Danger In Disobeying The Voice Of God

Danger In Disobeying The Voice Of God

Danger In Disobeying The Voice Of God



Danger In Disobeying The Voice Of God

Disobeying the voice and commandment of the Lord is the beginning of sorrow in the life of any genuine christian. Below is an example of a christian brother who embrace and hearken unto the severe warning voice of the Lord. Brother Temitope is an elderly man. He did his 70 years birthday 4 years ago, so now he is 74. He has being preaching ever since he gave his life to Christ when he was 30 years old. He came back from prayer city where he just finished his 7 days and night fasting and prayer. He was very tried and weak. Her wife prepares some meal for him to break the fasting. The moment he finish eating the meal, he was very tired and decided to lie down to rest.  Then he heard the voice of the Lord calling him. Temitope arise now!

He checks his time and was 2 am in the morning. He taught the Lord want him to stand up and pray as usual. He taught within himself, I’ve just finished 7 days prayer and fasting, but I should be resting by now. But he obeyed and stood up, because he was sure this is the voice of God. The Voice ask him to come out of his room, he came out, then the Voice ask him to get out of the house, at this time, he paused and ask within himself, is this the voice of God? Why should he be asking me to come out at the middle of the night? What if the vigilante saw me, call me a thief and shot me? What will I have to prove myself innocent? But still he obeyed.

The voice ask him to start running, at this junction, he ask to where my lord JESUS? He purposely called Jesus so that if it’s a demons that has transformed himself as Jesus Christ, he will flee from him, but the voice ask him to turn to a particular direction and start running, he obeyed and started running, not care of his age, weak to run, just weak from his fasting, but he obeyed and started running. Later when he got to a particular tree, the voice asked him to stop there and he should start preaching the word.

After Brother Temitope have spoken for a while, the voice ask him to stop and give an alter call. He saw no one but he said, well if you are there listening to me, you can hear my preaching, come out and give your life to Jesus. He will save you. Suddenly, a man started coming down from the tree he stood to preach the word of God with a rope in his hand. This man was about to hang himself in the middle of the night before anyone will notice. He was tired of the world because of the problem he’s passing trough, he decide to hang himself, but trough Temitope preaching, God save his soul.

Danger In Disobeying The Voice Of The Lord.
Revelation 2:5 “Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent. What if Temitope refuse to obey God voice and ignore him and the man’s later died? Then God will surely require his blood from his hand. Many men of God, that have work zealously for God, but on getting to the gate, they expect to see the angels smiling, jubilating that he is coming home, but no. he saw the face of the angel fill with pity. Why? His name has being removed from the book of life the very day he disobey the voice of the lord. Heaven and Earth may past away but God judgment and his word will stand forever.
Ezekiel 3:16 “I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me. 18 When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand. 19 Yet if thou warn the wicked, and he turn not from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul. Many people think because they are now Pastor, Reverend, Dr, Bishop or G.O, they are too big to go out for evangelism.
One day I had a dream, and I saw a very popular Man of God, founder of one of the holiness preaching church in Nigeria, he disguised himself, holding a mega phone and started walking from street to street, preaching the gospel. How many popular pastor can do that? How many Dr Reverend or even Bishop can do that?

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Are you not on your own now? Many people went to the church because they are tired of their way of life. Since you have fail to do evangelism, they still come to your church themselves because they want to be saved but on getting there, they found out that the church itself has turned into a gate way to hell fire. Don’t ever fail to give the lords warning to anybody he send you to, when God give a message of warning or peace to anyone, give it. Don’t be afraid of what will happen after giving the message no matter who he/she may be.
One day the spirit of the Lord ask me to preach to a particular Man, because I postpone the time, I said I will try to do it next week, because we are not that close. I will look for a better opportunity, and the man was the only one sitting down when I saw him o. I don’t know the type of opportunity I’m looking for again. I never knew the man has less than 3days on earth, I plan to go five days after I heard the thought. I disobey and the man died without me preaching to him, I wept bitterly and asked God for mercy.

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Many born-again Christians are in this same mess of mine; the first assignment the Lord gave us is to rise for the salvation of others. We all know hell is a horrible place to go even if God will not show everybody on earth the vision of heaven and hell, but allowing this people to die in their sin, is a very wicked act. This is why God never show mercy when he’s judging anyone. (Mathew 5:7) Because we have refused to show mercy to our neighbor who are perishing

I’m writing this to you as a warning. Just like the warning God gave to the church in Ephesus. Revelation 2:5″ You are now a man of God, before the Lord blesses you; you were very zeal in working for him. But today, you have a house, and a car of yours, and because of that, you found it too big to keep your car at home, at least for one day in a week and board a public transport so that you can preach the word. There are many Idol Worshiper, Jehovah Witness, India (Hindu/Buddist) , Muslims, etc in your office, you have failed to give them warning, even when they are closed to you. That is wickedness. If God should show you a vision of hell, you will pity those in hell and you will weep for them.

To you, the highest you can do is to share tracts, What work will shearing of tract do? Ever since you have being collecting tract before you gave your life to Christ, how many did you read? Giving a man that has never pass through school before in their life a tract, what business will he need it for? Haven’t you read of the man of Ethiopia in Act 8:27? He doesn’t even understand what he was reading, to show that tracts are just meant for a cheap evangelism. Only baby Christians should be using it. But as for you, you must arise and preach.

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 You are busy with title, you want to be a Reverend, Bishop, Dr, while souls are perishing in the church Is your wife Born-again? Are your Children Born-again; is your Husband Born-again, your parent born-again? You have much account to give when you get to the presence of God. Your preaching only favour some particular set of people in the church, you have a huge report to give on the judgment day.
God asked you to set up a church in Sokoto, you refused because is a dry land, and you set it up in Abuja? Yes you are preaching Holiness and righteousness in which no man can enter the kingdom of God. The kingdom of Darkness are afraid of you because your preaching is very powerful, many souls have being converted to Christ trough your preaching, but what a pity, you have no reward in heaven because you have disobey the Lord. You are wining souls that are not meant to be won by you. Your own soul are in Sokoto. You must renounce that work and go back to Sokoto and beg God for Mercy. Even if the soul you are to preached have perished, but you can make a U-turn now and get the remnant for God.

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God called you when you are still in secondary School to preach his gospel, Later you feel sad because your entire mate you were suppose to graduate with are now working in an oil company, while you are preaching from state to state, country to country. No house, No homes, No Job. Because of this, you are crying and feel so bad. Doing that will make God feel bad, My dear Go back and plead for Mercy. God that asks you to drop out of school and start preaching his word knew you will die on the day of your convocation. Or he knew, you will work in an oil company and you will be burnt by fire in an accident and still end up in Hell. God already knew your future, before he called you to work for him, don’t feel sad, and instead rejoice. Read 2 Corinthian 11 and learn from Apostle Paul.

You know there are many unbelievers in your village, because of that, each time you travel to your village, you look at everybody as a witch, and evil. Even when they ask you to sit down and eat, you will say No No No No. I must not eat in a house of unbeliever. When they offer you a sit, even before you sit, you will be shouting blood of Jesus 10,000 times before you sit right in their presence. Even if they are evil your behavior should preach to them and not to mock or hate them.

Doing that, they will never want to accept your Jesus because they will conclude in their heart, that Jesus is not friendly, but Mockery. Even when you know they are evil, smile with them, shake them, eat with them, give them gift, by then, you will be able to win their heart if you preach to them, they will listen to you. Jesus never sent his disciple to preach to believers, he sent them to the unsaved one and he ask them to eat whatsoever offered to them

Everybody in your street is your enemy because you have given your life to Christ. You don’t chat or talk with any of them, you only go on your own way, and you will wind up your glass just focus on your own. To them you are very proud. Now how can you win their heart to Christ? The very day you got a promotion, and your salaries was times 3 of the former one, what a beautiful offer, now the lord has given you his promise, your wife and you has being living in a room apartment but with this new offer you will build your own house within three months. Then the following day, God asked you to quit the Job and go to a particular village to save some soul. And you called it the voice of a devil that is against your progress. Don’t worry, on that day he won’t listen to you either

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Have you warned your boss about the danger of hell? If he died in that state without the knowledge of Jesus, he will die, end up in hell and he will curse you for all eternity, he will say may be I would have repented if you have preached to him about Jesus What kind of pastor are you? Pastor please join me and praise the Lord for I’ve gotten a Job. Oh congratulation my brother, where JLK Breweries, Halleluiah, the Lord is good. Shame on you pastor. You are the one even opening a new hotel for a member of your church, you are the one joining a man with a second wife, well since you yourself is living with a new wife after divorcing your first wife, if the eye is bad, the rest of the body will be in darkness

Don’t focus on how to make money out of people to build house for God, He is not interested in your mansion, because after rapture, it will be useless and destroyed. But the house you can build for God is saints prepared for rapture You are a man of God, and you don’t know the type of life your members are living and you don’t care to know? You don’t even know the type of work they do You don’t even care to know where they live, there are a lot of ladies dressing like a harlot in your church, but you fail to correct them, you fail to correct a thief even when you know he’s a thief. 

You only belief in your sermon, Well I’m preaching the word of God, you have fail to correct the rich man in your church even when you know he’s a criminal just because he contribute much to the church? You are too big and popular to go to a village to preach the word of God?

The rich men of your church are the one who hold the best position in your church, you discriminate, much time God has given you warning, and yet you fail to obey him. There are many poor people in your church, sleeping under the bridge and you knew it very much, but you fail to help them, all you say is, God will provide, trust in him. What a pity. Please Repent Today.

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