How To Find A Good Woman For A Wife Material

How To Find A Good Woman For A Wife Material

My brother i hope by now you have already casted your eye to about 2-3 ripen sisters either in your church or outside. And if you haven’t pleased I advice you commenced praying and ask the Lord to open your spiritual; eyes in order to identity a spiritual sister that is good for a wife material.

As a brother who aim of getting marry to a beautiful sister you ought to take a deep thoughts and reason positively before tying walking down the aisle with any sister because a broken relationship or courtship is better than wrong marriage.
How To Find A Good Wife Material:
  • Moral Character:
Years ago, i visited a cousin brother of mine in my home-town but I was surprise to behold a damsel in his room. I inquired from the sister “may i know you? She responds by calling out my dialect name. I was shock because it was the first I am seeing her but unknowingly that she has already mark my identity.
However i later realized that she was my cousin sister but her moral character was overwhelming. And this later prompted me to keep a close tab at her and after several days while discussing with my cousin we concluded to market her off because she will certainly make a good wife material. And this moment she is already preparing for his traditional wedding.
— The 1st vital item you must keenly observed while trying to identify a good wife material or over any sister you intended to marry is her “moral character”, her mode of reactions to issues, forgiving heart, tenderness, humility, respectfulness, neatness, interactive etc.
You don’t need to get too close to her before beholding all this attributes because it very easy to study and read the character of a woman. While chatting either through social media or phone call don’t be carry away by words.
You must be sensitive to all her statement or words. Endeavour to take a keen observant of her words, reason deeply and try to understand the state of her mindset or motives. Be watchful of her reaction to every word while communicating because finding a good wife material required a great deal of works.
  •  Financial Management:
Sometimes ago, i sighted a certain sister in the church and decided to give her a test of trial but unfortunately she failed woefully. She is too demanding and such is a sign of a bad wife material.
— The 2nd vital character to be watchful in that sister is financial management. How can she manage your wealth successfully in your absent without incurring any obstruction.
It often said, “Behind every successful man there is always a woman of integrity and of a great financial manager” Can she trade and economized with little capital without complains? Is she always demanding? Perhaps often regard you as the governor of Central bank?
You don’t need to get too close to her before discovering if she is a great financial manager. You can simply give her a test of trial because the “Sound Of Money” can easily get the job done.
  • Communicative Skill:
Sometimes ago in church i ask one of my sister to take a good observant of a particular lady in the church. Though she monitored her thoroughly and when i inquired about her finding, To my awe she replied, “Though she is beautiful and can sing gloriously but she isn’t good in communication”
I replied “How do you mean she isn’t communicable? But she speaks and interacts fluently” She continues, “The young lady doesn’t communicate easily” Truly when I decided to observed her I also behold same error.
— The 3rd   vital a character to be watchful while finding a good wife material is her manner of communication. Is she very interactive, easily out spoken or silent killer? As often said, “The power of a woman lays in her tongue but if such woman is always few of words her intention is always dreadful”
The fierce reaction of a Hen with her chicks toward any intruder can be witnessed through her horrible sound cry; such alert always gathered her chicks unto safety. Therefore, any sister that often felt shy, afraid, ashamed and not easily outspoken will definitely find it difficult to built a solidly home. You don’t need to get too close before she unveiled this attitude because it very easy to behold. You might likewise send a trusted spy to deciphered such finding.
  • Effectiveness In Prayer:
Sometimes ago while observing a certain sister in the church, i discovered she is always attentive to night vigils. One certain day i confronted her and she affirmed she didn’t like missing church night vigils. She is prayerful and dedicated unto the things of God.
So the 4th attributes of a good wife material to be watchful is her approach toward public prayer gathering. Any sister that doesn’t yield to public gathering prayers will definitely find it hard to pray secretly.
As it often said, “a prayerless Christian is a powerless Christian” Therefore, ensure you take good observant over her public prayers because iron sharpen iron and getting married to a good perfect wife material will be an ideal.

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