Guidelines And Ways Of Preaching The Gospel From Crash

Guidelines And Ways Of Preaching The Gospel From Crash

Guidelines And Ways Of Preaching The Gospel From Crash


How To Preach The Gospel Starting From Crash
Recently i observed that many brethren still finds it so difficult to preach the gospel. They face with issue of fear and shame. But am wondering, how can a believer whom the Lord had called from darkness into the marvelous light of Christ, still lives under the shadow of fear and shame of the gospel. However, some have the zeal and determine for the task, but find it difficult to execute the task. Some even find it very hard to preach early in the morning which is called “EARLY MORNING CRY”


The period when many are still in their bed, but only few are seen rushing to their various business and place of work. And yet during this period of about 5 am-6 am, when people were unable to see the face of one another, and some still in their bed. My brethren still encounter the challenge of not knowing how-to-preach the gospel. What can be the major problem behind this unfortunate scenario,  FEAR, SHAME OR WHAT? how can it be overcome them? 



Guidelines  And principle To Start Preaching The Gospel Of Christ From Crash
  1. To preach the gospel of Christ, you need to be born again. Merely Going to church doesn’t qualify or made you a christian. Born again simple means, dropping-off the old Adamic nature of sin, been watched and made whole and also been baptized by immersion in water. 
  2. Your christian life style must be genuine, different and also possess the good qualities of gift of the holy-ghost, such as humility, brokenness, meekness, emptiness, love, peace and heavenly mindset. 
  3. You need to pull-out from the people of the world. Let them see a new YOU. Commitment unto Church activities and service, Prayers meeting, bible studies and Night vigil at-lest once a week.  
  4. Romans 10:10, ” By the heart a man believe unto righteousness and by mouth a confession is made unto salvation. This simply means, serving God, isn’t only biased in your inward appearance, such as humility, love, giving, faithfulness, meekness etc. But also your outward appearance. The scripture said, your body is the temple of God. And those that must serve him, must present their as holy sacrifice before the Lord. For these reason, you need to screen and search your outward appearance and make sure it comply with God’s commandment. Does your mode of dressing, seem alike or different with the people of the world.  Are you still into makes-up, putting earrings, attachment, Jerry coil, painting of the nails, eyes fixing, ornaments, jewelries, bangles, sagging, worldly hair-cut, man wearing skirt and blouse or woman wearing trouser, tattoo, smoking, drinking alcoholic. Working in brewery, female working in salons, using bleaching cream, man having two wives, woman been the second wife or dowry not paid, Undone Restitution or not yet return those stolen properties before been converted as christian, The un-confessed abortion, prostitution, womanizing and Adultery to fellow spouse etc.
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Above are just few, but are not acceptable before God as born again Christian. You need to totally search your previous and present life style and make the necessary corrections. Although many pastor may opposed and cherish this abominations mention above and deceived you that IT DOESN’T MATTER. My dear brethren IT DOES!. Because while preaching, people will tend to monitor your movement and previous life style. And if any of above life style is still dwelling in you, IT WILL HINDER THE HOLY SPIRIT FROM POSSESSING YOUR SPIRITUAL LIFE WHILE PREACHING. And that well be disaster.
How To Commenced Preaching


After all of the above has been amended. Here comes the final moment to explode and do the work of an evangelize, “Mark 16:15” While attending those church activities, be very attentive and made your writing material available. Listen to salvation message’s, Read devotional books and pray for the grace to evangelized. As a beginner, you can commenced by doing early morning cry around or within your street for about a week.
Where people wouldn’t see your face which might caused you to fear or feel ashamed. So while participating in early morning cry, try as possible to preach and shared the WORD of God to your colleague, friends and relatives. Try to build up CLOSENESS with them, through the sharing of God’s. This will help you, when preaching along the market square.
Practice make perfect, the more you PREACH and PRAY for the grace of boldness and confidence to abide, the more you GROW in SPIRIT with abundant of BOLDNESS and CONFIDENCE. With this growth, you’re free to take the gospel-outreach to hundred and thousands of people, by hitting publicly on the street, junction, market square and vehicles.
When you pray for the grace to abide and obey the perfect will of God in preaching and sharing of the gospel, Immediately the grace is made sufficient and released upon you. But without pouring it out, through constant practice or experiment, such grace will definitely be transfer to your neighbor. Therefore, you need to preach constantly, In seasoning and out of seasoning. Whenever you stop or quit preaching or evangelizing, you start losing the focus and zeal, until the whole desire and grace got drain-up. You ought to put all you desire and take it very serious. Whenever i finished preaching, i always founds a sense of joy and happiness.
Moreover, preaching and sharing of the gospel is the only source of joy and happiness i always drives in this wicked world. The world is already in chaos and iniquities has abound everywhere. Most of my brethren are trooping to hell fire on daily biases, without-non to rebuked and correct them. While preaching the gospel, its also a means of laying-up your treasure in heaven, Where moth and thieves would have to break-in.
Whenever, the thought of leaving this world strike my mind. That i needed to leave or abandon this world one day, die someday. In-respective of the number’s of years left for me in this world. Properly, the Lord might had set-aside 100 years or 80 years for me to lived. When i subtract such years from my immediate age, I discovered that this world is all vanity upon vanity. 
This has probe me to use the remaining part of the years left in my subtraction interval, To labor and  strive with every possible means within to acquired  and lay multiply treasure in heaven and endeavor to make heaven at last with all possible means. Isn’t even certain that i have to spend the whole years left, WHO KNOW”S-DEATH IS INEVITABLE. 
I had also decided to use all the available tools at my disposal to acquired my heavenly crown and garment of righteousness. But i don’t know about you?. You have to wake-up and map-out you own means of strategies and plans in overcoming this world, making heaven and laying multiply of treasure in heaven.
Howbeit, if the above recipe or explanation, seem not to be satisfying to your understanding or you still feels ashamed to appear before the public in broad day light to preach. Please check out my previous post, on how to overcome shame and fear while preaching for the first time as a novice. 
 How To Grow Rapidly In Preaching
But if you want to grow rapidly in preaching! Read divine revelation of Heaven and Hell in this blog. About the torments and pains other careless and foolish believers made while on earth. Read about their suffering, anguished and great torment they are experiencing over there in hell. I sincerely believe, If you seem not to have compassion for your sinful brother/sister and refuse to correct or rebuked them of their sinful error.
I strongly believe, When you read about the great torment and danger hell. You mind and mouth will not have enough word to use, in correcting and rebuking them. Your mouth will be fully of words. You wouldn’t struggle to preach, because your memory and remembrance of the great torment in hell you read, will definitely caused the holy-spirit to pour more utterance and words of knowledge and counseling upon you and also filled your mouth with abundance of words to use to preach to sinners all over the world.

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