Dream Interpretation of Money

Dream Interpretation of Money


The Bible says, The love of money is the root of all evil(1 Tim 6:10).

According to Wikipedia, Money is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in a particular country or socio-economic context.

To have money interpret power, influence, riches and famous. There are good money and bad money in the dream. There are money that can make a man to become rich. There are money that can make a man poor. Not all money received in the dream suggests to be bad.

Many believers consider begging money and receiving money in the dream to be the same interpretation but they are not.

Begging for money in the dream is a notification of financial setbacks. Receiving money in cash returns financial glory to you. You can only control money when you encounter the dream of receiving money in cash.

When you beg for money in the dream, you automatically become a slave to money. When you become a slave to money, the lack of money controls you. And when you have no money to do things, you automatically plague to poverty and financial debt.

The constant dream about begging and picking money from the ground is a proof that you belong to the class of people that are very sick financially. if you have money around you, it may lead to wastage! Such people fall sick whenever big money is coming their way. Its an attack!

There are people whenever they experienced this dream, they found themselves struggle financially. Begging and picking money from the ground has been used by the enemy to keep people under financial bondage and loss.

Once you have overcome this dream you have overcome prosperity, success, and wealth in your life.  You may have abundance of money but the moment you begin to beg for money and picking money from the ground in the dream, you are given the spirit of wasters to put spiritual holes into the source of your income (money).

We have many people that are poor today because of the poor picture of their dream life. Many ancestors have prepared the foundation of poverty in the dream of many.

These ancestors and family problems can pollute, defile and seriously trouble their financial destiny. So any money they got due to this dream appears wasted. Even when they try to use the money for a better thing, it may not yield good fruits.

This dream can make someone who was once successful or prosperous become poor. God did not say begging for money or pick money from the ground is a method for riches. Because they bring untold hardship and suffering for people. Reject the spirit of poverty today.

The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he added no sorrow with it. (Prov 10:22). When you dream and see yourself receiving money in the bank, it shows that you will experience raw financial prosperity. That is, people will arise to supply you some of your needs and wants. They will quickly create the atmosphere for your blessings and prosperity.

If you are currently in the desert of financial dryness, this dream should give you leverage or assurance that you will rule over money soon and make profitable income in whatever you do.

But this dream can only work effectively when you are a hardworking, determined and focus person. Without that, money cannot break the roof of your house and locate you. So learn how to be responsible!

If you are into one job or business, it shows there shall be a change of status. God said give and it shall be given unto you.

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When you don’t give, don’t be deceived, you cannot receive anything. This dream also applies to those who dream where they count money, or receive money from people. We should always take our dream very seriously because they are our mirror of destiny.

When you dream and find yourself giving out money to any person or organisation, you are performing what the Bible says in Luke 6:38 and God has declared that such person is going to pressed down, shaken together and running over and that men shall do much more for you. It means you have no problem with helper and success.

Once you are a continuous giver whether in the dream or physical, you are about to hit your major breakthrough.

If you take a look at this dream, you will find out that God has a special plan for you. This is exactly what Jesus did when He turned loaves of bread and fishes from minimum to maximum.

This dream should make you rejoice that God has not cast you aside. Therefore, the Bible says in the book of Malachi 3:8-9, ”Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein shall we return. Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation.”

So when you dream and find out your money was stolen or got missing, this dream aim at providing financial loss and setback. It will deprive you of the blessing of God and prosperity. If this dream is frequently, you have to increase your givings to God.

On the other hand, if you dream about counting money or you are seen in the bank, it means money will no longer be your problem except you believe.

When you dream where you see someone  making the use of ATM to withdraw money from your own account without your approval, it means someone is planning to defraud you and steal your money.


If you find out that your money was stolen or you stole people’s money in the dream, it means the following:

1. Stolen money can attack the source of your income, academics, health.
2. Stolen money can make you stagnant in life
3. Stolen money can manifest as spirit of financial debt. People under this attack have their business, or career crumble.
4. Stolen money can represent a symbol of devourer
5. Stolen money can make someone suffer
6. Stolen money can make someone be disappointed
7. Stolen money can lead to untimely death
8. Stolen can present ones a ticket of spiritual sickness and disease
9. Stolen money is an indication that someone is operating on a curse
10. Stolen money can make one barren


To receive money in the dream means: (3 John 2)

1. Financial favour
2. To flourish in prosperity
3. To succeed in your career
4. To overcome poverty
5. To celebrate good news
6. To defeat the spirit of hardship and lack
7. To change your status
8. To become healthy
9. To become relevant in the family or society
10. To have divine wisdom
11. To encounter good friend of positive mindset
12. To triumph in your exams
13. To increase in wealth and knowledge (Psalm 73:12)
14. To fulfil the plans of God for your life (Jeremiah 29:11)


To give people money in the dream means: (Luke 6:38)

1. To rule over money
2. To receive hundredfold of your blessing (Genesis 26:12)
3. For God to command His blessing upon you (Deut  28:8)

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The devil’s agenda is to kill, steal and to destroy (John 10:10)

1. When you wake up feeling sad
2. When you are frightened and disappointed
3. When you are confused
4. When you suddenly experience loss in your finance
5. When your money is stolen or missing
6. When someone refuses to pay his or her debt
7. When you enter into road accident, or all of sudden, you fall into police net
8. When you suddenly rush someone to the hospital
9. When you open your business and your first customer of the day wants to buy things on credit
10. When your partner is demanding too much money from you etc.


When you are seeing strange money in the dream, you will experience the following:

1. Financial debt
2. Poverty
3. Backwardness – instead of progress you are tied down in your father’s house.  If you are seeing animals that are tied down in the dream, that is you.
4. Bad luck
5. Circular problems
6. Oppression and torment
5.  Rising and falling – Repeated progress failure
6.  Demotion
8.  Presence of evil load such as poverty, rejection, affliction, shame, sickness, etc.
9.  Excessive spendings
10. Inability to invest money in the right channel
11. Inviting spiritual robbers to keep your money
12. Doing business with scammers
13. Stubborn blockages and embargoes.
14. Profitless hard work


1.    Repent from and deal with sin, rebellion
2.    Surrender your life to Christ. You need his name, power, and blood to overcome evil mark.
3.    Acknowledge that the evil marks exist even though you cannot see them with the naked eyes. Know that there is a problem.
4.    Pray and go for deliverance if possible
5.   Apply the blood of Jesus to your money. Revelation 12: 11.
6.    Ask the Holy Spirit to recover your money
7.    Pray barricading prayers.  Barricade your life with the blood of Jesus and the fire of the God.

INSTRUCTION: Fast and pray for 3 days (6am – 6pm). Give out money to people. If you have, do not be too stingy about it. Release your hands and let God release His blessings upon you forever.


Inadequate supply will not compel me not abandon God. Excess money will not distract me from God. I receive grace to enjoy riches that will endure throughout my lifetime in Jesus name. Murmuring will not take the place of money in my life and money will not mess me up. All my bills will be supernaturally settled in Jesus name. I refuse to be burden to my neighbours, families, and friends. I am a lender and not a borrower in Jesus name. Whenever my parents and siblings need my help my purse will not be empty. I will readily available to meet their needs in Jesus name. I receive total deliverance from the yoke of poverty and affliction of the devil that has plague my familyline in Jesus name.


1. I receive fresh wisdom from the Most High to prosper, in the name of Jesus. My Father, anoint me with your divine wisdom to rule my world like Solomon, in the name of Jesus. (Pray it well)

2. My Father, grant upon me your grace to flourish with your divine wisdom, in the name of Jesus. (Pray it seriously)

3. My Father, I receive the supernatural wisdom and strength upon my life to finish my life’s project…….(mention others), in the name of Jesus. Holy Spirit, direct my hands into prosperity, in the name of Jesus.

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4. O Lord, release upon me the anointing that will take me to my next level, in the name of Jesus. Any money gotten through dubious means, Father I repent from stealing, in the name of Jesus.

5. O Lord, connect me with the source where my next level financial breakthrough will burst out from, in the name of Jesus. (Mention any source you know)

6. My Father, grant me wisdom to plan, organise and control my financial spending this year, in the name of Jesus. (Bring out any money you have and declare on it)

7. Lord, any money that I have wasted lavishly in the past due to my ignorance about money, BE RESTORED BACK TO MY HANDS, in the name of Jesus. (Pray it well please)

8. I eat the sweat of my enemies by the power in the blood of Jesus in the name of Jesus. My Father as I am holding this money now, enemies will not make it a problem for me, in Jesus name. (Any high denomination may be okay)

9. Any power stealing money from my hands, pocket through strange dreams, catch fire, in the name of Jesus. (Anoint your hand and others). Any negative anointing of ”borrow me, send me little money”, I break it by fire, in Jesus name.

10. Every strange money affecting my prosperity, business, marriage be neutralized, in the name of Jesus. I receive divine money without no sorrow! (Cry to God)

11. Angels of the living God, pursue wealth into my hands in the name of Jesus. Wind from the Most High blow my wealth into my destiny, in the name of Jesus. (Open your two hands now)

12. I bind the spirit of debt. I shall not borrow to eat, in the name of Jesus. I shall not work for the devil, in the name of Jesus. (Ask GOD to bless the works of your hands)

13. Every curse on my hands and legs, be broken, in the name of Jesus. (Use fresh water to wash your hands and legs and declare prophetically)

14. Every strange rat transferring poverty and financial loss into my household, catch fire, in the name of Jesus. (Anoint your room)

15. I withdraw my wealth from the hand of the bondwoman and her children, in the name of Jesus.

16. I refuse to lock the door of financial blessings against myself, in the name of Jesus. I will achieve financial greatness and breakthrough! NICE!

17. Financial curse from my family lineage that is affecting MY FINANCIAL LIFE, break ooo, in the name of Jesus

18. Any power tying down my money to the graveyard of my forefathers, catch fire, in the name of Jesus. Let all those who hate my prosperity be put to shame, in the name of Jesus.

19. Every curse pronounced against my source of income, be broken, in the name of Jesus. (Mention any legitimate source of income and pray it well)

20. Enemies of my father’s house attacking the source of my bank account, die, in the name of Jesus. My money in the hands of unfriendly friends, return it by fire, in the name of Jesus.

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