. Then he said: “Welcome, do not be afraid to find urself here. U were chosen by the Lord to come and see this City before the appointed time and much more to encourage brethren w/ the things u see. I am the one chosen to take u round the City, follow me.”

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I followed the Angel w/ out hesitation but I noticed before we moved far that they were transactions in the City. What I saw as means of exchange looked like money. It has a rectangular shape and appeared transparent. It carried on it, the picture of the head of Jesus Christ and RIGHTEOUSNESS was written in bold form on it. He noticed that this caught my attention, the Angel said “that is the means of exchange we use here, he then pointed to the administrative building and said that is where all records’re kept. He also pointed to the banking hall, stating that the two work together to get all that the saints’ll need to build a house in Heaven.” Then I asked the Angel, do we need a house in Heaven, and if we do when’ll it be built? He answered; “your house is being prepared ahead of ur arrival. Then he reminded me of John 14:2 “In My Father’s house are many rooms if it were not so, I’ll have told u, I am going to prepare a place for u.”
(In my thinking I had though that when the Lord Jesus said He’s going to give us a mansion in Heaven that all’ll jam-pack in one big house, until I got to Heaven I got to know that we’ll have individual mansions according to our efforts). But then I asked the Angel about the house and he requested that I follow him. We entered a street, I was overwhelmed by the kind of buildings I saw. W/ thoughts w/in me I knew the place’ll be a City of treasure because the buildings were built w/ precious stones. I knew it is impossible for such kind of houses to be on earth for they’ll be vandalized even before the structures were completed. The Angel knew my thought and answered me w/ Matthew 6:10; but store up for urselves treasures in Heaven where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.

I then asked the Angel if the houses belong to us saints of God. He said, yes and drew my attention to the top of one the houses which belonged to a renowned minister of God who was still in service as at the time of this revelation. The man was in his eighties then. The Angel told me that it took this man of God forty years of steadfastness and diligence in God to complete his Heavenly home. The houses I saw were priceless storey buildings w/ names of individual owners written in bold form on top of the houses. I did not see the traces of anyone living in the buildings yet but there were Angels working to put the places up. The Angel then explained to me that the transactions in Heaven is such that any time we deny ourselves for the fruit of the Spirit, a record’ll be opened on our behalf in the administrative department from where they’ll send the record of our efforts to the banking department to save until we’re qualified to build. The Angel explained according to the question in my thought that, immediately one gives his life to Christ he becomes entitled to a place of inheritance in Heaven where he’ll build his house later through self denial for the fruit of the Spirit. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” (Gal. 5:22-23).

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After this, we moved to the next building where the name of the bearer on it has just been removed. I asked the angel why? The answer he gave me was a disappointing one. He said, “this house was completed by a man through steadfastness in faith for about forty two years. But according to the divine calendar four days to his end on earth, he committed adultery thus; finished his course in Heaven and his name was removed from the book of life.” I was dumb-founded when I heard the Angel say this. He pointed o the scriptures again. “Jesus replied, no one who put his hand to the plow and looks back if fit for service in the Kingdom of God.” (9:62)
Then I asked the Angel who’ll now have the forsaken building and he answered me w/ this, “for every one who has’ll be given more and he’ll have abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has’ll be taken from him and throw the worthless servant outside into the darkness, where there’ll be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” (Matt 25:29-30). I asked the Angel where the brother’ll now be. And he reminded me of the left side that I noticed that those did not’ve the tablet go to before I entered through the City gate. I got to know that this is the way to hell fire.

He asked me to follow him again to a plot of land that has not been built. The Angel said the land belonged to an old man who has been in the faith for forty two yrs adding that the fallow ground was as a result of the religious spirit the man gave himself to, though he’s still steadfast in faith. The Angel made me realize that the man’ll still make Heaven despite his deformity in faith but may not’ve crown for it. From there we went to another plot of land, which happened to belong to a zealous sister who after she gave her life to Christ completed her own house w/in two weeks. I was rejoicing about this when the Angel cut me short saying it was not yet time to rejoice but to be sober because many started like this and ended up in total failure. I turned to the Angel to show me my own but his reply was: Go ur way and pray that u partake in the wedding of the Lamb. Take heed lest u think that u stand accidentally fall. Go and warn ur brethren not to waste their efforts i.e their sacrifice. Know this also that u should help those in needs, remember the scripture that says: Then the king’ll say to those on his right come u’re blessed by my father; take ur inheritance, the kingdom prepared for u since the creation of the world for I was hungry and u gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and u gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and u invited me in; I needed clothes and u clothed me, I was sick and u looked after me, I was in prison and u came to visit me. Blessed are they that keep their garments from stain for the sake of my kingdom, behold I am coming soon! My reward is w/ Me and I’ll give to everyone according to what he has done (Matt 25:34-36)

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Many Christians today may not be able to comprehend the thought of having a home in Heaven because of spiritual short-sightedness. Many’re desperately running after miracles w/out considering where it’ll lead them. Again many don’t even care where eternity’ll meet them as long as they achieve things that’ll pass w/ time! Perhaps u fall into these categories consider this vision and amen ur ways.
Beloved, this revelation is real and u can verify it from the word of God. The Lord in His mercy is releasing many of these revelations at this time in order that u’ll make the right decisions. What’re u waiting for? Come to Jesus Christ, He is the only way that leads to the place prepared for u. God bless and peace from;

Sis. Toun Praise
The Ten Virgins Ministries
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E-mail: tenvirginministries@gmail.com
(2005 – 2011)

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