Dream about Market

Dream about Market


Market is a place where we buy and sell things for profit purpose.  

When you look at the market, what do you see? Do you see people that buy and sell goods? 

1 Corinthians 10:25 says, Whatsoever is sold in the shambles, that eat, asking no question for conscience sake:

In  the spiritual realm, market is also place where different categories of witchcraft operate in for the purpose attacking people that buy things from them. Most of these demonic power are sellers, thereby looking for lives to transfer or sell goods of afflictions and loss to.

       The spiritual market is a market where the agents of darkness operate. They watch the money you will give them and build their attacks on the platform of financial dryness. So market in the dream also means mental disturbance.

What makes someone to buy or roam round the market squares in the dream shows that such person is not normal spiritually. That is, enemy is using the market dream to enter your life. If you eventually found yourself in the market doing one thing or the other in the dream, means the enemy is keeping you inside the cage. This further shows that you have no direction or a sense of purpose in life. If you are a businessman/woman, this portends that the enemy will make sure your business did not prosper or receive good patronage from customers anymore.

If your marriage is not settle, it can place an embargo in your marriage. You can destroy their stronghold through prayers and fasting. What do you expect from such a person or business? There will be no business growth and profit maximization. The person will continue to experience various degree of frustration and stagnancy in life. Whatever you bought in the dream does not matter. Being a victim of this dream is bad enough to expose ones life and destiny to satanic curse. Making up your mind to reject this dream is a step of deliverance.

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Satan is behind the dream of the market for the following reason

1. To separate a person from God
2 To carryout his agenda of killing, stealing and destroying (John 10:10)
3. To plant problems and afflictions in people’s lives
4. To hinder and block prayers
5. To convert blessings to curse
6. To attack the glory of your hands
7. To live an aimless life
8. To bombard you with strange voices
9. To imprison your life
10. To capture your marital star


  1. Sin
    2. Unforgiving spirit
    3. Destroying other people’s blessings
    4. Through evil spirits
    5. Through curses
    6. Through evil plantation into a person’s life (Matt 13:25)
    7. Visiting polluted places such as shrines, polluted churches, cemeteries etc.
    8. Through soul tie covenant
    9. Through exchange of personal effects such as clothes and toiletries.


  1. Fighting unnecessary battles
    2. Marital curses
    3. Lack of wisdom and knowledge
    4. Spiritual sickness/hatred in the family
    5. Academic failure/difficulty in child bearing
    6. Prolong backwardness
    7. Spiritual imprisonment


  1. Repent of all sins in your life. If you refuse to repent, you cannot experience true deliverance.
    2.       Stay away from sins/confess your sins of your parents and ancestors
    3.       Break yourself lose from every bondage and spiritual carryover
    4.       Bind and cast them out of your life, marriage
    5.       Disconnect yourself from every curse making you to access the market

    INSTRUCTION: Embark on 1 day fasting and prayers between 6am – 6pm (Nigerian Time).

    DECLARATION BY SELF: Lord Jesus, I am not a candidate of satanic slavery. I break myself from every curse of my foundation. Poverty and hardship is not portion. Disappointment and financial setbacks are over in my life. My destiny will not expire at the wilderness of darkness, in the name of Jesus. Every covenant of my father’s house with Satan, be broken, in the name of Jesus. Powers assigned to exchange my money in the witchcraft market, die, in the name of Jesus. I shall prosper and move forward. My business will not suffer defeat and low customer. Any agents of bad luck concerning my marriage, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus. Doors of favour, open unto me, in the name of Jesus. Every curse operating against my head, die by power in the blood of Jesus. ALL BLOODLINE curses, break, I break all curses of thou shall not excel, I release myself from family curse of almost there but never there, generational curse, I break your stronghold, in the name of Jesus.

    BIBLE STUDIES ON MARKET IN THE DREAM (Ps 18; Ps 30; Ps 109; Lev 25:35; Isa 58:7; Lk 14:13-14; Matt 25:34-40)                               

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