Because there are different locations in Heaven reserve for different classes of Christians, those in one are area will not be able to see those of a higher class area, but will still be able to communicate with those in that higher class.

There is a Place in Heaven for Babies [unborn, Neonatal and toddlers].
When women commit abortion, if this fetus is not under satanic covenant, this unborn baby will go straight to Heaven where they will receive a new body, a robe and placed in the Heavenly Nursery. There are specific Angels taking care of these babies and teaching them the word of God.

A mother who commits abortion can tell Jesus to tell her baby in Heaven sorry and give Jesus messages to give to that child. Jesus does not condemn the mother, but as long as she repents there will be forgiveness. Whatever she wants to tell the child, she can tell it to Jesus and ask him to pass the message; He will. He is with them playing all the time, Jesus is so loving. Most people do not know this, including many Christians.
Toddlers and young children under the age of consent and innocence will also be in the children section with playgrounds and beautiful gardens which sings worship day and night.

Some People will have great access to the Throne, while some will have little access, and some will have no access, but will be in Heaven.
Some will have a mansion, and some will have none. Some will get rewards, and some will get none. Some will be in the Outer Court and the some will be in the Inner Court, while others will be in the most holy place.

Last minute Salvation – There are people who will enter Heaven by the skin of their teeth. These are people who entered Heaven by receiving salvation at the last breath, or moment. There are those whom God will give salvation because of a covenant with the parents. God will put a faith in them to believe unto salvation. These will be in the Outer Court with absolutely no reward no mansion, no crown, and no access to the Throne but will be part of the worship sessions in Heaven in God’s presence. There is a special place for these people.

Faith Without Ministry -There are people who will enter Heaven because they lived a holy life but will be in the Outer Court. Nevertheless, because they build their faith and spiritual life to suit the Word of God, their mansion was being built by the angels. However, they will have an empty mansion and no reward or crown, yet they will be part of the worship sessions in Heaven in God’s presence.

There are some Christians who will be in Heaven, in the Inner Court because they have lived a holy life and they will have rewards because they did some good deeds that is worth being rewarded. Because they build their faith and spiritual life to suit the Word of God, their mansion was being built by the angels.

There are those who will be in the Inner Court and will be heavily rewarded and receive a mansion either empty or filled according to their works. Because they worked for Christ and built their spiritual life in Christ, the Angels were supplied with building materials.

​There are some Christians who will be in the Holiest place and these are those who work extensively for God. They lived a life of dedication in the service of God, and will be greatly rewarded, with a mansion and many things, including a crown of glory. Hebrews 10:36, “For you have need of patience, so that after you have done the will of God you might receive the promise.”
Rev 3:21, “To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me in My throne, even as I also overcame and have sat down with My Father in His throne”.

Whatever we do on earth for God, by the Spirit of God, it will be donated to our reward in Heaven. This is called laying up for yourself treasures in Heaven, (Mat 6:19, Mat 6:20). As we build our lives on earth, through the power to become sons of God, we are securing our place in Heaven and placing in the hands of the Angels building materials for our mansion.
There are those whose mansion were being built, but during their mission they fell out. These people’s mansion would start to crumble as their lives are crumbling. Remember the mansions are built as your spiritual life is being built.

There are mansions in heaven, but the owners did not make it into the kingdom because they were not allowed to enter.
Note: We will be rewarded in Heaven for only the things that we did BY the Holy Spirit. Also, it doesn’t matter how long your pastored a Church, or operated as a Prophet or Apostle or Evangelist. You will only be rewarded as a pastor only if God called you to be a pastor in Heaven.


There are few questions we must ask ourselves:

  • How many people have I won to Jesus?
  • When last did I minister the Gospel to the unsaved?
  • How often do I minister the Love of Jesus to the Lost?
  • Do I comfort the sick, give to the poor, feed the hungry brethren of Christ?
  • Am I walking in holiness?

These are the things God will judge us by.

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