Baptized By Blazing Fire By Pastor Yong Doo Kim-BOOK #5

Baptized By Blazing Fire By Pastor Yong Doo Kim-BOOK #5

Baptized By Blazing Fire By Pastor Yong Doo Kim-BOOK #5


Baptize by Blazing Fire


Baptize by Blazing Fire

Pastor Yong-Doo Kim
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Recommendation Statement
Korea and the other countries around the world are the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. The bible records the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, two wicked cities that were destroyed by the Lord for their vice and sexual immorality. Out of the heavens came fire and brimstone which brought destruction to the cities. During World War II, Hiroshima, Japan was the Sodom and Gomorrah.

Even in Jerusalem, where the temple of God was located, where the Ark of the Covenant was located, and where God was present Himself, came destruction for the city. For the crimes of God’s people came destruction by the gentile nation. Korea is not an exception. If Korea does not change her present condition but instead continues in its state, it will be difficult to avoid the coming wrath of God. The wrath of God is war. North Korea is currently a savage dictatorship. They have no human rights or liberty, they are into the production and selling of drugs, they produce counterfeit money, they are considered to sponsor state terrorism, and are attempting to develop nuclear weapons. They are now considered a NWS or a nuclear weapon state. North Korea has reached the point of being dangerous and insecure.

In these current times, the Lord had sent me back to the United States once again. He disciplined me for the second time. The news that I hear from Korea is that the country is full of lewdness, debauchery, and corruption in the government. These are the major problems for Korea. The prophets from many different areas are prophesying that if Korea does not repent, Korea will face calamity. War will come upon her.
Fortunately, the prayers of true Christians have reached the heavens. Instead of war, God had urged Korea to repent, replacing war with IMF (financial crisis). God said that war was originally for Korea but it was transferred to Afghanistan and Iraq.
Some Christians in Korea say that they have repented, but it is difficult to find true transformation. My mind was not at peace. But after I had read the book, ‘Baptize by Blazing Fire,’ by Pastor Kim, Yong Do, I am now in a state of relief. This book has the power to change the believers into a state where the Lord desires. This book has the power to influence Korean Christians into repentance for true transformation. For the last time, the Lord has confirmed that He is giving one more chance for Korea. I hope and wish the people who read this book do not criticize with their thoughts of trivial theology or with their prejudice opinions. Please do not criticize it by saying it is ‘Mysticism.’
The bible has documented the phenomenon of saints experiencing and witnessing heaven and hell while they were still alive, not dead (2 Corinthian 12:1-4). The method to receive greater gifts from the Holy Spirit and enter deeper spiritually is to sincerely repent and discipline oneself by fasting, praying throughout the night, praying hours in tongue, and desiring it earnestly.

Please read these precious books and pass the books out to other people. We wish for them to read and sincerely repent so that repentance can spread throughout the country. This is God’s last chance as it was given to the great city of Nineveh. I hope lewdness, debauchery, materialism, the corruption in government, and the love of money dissipates so that our country and the Christians can escape the calamity of war. I hope Christians can be the Holy Spirit’s kindler.

                                        Pastor Cho, Hwang Sam, Central Church,
                                        Washington DC (area), USA
* Introduction
At the Lord’s Church, we start daily night services at 9 PM. During the first service, we dance in the Holy Spirit as we worship and praise for about an hour. We then have intercessory prayer and pray for many different needs and subjects. After that, the pastor preaches and proclaims the message. All the above is finished by 11:30 PM. We break for 30 minutes as we fellowship and eat snacks. During the second service, we perform deliverance and other ministerial duties such as imparting Holy Fire for an hour. We then begin our corporate and individual prayers. At times, people can have the opportunity for a short individual counsel.
But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through His name. (John 20:31)
With special attention and complete care, The Trinity God has made it possible for books 1 to 4 to be already published. Book 5 is now about to be published. This is all by the Lord’s awesome grace. When one of the books is published, the devil and his forces attack in waves, it was beyond our imagination. Book 5 had been delayed due to severe attacks. Since I am writing and disclosing the identity of the devil and evil spirits, I had to pay a price of severe spiritual warfare on a daily basis. However, I was strengthened by many pastors, their wives, and other believers. They were aware of the battle I was experiencing, and were interceding on my behalf and gave me messages of great encouragement. As a result, book 5 is now published.
Jesus had previously said to me, Pastor Kim, from now and hereafter, you will encounter many trials and challenging incidents. I especially advise you to take good care of your physical health. You body is not yours. The Lord’s words were so touching and thankful. I am so grateful to Him. Now, I have finally realized what the words the Lord had given me really meant.
I still hear the voices of negative criticisms and accusations from the other churches, and by fellow ministers who do not understand the Fire Baptism ministry. However, some of them have visited the Lord’s Church and personally experienced the spiritual warfare with demons. They then confirmed that this ministry is ordained by Trinity God. This is the Lord’s ministry. The baptism of fire ministry ascertains that Christians must have victory over spiritual warfare. Spiritual warfare is an unavoidable process. The Holy Spirit has confirmed through experience.
In book 5, I have documented the amazing prayer answered, the triumphant report of spiritual battles, the testimony of experiencing the baptism by fire, and the Lord’s prophecy of the problems we will face in the ministry of fire baptism. The amazing prayer that has been answered was our request to have our church move to a larger building. We moved from an underground church, below street level (711 square feet) to a ground level building (9400 square feet).  Also, a triumphant report of spiritual warfare in the Middle East. Twenty five members from our church went on a pilgrimage to the Middle East countries to battle with each countries specific principality.
This book confirms multiple times that the life of a Christian is spiritual warfare with devil and his demons. This book greatly awakens us. I give all the glory to the Lord for assisting me in writing and publishing the books. I am deeply grateful to the fellow believers, ministers, and the publisher, Ye Cha Sa editing crew.

Chapter 1: The ability to discern a gift


* The Lord provides the justification for having the pastor experience hell on a daily basis
Our church provides all night prayer services throughout the year with no holidays. To tell you the truth, I can’t deny the fact that in human terms, it is a huge responsibility for me as a leader and pastor.  But the Lord desires us to earnestly pray with joyful hearts. With the exhortation of the Lord, some volunteering spirits have come to our church to powerfully pray and cry out.
But within the many believers that have and are visiting our church from all over the country, there are evil forces quietly living in them. The evil spirits are the parasites and the relationship is a hidden symbiosis. The believers are unaware and complacent to the relationship. In our church, the evil spirits automatically manifest themselves in front of the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit. When this happens, we have no choice but to cast them out. We immediate perform deliverance. The evil spirits hate me and my church members so much. As they are being cast out, they loudly scream and gnash their teeth.
Whenever I go to hell, the evil forces immediately gather around me to retaliate. They rip into my soul. My beloved Lord permits the evil spirits to perform their regimental torment on me. The number of demons and evil spirits is so numerous it is beyond anyone’s imagination. The evil spirits take out their anger on me because I have been responsible for deliverances for the believers throughout the country. “It is you! He has come to hell. Kill him!! Pastor Kim is our problem. He has been our headache!” They attack me in groups. My pitiful soul is then tormented and ripped apart. They tear, stab and smash my soul. At the same time, my physical body is also in the same amount of pain and torment. I would scream out loud, roll, and tumble on the platform. I would be about half dead.
One time a believer visited our church to pray. As the believer prayed, that particular person was able to witness the unusual sight of me in torment. This believer watched me with so much curiosity. This believer later repented in tears and shouted, “Pastor, I did not know! I had no idea that each one of your book was written from an experience of such pain and torment. I had once thought the price of the book was a bit too much. Please forgive me! I really did not know!”
A pastor once visited our church. He was from the United States and his name was Choi, Eun Kyu. When I was in hell being tormented, Pastor Choi reached with his hand to help me. He felt sorry for me as he watched me in agony. As soon as he touched me, he was sucked into hell. He had personally experienced the enormous physical pain of hell.
Our church members experience the torment of hell numerous times as well, especially when they touch or come near me. Therefore, when I am deep in my prayer, they do not come near me anymore. One time, I excused myself to go to the men’s room at about 1 AM. I did not want to go to hell again and I thought going to the bathroom might change that. In fact, I would rather died than continue to experience hell. But the Lord said, Pastor Kim, hurry! It’s time to go to hell! Instantly, I fell on the spot I was standing and began tumbling around as I screamed. A deaconess from our church felt pity on me and she tried to help me by holding on to me and she attempted to give me comforting words. But as soon as she touched me, she fell to the ground and went to hell. After that day, the deaconess now frequently visits hell herself.
Jesus explained in regards to that matter. There are too my pastoral leaders and believers that believe incorrectly with so many areas of the bible. Therefore, you must directly experience and witness. You then have to clearly inform them the realities of heaven and hell. This is your appointed task. Pastor Kim, You have a set amount of time to experience hell daily.
As I listened to the Lord, I said, “Amen.” I then doubted and questioned myself. “What? What kind of mission am I on? Is it not enough to believe in the Word of God to enter heaven?” I sometimes question myself.
Wherefore also we pray always for you, that our God would count you worthy of this calling, and fulfill all the good pleasure of his goodness, and the work of faith with power: That the name of our Lord Jesus Christ may be glorified in you, and ye in him, according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ. (2 Thessalonians 1:11-12)


* The promise of double power
For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him. Herein thou hast done foolishly: therefore from henceforth thou shalt have wars. (2 Chronicle 16:9)
Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen. (Ephesians 3:20-21)
There are other ministers in other countries who have visited heaven and hell. They have visited the spiritual realm for only a few hours and they are able to travel around their country to witness and minister. What I am experiencing is incomparable. I am not sure how long I will have to continue to visit hell. It is the Lord’s plan and will and I am not able to comprehend it. In most cases, I am only able to eat one meal a day. It has become normal for me. This is due to the suffering and after effects of visiting hell. I am concerned about my heath and wonder if I will be able to get back to my normal routine. With that thought, I am sometimes barely able to eat two meals a day. I am a natural athletic person. I love to play sports such as badminton and others games. Therefore, the Lord has left my body in such pain to the point where I am not even able to walk properly. If I was able to recover and be back to 100%, I may give my attention elsewhere such as sports. The Lord has prevented my life from being used for my personal matter. In addition, my wife is now frequently visiting hell. Although my wife is not severely tormented as I am, we are still visiting hell at about the same time. As a result, we are not able to take good care or look out for each other as before.
Nevertheless, it is by the grace of the Lord that I have inherited a healthy body from my earthly parents. I was born in good health. As a result, I can bear and endure well. I am always grateful to the Lord. Trinity God always tells me the same thing. Pastor Kim, each time you visit hell, you will receive double the power. Therefore, do not complain but endure until the end! Understand?
I would ask the Lord the same question, “Lord! Please can you not just leave me in peace?” Jesus would then answer me, Pastor Kim! Do not speak words that are not necessary. Quickly, let us go to hell. You must tell the people about hell. You have been appointed the task to disclose the identities of the devil and his evil forces. Moreover, each time you visit hell, you will be granted double the power. The power will multiply and continue to add up! Why would you not want to be granted the power? As the Lord spoke, He was caressing my back and head. I would then force myself to obey. “No, I want to be granted as much power as possible!” I would usually chat affectionately with the Lord but the side effects of experiencing hell has exhausted and worn out my body. I would therefore throw a temper tantrum instead. But my beloved Lord listens and kindly understands. Therefore, I am very grateful to the Lord. There are also brothers and sisters who assist me. They stand by my side whenever I pray so when I fall to the floor they are able to catch me or prevent me from falling. Deaconess Lee, Hoon Sang, Brother Min Suh, Brother Yoon Jung, Brother Hyuk Hwan, and others are my daily support.
“And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him” (1 John 4:16)
* Falling away soldiers
Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called: Which some professing have erred concerning the faith. Grace be with thee. Amen. (1 Timothy 6:20-21)
Do thy diligence to come shortly unto me: For Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world, and is departed unto Thessalonica; Crescens to Galatia, Titus unto Dalmatia. Only Luke is with me. Take Mark, and bring him with thee: for he is profitable to me for the ministry. (2 Timothy 4:9-11)
Occasionally, some people would make comments such as this, “A church can become dangerous or a threat if it prays excessively and is engaged in spiritual warfare. The character of that church will become rough and hardened. They will irritate the devil which will inflict problems and trials. If the spiritual battles with the evil force has to be fought daily, when will it ever end?”
However, it is definitely the Lord who has placed me in the ministry of the Holy Spirit. I was led into the Fire Ministry by the powerful guidance of Jesus. At first, I thought my ministry would be welcomed by many people. However, I thought wrong. Many people who are also in similar ministries (Holy Spirit with gifts) would unanimously criticize me with one voice. They even accuse and reproach each other.
As I observed my fellow ministers that are in the same kind of ministry as I am, I noticed them bragging how their ministry is the greatest, balanced, or most unique. I was very disappointed. As I thought about this, I realized that I could commit these sins and possibly fall and become arrogant.
Many people desire spiritual gifts or experiences. They long and seek the gift of tongues, prophecy, seeing through, visions, awakening of the spiritual eyes, and etc. As people experience various kinds of gift, they began to think that their spiritual gift or experience is considered second to none. But based on my experience in the spiritual realm, what they are experiencing is no more than a grain of sand among countless grains of sand available. If they are able to experience other spiritual gifts or experiences, it is as if they have been granted another grain of sand. Moreover, this single grain of sand can be divided into hundreds of millions of grains. This can be repeated, for example, as a single cell dividing and continuing to divide into millions. Receiving gifts or spiritual experiences is similar principal. As the believer continues to experience, they are able to obtain another grain among millions.
Therefore, it is impossible for us to completely imagine, know, and discuss the spiritual realm per se. This is an issue in which people are not able to say, “I am expert in this field.” Despite all of this, there are many ministers who lead their churches as if they possess some kind of mysterious power. They also boast that in these last days, their church is the right or correct church to attend. They further say that their church is the true church that the Lord has hidden and that they are the true servants of God. They believe that their church is the most balanced church. But in reality, and in most cases, they are one sided. This is their opinion and their own point of view.
The gifts that are granted to each believer are all different.  The Lord recognizes the characteristics of the different churches in Korea and the differences in believers. The Lord is not in any hurry to change or fix us. Instead, He will bring out and utilize the merit or good in our lives. With that said, the Lord will complement or supplement our short coming or deficiency. Contrary to what the Lord does, we as people attempt to accustom our children and other believers to our ways or our taste. In other words, we want them to conform to our ways. This is why many problems and side effects frequently occur.
Truly, God has led us to the variety of the Holy Spirit ministry as He worked with us. Among all the events we have experienced, the battles with the invisible evil spirits were above our comprehension, thoughts, or feelings. It was beyond our imagination. In the midst of our difficult battles, the Lord’s great comfort and the precious fellow ministers were my strength.
All the churches are perhaps in the same situation. But the Lord’s Church seems to be a spiritual battlefield in which we can never let our guard down. The laborers who were to be used greatly by God began to gather at the Lord’s Church. They began to come one by one. Among the laborers were pastoral leaders and many lay believers. However, they began to operate in the flesh. They became excessively competitive, jealous, selfish, and wanted to be greater than the other beside other things. As a result, such people were seized with personal thoughts and emotions which created division. Within time, they all left the Lord’s Church.
God had great plans for these soldiers. There were visions laid out for them. Then I observed the soldiers fall away as they operated in the flesh. I was very hurt by what I saw. I became lethargic. I encouraged and fought with them side by side. Nevertheless, I comforted myself knowing that in any war, there are soldiers who fall away or go AWOL (desert).  They had left for the sake of comfort and where no spiritual battles can be found. However, we have to realize that there is no such a safe place. There are none. This is a fact. There are many traps endlessly placed to bring down the utilization of God’s soldiers. I was very distressed as I watched God’s soldiers trapped and slipping away. Therefore, I made many pleas to the Lord.
After experiencing these incidents of God’s soldiers falling away, our Lord who is full of love sent many more great soldiers. The new soldiers of God are strong, bold, and genuine. As we witnessed the replacement of the fallen away soldiers, we are amazed of the new army. They are prepared and ready.
As we look around, we can see that there are many people that were once used greatly by God. There are also many spiritual people with hopeful futures. However, some of them, instead of walking and maintaining in God’s grace and blessing have become spiritual failures. As I witness and observe these situations, the church members and I gather ourselves and do not get into complacency. The Lord said that we should not hate them but embrace and pray a blessing over them. We are to wait for them to come back.
By the word of truth, by the power of God, by the armor of righteousness on the right hand and on the left, By honour and dishonour, by evil report and good report: as deceivers, and yet true; (2 Corinthians 6:7-8)
Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier. (2 Timothy 2:3-4)
The Lord truly grants us stronger faith as the days pass. It is God who answers according to our faith and requests. God has granted us so many possibilities.
Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. (Mark 9:23)
There are a variety of power and gifts manifested through people. However, there is one important thing that we should not forget. The power or gift does not guarantee the stage or level of faith a person possesses. It does not matter with their character or personality as well. I am amazed and shocked with the people’s overconfidence and arrogance of their gift and power. It is God who sometimes allows people do perform the impossibility. We must not forget the fact that the hidden power is definitely of God. We need to self sacrifice ourselves as the little boy who gave the two fishes and five loaves away. The sacrifice or devotion of the least ones will bear much more fruit.

Within the Lord’s Church are many least ones who serve the church faithfully. They are the invisible who are poor or in difficult conditions who still serve. The Lord said that many souls will be changed through these people. Many believers who come to the Lord’s Church are weary and toiled. However, in the future, they will be stronger and more powerful than others. I give all the glory to God who has led us up to this point. I would like to share this grace with the toiled souls and with the selfless members of the Lord’s Church. I hope I can share this grace for a long time. Hallelujah!

* The worship that God is pleased with
Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews. But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. (John 4:22-24)
All the worship in the Korean churches given to God is monotonous. It does not matter whether the church is a small one or a mega church. They progress their services according to a written bulletin which is sequential. I am not able to find any signs of transformation on their form of worship and service. Some churches state that they have open service/worship but their Sunday noon service illustrates the same format. Many Christians who visits our church ask the same type of question, “Pastor, what is the format of Sunday noon service at the Lord’s Church?”
I have been in ministry for 17 years as a Presbyterian pastor. For the first 13 years, our church was no particularly different than any other common church. My worship and service was ordinary and common as well. Once I experienced the personal encounter with Jesus, the traditional basic formality of worship and service went completely down the drain.
This is my two cents. If we were able to give at least proper worship and service to God, I believe the smallest to the largest problems can always be definitely resolved. When I personally encountered Jesus for the first time, many definite changes had occurred with me. The changes in me progressed and it affected the matters and issues of my ministry. My ministry was changing at the core.
Jesus is very unrestricted. He has and continues to lead us. He has made sure that we are no longer in bondage or under any restraint from the things that we had considered important or tied throughout our life. The Lord is also very unconventional. Many people desire the power of the Holy Spirit and all see the greater power. But the Lord had said that there are many areas and things in our lives that we must lay down. He sometimes utilizes the elements of our personality but He would rather have us lay down more of our thoughts and will including our theology and plans (plans we think is of the Lord’s but is really ours).
The Lord has told me many stories of different services & worship around the world. Jesus has spoken to me about these matters that are difficult for me to answer. He has also spoken to me about many other matters that have distressed me and require me to reserve judgment. One time, Jesus asked me, “My beloved Pastor Kim, is the formality of worship and service important or is the feelings and the emotions of the person receiving the worship more important?” I could not answer right away but hesitated. I do not have to repeat the answer since all of us already know the importance of the worship and service. The Lord then explained it to me since I was hesitating for quite some time.
“The procedure and formality of the service may be important but it is more important for you to give service that I will receive pleasingly. I desire all believers worship and service to participate with joy. Worshipping and service in joy pleases Me. Pastor Kim, as you lead the service, you should dance in the Spirit with the congregation. While dancing, lead the service joyously and enjoyable with thanksgiving. Praise and Joy! Father, Holy Spirit, and I will only receive this type of worship and service and we participate also.”
Presently some churches in Korea hold many services that are passive and mechanical. There is a service in which some people seek to hear high quality preaching. There is another where the service is only singing and praising. But true worship is when all souls participate together in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. True worship is not a leader with a silvery voice who can be eloquent as a news anchor. True worship is not a single singer who sings and leads the worship and praise. I can not get rid of the feeling that only a small number of people are the true participators in worship and service.
One day, a believer from an outside church visited our church and shared the contents of a message from the Lord. The message was a diagnosis of the believer’s church. She was attending a church that had more than a thousand members. She introduced her church first by stating that it lacked in neither structure nor administration. She further said that she had been so proud of the senior pastor. She thought the sermon of the senior pastor had no fault or blemishes in any way. But one day, the Lord suddenly appeared to her in the middle of service and asked, “Is this pastor preaching about Me or insisting his own doctrine? What is he talking about?” She said she shivered in fear.

Presently, the churches in Korea are moving forward with no lack in formality. The churches in Korea are filled with people who lack nothing. They think they are hearing sermons without lack or blemishes, their administration systems are perfect, and the interior of their buildings look very opulent. These types of churches are gradually increasing. If these are the types of Laodicea churches, I am really wondering what the Lord would like to say.

I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spit thee out of my mouth. Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked: I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see. (Revelation 3:15-18)
During the end times, the Laodicea church will be the last church before the end of the ages. The church which lacks nothing but thinks it is perfect in all human ways will be seen a shabby church by the Lord.  This shabby church is self satisfied and self deluded with self thoughts and ideas. The people of this type of church are ones that would enjoy valuating church statistics which are written on the weekly bulletin. For example, they look at the dollar amount of offering coming in, the number of attendance, and they are very proud of their majestic buildings and pews. The church of Laodicea is in a state of condition that is far from the Lord’s standard. Their shame is exposed through their nakedness.
When people have quality merchandise and products, they like to display it at gift shops. Our faith is called to be the same. Although their faith is not genuine, they imitate it as though they have faith. This is a major problem throughout our churches. Faith is emphasized but not taken seriously. Some people indulge themselves with their duties in the church, their careers, and or other functions. You do not know how many of these lukewarms are out there. But the Lord exposed the essence of the problem so that we may fix our hypocrisy. He will scold us as necessary. Is it not possible for the Lord to fix our secret sin?
Wherewith shall I come before the LORD, and bow myself before the high God? shall I come before him with burnt offerings, with calves of a year old? Will the LORD be pleased with thousands of rams, or with ten thousands of rivers of oil? shall I give my firstborn for my transgression, the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul? He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God? (Micah 6:6-8)
All the members of the Lord’s Church including myself began to change everything. We changed structure, attitudes, in fact, everything. From the smallest thoughts to the smallest habits, all areas in the church that have been achieved or planned were changed. We had decided to move forward to the desires of the Lord. We put aside the formality of the church service and focused on the work of the Holy Spirit. We had completely opened ourselves to the work of the Holy Spirit. While we were changing, the people around us began to give us looks of disapproval and judgment toward our church. Friends, members, to our closest siblings, and relatives made various comments. However, our church never really broke the existing order. Instead we had become more biblical. The Lord had also manifested and aggressively intervened. As a result, the church members began to experience more freedom and power. Many pastors and lay believers participated with our ministry.
We would not have been able to accommodate our actions if it wasn’t the kind of faith that the Lord desired of us. What is this kind of faith? This type of faith is putting all your trust in the Lord. As we left all the matters to God, we devoted all of ourselves to Him. As a result, He worked exceptionally more for us. During church time, we worshipped and had service as though we were in revival. The Holy Spirit worked powerfully. We danced in the Spirit and sang. Continuing to worship, we sang a medley of hymns. During these days, we are progressing with the Holy Dance. Many varieties of the Holy Dance are manifesting. The Holy Dance has progressed through kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school students, youth, and men’s mission teams and to women’s mission teams.
Both young men, and maidens; old men, and children:
Let them praise the name of the LORD: for his name alone is excellent; his glory is above the earth and heaven. He also exalteth the horn of his people, the praise of all his saints; even of the children of Israel, a people near unto him. Praise ye the LORD. (Psalms 148:12-14)
Many other congregations in other churches do desire to dance during worship and praise. But most of the churches put a stop to them stating that Holiness and church order are important and so forth. Some believers observe the Holy hand and dance movements as the work of evil spirits. On the other hand, they just stare and judge the spirit filled person as weird. They ask for power and with their lip service desire the Lord but in reality they deny and reject the work of the Holy Spirit. It is an irony.
Wherefore the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men: (Isaiah 29:13)
At our church, we dance in the Spirit during our Sunday noon service. We then pray together in unison for about 30 minutes rather than have one person do all the praying. The pastor (I) will then preach and proclaim a powerful message. After the message, we take offering. Lastly, we finish with the prayer of blessing. During the peak or ascension of worship and praise, Jesus and the Holy Spirit dances. Father God sometimes would get up and down from His throne. He would stomp His feet. Father God is very pleased and satisfied with the worship and praise that is ascended to Him.
We do not place worship and service into a category. In Korea, we have types or category of worship. Some are quiet, some are loud, and some are open, and so on. We must keep in mind that sincere worship in faith with a grateful and joyful heart is required in order to be presented to God. It must be presented according to the will of the Holy Spirit.  
* Jesus or Calvin?
Within the Presbyterian denomination, no one is allowed to rebut, oppose, or speak negatively on the thoughts and doctrine of Martin Luther or Jean Calvin. After the Christian reformation and up to now, the Presbyterian Church has achieved continuous growth through the traditions of Calvinism. It has become an impregnable fortress. I was a previous Presbyterian pastor and a follower of Calvinism. I was indoctrinated and had become accustomed to the formality, traditions, theology, and theory of the Presbyterian Church. Now, I earnestly desire to possess many spiritual gifts and power. On the other hand, I had always been greatly proud of Calvinism. This may not change for many years.


The Lord demanded more changes of me. The Lord had already known that breaking doctrine of Calvinism from my conventional consciousness would be difficult for me. Therefore, the Lord began to speak about various subjects. For several days, the Lord continued to challenge, question, and suggest things to me. However, I became very confused. I shouted for change and real reformation. But my voice and attitude was in reality platitude. I was not able to reform. I really did not want reform. And my obstinate tenacity was being exposed. The Lord asked me, Pastor Kim! You said you will do everything according to My desire. With your own mouth, you said you will lay down everything. Why have you not laid down everything? You like Calvin better? Or do you like Me better? If I was to ask you to choose, which would you choose?
For a long time I stood in hesitation. I then asked a trivial question to Jesus. “Lord, You are the first and most, above everything! However, from my point of view, Luther and Calvin are most biblical. They are responsible for commencing the protestant reformation. They risked their lives. They democratically established and expanded the system of theology, the order and system of the church, right?” The Lord replied, Therefore, you are saying that you like Calvin and Luther more than I?” I graciously bowed and said, “No, I like you more. You are the best!”
The Lord wants us to put down the conventional understanding. Including our conventional thoughts, decisions, and traditions. Currently, pastors are attempting to change their congregation according to their theology. However, the Lord desires the pastors to recognize who they are and to help and bring out their strengths. With their strengths, they can serve the Lord well.
The reality of heaven is built upon variety and differences. It is not mundane or uniform. This applies to the church as well. The Lord expects and desires the church to recognize the different characters and personalities. He desires the people of the church to utilize their special talents but at the same time desires harmony and balance. For example, when we observe our neighbor’s home, the exterior of the houses may look similar but the inside or atmosphere of the home of each household is different. Some households may be ruled by a patriarchal ridged father who operates in strictness with his family. Mistakes are not allowed. As a result, the members of the family are suffocated and a presence of restriction operates the household. If the family members do not obey or listen, the father may rebuke mercilessly. The family is treated as though a dash of cold freezing water is always present. No one is able to breathe freely. The household feels diffident. Some households have no enthusiasm. It is boring. They are stained with sorrow and despair. That household suffocates its members as well. There are other households in which arguments reign. There are physical fights, invisible walls are built on their neighbors, jealousy and envy is the norm between the household and neighbors. In some cases, households result to physical fist fights.
On the flip side, some households have continual peace, joy, pleasantness, and an overflow of gratification. Moreover, all the family members do not alienate each other. There is an overflow of comfort and love. Nevertheless, there are many more households of different nature. God’s church is the same.
The Lord discussed the worship and services of the church. As He spoke, He said that the atmosphere of the church is very important. The Lord desires us to especially embrace one another with love so that we may cover up our faults and mistakes. The Lord further desires the service to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to have the service enjoyable and in harmony. The Lord is really displeased when a person judges during the middle of service. Especially, when they rebuke and condemn what is operating during the service. Since I am an impatient person, I was reproached several times by the Lord for my deficiencies in that area.
To what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices unto me? saith the LORD: I am full of the burnt offerings of rams, and the fat of fed beasts; and I delight not in the blood of bullocks, or of lambs, or of he goats. When ye come to appear before me, who hath required this at your hand, to tread my courts? Bring no more vain oblations; incense is an abomination unto me; the new moons and sabbaths, the calling of assemblies, I cannot away with; it is iniquity, even the solemn meeting. Your new moons and your appointed feasts my soul hateth: they are a trouble unto me; I am weary to bear them. And when ye spread forth your hands, I will hide mine eyes from you: yea, when ye make many prayers, I will not hear: your hands are full of blood. Wash you, make you clean; put away the evil of your doings from before mine eyes; cease to do evil; Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow. (Isaiah 1:11-17)
* Meeting Pastor Steve Thomson

On December 19, 2006, God set up an unexpected meeting with Pastor Steve Thomson. Pastor Thomson is a well known international prophet. At that time, I had never heard of him. There was no way I could have known who he was. A Korean book publisher known for its propensity of translating spiritual foreign books is Soon Jun Han Na Dew publisher. The director of this publishing company is a pastor. Pastor Kim, Kwang Sung from the church of ‘Our Church’ in the city of Gun San and the director, Pastor Lee, Geh Jung led me to Pastor Steve Thomson. Pastor Thomson was holding a prophetic revival meeting at the church of ‘Seoul City.’ Pastor Thomson, his team, and I met to have lunch.

Pastor Steve Thomson is a prophet and a pastor. He is a global prophet. He is serving for the church of Senior Pastor Rick Joyner. Pastor Rick Joyner established Morning Star Publishing Ministries which is located in the state of North Carolina in the town of Shallotte, USA. From my point of view, it appears that Pastor Thomson is being used immensely on an international level in the area of prophetic ministry. It appears that many acknowledge him. Some Korean churches have also invited him as a guest for prophetic revival. The fact that a no name pastor like me is meeting a global prophet is by the amazing grace of God. Pastor Steve Thomson looked very young, almost a youth pastor.  

Altogether, it was about ten people who had lunch. During the middle of the conversation, Pastor Thomson pointed out to me and gestured with his hand. His face lit up with a big smile as he wagged his face from side to side. Suddenly, he began prophesying over me. “Oh, God commands me to speak to Pastor Kim!” He accurately stated they type of ministry I was currently operating and the type of worship and service I was leading. He prophesied the past, present condition of my situation, and even future. “In Korea, many churches are large and overgrown. On the outside, they worship and have service that appears holy and reverential. However, on the inside, it is void, there is no life! God does not desire this type of accustomed service. God’s perception of what is an acceptable holy and reverential service is not what generally people perceive it to be. But now, the way you worship and service is enjoyable and alive. Your current way of worship and service is with life, it is alive. It is holy and reverential which is pleasing and received by God. By the way, how are you able to make God laugh so much? How are you able to be so humorous? You are very funny. God is very pleased and happy!” I was very surprised with what Pastor Thomson was stating. He continued, “Pastor Kim, God is granting Holy Fire, in its most powerful form. This fire always blazes vigorously and you will lead many people!”

Pastor Thomson then prophesied over my wife. “Sister Kang, Hyun Ja, you and your husband are leading and operating ministry as a team. It is God who has set it this way. You are passionately and powerfully dancing the Holy dance. You and Pastor Kim have especially been granted a powerful spiritual discernment gift through the Holy Fire. The ability to discern is prominent. For example, if you are not sure of anything, you ask your wife and then the question or issue is clearly resolved!”
As we listened, our party including my wife and me all laughed out loud stating that Pastor Thomson was right on the marker. Indeed, it is a very natural thing that Pastor Thomson is accurately discerning. We are all believers of the same God and we all have the same Holy Spirit within us.
At first, I thought to myself, ‘well, let us wait and see what happens.’  I then thought that I was being a bit prideful with my thinking. Meeting Pastor Thomson and his team on that day was very special and beneficial. The meeting provided an opportunity to confirm the ministry of one another. It was very meaningful. After we exchanged our books, we took group pictures to remember one another. We then parted.
* No one can repent for their ancestor’s sin
There is some logic that states that when an unbeliever dies, he/she becomes a departed soul or ghost. When Christians make such statements, they demean Christianity to the same low level as fortunetellers and sorcerers who are demonized with evil spirits. Perhaps, some deliverance ministers are responsible for such kind of logic. Sometimes, when evil spirits depart, they can lie by making such claims as, “I am your such and such ancestor.” Perhaps, the evil spirit might say they are their grandfather or grandmother. Some deliverance ministers may believe what they are saying. The evil spirits and their forces are constant liars. They attempt to falsely identify themselves and cause confusion. They package the lie with false information and sell it as truth. How can they possibly believe everything the evil spirits say? The deliverance people should not have an excuse to be misled or be led astray.


Among some people, the concept of being tormented by the sins of their ancestors becomes a ridged orthodoxy.  Many people firmly believe and accept this view point. However, there are many variables and we must remind ourselves that God is in control of everything and this is a fact.
God sent Jesus into the world to make Him a sacrificial atonement for our sins. Jesus became our reconciliation sacrifice. It is impossible for descendants to determine and pay for all the sins of their ancestors. This should not be happening. Even though within a person’s life or issues, when something goes wrong such as finances, we cannot assume they are hindered by the sins of their ancestors. Furthermore, breaking generational curses is ridiculous. Their problems are problems in their faith. The problems one may face are not a matter to repent on behalf of their ancestors. It is possible that the evil spirits operate within all households regardless. Is there not a single place where the forces of evil spirits do not operate?
For then must he often have suffered since the foundation of the world: but now once in the end of the world hath he appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself. (Hebrews 9:26)
Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them. Who needeth not daily, as those high priests, to offer up sacrifice, first for his own sins, and then for the people’s: for this he did once, when he offered up himself. (Hebrews 7:25, 27)
So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation. (Hebrews 9:28)
And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world. (1 John 2:2)
He that loveth his brother abideth in the light, and there is none occasion of stumbling in him. (1 John 2:10)
Yet say ye, Why? doth not the son bear the iniquity of the father? When the son hath done that which is lawful and right, and hath kept all my statutes, and hath done them, he shall surely live. The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him. (Ezekiel 18:19-20)


* Discerning the gift
When people receive gifts from God, they assume that the gift will be with them throughout their life. However, this is not the case. Once we have been granted a gift, the evil spirits will mount continuous attacks. We are especially attacked when we began to utilize it. The evil spirits desire to delude the people who possess gifts. The evil spirits make a frantic attempt to make the gifts useless. Therefore, in order to properly maintain a gift, a great amount of prayer is required. In the physical realm, our life is continuously tiring and sometimes exhausting.
The gift of prophecy must edify the church. When we prophesize, the past, present, and future must all connect and flow together. Depending on whether people have their hearts opened and depending on how they receive it, the prophecy can either properly come to pass or not.
There is a type of prophesy where one can prophesize with five opened senses. There are many possibilities to be deluded so we must therefore be always on alert and have safe guards. The safe guard to us is the powerful Word of God and powerful prayers. In my case, I was lead into this type of ministry strictly by the grace of the Lord. However, when I was having difficulties and my ministry became cumbersome, I grumbled and complained. The Lord then comforted and said to me. If the mountain is very tall, you must make a tunnel through the mountain, if the valley is very deep you must build a bridge by setting bridge pillars. This is what you are doing. Pastor Kim, you are making a way. You are performing a difficult work of construction. Pastor Kim, even though you are walking in difficulty, there are souls that will follow behind you and it will be much easier for them. So endure well.
I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit when He, the Spirit of truth, is come, He will guide you into all truth: for He shall not speak of Himself; but whatsoever He shall hear, that shall He speak: and He will shew you things to come. He shall glorify me: for He shall receive of Mine, and shall shew it unto you. (John 16:12-14)
There are some groups who attempt to initiate quarrels by stating that our church is a cult. They state that the work of the Holy Spirit during the days of Acts were just a one time event. They say it is over. They question and attempt to refute our repeated claim and emphasis of direct revelation. They easily accept some terms, words and ministry with no particular difficulty. But they condemn the people who lead Holy Spirit ministries. In Korean, the words ‘direct revelation’ is taken offensively by the church. Of course, the ministers of Holy Spirit ministries have different personalities and as a result side effects can occur in their ministries. However, condemning all the ministers in the same category would not be the thing that would please the Lord.
I desire to educated those people who condemn the ministers of the Holy Spirit ministries to know that the voice of the Lord is heard through the different variety of gifts.
Moreover, through the gifts, we can directly ask questions to God. It is more than possible to exchange words with the Lord through the pathway of tongues, interpretation, prophecy, seeing through, and with the awakening of spiritual eyes. Despite the facts, the organizations that investigate cults condemn this type of ministries by slandering and ridiculing us. These types of organizations will drive Christianity toward the events of what happened in the past. They are very close to spiritual blindness.
It is just absurd for people to judge the gifts or experiences of the Holy Spirit that they have never experienced themselves. They do not know the depth of the spiritual realm. They have never received the gift of the Holy Spirit. They claim that the Holy Spirit dance is cultish and they claim that it is impossible to have a manifestation of the Holy Spirit hand movement. In fact, there are many cases where many pastors deny the Holy Spirit gifts such as the dance, hand movement, or other gifts. I hope the biblical scriptures that I am presenting below will assist to comprehend all of this.
And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Hebrew 9:27)
So speak ye, and so do, as they that shall be judged by the law of liberty. (James 2:12)
Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things. But we are sure that the judgment of God is according to truth against them which commit such things. And thinkest thou this, O man, that judgest them which do such things, and doest the same, that thou shalt escape the judgment of God? Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance? But after thy hardness and impenitent heart treasurest up unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God; (Romans 2:1-5)
He that loveth his brother abideth in the light, and there is none occasion of stumbling in him” (James 4:12)
People who are excellent at spiritual discernment or who have excellent spiritual senses are able to somewhat determine whether evil spirits are entering or exiting the bodies of people. Although, I desire all to have opened spiritual eyes, it is not a gift in which everyone will be granted. Trinity God’s original ministry of the Holy Spirit gift will be granted to the desiring spirit according to the will of God. When I observe existing traditional churches, I see that they talk about experiencing faith. They encourage believers to participate new spiritual experiences. But practically, they have the tendency to suppress the manifestation of the gift by the Holy Spirit. Rather than be healed, they would attempt to stop or block the passionate expressions or terms of the gift to be healed.
Currently, our ministry provides over night prayer services. We perform and experience extraordinary events. As a result, I am constantly on a hit list and dragged through the mud. Our ministry is slandered in all subjects of the ministry. I know there are many people who speak many negative things about me. I sometimes think it is better to hear that we are a cult. If they call me a cult, I am alright with that. I just don’t want them to go to hell. They define us as a cult because we pray excessively, we receive extraordinary experiences and direct revelations, and because we hold all night prayer meetings. Now we are defined as a cult? Just because we perform deliverances, they say excessively, I might add, we are now into mysticism. Korean churches are so well accustomed that it is easy to call a person or group a cult. Korea churches by design accustom themselves so that believers will not break away from the status quo. They have made it easy to accuse someone or group a cult. As a result, the true ministers of God are accused falsely and true cultish organizations are not properly dealt with.
There is an organization that investigates cults. They called the pastor of elders which belonged to the denomination of Presbyterian churches.  On one particular day, before service began, a pastor who is a clerk in the pastor of elders’ assembly came to visit. He said, “Pastor, do you know the purpose of my visit?” I replied, “Yes, but I can only guess.” The pastor (clerk) said, “Actually…I have desired to experience more of this type of power. I was interested in the experiences and events that are happening in your church.”  I replied, “Pastor, let us go to my office and you will experience the real power of God.” When we arrived in my office, I raised my hand very high into the air and toward the pastor. As my hand was raised high over him, the evil spirits that were hidden in his body began to manifest. The pastor began to show symptoms of a seizure attack. But regrettably, we did not have enough time to cast out all the evil spirits, only a few were expelled. The pastor (clerk) had to leave but he said that he will return.
Generally, many lay people have the tendency to cling and hold on to traditional doctrines. Our souls are screaming and lamenting but most Christians are relying on their physical thoughts and emotions. Although we desire power, in reality, we are in the state of complacency. We are complacent to the power or gifts of the Holy Spirit. As a result, the pathway for power and gifts are closed and blocked. Complacency is a regrettable spiritual reality that I am constantly observing as I travel through the ministry scenes.
In the mean, there are some ministers with power who gather close together to fellowship. But in contrary, they sometimes extremely ostracize one another. The Lord has provided us with great power and many gifts. We at the Lord’s Church always try to walk in humility. We do not want to express to others that the power is from us. We walk lowly so that the glory belongs to the Lord. I am also only a lowly servant. As I humble myself and walk as a lowly servant, people would ask, “Pastor! Do you really have to be like that?”
Ministers, brothers, and sisters who are in the ministry of the Holy Spirit and with gifts would sometimes visit the Lord’s Church. Some of them were very blind and reckless. They would claim exclusivity for their church and that their church is the true church. They were trained in their own ways. The baptism of the Holy Fire cannot be granted so factitiously. They desire with their lips but in reality they are not ready. As a result, their visit was only a one time event. Perhaps, they desired to experience but when that failed, they immediately denied and turn toward criticism.
At the Lord’s Church, we share and impart the many various gifts. But most important is the ministry of the Holy Spirit and Fire. Most of the times, during the middle of the fire ministry, the identities of the evil spirits are exposed. However, there are some who make such a claim that it is us who are placing the evil spirits into the bodies of people to expose them. What nonsense! How are we able to put evil spirits into the bodies of people and then make people have seizures? It is truly ridiculous! The work we perform is from God. Only God can do such a work. I believe He will fairly judge good and evil. Instead of looking at the positive things in situations, people in general have a tendency to target and draw out the negative. It is a natural outward character of people. As I was troubled by this type of matter, the Lord came to me and gave me a word of warning.
My beloved Pastor Kim! Many souls are claiming to be faithful and devoted to me. However, this is not true. They are defining it in their own way and ability. They are ego centered and not genuine! In many cases, they are not pure and not sincere. They claim to be full of enthusiasm and loyalty, but it is not genuine to last long. Be cautious of them!”
I asked the Lord, “My beloved Lord! Why have you still granted them power and prophecy?” The Lord replied, They are now dominated with a self centered spirit. Materialism has gradually seeped in. They are now accustomed to corruption. It is truly regrettable!!!
And the LORD said, Who shall persuade Ahab, that he may go up and fall at Ramothgilead? And one said on this manner, and another said on that manner. And there came forth a spirit, and stood before the LORD, and said, I will persuade him. And the LORD said unto him, Wherewith? And he said, I will go forth, and I will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And he said, Thou shalt persuade him, and prevail also: go forth, and do so. Now therefore, behold, the LORD hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these thy prophets, and the LORD hath spoken evil concerning thee. (1 Kings 22:20-23)


* The truth of tongues, interpretation, and gifts
Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing. And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing. (1 Corinthians 13:1-3)
For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God: for no man understandeth him; howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries. (1 Corinthians 14:2)
Surprisingly, many people ask, “Why do you even bother to pray in tongues when you do not even understand what you are saying? You can not even interpret.” These people then become hesitant to pray in tongues. But in many cases, among all the spiritual gifts, the standard gift begins with tongue. As we pray in tongue and we pray earnestly and longer, we are able to reach a state of deep spirituality. As we enter a deep state of spirituality, the powerful presence, intervention, and power of the Holy Spirit provides us with new strength. With new strength, the tongue is changed to a powerful tongue. The tongue then progresses even more swimmingly or without difficulty. The tongue then connects to interpretation and eventually to prophesying. The tongue will then develop to the other various powerful gifts.
Can tongues, interpretation, and the gift of prophesy become corrupt? Yes, it is a real possibility. Based on our experience, there are two types of tongues.
There are some cases when the Holy Spirit suddenly grants the gift of tongue to a person who was either not seeking or desiring it. On the other hand, the Holy Spirit will grant based on the person earnestly desiring it. With the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit, the Lord can directly grant us the tongue with or without our will. His powerful presence will suddenly move our tongue and the person will began to pray in tongue. In most cases, the person receiving will be confused for a moment. Nobody knows when the gift of tongue will be granted. It is only at the discretion of the Lord. On the other hand, the Lord will grant the gift based on our faith and request. This is also intervention of the Holy Spirit.
Our spirit, soul, thoughts, and emotions are based on our own ideas and beliefs. In other words, it is notional. We comprehend and accept our ways based on what we have learned from our environment. It is based on what we have been taught and what we have heard. Our physical body and its members such as the eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, hand, feet, and the sensory organs have not been developed to dwell in the presence of the Lord. We have not even been experimentally trained. Therefore, when the work of the Lord directly comes upon us through our bodies, we are not able to understand it. We are at many times very surprised. Especially in the case of the tongue, or the gift of tongue, it will not come out smoothly. The gifts are granted to us because God loves us. Therefore, we can never be granted the gifts through factitious manipulation or greed.
When we pray in tongue, the tongue must stay in the mouth. During the prayer of tongue, when a person’s tongue comes out of the mouth, it is a form of deformity. The tongue would hiss as a snake’s. When we witness such abnormality, the tongue can come out of the mouth and appear much longer than usual. It is a horrific site. In our case, when praying in tongues degenerates and deforms, we will shout ‘Holy Fire’ and put Holy Fire into that person. The person then recovers and is returned into a state of wholeness. As it is possible, the evil spirits will attempt to degenerate the gift of tongues. However, with the presence of the Holy Fire, all were discriminated.
Although, I have a short experience on the gift of interpretation, let me comment on this subject. As usual, I once again emphasize that the spiritual gifts of the Lord are many. The gifts manifest according to the measure of faith by the believer. Some people are insistent that the gift of interpretation should be of one interpretation. They say that there cannot be a conflict of interpretation.
However, this is not the case. For example, a person once sat on a chair and asked to pray in tongue. To test this theory, we placed five people around the person praying in tongue. All five persons had the ability to interpret. We also know that all five people can express differently as they attempt to interpret in Korean. The tongue can also be heard differently according to the person’s faith. The most important aspect to of the interpretation is the fact that all five persons had different interpretations. This is a real case. One person had an interpretation of mental problems, the second person had the interpretation of household problems, the third person had the interpretation of the person’s job, and the last two interpretations were about the person’s husband and her children.
With these interpretations, I was very confused and in a state of doubt. I thought to myself, ‘How could the interpretations come out so differently from one tongue?’ The Lord then gave me the answer. I want people to know the answer. Interpretation is not meant to be heard as one type of explanation or understanding.
Many churches, pastors, and believers have their own method and expect their own type of result. They are insistent and dogmatic of their own method or result. ‘If you do it this way, it will work.’ Or they may say, ‘Why don’t you do it this way?’ But it doesn’t matter how well or right it appears. If one is so dogmatic with their method or result, it can appear arrogant. People have many different ways to accept things. It is an easy thing for people to become arrogant. Ignorance is one of the main reasons why they speak as though their experience and knowledge are all that one needs to know. They attempt to apply their formula on everyone. They decide and value the outcome based on their formula. For example, when it comes to spiritual books from America or other foreign countries, these types of people become fanatics and basically go insane over these books. They will try to apply what they read and mend as necessary of what they learned. They attempt to befriend the authors and illustrate an intimate relationship. They are like fans wanting to know the stars to feel important.  The prophets and prophesying people from America are well treated and acknowledged. They call them ‘Apostles and Prophets.’ However, the same people accuse the prophets from their own country (Korea) as densely false.
Our life of faith and spiritual lives are not that simple, nor is it trivial. Our spiritual lives and the Holy Spirit movement can be very broad and different. It can take many different forms of variety. The Holy Spiritual realm is very deep and abundant. We will not be able to explore all of it in our life time. Furthermore, we will never be able to express the depth and abundance with our finite thoughts or words.
Many people are misinformed. The movement or ministry of the Holy Spirit is not a focus of itself. The gifts can not also be a focus point. If the Holy Spirit movement becomes our focal point, we will become exhausted. If the gifts or movement begin to take precedence over our life, the real focal point will be degenerated. We will eventually fall away as a result. Degeneration equals the seed of calamity. Our focal point must be only the Lord, who is the subject of our faith. The cultish churches, cultish individuals, any type of cultish organizations have all the same type of problems. It is very difficult to communicate with them. They do not have a common sense of spirituality or just sense in general. The center of Jesus and Paul’s ministry were love, devotion, and self sacrifice.
Jesus is our center and focus. He must be our subject of love and devotion. When a church is full of unskilled laborers who are without training or experiences, the skilled laborers who are already in the field will have twice the work. Mistakes are more likely since the work and burden is twice as much.
Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant. Ye know that ye were Gentiles, carried away unto these dumb idols, even as ye were led. Wherefore I give you to understand, that no man speaking by the Spirit of God calleth Jesus accursed: and that no man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost. (1 Corinthians 12:1-3)
* Discerning false prophets
And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy: (Acts 2:17-18)
We are living in the days where many are saying we are in the end times. They shout it out continuously and endlessly. Many prophecies, dreams, visions, and revelations are overflowing from Korea and other various places around the globe.  I can actually feel God’s passionate affection toward this generation through the various gifts that are granted to His Church and believers.
However, on the flip side, a given amount of futile dreams, revelations, and deluded prophecies can occurs. Moreover, many series of side effects can occur. The fundamental position of my pastoral ministry is, of course, the written Word of God. But recently, the Lord has led me to gifts and power. I sometimes think that some amounts of spiritual imbalance can possibly occur but nevertheless we can not refuse or ignore the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The gifts are granted by God Himself. When we were in a spiritual slump, the various types of gifts from the Holy Spirit became a huge vital power for our faith. Through the Lord’s complete intervention and passionate guidance, the direction of my ministry became definite and clear.
The gift of tongue, prophecy, interpretation, seeing through, awakening of spiritual eyes, and etc are the pathway of faith. This pathway opens up the sides of our spirituality. It is also through this pathway of faith that God speaks to us and gives us revelation. Although, we already have the written Word of God, we are able to vividly experience our connection and contact with God through the various gifts.
In order to utilize these gifts, we should note some matters and not fail to take notice. The devil and his forces are greatly attracted to these types of spiritual areas and taste. They will intensely attack. The devil is well aware of peoples’ likes and dislikes. The evil forces will attempt to deceive the chosen ones if possible.
For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect. (Mark 13:22)
People who possess gifts are more inclined and exposed to the forces of evil spirits. They are relentlessly attacked ever more. The devil will make the people with gifts targets. The devil will focus and concentrate a plan of attack. The devil begins by stimulating the consciousness of people. He will plant thoughts of overtaking others, getting ahead, competition, and eventually planting the seed of greed. The greed to win others. As a result, men, women, people of all ages become deluded or degenerated continuously by the indiscriminate attacks of the evil spirits.
A famous prophet from another country once made a comment with respect to prophesying. He rationalized by stating that when one prophesizes, only 20 percent of prophesying is correct. In other words, if one can get 20 percent correct, it would be determined a success. The comment by the famous prophet is not correct, but when it comes to gifts, no one is safe or an exception to the rule.
There are three ways we can hear God’s voice. The first is to hear with our ears, the second is with our mind, and lastly, we can perhaps perceive with our impression. However, if we do not properly discern with powerful prayer, the Word, and the Holy Spirit, we will be subject to deception by the devil.

At every revival service, I have clearly witnessed or experience the manipulation and degeneration by the devil in prophecy, vision, dream, tongue, interpretation, spiritual eyes, and even the Holy Spirit dance. If one can not discern the evil spirits operating within their bodies which are secretly hidden and living in them, one can be possibly deceived by them. Grafting a gift without first completing a deliverance session by the powerful Holy Fire will result in possible manipulation by the devil. As I look more and deeply into the human body with my awakened spiritual eyes, I notice the body is very complicated and broad. I have a feeling of enigma from it. If we include all of the flesh, soul, and spirit, it is like spacious space which is beyond our imagination.

There is no point in counting the number of evil spirits that enter our bodies which is like broad space. The devil dispatches countless evil spirits to bring one soul to destruction. People are well pleased when evil spirits can be expelled instantly. But even this appearance can be deception. The evil spirits find pleasure in toying with us. For example, in one incident, we shouted, “In the name of Jesus Christ depart!” The demonized person fell to the floor and he or she fainted. We were very excited and impressed by the fact that the demons were expelled all at once. But soon after, we realized that we were deceived by the evil spirits. They were still inside the person.
There are times when some prophetic persons can advise you that the evil spirits have left during their consultation. By any amount of degree, the prophetic person can be fooled themselves by the hidden evil spirits. When prophetic and gifted people pray over a person, they must themselves first examine their own spiritual state. Otherwise, the evil spirits that are in the prophetic or gifted person can go into the person who is prayed during the middle of prayer. We have to keep in mind this can also happen vice versa.

Once some people accumulate their own experience and methods in the area of gift and spirituality, they desire to be acknowledged as an expert in that field. In reality, they are just novices or pretenders. There are no experts of spirituality on this earth. If there are any, they are really impersonators or imposters. There is only one expert, God.

I have heard what the prophets said, that prophesy lies in my name, saying, I have dreamed, I have dreamed. How long shall this be in the heart of the prophets that prophesy lies? yea, they are prophets of the deceit of their own heart; Which think to cause my people to forget my name by their dreams which they tell every man to his neighbor, as their fathers have forgotten my name for Baal. The prophet that hath a dream, let him tell a dream; and he that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully. What is the chaff to the wheat? saith the LORD. Is not my word like as a fire? saith the LORD; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces? Therefore, behold, I am against the prophets, saith the LORD, that steal my words every one from his neighbor. Behold, I am against the prophets, saith the LORD, that use their tongues, and say, He saith. Behold, I am against them that prophesy false dreams, saith the LORD, and do tell them, and cause my people to err by their lies, and by their lightness; yet I sent them not, nor commanded them: therefore they shall not profit this people at all, saith the LORD. (Jeremiah 23:25-32)
There are some who interpret a person’s dream, vision, and revelation just through an educated guess. These people interpret to gain advantage for their own benefit. As a result, they are responsible for the person’s confusion or stumble. Furthermore, there are many people who fall into a snare because someone gave them an incorrect interpretation of a prophecy, dream, vision, or revelation that did not come to pass. Sadly, some are bound to the wrong interpretation as they waste their whole life chasing or waiting for their answer. Would the devil not imitate prophecy, vision, or dreams? Wouldn’t he not even imitate God? Therefore, the most important aspect is to discerning the spirit. Discerning the spirit should be considered very important. As important as our own lives are to ourselves.
* Testimony of suffering from receiving a counterfeit gift
Some time ago, a family and their pastor visited the Lord’s Church. They were from a church located in the countryside. It was a solitary ministry. The grandmother was the deaconess and her son in law and daughter were the pastoral leaders. The son in law was the pastor who also had a son. The son was a junior in high school. They claimed that he danced in the Spirit during the worship service. In fact, he would dance in front of the platform and in front of hundreds of church members. They said his Holy dance is very beautiful and smooth. It was the maternal grandmother who was the deaconess to properly discern whether the dance was a real Holy dance or the devil’s trick. The grandmother has been praying for it and now she wanted an answer.
First of all, in case the Holy dance was a counterfeit, I advised the party that we may be subjected to disputed and arguing. I advised them to firmly prepare their hearts as they observed. They claimed their visit to the Lord’s Church was due to reading the baptism book. Furthermore, they have been told that the Lord’s Church is in the comprehensive Holy Spirit ministry including dancing in the Spirit. They also stated that their ministry performed deliverances and sometimes prophesized. Now, they were earnestly requesting the Lord’s Church to discern the spirit in public with their spiritual eyes. If we carelessly or incorrectly handle or treat this sensitive matter, we can bring about a larger problem. A negative outcome could create a psychological shellshock for the concerned party.
With many people participating daily all night services at the Lord’ Church, we are able to perform deliverances. However deliverance is for the people who are opened in their faith and desires to be diagnosed and helped. Just when we were about to began our worship and praising, the signs of a counterfeit Holy Spirit dance began to slowly manifest. Indeed, the body movement of the boy was very soft. It flowed like water. He was dancing with the worship rhythm. However, with my spiritual eyes, I began to notice the unusual movements. Everybody was observing him out of curiosity.
I could see large and small snakes. They were packed together. Some were white and some were transparent. The transparent anaconda shaped snakes were all inside the boy’s body. The snakes were twisting restlessly as they were exposed to the Holy Fire inside the Lord’s Church. As soon as I imparted Holy Fire, the snakes through the boy shouted, “Hot! Hot!” He struggled and moved restlessly. I thought to myself, ‘How sad. The boy thought his dancing was a gift of the Holy dance…..’
When the identity of the snakes was revealed, the snakes coiled around the boy’s whole body. The snakes insanely contorted and deranged in figure. I came closer to the boy and imparted Holy Fire, Holy Electricity, and the Poisonous Thorns. At last, the incident occurred. The boy screamed and fell to the floor. As his parents watched, they were shocked and restless. The parents were busy wiping their tears away as they cried out.
The evil spirit in the form of an anaconda snake rushed toward me as though to strike and bite me. The snake exposed the wild fangs through the boy’s mouth. The eyes of the snake were very contorted. As soon as I saw the eyes of the snakes, my body became covered with goose bumps and my hairs stood up. With time and continued battling, I was able to confirm additional snakes within the boy’s body. The church congregation who had awakened spiritual eyes shouted in one voice, “Pastor! Pastor! The boy’s body is full of anaconda snakes! As the Holy Fire and Electricity from your hands entered the boy’s body, the snakes distorted the boy’s body and made him behave violently as it became too hot for the snakes.”
As I raised my right hand to the air, I drew close to the boy and quietly and softly whispered, “Hey, I already know your identity, therefore, quickly go filthy evil spirit! Why had you entered the body of the Lord’s beloved son? Quickly! Get out!” The snake made the boy hiss with his tongue and said, “No! No! Do not come close! I will not get out! It is very comfortable in here. It is so good in here, why should I go out?” The eyes of the boy appeared menacing. It almost looked like the eyes of a snake. The evil spirit in the boy was posturing defensively and ready to bite me. A serious deliverance was just about to begin.
“I command you in the name of Jesus, you filthy evil spirit, come out quickly! Holy Fire!” As I shouted, the boy fell to the floor screaming and distorting with his whole body. He was having a counterfeit seizure. The parents and the relatives stared with deadly paled faces. They were in complete shock. I asked the boy’s Father who was the church pastor and his family members. “How on earth have you neglected this boy in such a way up to this point? What kind of place would teach that type of dance as Holy?”
The father of the boy responded by stating that there are many places in Korea that are in the ministry of the Holy Spirit. A certain place had taught them to lie down and tumble, rolling around. They pressure people to swirl around. These movements have made people dizzy and they would fall to the floor from exhaustion. The father continued and said that the movements are universal and are being taught by that particular church. I was somewhat aware of that particular church or place. They were performing many different eccentric types of ministry. Nevertheless, this boy was in serious situation.
The Lord’s Church has been granted with many different varieties of gifts. We have had the privilege of experiencing the utilization of the gifts. With that said, I now realize once again that there is a fair amount of places in Korea which are practicing imprudence and acts of outrageous.
Based on our experiences, we have realized that the devil dispatches the forces of evil to churches, households, believers, and individual believers. The forces of evil are either dispatched as an individual evil spirit and/or as groups. satan persistently, endlessly, continues to dispatch the forces of evil into the Christian communities. But the Christians are disconcerted and ignorant. The devil will also dispatch higher ranked evil spirits to attack people who are officially recognized as a higher spiritual authority. The devil will send evil spirits comparable to the level of spirituality of the person. Their purpose is only one.
Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils” (1 Timothy 4:1)
For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.  Behold, I have told you before. (Matthew 24:24-25)
We can easily perceive how the many churches, pastors, and believers are in ignorance of the attacks by the devil. They deal the matter in an abstract way. If possible, the devil will attack the ministry to degenerate it. But in realty, for example, the people who are leading ministries with the gifts are vague to the idea that satan cannot invade their ministry. satan can not only invade but manipulate as well.
The devil is active in any place where there is teaching and training in prophecy. Even in substantial ministries or while revival may be occurring, the evil spirits can bring in a delusion of specious plausibility. Based on my experience thus far, the evil spirits will degenerate and dilute in between prophecy, tongue, interpretation, dreams, and visions. satan has a maneuver of splitting the messages from our gifts. Therefore, we can not relax for a moment.
Many gifted people from all ends of the spectrum from different types of ministries visits the Lord’s Church. People without rooted faith tend to fall away when big trials and tests come their way. They vaguely participate with our church. Some people who were at least opened up with their spiritual five senses, prophecy, interpretation, and visions collapsed at the end of their final trial or test. Even though, a person can think he/she has good faith, if they depend on their gift without spiritual discernment, they will not last very long. The center of their hearts will be shaken.
The Lord saw the fruits of our gifts bearing from the foundation of love and our personality. As time passes, we are able to see the truth of our work. The promise comes after we are tested through a process for perseverance. There are always counterfeits waiting.
Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompense of reward. For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. For yet a little while, and he that shall come will come, and will not tarry. Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him. But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul. (Hebrews 10:35-39)
* An all around soldiers of the cross
Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier. (2 Timothy 2:3-4)
And the LORD said unto Gideon, By the three hundred men that lapped will I save you, and deliver the Midianites into thine hand: and let all the other people go every man unto his place. (Judges 7:7)
The secular world defines power and pride by quantity. Everyone is concerned about increasing their number. They want to increase their number whether it is the dollar amount or the number of people of their congregation. However, we must recognize that quality is more important than quantity. When we examine the parable of the sower, we can see when the seed falls onto good soil, the harvest is a hundred fold of good fruits. God requires people of faith who do not trust the weapons of the flesh, but only the Lord. God chose three hundred soldiers for Gideon and used them. They were not complainers. They were obedient with pitchers and lamps. They were skilled at watching and observing the enemy.  In the last days, the Lord will look for soldiers who can match head to head with the forces of evil spirits. I like to tell you that those types of soldiers are like the members of the Lord’s Church including myself. We are the Lord’s servants including lay believers who will jump into the ministry of Fire.
Many churches, pastors, and lay believers are not interested and are even hostile when it comes to discussing or engaging against evil spirits. They are only willing to explore the truth of evil spirits when they are directly or personally injured or suffered from them. This is why the evil spirits are running around like wild animals in the world. Not many people are engaging them. The evil spirits are in delight and shout for joy due to the apathy of people.
The devil and his evil forces enter our bodies, thoughts, mind, and will. They hide in all of those areas inside a person. Then in secret, they will build their nest to demolish God’s good will and order. In conclusion, God and evil spirits use people as their passage to process their work. The difference is their course and direction. The devil uses people to trample others. The evil spirits make toys of people to play around with. Their intention is to make us sin and drag us to hell. However, through our body and our balanced personality or character, God leads us to heaven. Therefore, our body, soul, spirit, and living daily is the bloody battlefield that we must fight satan and his evil forces.
Despite of the situations or battles, the reason we are able to live in gratitude of salvation, joy, and not sorrow is due to God’s total powerful grace. As long as there are combative Christians willing to engage and confront evil spirits, the Lord will always properly equip them. The Lord will always be the source of new power. New power will be released for the Christians engaging and fighting evil spirits.
Even on earth, when people go to war, the country with the new powerful weapons will likely win. However, creating and making new weapons is costly and require much time in research and development.
Once a weapon is completed in research and development, the weapon must still under go tests in various ways. A new weapon has to be powerful, weather proof, and accurate enough to reach and bring down destruction on the target. A new weapon must endure water, fire, cold and hot weather conditions. I desire Christians to mimic the newest developed weapons. I want Christians to be powerful soldiers like superman but in reality, Christians are very weak and are easily exposed to the forces of sin.
To the weak Christians, the Lord desires them to become the newest developed weapon. We habitually scream and fall at even the smallest trial or test. We had always wondered why powerful manifestations or events occurred in our church. We assumed such manifestations and events only occurred in mega churches, with powerful gifted people, or with ministers of other foreign country.
* The Prize
Just as in the physical world, the spiritual world has a prize for warfare to the winner. In other words, the prize or spoils goes to the victor. Many souls around the world seek powerful anointed ministers, but I am sensing that there are not enough of them. Day and night, we are engaged in bloody restless spiritual warfare with the devil’s forces. We are excessively exhausting the strength of our physical bodies. As a result, we are attacked by chronic exhaustion as well. However, on the flip side, the Lord has granted us fresh and new spiritual power in our lives and now we are overflowed with joy and excitement. Furthermore, we did not give up in our battles but we preserved through it. The Lord then rewarded us with special powerful weapons of Holy Fire, Electricity, and many more other new spiritual advanced weapons and gifts. We felt like we were receiving prizes.
Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift. (2 Corinthians 9:15)
All of the different types of gifts and power for use in the spiritual warfare are being delivered to us as a result of our prayer and crying out. Crying out and prayer are pathways of supply for our weapons. Therefore, we desperately struggle on a daily basis to keep up our hours of prayer. The spiritual weapons that God grants cannot be easily obtained. It is not like something we can simply get from a vending machine by simply pressing a button. Generally, it is not that easy. One must cry out daily, persevere and triumph extreme difficult spiritual battles against the devil and his evil forces. Whoever preserves to the end without giving up will obtain it through victory. One must persevere and be more persistent than the evil spirits.  
But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness. Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses. (1Timothy 6:11-12)
* The warning through signs
Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the LORD cometh, for it is nigh at hand; A day of darkness and of gloominess, a day of clouds and of thick darkness, as the morning spread upon the mountains: a great people and a strong; there hath not been ever the like, neither shall be any more after it, even to the years of many generations. (Joel 2:1-2)
Many people are endlessly crying out that we are in the end time. Therefore, in order to discern this evil generation, people are gathering around gifted people. The people are wondering when the Lord will return. But most clear and certain is the fact that the gifted people do not know the answer to that question. It is only up to God. With the Lord’s statement in Matthew Chapter 24, we can indirectly discern the end time apocalyptic phenomenal events.

As a matter of fact, when I visited heaven, I asked Apostle Paul a question. Paul humbly directed me to deeply read through the four gospels which have the statements of the Lord rather than the epistles of Paul. He pointed out and said that the four gospels are more beneficial. The end time apocalyptic phenomenal events in Matthew Chapter 24 would be the place to go for the answer.

And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake. (Matthew 24:4-9)
Awake, O sword, against my shepherd, and against the man that is my fellow, saith the LORD of hosts: smite the shepherd, and the sheep shall be scattered: and I will turn mine hand upon the little ones. And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, saith the LORD, two parts therein shall be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein. And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The LORD is my God. (Zechariah 13:7-9)
The sensitivity of Christianity may be the cross and the second coming of Jesus Christ. The beginning journey and the journey itself is an important process of a Christian but the most important aspect of the life of a Christian is the Lord’s second coming. It is an end time event for all Christians who are waiting for the Lord. It is the last hope and the fruit of our long wait. The Lord is our reward for our perseverance.
Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus. (Revelation 14:12)
I wish for all those who believe in the Lord to be rapture. But on that day, there will obviously be a division for those who were taken and those who were left behind. First and foremost important process is to equip myself with the conditions the Lord requires of me. However, many believers are living a dangerous Christian life. Their faith is on the border line.
While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept. And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him. Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps. (Matthew 25:5-7)
It would not be a mistake even if I say that our Christian life exist for only one day, the last day of the second coming of Jesus. In some instances, there are people prowling around to determine the final day. But this infatuation to find the determined final day is clearly superstition. The best route for Christians is to be ready at all times. We can realize this from the parable of the ten virgins. Although we all physically fall asleep due to weariness, we must always be ready with the oil and lamp. In other words, we are preparing ourselves spiritually on a daily basis.
The Lord made some statements to me. He said that when the pastors do not prepare the congregations for rapture beforehand, the result will be that they will all be left behind. The believers who are left behind will vent out their anger on their pastors. They will be angered for not being rapture. The believers will take their revenge on pastors who had taught them in error during their lives. The pastors will die brutally by hands of their church members who were left behind. This event will occur throughout the world in all places and churches. As a pastor, I am truly in fear.
My people hath been lost sheep: their shepherds have caused them to go astray, they have turned them away on the mountains: they have gone from mountain to hill, they have forgotten their resting place. All that found them have devoured them: and their adversaries said, We offend not, because they have sinned against the LORD, the habitation of justice, even the LORD, the hope of their fathers. (Jeremiah 50:6-7)
* The Fire Ministry motive
I am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled? But I have a baptism to be baptized with; and how am I straitened till it be accomplished! (Luke 12:49-50)
Jesus stated that He comes to bring fire on a sterile and cold land. The Fire that the Lord grants us can completely devastate the forces of evil. In fact, it is more than just fire. The fire is a powerful layer of light that can burn up all kinds of diseases on earth which can heal.
But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall. (Malachi 4:2)
Will there be anyone who could refuse and dislike the granting of Fire by God which represents power? The Fire can be received by any type of ministry as long as the conditions are met in which the Lord can work with. However, in reality, spiritual reality that is, we can realize that is not the case. People admire and request to the Lord to grant them power. They ask with their lips but as the Lord approaches closer, they become startled and frightened before receiving the power. They habitually run away.
On any given day, the Lord can suddenly grant a person the Fire and gift without the person realizing it. However, most of the time, one must start from the bottom. We reach spiritual depth and maturity through a process, one step at a time. As we go through this process, the people do not really understand spiritual warfare. It is an unavoidable encounter with the enormous army of evil spirits on a daily basis. This is the reality of it and most of the people do not realize it. We must discern the present time and generation through a spiritual perception. We must believe that the Lord will engage with us. To all the laborers, He will spiritually open us up and will overflow in us with His filling according to our measure of faith. This power and ability is granted to all those who wish to resolve all spiritual oppressions.
And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work: As it is written, He hath dispersed abroad; he hath given to the poor: his righteousness remaineth for ever. (2 Corinthians 9:8-9)
* There will be division
Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division: For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three. The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And he said also to the people, When ye see a cloud rise out of the west, straightway ye say, There cometh a shower; and so it is. And when ye see the south wind blow, ye say, There will be heat; and it cometh to pass. Ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky and of the earth; but how is it that ye do not discern this time? Yea, and why even of yourselves judge ye not what is right? (Luke 12:51-57)
Jesus is the source of divisions. He causes quarrels among the followers of satan in various places. From the moment He came to earth and until He died on the cross, He created many disputes and caused a big stir. Moreover, the quarrels and divisions He created lead to His death as well.
Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him. When Herod the king had heard these things, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him. (Matthew 2:2-3)
Then Herod, when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men, was exceeding wroth, and sent forth, and slew all the children that were in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had diligently inquired of the wise men. (Matthew 2:16)
And when he was come into Jerusalem, all the city was moved, saying, Who is this? And the multitude said, This is Jesus the prophet of Nazareth of Galilee. (Matthew 21:10-11)
And they were the more fierce, saying, He stirreth up the people, teaching throughout all Jewry, beginning from Galilee to this place. (Luke 23:5)
Furthermore, the Lord will continue and cause another enormous stir in a scale in which the whole universe will be affected.
For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words. (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18)
Christianity is not only emphatic but constitutes many metaphorical components. We can understand heaven through the parables. Before arriving at the Red Sea, the way out was hidden for God’s chosen people. In the same respect, the real truth of Jesus’ power and authority is hidden within the spiritual disputes, divisions, and stirs.
But how many souls are out there that would boldly jump into division? Who will be like John the Baptist? For the Lord, John isolated himself, he was a source of quarrels, and he fiercely rebuked the hypocritical self righteous people. The self righteous were people with only an outward appearance of holiness. The Lord taught His disciples to take up their own cross in freedom and not to tangle themselves with anything else for the sake of the gospel. The Lord had isolated them as well.
Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. (Matthew 16:24)
Apostle Paul once pointed out the war that was raging and battling inside him.
But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members. O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death? I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin. (Romans 7:23-25)
After publishing “Baptism by Blazing Fire, the Lord’s Church and our ministry became an important subject among many people. Most of the people valuated us in a good way but occasionally, some people negatively expressed their opinions by saying something like, “They will not last long. That church does not have any fruits.” Therefore, we decided to disclose the fruits. In other words, we decided to disclose the answers we had received through our prayers for our church.
God had granted us a plentiful harvest of fruits. The fruits were not only in our daily lives or routines but throughout all our spiritual sides. We gave all the glory to God with thanksgiving and joy. Moreover, all the necessary materials and provisions were added.
The haters of the LORD should have submitted themselves unto him: but their time should have endured for ever. He should have fed them also with the finest of the wheat: and with honey out of the rock should I have satisfied thee. (Psalms 81:15-16)
When we receive a blessing from God, we must receive it, it is considered a command. If we refuse or cannot accept a blessing, it is completely our responsibility. Our problem may be unbelief. This is a matter of the individual’s faith. We must first mature and grow in faith to receive. When it comes to God’s blessings, the spiritual blessings come first and then material blessings follow. However, people pray for it in reverse.
And they said one to another, Behold, this dreamer cometh. Come now therefore, and let us slay him, and cast him into some pit, and we will say, Some evil beast hath devoured him: and we shall see what will become of his dreams. (Genesis 37:19-20)
It is important not to give up on the dreams that God has given us. We must embrace it even in tribulation. Jesus commanded me to disclose and document all the work He had completed and the fruits He had bear. The Lord said that many of God’s servants and churches would gain strength and hope as they read our testimonies during their difficult trials.
People must experience their own spiritual time. When they experience a time of difficult discipline, God will speak to them and grant them revelation and experience. When we pray, read, and meditate God’s Word, we are spending time to store up spiritual power and strength. As we spend time in praying, reading, and meditating, the power of inspiration will come out and we will know the will of God of us. Therefore, in order to receive our own promised grace and blessing, we must obey the commandments of God and endure the suffocating tribulation that approaches us in prayer and crying out.
How long will ye judge unjustly, and accept the persons of the wicked? Selah. Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy. Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked. (Psalms 82:2-4)
For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly. O LORD of hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in thee. (Psalms 84:11-12)
People who excessively seek first His Kingdom rebuke the people who seek the daily necessities of life. They state to them that they do not have faith.
But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. (Matthew 6:33)
But I want you to know that we sometimes cannot seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness. We are living in a society that is fiercely competitive. I think we do not have to worry so much about when we are not able too at times. When it comes to asking, seeking, and knocking, I think the Lord would rather enjoy the process of our prayers even though it may not be in order. Perhaps, even if it was in reverse.
It would be better if we carefully consider and pray rationally with procedure. But the Lord had always and accurately answered the Lord’s Church’s disorder and crying out which was with no procedure. The requests and prayers by the Lord’s Church were always urgent and in most instances considered an emergency and therefore, we had always prayed in a disordered manner. Despite that, the Lord accurately and orderly arranged our prayers as He answered them. As we experienced this revelation, we are continuously impressed by His work. Hallelujah!

Chapter 2
* Amazing prayer answered
Everyday we cried out, we prayed powerfully all night long on a daily basis throughout the year and as a result, God granted us many blessings. One of our special blessings was the Lord progressively moving our church from the basement level to a building above ground. The Lord moved us into a larger temple from 711 square feet to 9400 square feet. Hallelujah! How on earth was all this happening, I could not believe it. What was happening to me? It was like a dream.
Our previous church was located underground, it was in the basement. The neighborhood was surrounded by many other small and large churches. Almost every other building in our area was occupied by a church. As a result, this place was a difficult place to envision a revival. A medium sized church was located right across the Lord’s Church. A prayer house and a church were located next to us below ground level. Another church was located above the Lord’s Church. Behind the Lord’s Church was a very tall building and that was a mega church. There were countless of other churches lined up along side of the road.
The neighborhood where our church was located was not an easy place to hold a revival. The Lord’s Church had prayed for 13 years throughout the night there. The people in our neighborhood had complained of our prayers and worship music during the night. They could not sleep from the sound we were making. But we restlessly pressed on. I did feel sorry and was overwhelmed with gratitude. Those years in the underground basement level church was a battlefield for me. I was going through the daily struggles of life and death.
I have an impatient personality. In order to escape from the underground basement church, I attempted to indirectly find an excuse. I wanted to get ahead of the Lord. “My beloved Lord, the space for the underground Lord’s Church is too small and tight. Many people who are reading the ‘Baptism’ book are visiting from all throughout the country. What should I do? Please move us to a larger building, quickly!”
Whenever I beseeched the Lord, He sometimes would sanction against me or He would kindly advise me. He’s thoughts are very different than mine. But I was impatient and I obstinately beseeched Him. However, the Lord always had replied that the time was not yet and for me to be more patient and continue praying.
As a matter of fact, whenever people came to visit the Lord’s Church, they commented on how small it was and they felt suffocated. The church sanctuary for worship and service was only about 711 square feet. We only had one toilet and it was used as a unisex. We had a very small sized washing place where the people had to crouch down to wash. Some of the older buildings do not have a traditional sink to wash in. The place was extremely uncomfortable. Behind the sanctuary was a kitchen in very poor condition, it was about 106 square feet in size. Many people rushed to visit the Lord’s Church to confirm and experience what they had read in the Fire Baptism book. They wanted to know if the experiences in the book were either real or fake. The Lord sent many people. In some instances, there was no more space for people to sit or stand. The Lord then told me about moving the church temple.
Pastor Kim, many people will come and when that happens, there will not be enough space for people to sit. Some people will have to sit on the platform. The peoples’ shoes will fill the bottom of the stairs all the way to the top of the stairs. I will then and finally move you to a larger church building.”
He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)
The incidents that have occurred in the Lord’s Church has attracted not only many people from within the country but from outside the country as well. Some have visited for one day while some have come for a longer duration. Those that have stayed for a longer term stayed despite of all the great inconveniences of our limited space. Since the contents of the book composed of unprecedented and special events, we have attracted many different types of people. Some people have come in doubt. Some have come fervently desiring the blessing while some have come to quarrel with us. They want to quarrel whether our experiences were biblical or not. Many people who had visited were already gifted. Some people condemned us as a cult. Some asked if they could participate with our ministry and so forth. I think thousands have visited.
It didn’t matter what type of people came. I led all the services with care and treated them all with dignity. I had opened my mind to whoever visited our church and I treated them as if they were part of the family of the Lord’s Church. Each one of them participated in our prayer rally with one mind. I am very grateful to those had visited the Lord’s Church.
For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. (Matthew 18:20)
As the day passes, many more people began to visit the Lord’s Church. They were not only from within Korea but we were getting visitors from USA, Germany, Japan, China, and even from the Middle East. As we all prayed in unison for the course of our church, our prayers began to radiate light.
I beseeched the Lord, “My beloved Lord, we give worship and service to you on a daily basis and we are pleasing you. But since the space of the church is so small and limited, we are not able to perform the ministry you desire. Please permit us to procure a larger spaced building now.” The Lord finally answered, Very well. Go ahead and seek a larger spaced building. However, He did not give us specific instructions or directions for the location. Our church members and I specifically prayed for what we desired and needed for the new church building. We looked for a building that would be large enough to provide the necessary offices and various rooms for different purposes and venues. We desired to have a intercessory prayer room, a discipline room, guest rooms for either men and/or women, separate wash rooms, a library, a broadcasting room, a dining room, kitchen, at least five private prayer rooms, the main sanctuary, a nursing room, and etc. I officially announced the task to look for a new church building. I provided the information to the church members and asked them to assist in looking for our desired building. I told them to seek a building size with at least 1423 square feet or more. We began our search on the west side of In Cheon.
However, with all the desired rooms we had listed and to equip and facilitate our requirements would require a building of at least 3559 square feet. We did not have any money but we were determined with our goal. All the church members asked, “Pastor! A building that large will cost a lot! How will you make this happen?” The church members worried as anybody else, they were concerned with the facts of our situation and the vision to have a new church in faith. However, they continued to follow and trust my lead. Most of the people of the Lord’s Church were newly registered members.
We the members of the Lord’s Church did not isolate ourselves among the outside world. We were more than willing to share our testimonies and revelations from the Lord. We decided to internationalize and accommodate the people who would come visit our church. We were willing to open our church to any and all who wanted to be blessed. We desired our brothers and sisters from other areas to experience what we were experiencing. As a result, we decided to move close to the international airport as close as possible.

We searched for a building with a minimum size of 1423 square feet and then up to 2850 , 3600, 5338, 7118, and 8185 square feet. We gradually increased the size of space but the landlords of each building we looked at rejected us. They did not want to lease to a church. We, therefore, started to pray more intently and powerfully. We beseeched the Lord for a larger floor space. We were determined in will, mind, and faith.

However, as I pressed forward, I was still a bit concerned. I thought to myself, ‘Am I seeking too large of a goal and am I being pretentious? Was I leading my congregation on an absurd dream?’ As we continued to search for a new building, the Lord allowed the landlords to deny us. The Lord was training us. He wanted our limited small thoughts to transform into larger thoughts. At that time, we did not know it was God behind the scenes to help us learn something. The Lord was already way ahead of us. He had prepared a very large nice looking building space. The Lord guided us to this particular building space through various circumstances and paths. If we press on and progress our tenacity and will toward faith, the Lord will work for us. The Lord, Jesus, had already considered a location of the church with convenient transportation in mind. Jesus achieved and fulfilled all we have been praying for, even to the smallest detail.
We found a building that had been vacant for several months. The building was located across the Seo Gu district office and next to the Seo Gu fire station. The size of the building was 9400 square feet. We instantly thought this was the building prepared for the Lord’s Church. Jesus told us that before we permanently move our church close to the Yeong Jong Island InCheon International Airport, He wanted us to settle and set a foundation with our church and growth in Seo Gu InCheon. We prepared ourselves to leap into our future.
The unoccupied space was located on the fifth floor. The floor space was very large. Seven pillars spanned across from one end to the end as they were aligned from the center. The pillars divided into about 3600 square feet. As soon as I saw the enormous space, I began to immediately draw up floor plans in my head. We had enough space to facilitate all our proposed rooms. We had found our ideal place. I then instantly drew on the floor with my chalk. There was enough space to accommodate all the different rooms we had envisioned. We could build the main sanctuary, the broadcasting room, the nursing room, and etc. The concern for proper bathrooms was no longer a concern for me. I was very impressed with all this floor space. But back to reality, we were financially poor. All we could do was pray, there was nothing else to do except pray. Our finances were very limited. Furthermore, we had not met the owner of the building. In fact, we were not even sure if the owner of the building was willing to lease for church purposes.
One evening, on midnight at 12 AM, the members of our church and I secretly snuck into the building of the fifth floor and used the strategy from Jericho. We lined up and as we walked around, we shouted, “Lord! Please give us this place!” We prayed powerfully and cried out. From the noise, the security officers for the building ran upstairs in surprise. This neighborhood was occupied by governmental offices such as the fire station, the police station, local, and city officials. The security officers looked blanched with concern. Moreover, there were apartments around this building as well. “What are all of you doing in here? Why are you shouting in this building? You have snuck into this property? What are you doing here? Get out this instant before we call the police and have all of you thrown in jail!” The officer stared at us in anger. Even after this incident, we snuck in again three more times and cried out in prayer. The security officers and eventually the owner of the building hated us. Since we were not welcomed, we thought there was no hope.
In this world, when we start all things with faith, it is only natural that many obstacles will occur spiritually and physically. In most cases, many people do not like obstacles. However, we must at sometimes face the obstacles boldly. Even though, we may be frustrated by the negative circumstances, we must not be afraid but continue pressing on. As we continue to do so, we will build up immunity. With increased immunity, we will eventually overcome all obstacles.
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. (Philippians 4:13)

Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. (Mark 9:23)

I later found out that the security office who continued to chase us out was a relative to the owner of the building. We even heard that the other tenants in the surrounding areas told the owner of the building not to lease to us at all cost. In fact, we heard that the space was not to be leased to any church. We were told that the owner would leave the space empty rather than leasing it out to a church. When we approached the owner, he persistently refused to lease to us. He was very stubborn. The owner of the building rejected us six times but on the seventh meeting and attempt, he finally gave us the approval to lease the space. I believe this was by the help of the Holy Spirit. But the leasing fee and deposit was beyond our imagination. The amount of money required totally shocked us. If we lease by paying a deposit of $350,000, them we do not have to pay a monthly rental fee. In Korea, rent is paid through the interest earned by paying a large sum of deposit.

The deposit is completely returned once the lease ends. On the other hand, if we deposit $86,000, our monthly rent would be $2,600. Another option is to deposit $170,000 and then the monthly rent would be $1,700. The last option is to deposit $260,000 and the monthly rent would be $862.  The administration fee would be a separate charge and that was $5 per pyeong (35 square feet) or $1400. If we were to include our utilities such as electric and water, we were looking at $2500 total. This was no joke.
We had fallen into a dilemma. Even if they were to rent the space to us, how on earth were we to fund and afford it? All we had in our current church building was the remaining deposit of $2000. During this time, I was leading a revival in the city of Su Won. While in the revival, I prayed fervently over this matter.
“My beloved Lord, if it is really your desire for us to locate to Seo Gu district office, please grant us $86,000 in cash within a week! If this is so, I will believe it to be your will for our church to obtain that lease. I will press forward.”
All this really came to pass. God worked through someone that was a stranger to us. This person sent us a text message several times and then deposited a total of $86,000 three different times into our bank account.
* The woman breaks open her alabaster jar after hearing the voice of the Lord
And Hezekiah rejoiced, and all the people, that God had prepared the people: for the thing was done suddenly. (2 Chronicles 29:36)

Three years ago, on January 2005, nine church members from the Lord’s Church including my family held a special New Year’s all night prayer rally. During the 30 days prayer rally, the members of the church had their spiritual eyes opened by the Lord. At the same time, the baptism by Holy Fire ignited. The Lord had commanded me to document the ‘Baptism by Blazing Fire’ book. Our Holy Spirit ministry became much diversified.
During that time, we were praying under extreme poor conditions and circumstances. Our situation was unfavorable. In order to enhance the visual effects, I placed a projector screen and placed five prayer titles on the screen. I led the prayer by shouting out each prayer title from the beginning to the end. The rest of the eight members repeated after me. Our prayer may have appeared to look like nonsense. But the Lord performed a miracle just as He multiplied five loaves of bread and two fish for five thousand! In reality, I knew the five prayer titles were very vague and I thought it was impossible for them to materialize. Also during that time, five of our members shouted after me just for fun. Here are the contents of the five prayer titles.
1. Baptism by Holy Fire to the whole world
2. Grant us $430,000 so we can move to another building or church temple.
3. Please send all nine of us on a pilgrimage
4. Please send laborers to the Lord’s Church for all departments.
5. “Bobarubaru!” (Move us to another house (praying in tongues)) During that period, my family was evicted onto the streets. We prayed ignorantly as we asked God to grant us a 1779 square feet size apartment.
   We declared these prayers.
I thought in reality our prayers didn’t make much sense but they came to pass after 2 years, in 2007. It is simply a miracle. I made up some positive prayer lists to cheer up the believers. I used the projection screen just to enhance the visual effects. However, God was really working for us behind the scenes. Even though we received our answers, we were bewildered. In fact, we thought a lot of money would be granted to us from the book, ‘Baptism by Blazing Fire.’ But God’s thoughts and our plans progressed differently.
There was a deaconess who lived in the country side. One day, she was browsing on the internet and looking into the site for ‘Heaven is so real.’ The main content for this website is about Mrs. Choo Thomas and her book, ‘Heaven is so real.’ After looking into that website, she was about to stop and turn off her computer. But suddenly the Lord spoke to her through her ears. “Daughter, do not quit browsing but continue to do so to other websites!” The deaconess continued her search into several more different websites. Then suddenly, a pop up with an ad appeared. It read, ‘Introducing these books.’ The books were about the ‘Baptism by Blazing Fire,’ books 1 through 4. They had paperback and simplified contents available. The Lord commanded her, “Very well, my daughter. Now go buy these books and immediately read them all. Understand?”
The deaconess purchased all the series, books 1 through 4. She read all the fire books in a single sitting. The deaconess was blessed and shocked big time. The Lord then whispered to her. “Daughter, collect all the money you possess. You will go to the city of Seo Incheon and to the Lord’s Church to give them the money. All you have was prepared for this situation. From this moment forward, you must also attend the Lord’s Church.” The deaconess replied, “Lord, I want to attend the mega church in Seoul which is famous for prophesying rather than the Lord’s Church. Why are you asking me to attend the Lord’s Church? Why are you telling me to give my money away to them?” After the deaconess had asked, the Lord said that the church in Seoul already had many people and is a wealthy church. Pastor Kim, Yong Doo at the Lord’s Church embraces all the people who are in poverty and in difficult situations. The Lord further said to the deaconess that she was to assist the Lord’s Church financially and in servitude.
The Lord had commanded the deaconess to assist in all of our funding requirements. Through her, God provided the funds to move to the new church building, funds to the church members needing financial assistance, and even our pilgrimage trip. Jesus had already prepared to cover the expenses that were needed for the move through the unknown deaconess. Additional funding was covered by other special Christians throughout the country. The Lord had mentioned the pilgrimage trip to the deaconess. “Daughter, send the members of the Lord’s Church on a trip! You are not to plan the trip but ask Pastor Kim before any plans are made. When you ask Pastor Kim, you will know my will.”

The deaconess complained and said, “Why Lord? All the members in the Lord’s Church have their spiritual eyes opened. They are able to travel to heaven and hell during prayer. There is no reason for them to go physically on a special pilgrimage. Right, Lord?” The Lord answered, “Spirituality is spirituality, flesh is flesh. Traveling in the physical realm is also required. Therefore, my daughter, you must be a direct participant in this plan. They are not to worry about how they will travel and pay for their trip. You must send them! You are responsible to take care of their meals. Make sure their meals, sleeping arrangements, and accommodations are good quality. Prepare their travel with a meal plan. You are also to provide the cost for passports, luggage, and small cross shoulder bags.”

After I had heard the deaconess’s story, I was greatly shocked by the tremendous consideration by the Lord. I stood wordless and mindless for a moment. My wife and I had never had a chance to go on a honeymoon. In fact, we have never been on an airplane. We could never have dreamt of ever traveling on a romantic trip. I was speechless and in great awe with the Lord. I was in a daze. Then suddenly, I was overwhelmed by emotion that I could not express. My heart started to beat rapidly. I was almost able to hear my heart gradually race faster. No matter how much I tried to calm myself down, it was not easy.

January 2005 was the time when our church members and I began to awaken spiritually. We were also cold and literally hungry. That winter was very cold and we were basically in a basement church about 711 square feet size. Nine of us began our prayer crying out under extreme poor circumstances. It is now three years later. When I now reminisce about those days, it is only a hazy memory.
During that time, with fuel that depleted quite some time ago, in cold conditions, we restlessly and desperately fought with the forces of the devil and the evil spirits which seemed endless. We fought in extreme conditions with temperatures dropping below 15 degrees. We had nothing to eat. In hunger, we fought against the evil spirits and the demons during prayer. We did not know why they were coming against us. We did not know their purpose. As we breathed warm air onto our hands to keep warm, we faced and fought the evil spirits relentlessly. We were starving and we were shivering from the cold. The only thing we knew and had was our prayers. We could not even take warm showers or properly wash ourselves. Most of the time, we were only able to eat one meal a day and that was usually rice balls.
At that time, all nine of us including myself were focused on praying. Praying was our hope and we wanted to meet Jesus. Whenever we prayed, we were always engaging in almost a fist fight with the groups of evil spirits. We had many battles and eventually we became tired and sick. But in 2007, the Lord answered all of our prayers simultaneously. When I think about it, I am still flabbergasted. I am filled with so much emotion when I think of what the Lord had granted me. I quietly and ceaselessly stream tears of joy. The good news brought a joyous event to the original nine church members and to the new members who had entered after. Our situation proves how prayer is strong and powerful. We gave all the glory to the Lord.
Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen. (Ephesians 3:20-21)
Planning the pilgrimage trip created another new problem for me. The Lord wanted the original nine church members who had prayed throughout the 30 day prayer rally to attend the trip. But some new members who had participated at a later time wished they could go on the pilgrimage as well. I had become very stressed for a while over this dilemma. As we tried to decide, several months had passed and during this time the deaconess had dedicated $260,000 for the lease of the new building. The contract had been completed. We had been dreaming a ministry for the Lord in a larger building. Now, our dream had been accomplished with a 9400 square feet sized building.
The space was so large it appeared the cost for interior design would be enormous. We had originally decided to install zinc panels which were produced with Styrofoam. However, the Lord said, “Pastor Kim, even though this building is not your own, the Church is my body. Therefore, properly equip the interior. I will provide you with enough funds.” When it comes to decorating the temple of God, He would not be pleased with shabby materials or work. The Lord strongly persuaded us to decorate the interior thoroughly with elegance and beauty. Whenever we were short of funds during construction, the Lord had always provided us in the tens of thousands. When it came to funding issues, I was always anxious but money was unexpectedly provided. The Lord was always prepared and a step ahead of us.
The stages of church construction and preparing for the pilgrimage trip went smoothly. We accomplished both with much blessing. The husband of the deaconess who had financed us was in the business of debentures. I was curious to wonder what channels she was utilizing to fund the needs of the Lord’s Church. Regardless, the deaconess quickly worked out the proper procedure and channels to fund. It appeared the Lord had given her a powerful message. However, she could not fund the complete project.
God filled the deficiency of funds through various people who were touched and impressed with the five fire books. Of course, it was God who had touched them throughout the country. These people supported us financially and with their prayers. God also had the Lord’s Church contribute funding and prayer. As the Lord powerfully intervened, the construction work progressed smoothly like flowing water. There were no problems and we did not incur any additional debts from the construction. We stayed within budget. The aggregate cost for everything at the end was $450,000.
All activities within the Lord’s Church are done freely with a joyous heart and in happiness. We will continue in this way. Everything is done with self determination. There is no demand on anybody. There is no pressure to give special offerings or any other valuable goods. Everything is done voluntarily. The funds for the new building were provided without discordance or interference. God had completely prepared the way and it totally amazed us. We had especially devoted much prayer time for the interior designer. God had prepared a special interior designer who was like Bezalel.
And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, See, I have called by name Bezaleel the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah: And I have filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, and in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship, To devise cunning works, to work in gold, and in silver, and in brass, And in cutting of stones, to set them, and in carving of timber, to work in all manner of workmanship. And I, behold, I have given with him Aholiab, the son of Ahisamach, of the tribe of Dan: and in the hearts of all that are wise hearted I have put wisdom, that they may make all that I have commanded thee; (Exodus 31:1-6)
Someone had recommended an interior designer to us. The interior designer was a deacon from another church. His name was Kim, Sung Jong. He was also working in other related fields. He was known for providing his services pro bono for newly established churches with interior construction cost of under $3,000. Regardless, with his low rates, the total cost can be kept low. Many interior designers had come to assess the plans but I was not interested in anyone else. After I had met with Deacon Kim, Sung Jong, I had a strong feeling. “This is the one!”
Deacon Kim, Sung Jong had attended the all night prayer service daily. As he worked on the new building, he worked in joy. He then received the gift of tongue, prophecy, and other gifts as well. He eventually became part of the family of the Lord’s Church. God had given him a bonus of gifts. God also let him work on the construction of the church temple with a joyous heart. How amazing is that?
After the Lord had moved us out completely into the new church temple the Lord had us relax our minds so that we would start with a new mind set. A new mind set at the new location. Our prayers refreshed and we were ready for the new spiritual battle. It had been the long cherished desired answer by all the church members. The main sanctuary is 4270 square feet and we have a dining area, kitchen, rooms for men and women, a shower room, five private prayer rooms, disciple room, an intercessory prayer room, a broadcasting room, a library room, a furnished storeroom, separate bathrooms, an office, and etc. The Lord had prepared the perfect rooms. Now we can shout without concerning the neighbors, we had sound proof walls. Moreover, any visitor can come and rest as they attend the all year evening prayer meeting. The church was no longer lacking in anything or deficient. We were now ready as a prayer house or a full structured church.
* The Lord answered our prayer!
I have always wondered how the Lord views the construction of the churches in Korea. I wondered how He would answer my question in this matter. I have a question to ask and the reason I wish to ask is because I have an impulse to build a large church. It is natural for any pastor to build a larger church as their numbers grow. When a church is built, many variables and factors are considered based on the vision of the pastor and their faith. In some instances, we have witnessed many pastors build very large church buildings and generally the size is bigger than required and is built beyond expectation. One reason for this mistake is the pastor’s ambition. It is their ambition to accomplish something like this during their life time. The exterior of their churches are built enormously and with boastful dignity. However, in reality, they continuously suffer from heavy debt and interest. Moreover, their church members participate in the continuous debt through co signing these large projects. They all end up living in poverty.
Jesus said, “The excessive self vanity of pastors to show off combined with their religious philosophy has resulted in mistakes and side effects. I feel sorry for the church members who are trying to clean up their mess.” The Lord added that these churches will continue to live a taxing life after their extreme decisions. I replied to the Lord, “But Lord, what if a person contributed heavily for the construction of the church, will he/she be blessed as much? This is correct?” The Lord answered, “But still, one must perform wisely. They must build within their means!”
According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the foundation, and another buildeth thereon. But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon. (1 Corinthians 3:10)
I asked the Lord, “My beloved Lord, we have done nothing for you. How is it possible that you have blessed us by moving us into a larger spaced building? You have even prepared our pilgrimage trip. We are very grateful for your grace!” The Lord then laughed out loud and spoke to me.
“Hahahaha! What are you talking about Pastor Kim! Do you even know how much you have made the Father, the Holy Spirit, and I delightful? You and the Lord’s Church have prayed all throughout the night and have made Me so happy. I want to grant you a wonderful gift. How is that? Are you joyous?”
As I listened, stream of tears flowed down my cheeks. I said, “Yes, Lord! Thank you!” The Lord continued to speak with his soft and warm voice.
“Do not change, even to the end. Always please Father, the Holy Spirit, and I. You have experienced a difficult life so that you may go through the spiritual battles. I want to relieve of your fatigue by providing a pilgrimage trip. I will personally go on the pilgrimage trip with you. Let us go together! One more thing, from this moment forward, you will experience spiritual battles in a new dimension. Therefore, you must firmly prepare and arm yourself! Understood?”
Since the Lord mentioned spiritual warfare again, I became tensed. I thought to myself, ‘Now, is the Lord planning to extend the spiritual strategy internationally?” The Lord was now planning a new spiritual strategy. He commanded us to be prepared and ready to jump in. We were to prepare ourselves. The preparation is to read God’s Word and pray. However, the Lord’s strategy and tactic was for us to win some battles and be defeated by the evil spirits in some battles as well. He desired to make us matured battle harden generals. I had somewhat known this already.
During the construction stages of the interior for the new leased building, we all excitingly prepared over the pilgrimage trip. This was a historic trip ever in history for the Lord’s Church. The Lord had systematically put all things together so that after completing the construction in June 2007 and moving into the new building, we were able to make our pilgrimage trip.
Nevertheless, I was deeply troubled by the number of people participating in the pilgrimage trip. I did not know what to do since all the church members were competing over one another for the trip. I had no choice but to select the first fifteen people who had registered first with our church. However, I felt bad since there were many new members who had registered within one or two days of each other. But I had no choice, I had to omit some from the list but they did not give up in competing for the trip. They did not give up until the end. “Lord, I also want to go on the pilgrimage trip! Please send me!” They prayed in a unanimous voice.
As I witnessed the pilgrimage trip unfold, I was troubled. The expense for our trip was not progressing easily. The funds for the trip was being relied by an unknown deaconess. Being aware of that, I felt sorry and uneasy. But suddenly, the deaconess called me. “Oh, Pastor Kim! Why are you worrying so much over your pilgrimage trip? It is a very simple matter. Just take the original nine members. Why are you troubled so much?” I could not say anything. I just listened to her. At a later time, the deaconess had told me what the Lord had commanded her to do. “Daughter, what are you going to do since my servant Pastor Kim is in so much trouble? Add several more people to the list so that my servant does not have to worry anymore.”
At the end, fifteen were confirmed to go on the trip. However, now, the other new members begged me. “Pastor! Although I have been here for only a short time, I still would like to go. Send me! Please?” The remaining members who were not able to go on the trip desperately prayed. They prayed to go on the trip. They even resorted to pitifully beg and cling on me. I was once again troubled. “Lord, what do you want me to do? Should I not go?” As I worried, the deaconess called once again. “Oh, Pastor Kim, what has happened?” The deaconess told me that the Lord had once again commanded her. “My daughter, My servant is in trouble again. Therefore, add the remnant members for the trip.”
Now there were twenty members confirmed. Then it happened again. As I continued to worry, the Lord spoke to the deaconess. “Daughter, there are still more members that need to go on the trip.” The deaconess complained and pleaded, “Oh, Pastor Kim, what on earth is the number of people that you are taking on your pilgrimage trip?” I replied, “Well, if it is possible, I want to take all the church members with me. But since I am not able too, I will just take several more.” At the end, we had a total of twenty five people making the pilgrimage trip. This was all done through the Lord’s amazing grace.
The deaconess said as she laughed out loud, “Pastor, do not worry! Since you worry too much, the Lord had still come to me even though I was busy and exhausted.” The Lord said to me, “Daughter, even though I know you are very exhausted, do you have any idea what difficulties my servant Pastor Kim has experienced? He is very exhausted as well. Pastor Kim is dragged to hell on a daily basis. During the evening, his soul is brutally torn apart in hell. He is in unimaginable pain. The pain is physically as well. Therefore, I do not desire Pastor Kim to be concerned about this matter. Pastor Kim is directly experiencing the torments of hell so that he can warn others. He is on a mission to prevent people from going to hell. My daughter, I am asking you to take care of all of his financial obligations and the preparations for the pilgrimage trip. I do not desire for him to worry.”
Eventually, the deaconess labored and self sacrificed herself. She devoted herself to make our trip a reality. She took care of all the important matters to the trivial. The preparations for the pilgrimage trip were completed. We were to stay in five star hotels from Israel, Jordan, to Egypt. I heard we were going to obtain a high class limo service. We were to get a personal bus. It was a bus filled with luxurious amenities. The country only had two buses of that kind. I was so grateful. I expressed my gratitude with tears. The pilgrimage trip and the move to the new church building are results of beautiful fruits. The fruits were made possible through a devoted self sacrificed anonymous deaconess and through many believers.
Ye also helping together by prayer for us, that for the gift bestowed upon us by the means of many persons thanks may be given by many on our behalf. (2 Corinthians 1:11)


* Our pilgrimage trip accompanied by Jesus
The LORD hear thee in the day of trouble; the name of the God of Jacob defend thee; Send thee help from the sanctuary, and strengthen thee out of Zion; Remember all thy offerings, and accept thy burnt sacrifice; Selah. Grant thee according to thine own heart, and fulfill all thy counsel. We will rejoice in thy salvation, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners: the LORD fulfill all thy petitions. Now know I that the LORD saveth his anointed; he will hear him from his holy heaven with the saving strength of his right hand. Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God. (Psalms 20:1-7)
The Lord’s Church gradually revived and grew through the great work of our living God. Our pilgrimage trip progressed as planed. A festival atmosphere was in the air. Some of the church members who were not able to attend the trip were sad for a long time. “If I only knew, I would have come earlier. I would have registered my name sooner. I had been attending the church unofficially, not having registered. I postponed my registration from day one. Now, I am not able to go on the pilgrimage trip. I had registered late.”
I made sure a certain brother had made the pilgrimage list. He used to live and sleep on the park bench. He was greatly delighted. The brother was so impressed and happy. He said that he had never thought the pastor would think of taking him. The anonymous deaconess took care of the all the necessary arrangements for the trip. I did not have to worry a thing for the trip. I will never forget her diligent effort and dedication. I will always remember it throughout my life.
Jesus with great affection had pressed this pilgrimage trip to move forward. The Lord told the president of the travel agency to read the book, ‘Baptism of Blazing Fire.’ The deaconess had asked the president of the travel agency to prepare some of the travel arrangements. She asked him to make this trip a priority and treat it as VIPs. The trip would be accompanied by the members or characters from the fire book. However, this trip is special because Trinity God would be accompanying the church members.
On the last week of June 2007, we completed the construction of the interior for the church building. On July 9, 2007, the members of the Lord’s Church had a farewell service and after church we went home to pack our luggage. We rode a bus to the airport. The Lord also had four bags and He was accompanied by angels. “Saints of the Lord’s Church, I will accompany you on the pilgrimage trip. What do you think? Are you all happy and excited?” We all gladly replied, “Amen!”
At 8 PM we boarded on Korean Airline KE951. We were now on a plane flying toward the Promised Land. We had longed and dreamed for this moment. This was a life long dream and was pretty much impossible but now a reality.
My wife, Joseph, Joo Eun, Haak Sung, the some of the other members and I were on a plane for the first time in our lives. We were overflowing with excitement and emotions. We all shouted unanimously and continuously, “Hallelujah! Lord, Thank you!” My wife and I looked at each other and repeated. “How come the Lord loves us so much?” We were joyfully crying. Streams of tears ran down our faces. We were not aware of the Lord who had already joined us. He was sitting on our laps. “That is right, my beloved Pastor Kim and Saint Hyun Ja! You know I love you both very much. It is I who want to thank you for enduring many difficulties and suffering. Endure and labor even more from here after. There will still be many more difficulties ahead of you. When you face the difficulties in the future, I will expect you to endure. I love you.” As the Lord spoke, He patted and caressed our heads. He then rubbed His face against ours.
During our flight, I thought to myself, ‘Ah, I don’t think the Lord will take me to hell during the pilgrimage trip.’ I was excited and joyous. ‘I am very sure He will not take me during the pilgrimage trip. Hmmm, will He?’ I think my church crew was sensing what was on my mind. They all comforted me by stating, “Pastor Kim, you must be very happy. The Lord will definitely not take you to hell during our trip.”
The trip had been approved and ordered by the Lord. We pressed forward in the path of faith. We were on a vacation package trip. Coincidently, it was called the Exodus package, 10 nights and 11 days. The pilgrimage trip would take us around Israel, Jordon, and Egypt. We would be touring the place where Jesus had been born. We would also visit Galilee where the early Christians operated and other hot spots such as where the old and New Testament prophets and disciples performed their work. But when we arrived at the sights, we were disappointed. The sights were not what we had imagined. Most of the places reminded me of a Buddhist temple. It had become a place for a den of evil spirits and thieves. The demons were running wild and amok. In fact, it appeared the demons were enjoying their residence. Furthermore, wherever we went, there were numerous candles everywhere. It reminded me of the Buddhists and their temple and candles. The places were filled with burning incense and the areas were overflowing with merchants and vendors. I needed the Holy lash or whip to cast out the evilness.
As we arrived to the locations, we were attacked. The evil spirits attacked us in groups. However, throughout each location, we powerfully cried out in prayer and engaged the evil spirits. We were not going to be defeated. And on the other hand, we were actually very refreshed as we visited the strange surrounding areas. It was exciting to be on foreign soil. We were able to experience all this through the Lord’s grace. Our group visited three countries, Israel, Jordon, and Egypt. Once we arrived on foreign soil, we naturally became more patriotic. Our mind and thoughts were of our country. I had once heard someone telling me that when one leaves his/her country, it is natural to sense patriotism toward their home country. That sounded correct and our mentality gradually became one.
It has been 22 years since my wife and I had married. But we had never traveled together outside or inside our country on vacation. In fact, we had never been on a honeymoon. On our stay in Israel, during our time in the five star hotel, we secretly held our hands together and took a walk. We held hands when the other church members were not watching. It has been a very long time since we had time for one another. As we held hands, we were very nervous. We were afraid a church member might see us. Our hearts rapidly raced. We looked at each other and laughed out loud. Our children, Joseph (senior in high school) and Joo Eun (sophomore in high school) sensed that we wanted to be alone and gave us our space. “Dad! Mom! You have been through so many difficulties. We will let you spend some time together. Hold your hands. We love you!”
All the years of pain, discipline, and trials were now fading away. The memory and circumstances of that time was of continuous sorrows and trials. It was now all fading away like a page on a book to be flipped. Hallelujah! Lord, Thank you!
“Sing unto the LORD, O ye saints of his, and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness. For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favor is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.
Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing: thou hast put off my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness; To the end that my glory may sing praise to thee, and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give thanks unto thee for ever. (Psalms 30:4-5, 11-12)
Before we had departed on our pilgrimage trip, a staff member from the travel agency had visited the Lord’s Church to educate and advise us. Of all the materials we were to review, there was one very important thing that we had to engrave in our minds. The travel agent said that the Middle Eastern, Western, and European folks hate the odor of dried or roasted squid. The travel agent advised us not to bring squid. The agent told us to eat as much here before we left.
Nevertheless, people tend to do the opposite of what they are told. It doesn’t matter if they are children or adults. Our church members who attended the pilgrimage trip created a problem. Our church members had secretly brought dried squid. As we rode the tour bus for Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, they took the squid out and snacked on them. The odor of the squid filled the inside of the bus. During that time, the windows of the bus were closed tightly. All the church members had secretly brought various dried squid. Only my wife and I had complied and followed the advice of the travel agent.
Some of the Muslims in the Middle East are aware of scripture in the Bible. They consider fish without scales to be unclean. They especially despise squid because of the smell. The Middle Eastern bus driver had got a whiff of it.

The bus driver looked disgusted from the scent of the squids. As I observed the expression on his face, I noticed it to be contorted. It appeared as though the bus driver considered the odor of squid to be of the stench of feet. He grasped his nose and shook his face continuously from side to side. “Oh no!” He then opened his window and attempted to air out the bus.

I gave the church members a look with my eyes to put the squid away. Instead, they replied, “Why? You know how good this squid is. Why would you want us to put it away? Pastor, come join us and have some with us.” Oh, Korean people are so stubborn wherever they go. Even though I told them to put it away, I still snuck some for myself. At the end of the bus sat a policeman in plain clothes. This police officer was accompanying us on our tour. He was our security.

Our pilgrimage trip/tour did not have any problems or inconveniences. With the help of the deaconess and the staff from the travel agency, everything was thoughtfully prepared. We had truly experienced new and different places and events. There were many funny episodes, especially with the body odor or armpits of the locals. We were not pleased with their body odors just as they were not pleased with the smell of our food such as garlic and squid. It was most difficult when it came to the odor from their armpits. It was very hard for us to endure.

During our pilgrimage, the accommodation was of a five star hotel. It was the cream of the crop for that area. The food was great as well. We always had a high quality grade buffet. The presentation of the buffet was beautiful and it all looked very delicious. Our mouths were literally watering. But the food on display was not of any I recognized. I was not able to eat any of it. I could not even eat any of the fruits. I could not eat because all of the food in the buffet had a particular smell. The particular smell was on all the food including the fruits. I attempted to eat by pinching my nose but I failed to eat each time.
But just in time, some of the church members brought canned side dishes from Korea. I then ate off their food. I was very hungry. The Korean food tasted so good. I later found out that the unique or particular smell from their bodies is a spice. This spice is used in their food. They sprinkle the spices on their rice. It is almost like how the Korean people use salt and hot pepper paste when preparing our dishes. It seemed that it was just our group that was not aware of their particular spices. These spices are considered an intimate part of the Middle Eastern culture. This pilgrimage tour was a good opportunity for us to experience the traditional food culture of other foreign countries. We realized that it was not so easy to overcome the food culture.
Some of the church members and Joseph had quickly adapted to the food. They were eating very well. “Pastor, try one more time. It is good.” Now, I am reconsidering what the Korean missionary teams must be experiencing. They have left Korea to enter strange foreign lands to preach the gospel. They have overcome various cultural issues including the food. I can not ignore the feeling of how great they are to have sacrificed themselves.
I once heard a story from Brother Kwon, Pal Kyu and Sister Shin, Jae Lan who are living in the United States of America. This story occurred on campus when they happened to be college students. The Korean students were bullied by the local American college students. The Korean students were somewhat weak in power. The Korean students lost their patience and to get back at the local students, they brought dried squid. They ate the dried squid in front of the bullies. The bullies ran from the smell of the squid. Anyway, despite of the warning by the travel agent not to bring dried squid, the church members ate squid up to the last day of the tour. The stories that have resulted from eating dried squid from our trip have surfaced many times. They are stories that will be repeatedly told for a long time.
During the day, on our pilgrimage trip, we followed the road of Exodus. However, we had a constant battle with each of the region’s principality god for ten days. Among all of the events and experiences, there is one event that will dwell in our memories forever. Including our tour guide, we all were under the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit and His powerful anointing. We all cried out and prayed in the ancient places of Jerusalem, Galilee, and the other places where Jesus and His disciples had once walked or stayed. The Holy Spirit’s energy, hot fire, and anointing were baptized on us including the tour guide. We were granted the baptism with the Holy Blazing Fire. The tour guide who had traveled with us to various places fell on his back and onto the ground. Trinity God was accompanying us everyday and taking care of all meticulous matters. The tour guide testified that this was the first time in all of his tours where he had experienced the most powerful presence of the Holy Spirit. And the tour guide had taken many pilgrimage tours with other people throughout his career.
Later when I have an opportunity, I will plan to meticulously document the spiritual phenomenon that was shown to me during the Exodus pilgrimage trip. Our ten day pilgrimage trip accompanied by Jesus in the year 2007 was now ending. However, many incidents and trials were awaiting me.
With the conclusion of the pilgrimage tour, we spent the last night in Egypt at the best class hotel. It was called the ‘Cairo International Continental Hotel.’ After this night, we depart to Korea early in the morning. I thought to myself, ‘With the pilgrimage tour ending, perhaps, the Lord will start taking me back to hell once again.’ I was very nervous. Suddenly, the Lord appeared and spoke to me.
“My beloved Pastor Kim!” I replied, “Yes, Lord!” The Lord asked, “How was your trip? Wasn’t it nice? Anyway, we are behind schedule. We will be going back to hell now that the trip is completed. Prepare yourself!”
I cried out, “What, again Lord? Please give me a little more time! Oh, wait Lord!”
I knew it was time and I was not admitting to the facts. The Lord then instantly led me to hell before I was able to argue with Him. As I walked through the hotel lobby and into the hall before my room, I fell. With difficulty, my wife assisted me to our room. As soon as she helped me on to the bed, I screamed out very loud. I tumbled over the bed and then on to the floor. The pain of hell shrieked through my whole body. The next morning, I packed our belongings with much pain. I could barely move. All my joints and most of my body was aching and in pain. With the help of my wife and the youth group, I was able to board the airplane. They helped me to my seat.
I thought to myself, ‘Surely not here. There are too many people on the airplane and the flight is 15 hours. The Lord will not take me to hell from here. It is a full flight.’ The Lord then spoke to me. “Pastor Kim, we are behind schedule. Let us quickly go to hell!” He pulled my hand and I sullenly replied, “What! Lord? Here? The airplane is full, the area is narrow and the space is limited. How? How can I go to hell under these conditions? Lord, do you not think this is too much?” Jesus answered, “No, this is fine. I have already prepared to take you to hell. I have prepared some extra seats for you. Pastor Kim, do not worry about the narrow seats. If you do not believe me, ask your wife to ask the stewardess if there are any empty seats available.” In that instance, I fell to the floor aisle of the plane. I tried to limit my moaning since there were so many people on the plane. I attempted to keep silent while in pain.
There were many Korean people flying back to Korea. All the tickets were sold out. My wife returned to seat down and said to me, “Pastor, it is really unusual! All the seats are sold out but the Lord somehow has made the last row of four seats to be empty. You can lay down there, hallelujah!” As I saw my wife amazed, I thought to myself, ‘What! She is shouting hallelujah? Of course, it’s not her who is going to hell. It is me! How can the Lord take me to hell on an airplane?’ But I still thanked the Lord for His great consideration.

Suddenly, my prayer changed to gratitude. “Lord, who am I to be so concerned? I am only a sinner! Lord, what am I but only a sinner.” Although I was repeatedly going back to hell, I was grateful for the Lord’s help. I unceasingly cried with much tears. Our group returned safely back to Korea with the Lord’s special care.

Hallelujah! Lord, Thank You!


* Spiritual Warfare during the pilgrimage trip
Wherein ye greatly rejoice, though now for a season, if need be, ye are in heaviness through manifold temptations: That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ: Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ; (1 Peter 1:6-7, 13)
Before the trip and as we prepared for the pilgrimage, the evil spirits intervened in various ways. The evil spirits worked through some of the members’ dreams, particularly the ones who were attending the pilgrimage. satan was also able to use some people to give incorrect advice to the members attending the trip. In fact, some members with weak faith gave up on attending the pilgrimage trip even as they were in the middle of preparing their trip. The people who gave bad advice were people who claimed to have opened spiritual eyes and were fervent prayer warriors. They placed fear into the weaker brethrens as they spoke about plane crashes and terrorists. The members who with a weak faith cancelled and back out as they became anxious about their personal safety.
Until the day we departed, there was endless quarreling between those who were attending and those who were not attending the trip. We even had a strange incident with the deacon who was in charge of the interior designing. He almost died. The deacon’s tongue rolled backward and it caused him to suffocate. I was anxious and sweating throughout all the quarreling incidents until I departed. Moreover¸ the night before we departed, I was taken to the bottom of hell and my soul was brutally torn. I was able to feel the pain vividly on my physical body.
If one has a special faith, he/she will have to endure special tests and trials. A person with an extraordinary life of faith will have to go through special circumstances of trials and tests. God had an enormous amount of affection toward the righteous man, Job. As a result, God had accepted satan’s proposition. God wanted to test Job’s thoughts, character, and especially his free will of faith in God. The story of Job also reveals to us that God knew how far Job’s state of perseverance would last or go.
There are many characters and stories in the bible that reflect a similar rite of passage that Job experiences. They are all over the bible. From my perspective and opinion, it appears that our church is progressing and reflecting many of those stories in the bible. We are realizing this either directly or indirectly. The church members and I have always desired to be used by God in a unique way.
The Lord’s Church has frequently been put through many different tests. It did not matter whether we were holding a personal or group revival service. The various places were met with big trials and tests. Therefore, I had to heavily arm the members with prayer. Despite of heavy armed prayer, some of the members were defeated and some were victorious over their tests. This pilgrimage trip is no exception. In heaven, there are taxis, buses, trains, motorcycles, helicopters, tanks, and other vessels with offensive weapons such as submarines. On this trip, the Lord protected us by personally accompanying us and by bringing the vehicles of heaven.
The people who had their eyes spiritually opened had frequently witnessed the supernatural events and reported them to me.
At the same time, the forces of evil had also summoned their colleagues to confront us. They continued to harass and follow us. But since Jesus had always accompanied us, the evil spirits were not able to approach us very closely.

The Lord however had occasionally allowed the evil forces to attack us. Whenever that happened, some of the members fell to the ground and became severely ill. They were met with conditions of awful vomiting and body aches. It was a rude awakening for all of us. We had encountered a new international dimensional spiritual warfare.

During our flight, thousands of angels flew close to our airplane. They flew in a formation, in the shape of a ‘V’. The forces of the devil also gathered closely near the airplane from all directions. The evil spirits were repeatedly gathering and scattering like bees. The number of evil spirits was numerous as the sand on a beach.

They were piled up numerously a high as a mountain. The airplane unknowingly flew through them. It turned out that the spiritual warfare in the foreign countries was just as if not more serious.
Our church members with curiosity and excitement went on sight seeing tours during the day time during our pilgrimage trip. However, I as the leader had to lead the spiritual warfare. Whenever it became evening, I became tenser. Nevertheless, the subordinates of the devil would still attack me whether it was day or night. I would be attacked in the restaurants, the hotel, the swimming pool area, or in the bus.


* The principality that oversees Egypt
We departed on July 9th and arrived in Egypt on the next day. Once we arrived, a sight seeing tour was set up to view the National Museum, the pyramids, and the sphinx. Our first night was spent in a hotel located under Mt. Sinai. Joseph and several members were already being attacked by the forces of evil. With Joseph, he told us that he was verbally abused. They said, “That 5^@#%!, why have they come here?” The attack happened while we were sight seeing the three tourist areas, the National Museum, the pyramids, and the sphinx. Since Joseph was unprepared, he was struck in the head. He said that his head felt like it had been cracked. He was in unbearable pain. Jesus then instantly appeared and applied His blood over Joseph’s head. Joseph gradually became better and healed.
I went to bed at 10:30 PM since we had an early morning mountain climbing trip. But I could not sleep. I kept tossing and turning. Since I could not sleep, I thought about the main characters in the Exodus event. I was then suddenly attacked by the principality of Egypt and by the evil spirits from Mt. Sinai. The evil spirits of Egypt were aided by the evil spirits that had followed us from Korea. I was very startled and appalled by the voices and the freakish laughter of the evil spirits, “HEHEHAHAUHUH.” My wife who was sleeping next to me was already snoring and in her deep sleep. She was very tired from the trip.
I felt awkward and strange since the Lord was not in my sight. I could not even feel His presence in this critical moment. The offensive weapons that I had been granted by the Lord were all taken away. Usually, when other believers are attacked by the devil, the Lord assists by granting them more weapons. Now, I wondered why God is allowing me to be helplessly beaten up again. I am sometimes sad of this fact. I am sad because I am placed in these spiritual situations and in need of critical help. But what can I do? This is the will of the Lord.
“I am the principality god of Egypt! I am glad to be confronting you! You will taste pain!” The demon prince then made a sudden attack on my calves. Both my calves became paralyzed. I did not even have a minute to defend myself. I instantly fell to the floor and tumbled around screaming. I was not able to ascertain which demon or evil spirits were attacking me anymore. The pain was unbearable.

I shouted, “Which one of you is attacking me?” I saw a huge evil spirit, the size of a mountain in front of my eyes. He looked like a gypsy, unkempt and shabby. His hair was long and messy. The evil spirit gypsy insanely ran wild as he bawled and squalled.

“Why have you come here?! Who do you think you are? Have you come all this way to torment us?” They all then attacked me. The evil spirits had poisoned my calves and the poison was gradually spreading throughout my body. As the demons saw me in pain, they rejoiced, “Hahahaha! This one turns out to be nothing, not even a close match! Hehehehe.” Being tormented, my wife somehow sensed my battle and woke up from her deep sleep.
“Ah, honey?” I replied, “Oh, hurry, massage my legs! I was just attacked by evil spirits. The poison is gradually spreading throughout my upper body. Quickly stop it with Holy Fire and by praying in tongue!” Lying on the floor, I shouted out ‘Holy Fire.’ My wife then engaged and confronted the forces of evil with enormous Holy Fire.
“Oh, hot!” The groups of evil spirits of Egypt screamed loudly in pain as they were met with Holy Fire. The evil spirits became dust and instantly disappeared.
The evil spirits never give me any time to rest. It doesn’t matter whether I am sleeping or awake. They attack me day and night. Therefore, I am not able to let my guard down. The groups of evil spirits relentlessly attacked us until we departed Egypt.


* The Principality god of Israel
July 14, 2007 – We checked into the hotel located by the lake of Galilee. As I was about to fall asleep, a very small sized snake quietly approached me. When it reached me, the small snake transformed itself into an enormous golden yellow snake. The size of the snake was a large as a mountain. The snake hissed and exposed its deadly fangs as it drew even closer.
“You little brats, how dare you come to my region?”
It has already been two days since we had arrived in the land of Israel. I was nervous on the inside since the evil spirits had not confronted me to my face. Eventually, they disclosed their true colors. The Lord urgently appeared and spoke to me.
Pastor Kim, this evil snake spirit is ancient. It is a very old evil spirit. It has existed from great antiquity. This is the same evil spirit that had tempted my people in the wilderness. This evil spirit still works currently in the various places of Israel with the support of the lower rank evil spirits of lust.
As soon as the Lord finished speaking, a different enormous golden yellow snake attacked me. It was able to coil around me. It appeared and looked like a dragon. I screamed and fell to the floor from my bed. I battled the snake tumbling around with it. I shouted, “Holy Sword, Holy Sword!” But the Lord did not grant me the sword. The Lord was making me fight the snake with my bare hands. “Ah, it is too slippery!” The snake had me coiled with its tail. I could smell an awful nasty odor. The body of the snake was covered with a disgusting type of oil. I was not able to get a grip of it. As I tried to grab a hold of its body, I would lose any grip. The snake was too slippery. I then began to vomit. “Lord, please give me the strength!”
As the Lord watched closely, He finally granted me something unique. I was granted a special glove worn on my left hand. The glove was covered with a non slip resistant material. My hand would no longer slip. In fact, the glove helped me stick onto the body of the snake. It was adhesive like super glue. With the glove worn on my left hand, I used my left hand to climb up toward the head of the monstrous snake. The golden yellow snake with all its strength and effort attempted to bite me. It tried to make me fall off his body. It then sent out a strange signal to call the other snakes of lust.
The snake I was battling had a color that looked like a mixture of desert sand and deep mud yellow. I then saw multiple groups of white snakes rushing toward me. From a distance, they appeared in different forms and shapes. The numerous snakes appeared to be filling all of the earth and the surrounding atmosphere. But I continued to focus on the one I was fighting. I assumed that if I defeated this one, the rest of the lower ranked ones would be follow suit.

Finally, the Lord granted me the strength to reach the head of the snake. I reached the neck area of the snake. I secured myself by sitting on its neck as if I was sitting on a horse. I then grabbed its upper and lower chin. I shouted, “Lord, please give me the strength!” As I shouted with all my strength, I ripped the mouth of the snake. Within that instant moment, the snake screamed in torment with a roaring sound and disappeared. My whole body was covered with sweat. I eventually fell to the floor from exhaustion.

As I groaned in exhaustion, I was barely able to speak, “Ahhh, Lord, Lord.” My wife approached me and said, “Oh my, did you just experience an awful battle, in this place? Was it difficult?” She handed me a cup of cold water and began to massage my body. The Lord stood silent but gave me a look of satisfaction.
I am once again greatly thankful for the fact that the Lord did not take me to hell during the time of the pilgrimage trip. If it wasn’t for the trip, I would have been visiting hell each night. On the other hand, I was still very nervous because I thought the Lord may change His mind. Nobody knows, He may still take me to hell.


* The principality god of Jordon
July 15th, 2007, it was a Sunday and after service we moved to the location of the pilgrimage. We toured Zoar which was the place where Lot’s family had escaped too. We then toured the cave where Lot and his two daughters lived. Afterwards, we toured the land of the Ammonites, Moabites, Gilead, and etc. Lastly, we arrived at our hotel, ‘Petra Golden Tulip Hotel.’ Watching the beautiful scenery, I did not want to go to bed early for some reason. My wife and I went out from the hotel and went for a walk. We enjoyed our time, it was peaceful. It had been a long time since we had some time to converse and speak what was on our minds. We made sure we did our best for the Lord and His ministry even though we did not know how much time was given to us. We shared what was on our minds. We spoke of our desires, wishes, and prayers. We had hoped the Lord would grant us the information of spiritual warfare ahead of time. Spiritual warfare is costly. It can momentarily and gradually suffocate us.
Even when we share and enjoy our time together, Jesus is always sitting between us. He was enjoying our conversation and He expressed His love to us in various ways. It became very late and we returned to the hotel room. I then once again sensed spiritual tension arising. We were lying in our beds. We had a room with two beds. We each had our own bed. We decided to pray and go to sleep. Finally, the evil spirits that are assigned to the Jordan area arrived. If one knows their enemy, it is more easily feasible to win the battle. Some time passed but the forces of evil did not completely expose themselves. I asked the Lord, “Lord, Lord, please let me see them.” But I did not sense the presence of my Lord.
I know the Lord is always present but sometimes we are barely able to recognize His presence. And that would be at His discretion. The Lord already knows all things. He accurately assesses all the spiritual battles. Moreover, He is always gazing at me. I never have a choice in this matter; I must engage and battle with the evil spirits. God desires me to enter and go through the spiritual battles. He is the one who leads me into such circumstances. It appears that the Lord enjoys the dramatic  outcomes for the saints. Therefore, He expects us to have a natural nature of persevering faith which does not get discouraged. (Psalms 24:10, 16)
As time passed, I was able to gradually see the forms of the evil spirits. All of them appeared wearing deep black yellow tattered hemp clothing. Their number was so great, it was impossible for me to count. An unimaginable amount of evil spirits appeared in all different shapes and colors. It looked as though all the beggars in the world had gathered in this one spot. All of them possessed different kinds of conventional weapons.
The Lord said, These evil spirits have the power to make people lazy, lethargic, and poor. Once the evil spirits capture a person, it is very difficult for their victim to escape. And among the multitudes of the evil spirits stood the leader, he wore a black mantle. He then threw a harpoon at me. The harpoon was very long and frightening. The harpoon was one a whale ship would used to hunt whales. It happened so quickly that I did not have a chance to move or avoid the harpoon. I was pierced near my heart. Once I was struck, I fell to the ground screaming and tumbling. The harpoon pierced my heart and the devil’s sticky poisonous liquid began to spread throughout my body. As the devil’s poison spread, I was gradually losing consciousness. I was also getting dizzy and hazy.
I groaned with a weak voice. I could barely be heard. “Lord, awww, Lord. Please help me. My wife, please do something. Hurry, help me.” But my wife was in a deep sleep. She was exhausted from the trip and did not even know what was happening. My body was numb from the poison. The poison spread throughout my whole body, I lost strength and could not even move a finger.
The leader of the evil spirits shouted out, “Oh yes! Cheers! Finally, Pastor Kim is defeated and on the floor! Attack, all of you attack!” Afterwards, the second in command sliced my stomach opened with his frightening sharp knife. My stomach was being sliced and split opened. I screamed in pain, “Ugh! Ugh! Lord, save me!” It didn’t matter how loud I screamed, the Lord did not come to assist me. I could not even feel His presence.  Additional groups of evil spirits appeared and attacked me in concert. With all my strength, I was able to groan in pain. “awww…”
When I attempted to make some noise, the evil spirits covered my mouth. They did not want my wife to wake up. The wicked evil forces tore and ripped into me. I could not move a muscle. Tears, drool, and sweat dripped and wetted the mattress of the bed.
After a long period had passed, my wife sensed the situation and woke up. She then came over my bed. “Honey, what is happening? Were you attacked again? Oh, why do they not attack me? Those evil spirits do not even let you rest, not even on our trip.” She felt sorry for me and began rubbing my body. She massaged my body as she silently prayed in tongue. She tried to bring me back to full consciousness. I was very grateful for her care. After the battle, the Lord finally appeared and spoke comforting words to me. Pastor Kim, do you now understand and realize the ruthless reality of the spiritual world? The Lord grieved over His beloved people who had forgotten the spiritual reality. They were now living their lives attached and focused on the physical reality.


* A pair of rainbows
Before we had left for the pilgrimage trip, the Lord had told us that more than half of the members attending the trip would eventually fall away from the Lord’s Church. He told us not to be weakened or discouraged but rather prepare for the change. Moreover, some general members not attending the trip will also move away. I asked the Lord, “My Lord, why does it have to be this way?” The Lord replied, Their assignment with you has ended. I will send more laborers to you. Do not worry, Pastor Kim!
The deaconess who had financed and prepared our pilgrimage trip had also prophesized this situation. Some other members of the Lord’s Church with opened spiritual eyes had also concretely prophesized. I was very dismayed.
I have experienced many fierce battles with the forces of evil. I have also experienced many difficulties and obstacles. Each day has been a bloody spiritual warfare. Painful tests and trials were always waiting for us. The devil had scattered all the members who were called to be soldiers for the Lord.
And sure enough, more than half the members who had attended the pilgrimage trip had fallen away. All the ones who had fallen away gave evasive excuses why they could not attend church. However, it was the Lord who had told me that it was Him was allowing a change. After the pilgrimage trip, I had tried to engage in the spiritual warfare with a new refreshed mind but satan had discouraged and exhausted me. My physical body gradually became weak and I was in great psychological pressure. I felt like I was going to fall into a spiritual slump.
On August 12, 2007, 5 AM, after finishing Sunday early morning service, I sat on the sofa in the office. I then heard my wife and Deaconess Maria shouting, “Pastor, look out the window! Wow! There is a pair of rainbows!” I went to the roof to get a better look. I mumbled to myself, “What is this? It had not even rained the day before. How is a pair of rainbows showing up in the morning when the weather is bright and clear?” Within that moment, I heard the voice of the Lord. My beloved Pastor Kim, I know you are tired and going through difficulties. I will protect and bless you twice more than my servant Noah. The pair of rainbows has been shown to you as my promise. Therefore, do not be discouraged. Look close at the twin rainbows. This is the evidence that I am with you.
The middle peak of the twin rainbows touched the tower of our church where the bell was located. The rainbows lasted more than 30 minutes. They were so vivid. It was a marvelous experience to witness rainbows in such close proximity. I had only seen rainbows as a small child from far distances. Deaconess Maria, my wife, and I stood in front of the rainbows until they disappeared. We then returned to the office.
When evening came, Pastor Gong, Tek Mo and his family with some of his church members arrived to the Lord’s Church. They were once again visiting us from the city of Jedlanam-do Goseong. Surprised, I said, “Oh, pastor, you have traveled so far to come and visit us again.” Pastor Gong explained, “We have come to visit you per request of the Lord. Our Lord has commanded us to come, comfort, and cheer you up Pastor Kim. He has told us that you are going through a difficult time.”
Just to comfort one person, the Lord has sent Pastor Gong and his party from the city of Gokseong which is some distance away. I am only a sinner and I am humbled to know how the Lord is so concerned about me. I am only a sinner who has committed sins.
* King Crab Party
Offer unto God thanksgiving; and pay thy vows unto the most High: And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me. (Psalms 50:14-15)
Believers who are rescued from their tribulations must glorify and honor God. Nevertheless, if we glorify and honor God in all circumstances, God will save and bless us. The Lord’s Church had knocked and asked God with many prayer requests. God answered all the prayers precisely. After all these years as I look back, I could see how the Lord had dramatically worked on our behalf.

The Lord was responsible for moving our church. Our church was small and very limited. Now, He has moved us to a larger spaced church. Furthermore, it was the Lord who had made it possible to go on the pilgrimage trip. Only the Lord knows how we had toiled for many years in prayer. Now, He has also moved my family to a larger spaced home. But we had not seriously prayed for a house for the family, it was more casual than with urgency. However, God had powerfully intervened and had worked all things up to the smallest details. He had not missed a single prayer request.

One day, Deacon Kim, Jong Sup asked a prayer request. He was the brother in charge of the interior design for our new church building. “Pastor, before the end of this month (November 2007), I must buy a fixer upper, repair it, and move in. Please pray for me.” I instantly replied, “Really? I also think it is my time to move to a place closer to the new church building. Let us bet on who will find a place and move in first!” Of course, I was only joking. In reality, the deacon had already bought a house from an auction. He was already in the process of repairing and renovating the property. On the contrary, I was still living in my small spaced rental home 462 square feet located near the previous basement level church.
My wife and I had been praying for a new home. Our prayer did not really make sense. “Lord, there are newly built apartments located near the new church. The place is called Hankook apartments. Please move us into the 1708 square feet sized apartment. They have four bedrooms! We would like to live there! My beloved Lord! I know this prayer request is a bit carnal and silly but nevertheless.”
My prayer request is closely aligning to my greed and desires but I am requesting for a larger spaced apartment for my own personal reasons. My family has always lived in rentals.  From the inception of our church and through the years of establishing our foundation, we had always lived in poverty. Living in a large spacious home is only a dream to us. But since we are free to pray for our individual needs, I pray for what we need. Since scripture states to ask, well, I asked for a 1708 square feet sized new apartment, especially Hankook Apartments.
Deacon Kim quietly stated that he was already in the process of renovating the interior of his new property. But I had guaranteed Deacon Kim that my family would be the first ones to move into the new place before he did. I said, “If I move in first to my new home, I will have a king crab feast for all the church members.” Of course, I was half heartedly joking.
Surprisingly, my omniscient and omnipotent God answered my prayer. He moved my family to the Hankook Apartments with a floor plan of 2708 square feet by the end of November 2007. He had moved us before the full season of winter. Deacon Kim was still busy working on the renovation of his home. I had won the unofficially bet.
Most of the members of the Lord’s Church live in poverty. They all live in rentals. As the Lord moved my family from a small limited rental to a large spacious apartment, I felt sorry and was overwhelmed with gratitude towards the church members. I asked the Lord, “Lord, I feel uncomfortable. My family is the only one to move into a new spacious residence. What should I do?” The Lord replied.
Pastor Kim, what are you talking about? Until this day, you and your family have endured my years of my discipline, pain, and trials. I am now therefore blessing you. As you endured all the previous years, you were afflicted inside your heart. There were always tears behind your laugh and smiles. I know it well! Hereafter, I will greatly bless you, your family, and your church members. I will wipe away all your tears! In order for your church members to be blessed, you must be blessed first. Therefore, do not feel sorry or guilty about it.
Jesus had already appointed and planned the 2708 square feet sized apartment at Hankook Apartments. We deposited $90,000 and no monthly fee or rent was required. The inside was already completed with interior decorations. The Lord had prepared this place for us. All the church members greatly rejoiced and shouted in unison, “Hallelujah!” They rejoiced with me. Despite of their difficult financial situations, they provided for our home appliances. Initially, I resisted their assistance but they insisted on providing.
God had also sent a new member who owned an electronic retail store. He was a deacon and his name was Nam, Young il. He had registered with the Lord’s Church and into our family. God used him to fill my large spaced apartment with appliances. God then blessed Deacon Nam.
My wife, children, and I were all carried away in amazement. God had precisely filled all of our needs. He filled our needs not only for our family but for the church and its members. What God has done for our lives stunned us. I do not know how all of the blessings occurred and they occurred one after another. We were very blessed and grateful.
I have always had to look out for the members of the Lord’s Church. Especially for the members who had cried out throughout many long nights. They had cried out daily while living in poverty. I wanted to feed them the best and most delicious food. By God’s grace I had moved into a large spacious apartment and I wanted to host a feast. I wanted to host a king crab feast with all the members of the Lord’s Church including all the other people who attend the all night prayer meetings. The folks in the Lord’s Church do not distinguish what is yours or mine, we all share.
While I was praying in the pulpit, the Lord gave me a sign to go to Noryang Jin Fisheries Wholesale Market. I left the church with some deacons, deaconesses, and youths to the market at around 3 AM. We were just in time to buy live fresh king crabs. We bought a total of 16 cases of 160 crabs. It was a large amount of crabs. I later found out that the market usually do not have so much live fresh king crabs. I shouted out to the loud in my local accent. “My beloved Jesus, you know the conditions of the Lord’s Church members. I feel sorry for them, they live in poverty. They have no one to depend on but you Lord. I have bought many king crabs to feed them. Please bless them. I firmly believe that you feel as good as I am right now!”
The Lord laughed with grandeur, Hahahaha! During that time, a couple from the USA was visiting our church. Brother Kwan, Pal Kyu and Sister Shin, Jae Lan were among many others who visited our church. We fed the guests as well and had as much as we wanted. We estimated one person could eat up to three crabs. What was left, we let our church members take home.
The Lord’s Church has the heart of community. All the members are in accordance with each other. Everyone in church are rejoicing and living a faithful life in Christ. They are able to pray and rest as much as they want. Everyone volunteers to serve the church. The folks at the Lord’s Church are overflowing with joy and brotherly love. No one is alienated; all the believers love one another with the love of Christ in close fellowship. Currently, we are praying with bigger visions. The content of our prayers may seem foolish but if the Lord permits our requests with financing and circumstances, our dreams will come to pass.
If the Lord grants us a 1,779,500 square foot area near the Incheon International Airport, we can plan to build an apartment. We would use this apartment to house people who are financially struggling. The apartment units would then be given to them gratuitously. We are also praying to build a larger church and mission center. A larger church and mission center can host many visitors from foreign countries. The foreign visitors would be greatly blessed. I wish to arrange a bridge for intercessory prayer ministries between Korea and the world. And of course, the core purpose is for the salvation of souls. I once again expect the amazing blessing of the Lord. Hallelujah!
* Mohave (name of car)
God is very pleased with believers who cry out to Him day and night in prayer. The content of the prayer does not really matter. For example, when children repeatedly ask their parents over and over for something, the parents generally become annoyed. Even though they may be their children, parents can be annoyed. The Lord on the other hand will always answer our prayers only when we seek, ask, and cry out to Him. It does not really matter how we may look when we pray. The Lord loves believers who are poor and destitute. The answers to our prayers are equal to His promises and therefore will eventually come to pass. So if we give all the glory and glorify Him in all our circumstances or whatever we do, God will deliver us and bless us.
For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly. O LORD of hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in thee. (Psalms 84:11-12)
On February 2008, the Lord granted us a new gift. The Lord’s Church is steadily growing everyday. Generally, it is people who are in difficult and deteriorated situations or circumstances that end up in our church. Perhaps, it is God’s will for our church to embrace the sheep that are in greater need of help. They are the sheep that have been most damaged by life. We use to have a van for church use in which our family utilized. But now, through some members of the church, we have received a gift. The gift is a brand new car for the private use of our family.
One day, I was having a conversation with one of our deacons, Song, Byung Soo. The conversation was as follow, “Pastor, I am having many tedious problems with my car. I have had this car for quite some time. I will begin to pray for a brand new car. I will pray for the ‘Mohave.’ The ‘Mohave’ is a new Kia model that has just come out and it is an SUV.” I replied, “Is that right? What kind of car is that Deacon Song? Since gas prices has risen, I, myself wish for a small sized car. Hhhhmmm, Deacon Song, should I ask the Lord to grant me the car you are praying for?”
Acting childish, the deacon and I betted who would get their prayer answered first. Is it the Lord’s will to answer the prayer of the pastor or lay believer first? It wasn’t a real bet of any significance, it was just for fun. I was not very serious about our conversation. I took it very light. However, the deacon took our friendly bet seriously. Deacon Song and his wife Kim, Soo Kyung eagerly began to pray for a ‘Mohave’ car.
I thought to myself, ‘Well, I can’t believe the childish acts I am participating with the members of the church.’ But as I witnessed Deacon Song and his wife seriously praying and asking, I became challenged. As a result, my wife and I began to pray with the same enthusiasm.
Two weeks passed and I would have never dreamed that the Lord would answer my prayer so promptly. The price of the Kia Mohave is not such an inexpensive car. With limited options, the price would not change that much. The price for the Mohave is generally more than $60,000. With various taxes and other fees, it would be more than $70,000 by the end of the day. I even personally went to a dealer and test drove the car. There is a reason why this car is relatively expensive. The seats are very comfortable and soft and the car handles very smoothly. The engine required the higher grade of gasoline but there was almost no noise from the engine. My heart was taken away. I now realized why so many people desire the more expensive cars.
Middle class households generally cannot afford such an expensive SUV. Although I was praying, I was also in doubt at the same time.  ‘This car does not apply for us or our situation. Will God really grant us such a vehicle?’ But God surprisingly worked on our behalf. One late evening, I received a phone call from an unknown deacon. “Pastor, I would like to meet you at your house in private.” I was curious to know what type of subject he wanted to discuss. I wondered if it was a serious matter for he had to come a long way to my home. In that evening, the deacon and his wife arrived and he began discussing on procuring a vehicle. “Please choose a car from either Hyundai or Kia. Please choose as you desire. Pastor, God has impressed on me to provide you with a vehicle for your household. Pastor, there are a few new models that have entered the market such as the Sonata, Sorento, Santa Fe, and the New Granger. I was going to bring you some catalogs to browse but it slipped my mind. I will come visit you again and bring you a catalog in two days.”
I was very grateful to the Lord. However, I repeatedly refused and said, “Deacon, it is alright, you do not really have to do this. I will thankfully accept your heart.” The deacon and his wife insisted until I gave in. “No pastor, this is my mission and it is an offering to God. I witness you visit hell every day. I desire you to be comfortable when driving.” I replied, I know if you also in a difficult financial situation, I rather choose a smaller sized car such as the Matiz. However, they continued to be insistent.
Two days later, the deacon and his wife returned with a car catalog. I whispered in my wife’s ear. “Honey, we prayed that God grant us a Kia Mohave.” We watched to see how the Lord would work. Suddenly, the deacon said, “Pastor, it is a very strange thing.” I asked, “What happened?” They began to meticulously explain the situation.
“After we had finished our day, we hastily arrived at the Hyundai dealer to pick up a catalog. However, all of their catalogs were out. We then went to the other dealers but they were all out of catalogs as well.” They then arrived at the Kia dealership and the dealer was all out of catalogs except for the Kia Mohave SUV. They decided to visit other Kia dealerships but the dealers were all out of catalogs except the Kia Mohave. A salesperson finally handed a catalog of the Mohave and said, “This is a new model. They have just recently arrived to the dealers. It is a very nice vehicle.” The deacon and his wife stated that the only catalog they were able to bring was the Mohave brochure. They opened up the catalog and gave a strange uneasy expression. “Pastor, I guess you must choose the Mohave.”
My wife and I were very amazed at the meticulous work and care of the Lord. He had completely intervened. Our jaws dropped to the floor. I then explained in detail how we prayed for a new car, especially the Mohave. The deacon and his wife were very amazed and thankful. “Pastor, Mrs. Kang Hyun Ja, the Lord must especially love you two very much. He has used us to bless you.” I greatly give thanks to the Lord. I did not know how to express my gratefulness to the Lord for his compassion for us. My eyes were full of tears. In that moment, I heard the Lord’s small voice.
My beloved Pastor Kim and Saint Kang, Hyun Ja, you are leading a daily services in which I am very well pleased. I am delighted. Father and Holy Spirit are also in agreement with Me. I want to grant you everything you need and desire. However, this is nothing compared to what is coming. I will gradually grant you more blessings. Therefore, do not change and always continue to please Me, understand?

Several days ago, the Holy Spirit continued to touch my head and face. It appeared that Trinity God was happier than my wife and I was. I continued to ask, “Deacon, this Mohave SUV is really mine, correct?” The deacon replied knowing what was in my thoughts. I was thinking of eventually selling it at a later time and purchasing a smaller vehicle. “Why do you ask pastor? You can not sell it no matter what. I have made some arrangements to prevent you from selling the vehicle.” We all laughed out loud. After several days later, I was able to pick up the Mohave. The SUV was the newest and most expensive car in my neighborhood.

But as I drove the car, part of my heart was filled with burden. The members of the Lord’s Church were all poor and in difficult situations. I could be seen as a rich arrogant corrupted pastor in their eyes. I continued to worry and the Lord finally said, Pastor Kim, do not be so concerned. You have the right to enjoy the blessings I have granted you. In order for the church members to be blessed, the pastor must be blessed. But there are many who misuse the blessings in a carnal manner.
Since my wife, children, and I have always lived in a difficult and poor manner, this kind of luxury did not suit us very well. It was hard getting used too. I was very concerned with the views of my relatives, the church members, and other people. When we pray at the Lord’s Church, the Lord answers the prayers of the pastor’s family first. This has been a challenge for the church members.
“Pastor gets his prayers answered first! Let us pray to have our prayers answered as well.” They were motivated. With the pastor prayer answered, the deacon and his wife were all fired up to zealously pray. The church members also asked me to treat them to a feast.
If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. (John 15:7)
* Prophetic words given by the Lord
On October 17th, 2007 at 1:30 AM, we received a Word from the Lord through a female pastor for Pastor Kim. This particular female pastor was from the city of Bucheon. We documented the words in order to disclose it on book five.


Pastor Kim: My beloved Lord, please give words and your view on the current condition of the Korean churches and Christians.
Jesus: The world is covered with red light crosses. Most of the churches are not attentively listening to My voice. They are full of human greed. They listen to the voice of their congregation and are too busy trying to satisfy them. My beloved servant, I desire my words to be proclaimed to the world through you. My word is to be the fire and the gospel that goes into the world. I desire this to be the opportunity to awaken my servants who most are in error. The people’s perceptions of value, scale, growth, revival are not in accordance with my standard. I do not approve of their ways. Their ways have nothing to do with my thoughts and plan but they continue to build up their own tower of Babel. There are numerous amounts of people who are building their own towers.
There are many people who ask for the filling of the Holy Spirit but only through their lips. They say they want love and mercy. They praise, worship, and even pray with their lips. They say they know a lot of their Lord and God but it is with their lips. But they are self centered. They only ask and proclaim according to their knowledge, safety, and convenience. They do not proclaim what I desire.
My beloved servants, my sheep who belong to Me! Many will point fingers at you. Many will disapprove of you. Perhaps some will say that you are insane. Some will persecute you claiming you are only one sided. They will all say that you are out of your mind.
My beloved servants, my beloved sheep, they say many words are proclaimed like waves of the sea and currents of the sea. They say many sermons are proclaimed according to wisdom, knowledge, and edification. But it is not what I truly desire. I do not approve! I want it pure and simplified.
To all who love to dress up in beautiful clothes and show off, to all who love to go out standing on an intersection, shouting and boasting of yourselves, you love to show off! To all who are so busy boasting of yourselves through the media and TV, I feel pity on you!
Many of my sheep are listening to their voices. Many of my sheep are admiring them. The world is experiencing where my sheep are blinded by such people. My sheep are ignorant. They do not know the way of the real truth. Therefore, my sheep must awaken and listen to my voice. I do not pursue things that are fancy, I do not pursue knowledge. I only pursue love, truth (sincerity) and mercy. In the future, many various kinds of tribulation and opponents will arise with the work of the Lord’s Church ministry. When this occurs, all of you must listen carefully to the Lord’s voice. Do not lean toward either the left or right but have your hope in heaven. Do not be shaken or swayed but understand and apprehend the secrets of heaven.
I have already stated that one can not stand without the power of the Holy Spirit in this last generation. Do they know righteousness? Do they know faith? They say they believe and have faith in God. They say they give glory and exalt God. But eventually, they achieve their purpose and desire to show themselves in front of people. It was not for Me but it has always been for themselves. They have always wanted to be better than everybody else.
My people must truthfully pray for my beloved servants who are placed on the altar. They must pray as though they are watchmen. This is the generation of evil people. Therefore, this evil generation will not leave my servants alone. They will attempt to trample and kill my servants by any means. Technology and instant transfer of information will assist in rapidly spreading out accusations. My people need to be the shield of protection. Protect my servants with the shield of prayer. Stand firm on the Word and do not be shaken. Be strong as a rock. My people, you will make it through the prayer that is built on a rock. Everything must be done whole heartily.
Pastor Kim: “My beloved Lord, at this time there are some church members who have left the church and formed their own group. They call the people to their homes and prophesize, interpret, and perform deliverance. Lord, what is your view on this matter?”
Jesus: My beloved children who have left, I desire to call you. I want to pour down a clean pure solid gold Spirit. I want to give you the Word with a clean clear crystal water Spirit, not mixed with anything. But because you are arrogant and conceited, you do not pay attention. You do not listen to my Words I speak to you. You are arrogant and busy exhibiting yourselves. When you think you hear something, when you think you see something, when you think you feel something, you consider yourself bigger than Me. Instead of listening to my Word, you behave according to your thoughts.
My beloved children, you must listen carefully. If your soul is not clean, if your soul has a blemish, satan will exploit that blemish even if it is a small one. The enemy will exploit your body and use it as their weapon. Like the people who have left your group, you can become a spirit of darkness just like them if you are not able to discern yourself. One must always discern and judge oneself. If one is not able to discern oneself, one’s eyes and soul will become dark. Thereafter, one will not be able to discern anything and one will not be able to hear any person’s voice because their ears are clogged. It will not matter how much word of truth one will hear, the words will not come upon his/her heart and their thought. These types of people will follow after the secular world and will attempt to gratify the desires of the world. These types of people will proclaim what the world wants to hear. They will then say, thus saith the Lord.  
My beloved ones, you must always have a clean and pure mind. You must always be watchful and on guard. I will judge those who have fallen with the fire of hell. I will not grant them the Holy Fire. As they continue with their lives and ministry, they will one day realize that their fruits are not truly from God. But whoever quickly repents and remorse their errors, I will love and have compassion on them. I will love them as I loved those in the city of Nineveh.

I have pity on their souls. Whenever I think about their souls, my heart aches. Foolish men! They are so filled with pride and arrogance that they can not receive the blessing I desire to grant them. They do not have the ability to enjoy the power I am willing to grant them. But my children do not hate them. You must have compassion on them and I desire you to pray for them. I want you to embrace them and you must pray by exerting all of your energies for them. It is My will that they return to God to stand before Me with their eyes truly brightened with light. Pray for them without ceasing. Do not miss a day. I love their souls just as much as I love you.

Pastor Kim: My beloved Lord, how long must I continue to visit hell? It has been over 3 years and I am being sent everyday.
Jesus: Hahahaha, my beloved servant, have you been apprehensive? Hahahaha, even this opportunity of visiting hell is something others are not able to acquire. If one only witnesses heaven, people will not believe it. I, therefore, have granted you a special privilege of visiting hell to witness it first hand. I have especially chosen you to experience hell. I am helping you bear all the pain and torment. I have given you the opportunity to taste the pain because I consider highly of you. This is why I have given you the opportunity and privilege to visit hell. It is not for any person. Are you still worried? Hahahaha.
Pastor Kim: If you continue to take me to hell, please grant me more power. Lord, please sharpen and strengthen my gifts of spiritual eyes, seeing through, prophecy, and interpretation.
Jesus: You mind is in haste! Hahahaha. How impatient is your mind! Your time and my time are different. Wait and preserve, consider it a joy. This moment may be difficult to bear but I do not let just anybody experience such unique tribulations. This is all because I love you. I have especially chosen you. I will use you and grant you many experiences. Consider this all a joy. Be grateful to Me. Hahahaha, My beloved servant! Do not worry, hahahaha. In the very near future, you will realize why I had to take you to hell.
Pastor Kim: You will show me much more? In details, right? Lord, when you show me, please let my wife also see with me. She has become sulky.
Jesus: Hahaha, I know. You are asking too much! Hahahaha, My beloved servant! (Jesus caressed my hair and held my hand. He then spoke to me and laughed.) You abide in Me and I abide in you. Why are you continually trying to get ahead of Me? Let us go together, keep pace with Me.

Hahahaha, as I see you doing such things, you are very lovable and cute. Hahahaha, My beloved servant! There is one thing that I really want you to listen carefully. When you deliver the things I have shown you and the words I have spoken to you, you do it in a manner as though you are floating up like an inflated balloon. You must examine yourself. There are moments when the devil makes you arrogance. You must always examine yourself and think again before speaking. You must be very cautious and do not forget to examine yourself before you speak and before you announce anything. Examine yourself before you look at anything. You must always be cautious and not become arrogance.

I desire to entrust my precious ministry to you for a long time. I desire to entrust my ministry to many of my servants. But there is no room in them for me to plant my beautiful plans and precious ministries with My Spirit since their will and knowledge are so strong. They are full of themselves in their own will and knowledge.
As you lead my ministry, do not be distracted by the world. Do not measure or compare your ministry to others. Have your own standards. Do not pay attention to the other pastors throughout the world. You must only look at Me. Pay attention to only My voice.
Pastor Kim: My beloved Lord, please tell my wife that she has an eccentric personality.
Jesus: Hahahaha¸ you may see her as unusual or eccentric but she is my creation. Her characteristics, nature, and image is a reflection of Me. In a factory, there can be fishermen, farmers, and other trades people who may be working in one place. Your wife is different from you. Hahahaha, she is not eccentric or unusual. I desire to use her as she is and to use her nature and personality. I consider her character and nature dear to Me. You are also very beautiful and loveable in my view. Hahahaha, you are considering your wife unusual because you are viewing her through your perception. Just as I view you loveable, cute, and beautiful, I view your wife as beautiful and loveable. I love her with my passionate heart.
Saint Hyun Ja Kang, do not desire to spiritually get ahead of your husband who is my beloved servant. I am a God of order. The things that I plan to spiritually open in you will not be the same as your husband. I desire to spiritually open up the things that are special and different for you. I will utilize you appropriately and preciously. I will utilize the delicacy, tenderness, and loving heart of yours that only women possess. You must always have your eyes opened to Me. Do not be impatient. You must have the heart to love My time.

Pastor Kim: Lord, my beloved Lord, I beseech you to speak words to the people who are here visiting from the outside.

Jesus: My beloved male servant is here in this place. The servant whom I have entrusted with My small church.
(Some of the visiting pastors are crying out, “Lord! Lord!”.)

Jesus: (The Lord sobbed) My beloved servant! Your heart is in so much pain. You are not able to share your pain to anyone. You sometimes wanted to give up. In fact, you thought about giving up twelve times in one day. As you looked at your family, you felt so sorry and your heart ached for them. Oh, My beloved servant. Do not be so hasty with your thoughts. From your perception, it all looks stagnant. You feel like you do not see anything. You feel helpless. But I am still working on your behalf even in this moment. I allowed it all to happen because it is the process you must experience and go through. It is not because I hate you, it is not because I am ignoring you, and it is not because I consider you weak. I desire to season you and utilize your durability and resiliency.

Visiting Pastor: (Severely wailing) God, my heart is suffocating!!! I feel as though I am chocking in my spirit (sobbing). God!!! I am not able to read the bible. I am not able to hear your voice. God! (Sobbing) Many times, I have felt resentment towards you. I have said, “God, have you called me to be your servant just to experience difficult situations?” God, what do you want me to do? (Sobbing) (At this moment, the Lord caresses the pastor’s neck and holds him in His arms).
Jesus: My beloved servant, get rid of your flaming impatient heart. I desire you to be like Me and possess My likeness in nature and character. Be a servant who will love and embrace people, especially those you are resentful towards. Do you hold resentment toward anyone in your heart? Go and visit them. Humble yourself, hold their hands, hug them, embrace them, and have pity on them.

I do not expect you to be an excellent leader. I expect and desire you to be an excellent shepherd. I want you to be a shepherd who would embrace wounded souls. I do not expect you to be a leader with different types of talents, power, or of great strength.

My beloved servant, I want you and your household to cry out to me for 30 days. Unless your character becomes like Mine and until all your wounds are healed in your heart, you will not be able to love my beloved flock. Pour out all of your hurt and pain. Pour out all of your garbage. I want you to give Me all of your heart. I need to move in your heart. I need to come and dwell in your heart. Even though I wanted to come into your heart and speak with you, I could not do so because your heart was filled with so much of you.
My beloved servants, do not envy when you look at other people. I do not desire the type of servants who are well known, recognized by the world. I will evaluate all the ministries that have been entrusted to my servants. I will not evaluate based on their popularity. Cherries grow in the spring. It matures and turns into bright red. When it becomes the fruit it was designed for, its duty or job is complete. I have entrusted each one of my servants a mission. Their missions of width, depth, area, and sizes are all different. You may desire many things but if you nurture and feed five sheep that I give you on a daily basis, it will be the same reward for the shepherds that have nurtured and fed 5000, 10000, or 30000 sheep. Therefore, do not be so greedy. I desire you to endure and do all that I have entrusted to you. Give me your best and do it in joy.
My beloved servant, I want you to recommit your mind back to when you first made your confession to Me. You had a hope of heaven when you first made your confession to Me. As it was when I first met you, I desire once again that you restore your heart.
Remember when you had made all the promises to Me? Pray and cling on to them. Ask Me and I will lift you up and will use you. I will lift you up and will give you strength so that you can carry out the mission I have set before you. I will give you hope. I will grant you laborers as you need them. Therefore, do not be impatient. Feed my flock with long suffering, love, mercy, and compassion.
Pastor Kim: My beloved Lord, may I document the contents of our conversation in the fifth book? Lord, I think many servants of the newly established churches will gain strength.
Jesus: My beloved servant, you have stopped writing half way through your fifth book. Correct?
Pastor Kim: Yes, Lord, very much so.
Jesus: You must be feeling suffocated. You know you must start to write again but you are in a hurry. Your hand is not moving as fast as you desire and nothing is coming across your mind. Correct? Therefore, I will grant you a special time today. I have come to this place to free your mind. And to all who are currently listening to Me in this place, I want them all to witness, document, and proclaim what I am saying.
Many people will bear fruit through the fire ministry and My books. Through the Lord’s Church, many people will admire and desire to do the Holy Spirit ministry and to participate in the Holy Spirit movement. As you publish book 5, many people will desire the work of the Holy Spirit. After book 5 is published you will be strengthened in hope and power. Currently, you are experiencing some difficulties with various issues and colliding against the work of satan. But be of good courage, I will grant you three times more joy.
Pastor Kim: My beloved Lord, I have a revival scheduled in the USA. But my visa has not yet been issued. Lord, the church I am scheduled to attend is a newly established church and the members are the pastor’s household. What do you think I should do? Lord, should I attend or not? What should I do?
Jesus: The servant who is requesting your service has two purposes. First, he wants to satisfy his greed and desires.  His purpose is not to proclaim the true gospel but to promote his church. His motivation is to promote himself. Now he is preparing a revival based on his personal desires and greed. I am not pleased. If the ministry or message is delivered incorrectly, satan will intervene. Then a counterfeit result will occur. The people who had attended may temporarily get excited and satisfied but later they will criticize. It will be like a fire ignited on dead dry leaves which will quickly die out. It will be more like a short puff of smoke with no long lasting effect.
My beloved servant, I do not desire you to go there. The various works you have built can become less valid. My servants in these last days have so much desire to fill their greed. They desire to succeed with spiritual power so they can boast of themselves. This is why I cannot perform and fulfill the work of the Holy Spirit. This is why I cannot grant power or pour down the powerful gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is regrettable. If one does not become humble and fall flat on the ground like dust, I cannot grant the movement and work of the Holy Spirit to my servant otherwise they will use it to fulfill their greed. As a result, many will be lead astray. They will become leaders who lead many in the wrong direction. Many will be blinded and many will be stopped from entering the truth. This is why I currently cannot grant power to many of my servants. All of my servants are longing for gifts. They all desire for the spiritual realm. However, many of them are asking for the wrong reasons. They are seeking for their own self achievement and success.
Now, I will speak to my servants in this place. If anyone in here is visiting the Lord’s Church for the purpose of receiving power and gifts as Pastor Kim possesses, I require you all to put down your personal desires. If you are here to further your ambition or your success for the sake of putting yourself or your ministry on a pedestal, I suggest you lay all that down at my feet. All of your pride and arrogance must be put down as well. When your greed or personal ambition is cleansed out from the inside out, I will then grant you the gifts. The gifts are not something that I can just grant because you expect it or because you personally desire it. You think I will grant the gifts to you just because you earnestly desire them? If you have any amount of personal greed within your earnest desire, I will not grant you the gift of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, receiving the gift can be poison and the gift may be used as a knife to murder. This is why I cannot grant you the gifts.
My beloved ones, when you possess the likeness of my character such as love, kindness, and humility, then the gift of the Holy Spirit will come upon you. I am very eager to grant you the gift. My heart desires to quickly grant you the gift but you are not emptying your heart. Your heart is full of greed. You are desiring to use my gift and power as a machine. This is why I cannot grant my gifts. All who are here, listen and pray with a sound mind. For those who think they can receive the gifts by praying either three months, two months, one month, 30 consecutive days, or all night long, you are wrong in your assumption! It is only when you empty yourself I can enter in you and then the work of the Holy Spirit will fully manifest in you. When you are filled with your greed, how can I enter in you? You are not preparing yourself to receive my gift. You are only confessing with your mouth without emptying yourself. I desire you all to empty your personal greed or ambition that are in the midst of your spirit. When you realize the hidden identity of who you really are and in what situation you are in, you will then eventually see yourself before Me.
Pastor Kim: My beloved Lord, there is a place where they train people to in the work of the prophetic. Many people are gathering at this place. A member from that training place visited our church and we delivered him from a high ranked evil spirit. He was very shocked when he realized that he was demonized. He had been prophesying without being aware of the demons inside him. Lord, what is your thoughts on this matter?
Jesus: (With a sigh of deep breath) You have all read the bible and are all aware that the gift is a gift. It is a big mistake to assume that the gift of prophecy can be achieved by training or in some other unnatural way. Some people are also training others to speak in tongue, the heavenly language. There are some who create their own heavenly language. These are the leaders of cults. They are the ones who block the heavenly gates. They are the ones who blocks the heavenly milestone.
My beloved, the people in this place do not believe it can be achieved by training. I have given you the gift of salvation. You had no other option but to die in your sins. You do not know the concept of a gift. Some think the gift can be granted based on demand. At times, even you get ahead of Me. You then end up trying to teach Me or command Me. Now, those who have been unnaturally trained are operating ministries and employing Me. They are standing in front of Me and commanding Me to comply with their desires. They are the worst of the worst.
You all know there are wheat and tares or sheep and wolves within this end time generation church. Now, the time has come that I must separate them from right to left. You must awaken and meticulously examine yourselves. Be very careful and be repeatedly cautious to know that you are not lined up in the wrong lane.
Once your spiritual eyes become darken, you will not be able to discern any further. It will not matter whether I come close to you, crying with compassion, and speaking the truth, you will not be able to hear Me. Filled with personal desires, they will be running toward their own ambitions. You will be able to witness their end results or consequences. And not too far after, they will receive disciplinary punishment and you will clearly witness how they will go under. I will judge them. You will not witness their destruction at My second coming, you will witness them with your vary own eyes. The Holy Spirit’s work will manifest with fruits. You will see from their life whether their fruit is dead or alive.
Pastor Kim: My beloved Lord, I thank you. I am very sorry for asking once again but since my children Joseph and Joo Eun have deeply entered the spiritual realm, can you tell me if I am loving my children more than my church family? Lord, how will you use Joseph and Joo Eun? How will you use the Lord’s Church members? Please tell me?
Jesus: From your perspective, you see them as your little children. Therefore, you may get very concerned for them as they see the spiritual realm. However, in the Kingdom of God, it does not matter whether the person is 60, 40 years old, or little children. In the spiritual realm, it is all the same. As you have seen in heaven, there are no old, young, male, female, children, or adults. The spirits are all the same.

I do not perceive the spiritual realm in a physically manner. It is perceived spiritually. I desire to use the children because their spirits are clean and pure. With older people, they are sometimes clouded with knowledge, common sense, and stubbornness. It does not matter how clearly I show them the spiritual realm, their thoughts gust out like rusty polluted water. Therefore, there are times when it is dangerous to use such people. This is why I use young children.

In these end times, I will pour out the Holy Spirit unto young children and show them the spiritual realm. They will prophesy. I will lift them up and use them. I desire to use your children because their spirits are clean and pure. Therefore do not excessively worry. However, Pastor Kim, do not misuse them. Whenever I provide an opportunity, I want you to utilize them. You must be very concerned about them. At times, young children may excessively utilize their gift with their leisure activities. Therefore, you must always train and teach them to use the gift according to the purposes of serving God.
From here after, many young children will experience the spiritual realm, the Holy Fire, and they will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. When this happens, adults must not look down on them or ignore them just because they are young children. This is the sign that my coming is very near. You must respect, love, and lift them up. I want you to treat them as you would treat Me.
Pastor Kim: My beloved Lord, thank you for your grace. Someone has stated that You will come when his/her grandchild is a teenager, specifically mid teens. Is he/she deluded?
Jesus: My beloved servant, if I disclose the date of my coming to some of my servants, then chaos will come upon the world. As I have stated in the Bible, I will come like a thief and no one will know. However, for those who are spiritually awaken, they will know that my coming is soon. They will not know the exact date but will know the season. They will suddenly realize the urgency of the coming. In that season, it will only be a matter of time.
It will not be years and days of prophesying that the gates of heaven are opening or if the arch angels are blowing the trumpets, when I come for My bride, it will happen abruptly. For those spiritually awaken, when you are in a moment of prayer, suddenly, you will know and feel it spiritually through the spiritual realm that I am coming. All who are waiting and awakened will feel it together. I do not state the date to any single person, otherwise, the world may become chaotic and disorder may follow. Therefore, a date will not be given. Only the Father knows the date. My beloved servants, if you only love Me and you are abiding in Me, you will never be bewildered for not knowing the date.
Pastor Kim: My beloved Lord, I thank you for your grace. As you are well aware, Mrs. Baxter had visited heaven and hell many times. In her book, she stated that hell was inside the earth. In my opinion, I do not agree. Although, there is fire inside the earth’s core, it based on my experience and from the trips you have lead and shown us, I do not think hell is inside the earth. Lord?
Jesus: My beloved servant, from the bible’s perspective, heaven is currently present in your heart and heaven is also coming in the future. You are aware of this knowledge. When I state that hell is on earth, it does not mean that the concept of location or place of hell is coming after judgment. When I say hell is on earth, it means that the Kingdom of God is not present or upon you. For example, people say such things as, ‘It feels like hell, We are living in hell, The world feels like hell.’ There are differences in the volume of pain or misery a person goes through.
My beloved ones, I desire you to listen carefully in this hour. There are things in which you must be very cautious when I grant you a gift of prophecy which opens up your spirit. If the person who receives this gift is not pure in spirit/soul, many problems can occur. When a person prophesizes or speaks for another and the propheciser’s spiritual impurities are not all removed, it would be like a person misinterpreting the bible. The uncleaned spiritual prophesier can incorrectly prophesized or incorrectly interpret and as a result falsely deliver My intention. Therefore, although a person has received the gift of prophecy, that person should not speak out everything that may come upon their thought. They, however, should be very careful. The person receiving the prophecy and the person prophesying must both be very cautious.

Pastor Kim: My beloved Lord, as I have already stated, it is very dangerous to operate the Holy Spirit ministry when a person has not been delivered from all the evil spirits within them. It has been clearly proven during our daily services in church. There is a certain church in which they focus and concentrate on prophesying. They do not have the ability to disclose the identities of the evil spirits. Lord, please tell me how to manage this?

Jesus: In the ministry of prophecy, a person’s single word can either lead a weak or young faith person into the truth or the evil way. There is the danger of leading people into the darkness as blind people. I will give you some examples and conditions of those who prophesizes. When you pour red water into a cup filled with yellowish orange juice, the color will become reddish orange. As this example shows, a person and the evil spirits’ thoughts can become mixed together as the person speaks out. When this occurs, one must voluntarily humble themselves and restrain from prophesying. As one humbles and obeys, they must wait and pray as one manages their spirituality until their spirit gets cleaned. I desire that person to stop prophesying and instead rest. I want the person to humble themselves. Those who have the Holy Spirit will be able to discern and know if the evil spirits are corrupting the person’s spiritual condition. I will advise you through the Holy Spirit if your current ministry is the work of the Holy Spirit or something that the Lord is not pleased with. Therefore, you will know through the Holy Spirit when your spirit is not clean and you are not suitable to prophesy at that time. When one realizes their condition, I desire that person to refrain themselves. By practicing caution, the person will not sick my sheep and the prophesier themselves will not become ill. If a person continued in their ministry under corrupt conditions, that person’s spirituality would become dull and they would get sick. As a result, the person will eventually become the instrument of satan.
Pastor Kim: My beloved Lord, is it biblical to prophecy from our spiritual five senses? Are they able to prophecise using their senses? Or is it biblical to prophecise by vividly hearing the words through our ears? There are many who prophecise from their spiritual five senses. Therefore, is it your will to prophecise by hearing through the ears?
Jesus: My beloved servant, it is like this. Your personality is different than of Saint Hyun Ja Kang. In fact, all of My children’s personality is unique and different from one another. I use my servants in different ways as they are My instruments with different gifts and uniqueness. Some people are more sensitive to their spiritual five senses than others and as a result I would give them My words through their senses. For some I would give words through their ears and for some I would grant prophecy as they read the bible. There are many ways in which I can grant prophecy. You must not judge the particular method in which prophecy is granted with your thoughts.
The spiritual realm is wide and infinite. I desire to use each and every person by granting them the most suitable and appropriate gift or method. I will grant them something that can be best utilized by them. Therefore, one must not be so quick to judge. One must not condemn so quickly. When a person’s spirituality is opened, you will know if the work is from the devil since you have the spirit of discernment. I desire you to respect, lift up, and love one another.
Pastor Kim: I am sorry my beloved Lord. I am also in agreement with you. In the area of spirituality, I personally do not think it can be systematic or be established in theory. However, many who claim to have knowledge of the spiritual realm and/or operating in the Holy Spirit movement ministries are forming and establishing a system or theory. They then educate people with this nonsense. What do you think about this matter?
Jesus: Even though you are human with a physical body and strive to labor wholeness, you at this time can not be like Me. I have a spiritual body. Basically, it is impossible right now for you to possess perfection. Therefore, I do not desire one to say that your spiritual realm has completely opened. Based on a person’s propensity, talent, character, and other traits, I will grant the gifts in which is most suitable to the person. A person can only know and understand what they possess or have experienced.
Therefore people must not judge or condemn each other when it comes to the spiritual realm. People who are spiritual or have the spiritual realm opened for them will know one another. They will even know their works. They will not even have to say a word to one another to distinguish one another. They will know each other through the Spirit. They will realize they are in unity. Although the work may be different, the Holy Spirit is the same and they will know they are one in the Lord.
Therefore, although one may be opened to the spiritual realm, one should not insist their method or revelation is the only correct way and they at the same time should not condemn others. One is only able to know what one has experienced. One is not able to express with their finite mind, knowledge, or words. The spiritual realm is not something one can just compare to anything. One can not determine or compare its height, depth, length, or width with any particular standard. One will only realize the perfection of the spiritual realm when he/she lives with Me in the Kingdom of heaven. It is then one accomplishes perfection.
Pastor Kim: My beloved Lord, I like to ask you one more thing. I have to quickly move into my new home and we have to get our old church leased by another tenant. But I do not see any of this coming soon. What is your will in this Lord? Am I lacking in prayer? Please raise the praying servants so that we can pray for the old church building to be leased by another tenant.
Jesus: It is not from lack of prayer. Your church building is being on hold until I find the servant I desire to grant. I am still looking for a servant that is appropriate, suitable, and one I can entrust the building too. It is not because of you. Therefore, be patient and persevere for Me. A little while longer.
Pastor Kim: Lord, please help me move more quickly! I am losing patience.

Jesus: I understand your impatient personality. Hahahaha. You are always hasty. You are bouncing around too much. Hahahaha.

Pastor Kim: My wife, Hyun Ja Kang presses me!

Jesus: Sometimes, you are lovely as you are. Hahahaha. I also sometimes think your character is almost as close as Mine.

Pastor Kim: Lord, Brother Yoon Jung was originally a Buddhist monk. He does not eat meat and has practiced self cultivation many times. But now it appears that he desires to get married. Please tell me your view on this matter.
Jesus: Hahahaha, just wait and see. Pastor Kim, you are very silly. When I have a conversation with you, I do enjoy it. You make me joyous. Hahahaha.
Pastor Kim: Are you addressing Brother Yoon Jung or me?

Jesus: You, of course, hahahaha. You can make me laugh in so much ways, hahahaha.

Pastor Kim: Jesus, please heal Brother Yoon, Jin Suh. Brother Hyuk, Hwan has stated that a spirit of lust is working in Brother Yoon. It is a frequent problem. What is your view on this, Lord?
Jesus: I desire you all to have a heart and to first love the weaker ones. If you perceive the weaker brethren with a loving heart, their appearance would be seen as lovely and beautiful. From my perception, they are all like little babies playing around. Just because some of them are eccentric in their ways, appearance, or characteristics, does not judge or analysis from your thoughts. You must perceive the weaker ones with a loving heart, only then you will see their beauty. Before any one of you desire power and gifts, you must first learn to have a loving heart. I desire you to first learn to have a heart that embraces the weaker ones. Only when this is accomplished, I will pour down my power upon you. Then the power to heal, restore, and deliver will truly occur.

Pastor Kim: Of course, you are correct, Lord. The pastor from Hope Church has come all the way here. He has traveled from the city of Su Won. What kind of ministry are you expecting him to operate? Are you expecting a Fire ministry?

Jesus to pastor form Su Won: What are you attempting to change? You have two different thoughts. What is your desire?

Pastor Kim: He said he would like a Holy Spirit movement ministry, Lord.

Jesus to pastor from Su Won: You have a personality like steel. I desire you to have one thing in your mind. Throw away all of your stereotypes. I desire you to be soft and tender like clay. If I pour down the ministry of the Holy Spirit movement on those who possess a strong personality, they will go through many difficulties. Therefore, if I grant this request now, you will face many hardships.

Only when your personality becomes soft like clay and refined gold with all impurities cleansed, I can then approve your request for the Holy Spirit ministry. Rather than focusing on this particular type of ministry, I desire you to perform your best on your current situation. I desire you to wait on God’s time.
I desire you to first perform the work that is currently in your hands. You must flexible like clay. I desire all your personal thoughts, plans, and goals to be broken that are in your mind. I desire you to put everything down and start over. It is time to remold yourself. Do not assume or be shaped by another man’s word or by your perception with what you see or have seen. Do not create yourself a personal standard. Do not create your own criteria. The words that are spoken from men are mixed with impurities. They do not always deliver directly what I desire. Their words are mixed with their own hypocrisy and disguise. Therefore, when you digest their words, you will become hardened, not softened. As a result, you will have heart that can only accommodate a few.

Pastor Kim: My beloved Lord, I must ask one more question. I am sorry. There are some people, churches, or organizations that condemn us as a cult. They are making an effort to persecute us. They are defining us as a cult to other people. What is your view on this matter?

Jesus: My beloved servant, do not let others define the standard. All those I utilize in the Holy Spirit ministry and with those I use powerfully will be and are criticized. People who criticize and judge do not have a correct knowledge of the bible and of God. As a result, they define a standard and judge Me with their criteria and limited human knowledge. Therefore, I am grieving. With this last day generation, I truly desire to save many souls through many servants. However, many of my servants are not proper vessels in which I can pour down my power. They have defined a standard based on their knowledge, criteria, common sense, and their external perception of the physical realm. This is why I can not pour My Spirit upon them. I can not open their spiritual realm. Even if I were to show them the spiritual realm, they would measure and evaluate it based on their standard and knowledge. They will define it as error or counterfeit. They will not open their heart to receive Me.
My beloved servant, do not create any standard. You must always view and take our relationship very seriously. Just keep your eyes on Me. What ever you are doing now, do not be so concerned with how the world with evaluate you. I will judge them fiercely!
Pastor Kim: Lord, I have one last question, please forgive me.

Jesus: Very well, I already know that you would have one more question, hahahaha!

Pastor Kim: There is a young unmarried pastor who frequently attends our church. He has had a girlfriend for some time but he broke up with her a couple days ago. The other church members had prophecized over him that his girlfriend was not the one for him and that the Lord was not pleased with her. We are well aware with our free will, we are allowed to date or meet who we chose. What is your view on this, Lord?
Jesus: It does not matter how many people can give another person a word or advice. A person’s spouse has been prearranged and destined. Before the person can meet their destined spouse, I desire the person to be spiritually trained. Generally, the person is not able to find their destined spouse because their training was incomplete. It is not important whether a person finds the destined spouse early or late, I desire to grant you the person who you really need. Time is not that important, meeting the destined person is important.

Pastor Kim: Jesus, Brother Yoon Jung Suh has made a vow to you many times. He has vowed to live a single life. Lord, have you received his vow?

Jesus: People are not asking Me of My will but instead they are attempting to employ Me. This is why I am not able to grant a deeper Holy Spirit ministry to them. Many people have obstacles in their lives which prevent me from using them as desired vessels. Oh, My beloved ones, I desire you to always ask My will first. Throw away the type of faith that never grows. Stop praying as though you are giving me a report of your will in which you are seeking my unconditional approval. I want you to become mature.
Pastor Kim: My beloved Lord, I am sorry for continually asking questions. I do not have many opportunities as such as now. Can you please answer some short questions from each of the church members and attendants who are here today? Lord?
Jesus: I am not able to equally speak to all of them because there some are able to receive while some are not. Moreover, some answers require a private audience. This is why I am not able to speak in public in regards to their personal questions.
Pastor Kim: Lord, please show me our heavenly home. Lord, please show everyone here. For those who attend the Lord’s Church to come praise and dance humorously, will their homes be built greater?
Jesus: Hahaha, does that humorous dance make you joyous? Hahaha, I am laughing because of you. I love your clumsiness and your absurd behavior. Your every action is joyous to Me. I therefore desire all of you to love the immaturity and weakness of others.
Pastor Kim: Lord, is all of the homes for the members of the Lord’s Church located in the front or near the throne of heaven? I do not have much wisdom and it is difficult for me to sometimes comprehend. Please provide an answer.

Jesus: There are many things in which I can not disclose to you. As I have already stated, you are on a need to know basis. All of you impatiently want to know everything but there are certain things in which I have not opened. In time, I will show you certain things.

Pastor Kim: Lord, I am very short of laborers.

Jesus: Do not incline toward the right or the left, you must persevere and continue to perform My ministry by standing firm. It is my job to send you people. Therefore, do not worry. But in a short time, you will have to be trained with your sheep in some areas from the altar. There are many areas in which you need to be trimmed and molded. Based on the rate of growth, I will send laborers in due time. As for now, persevere and pray for My ministry and glory. I will gather.

Pastor Kim: I give all the glory and gratitude to you, Lord. Lord, please give words to your beloved daughter who is on the floor, flat on her stomach.
Female Pastor: (Sobbing) God! With my human perception, I have regretted it many times for taking on the responsibility of a pastor…..There are so many obstacles, I am not equipped, and there are so many things I am afraid of. As a female servant, I am limited with so many things. I am so discouraged, so frequently, Lord?
Jesus: My beloved daughter, even before you knew Me, I have made and created you to be My servant. Until you had become a pastor and even after you had became a pastor, I was working on your behalf mobilizing many people. Why are you so frequently disappointed and discouraged My beloved daughter. Your desires are for people and through your desires, I desire people to be healed by your touch. I desire restoration for those you touch. I desire you to embrace the sick and outcast. From hereon, I desire to accomplish restoration through you. It is not about you. It is not about your will. You can not have it based on your will. It is not based on your strength to continue or stop. I want you to understand this.
I desire to give you peace but it must come My way. I desire to grow you one step at a time but that must come My way as well. I desire you to be happy but you must obtain it My way. I desire you to throw out your knowledge, thoughts, common sense, and personal plans. From hereon, I desire you to be a new creature in Me. When you enter the new plan, you will be at peace, grateful, and happy.
Pastor Kim: My beloved Lord, thank you. May I continue or should I stop, Lord?

Jesus: As all of you pray, I desire to meet you individually. I desire to give words to each person. I do not desire to give word in public since some are private. Some words are not for others to hear. Each one of you should seek Me and meet Me. I desire to speak to you all. I desire to show and converse with you all.

Pastor Kim: Together, let us sing. ‘Oh, praise My soul.’ Let us hum it.

Female Pastor: (Seeing a vision) I see our corporate praising gather together to create five different colors of cloud. Oh the angels are also praising together. The angels are praising as they are blowing beautiful golden trumpets. The Lord is singing with us as He is raising His hands on high! I have opened my heart with joy and I give glory to God. I am happy and grateful. I give all the glory to God. Oh Lord, please I give you all the glory! I see many souls in heaven gathered together. There is a celebration going on. I see many souls dancing in the Spirit with angels. Right now, the angels want to dance with us by holding our hands. Move your hands as the Holy Spirit leads you. Move your heart and your feet to dance. The angels are grabbing each one of your hands. Oh Lord, we give you the glory! Oh Lord, we give you the glory! Please raise the volume.

The Holy Spirit is now moving you. Raise the volume. Move and flow with the Holy Spirit as He leads you. In heaven, the angels are dancing together. Beautiful fragrance is descending from above. Smell it as you dance. There are 10,000 different fragrances descending. Exalts God! Oh Lord, we praise you! Oh Lord, we give you the glory! If anyone here has pain in their arm, stand up and move your arm freely. The Lord is healing you now.
Those who have pain in their body, please try to move freely. God is giving you freedom with your arms and legs. People, who have difficulty in breathing, breathe deeply, inhale and exhale. God is touching your heart right now. The people, who have headaches, raise your head high and dance. The people who have pain in your lower stomach, pat your stomachs and dance circling. The Holy Fire is entering you. God is touching the people with harden hearts who are depressed. Sadness is now leaving and your heart is refreshing. Look at the Lord as you open your heart. Peace is now on you. Anxiety and worrying is leaving. Oh, what a happy day. Oh Lord, what a happy day. Oh Lord, their arms are free. Oh Lord, my legs are free. All who have pain in the back, bend forward up and down move freely. The Lord is now touching your back.
All who desire to sing please sing in the Spirit now. If the song comes out in tongue, sing in tongue. If humming, then hum the song. Move your hand as the Spirit leads. If you want to raise your voices, raise them. You can now sing in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is now touching your lips and tongue. If you sing as the Holy Spirit guides you, you will sing in the Spirit. When you praise in the Spirit, you will experience the deeper grace of the Holy Spirit. Through your mouth, the Holy Spirit is entering deeper into your spirit. Now with the guidance or impression given to you by the Holy Spirit, the people who feel trapped or suffocated shout out. The evil spirits are leaving. Your mind will be refreshed. A celebration in heaven and in this building is taking place. The Lord is dancing. He is dancing as He holds your hands. Now, if any one of you has a wish, speak it out now. Speak it out loudly. If you are hoping for something, ask God now before Him.
God has said He will make your wish come true since He is very pleased. If you are praying for your children, let Him know. Tell God of all your concerns and joys. If any of you have a problem in your household, ask God in this time to restore your families. I want to make a vow to God right now. If you have anything that needs to be changed, now is the time to ask and make a vow to God. If there is anyone you hate, make a vow to the Lord that you will forgive. Promise the Lord by interlocking your little pinky finger to His. Promise to Him as you are in His bosom. Promise as you look at Him. Write it on the Lord’s bosom with your finger. Hallelujah! I give all the glory to the Lord.
* The Lord escorts me to visit hell
Early morning, on October 18, 2007, an angel visited the Lord’s Church. This particular angel was the one who had guided and escorted us in heaven. As we prepared to visit hell, the angel arrived with several more of his subordinate angels. We all then went to hell together. The heavenly angels had arrived riding on what appeared to be copper colored chariots. As soon as we entered the entrance of hell, the color of the chariots darkened.
The pathway that was laid in front of us appeared endless. When I looked up, the sky appeared very high but at the same time it felt like a ceiling. I saw many ropes hanging down from above. There was enormous number of meats, chunks of meat hanging on hooks tied to the ropes. The chunk of meats hanging on the hooks reminded me of a butcher shop. I then noticed the chunk of meats was the souls of people and they were hanging alive. Some of the souls had their whole bodies hanging, while some had their legs missing. Some hooks only had the heads of the live souls while some hooks had just the legs hanging.
Pastor Kim: Lord! Lord! Who are these people? What have they done to deserve such torment here?
Jesus: These souls are very pathetic. They have committed miserable sins. They were full of greed and evil thoughts. Their evil filled a pot like filthy dirty water. Observe very closely. All of their nerves are alive and moving.
Pastor Kim: My beloved Lord, I continue to visit hell and observe where the corrupted Christians go. Lord, please escort me as you personally hold my hand! This is scary! Please show me what the real sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit is about. Please show me the Christians who are ending up in hell because they have committed the sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit! Please show it to me in detail.
Jesus: Pastor Kim, you will now witness the place where you had previously visited in hell. You will see the people who have committed the sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Observe very closely!
The Lord and I arrived in a place where a rail road track was laid out. The place appeared to be a large mine. We followed the rail road and walked deeper into the path. I noticed there were endless numbers of rooms on the side of the rail road tracks. The rooms reminded me of warehouses or a very large tube. The depths of the rooms were so deep that I was not able to measure it in my mind. I could not express in words with what I was seeing. Then their appearances began to be exposed. The people who had committed the sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit were wearing clothes that looked different from the outside than the inside. The exterior appearance of the clothes looked fashionable, gorgeous, and with authority. The clothes represented their authority or high position. As the Lord looked upon them, he sighed with a long heavy breath.

Jesus: Huuuu…tut tut tut, what should I do? Yong Doo! Pastor Kim! My heart is aching very much and it is torn in pieces. It did not matter how much I spoke to them, their ears were closed. They totally did not listen to Me. My voice could not even be heard in their hearts. Their spirits were hardened like cast iron. No matter how much I spoke to them, they would not hear Me. Furthermore, they would not even attempt to listen and they even refused Me when I tried to touch them. My piteous children. What should I do now? What can I do now?

Oh My beloved sons and daughters! My poor children, my pathetic children! Do you not know how much I loved you and treated you preciously? How many times I had embraced you but you could not hear because your ears were clogged and your eyes were covered and darkened. You could not discern the truth. You became mercenaries and you let knowledge lead you rather than truth lead you. You hypocrites! If I had only raised animals rather than you, the animals would have not come out like you.

The souls that fill My heart full of pain. I am deeply aching in My heart. You said that you lived by love. You even said that you are the one who practiced love. You frequently said that you would serve the church by giving all of your life. My poor souls who were lead away. You were lead away by the temptations of the world. You followed other idols, became spiritually blind and deaf. You could no longer discern! As you lived your life on earth, many sins were operating on earth. However, among all the sins, there are sins that make Me grieve the most. Do you not know the pain I felt? The pain was like flesh melting.
Sin is what I hate the most. I can not exchange the sin with your tears. Your confession is not enough, even though you have given all of your body, it is not enough. What am I to do with your enormous sin? Once you had confessed with your lips, “My Father, My God, My Living God!” But then you lost your chance as you could no longer speak it out of your lying lips. Now, there is nothing that can be done! What am I suppose to do now? You have come here due to your closed eyes and ears. Cry out! Make your confession! But as you know better now, it is useless!
The people on earth who still have an opportunity to repent must repent! You who are here now have obstructed My way! You have blocked My will and have threw a party in My name! Through that party, how much benefit did you reap? You have slaughtered My beloved sheep and wholly devoured them as your sacrifice. You then made them your monument for your name. You have mobilized all types of methods and ways in My name for your benefit! Now I speak against you!
You who confessed only with your lips, you had never belonged to Me! You had created dark graves in the church. You will be dissolved into the grave of the hypocrites! Do you still not understand what I am staying? You have so lightly handled My words. You had not given thought to My words. You had not listened to My words. You had rationalized according to your thoughts. You were seeking all things for your benefit as you stood on your own side.
The souls who I love are not seeking themselves. They are pure spirits. They are clean spirits who are cleansed by My blood. You are familiar with the word ‘blood’ but you had nothing to do with the precious blood, not at all! You are like wolves who looked everywhere for their prey. You looked everywhere to locate my beloved sheep. Once you had found them, you devoured them. Now, I curse you! Your eternity will now be ruled by the torment of hell!
When you were on earth, you looked at all things and issues and said, “Oh, I have such happiness! The blessings are found in the church. I have all the blessings!” But when you boasted and shouted out that everything in the world is yours, you have now ended up here in hell. You did not know your own destruction. No one knew, not even the wind. Now, you will be broken down and destroyed. Do you not know you were creating your dwelling place? All of your acts are written in a book. Now, this dark dwelling place is your home. You had already offered your name to the devil and his subordinates. Therefore, in this end time during the harvest, like empty wheat, you have fallen into this place as a fallen dead leaf. You will be forever damned.
Pastor Kim: Is the sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit that fearful?

Jesus: That is correct. Observe very closely!

I saw many men and women dressed in pastoral gowns sitting on chairs and they were surrounded by fierce fire. The chairs were made of black metal. The seating area appeared as a iron plate. The iron chairs were endlessly placed in a row. Once the person was seated, something automatically grabbed and secured them so they could not move. Instantly from below the chairs blazed fierce flames of fire. The flames were severely strong. I was not able to get close due to the heat. They screamed, “Ugh! Save me! Lord, we did not know! Why are you doing this to me?
A strange event was occurring. As the red bluish flames gradually spread throughout their bodies, not a single eyebrow or hair was burning or damaged. Flames wrapped around their whole bodies. They felt brutal pain but were not destroyed. Complete destruction did not come upon them, only pain and more pain. All they could do was miserably scream in pain.
Jesus! Ugh! It is hot! Why do I have to be in here? For what reason have I come here?
Many people who held positions of spiritual authority were in here. There were many who stated that they knew much about Jesus. Swarms of people who researched the word of God were in here. Those who had discretely researched the word and interpreted based on their human knowledge were here.
I witnessed many demons tormenting the souls. The demons were in such joy. This particular place in hell was like an oversized arena. I can only express it this way. It was very large, broad, and there were so many. It was numerous and uncountable.
Pastor Kim: Jesus, do I have to describe the scene and journalize it in the book? Lord, is this a place where I had frequently come to be tormented?
Jesus: My beloved servant, you have already seen this place many times. You had frequently visited this place and were tormented in pain. Do you know how difficult if was to look at you while you were being tormented? Because of you and your experience, many souls will not come here. There will be many pastors who will be wide awake.
Now, I want my servants who are still in the world to listen to My words. I want them to participate in My Holy Fire ministry. In this last generation, you must work the ministry through the power of the Holy Fire. You must receive the power of the Holy Fire. But there are not many out there. I am now granting an opportunity to restore My people and Israel. I desire many corrupted servants to repent and come back to Me. I desire them to lead the Holy Spirit movement ministry. My desire is for every one of you to witness hell as you lead the ministry. But many of you are in unbelief or in doubt. Pastor Kim, you must journalize what I have said.
Pastor Kim: Lord, why did you put me through the fire and burnt me into a charcoal? That was too much! it is not one but many times!
Jesus: Hahahaha, Pastor Kim, you must experience all that is included as part of God’s plan. But even though you proclaim what you have experienced to the people, they will not believe you! You must have already realized that not even your relatives fully believe you. They are still doubtful. This is very regrettable. I desire many souls to experience and know but they are far from heaven and hell.
Pastor Kim: Lord, why did you take me to the Viking of hell? It was horrible. My whole body was torn into pieces. I thought I was going to die from the torment of pain. Lord, I can not go on like this anymore. It is too difficult. Please do not let me go to hell. Are you able to make this possible?
Jesus: Yes, I know Pastor Kim, My beloved son. I really do know how difficult it is. But you have a mission to complete. You must disclose the information of hell. There is nothing I can do. However, I will grant you enormous power and I will use you. Therefore, do not concern yourself with the words of other people. Do not be concerned about your circumstances. I will always protect you. You will have a huge reward in heaven.
Pastors and other leaders are following the concerns and views of their people. They are lead by reason. Associations assemble to focus and discuss the matters of the view of people. They make decisions based on their church politics and what is popular. They become politically correct.
Even though they claim to assemble in the name of God, their end result has always been on the interest of people. As I see them, My heart aches and grieves for them very much. They are not doing My true will. As a heart of a parent who endlessly waits for a run away child, I am also waiting for them to come back and repent. They have become merchant traders of the clergy. They are buying and selling the pulpit.
Pastor Kim: Lord, do you still approve of those servants who are trading for profit? If not, will you judge them?
Jesus: My beloved servant, why are you so hasty yourself? You are attempting to understand through basic logic, looking at it simply as black and white. Listen to Me carefully. My beloved son, those are not the rules or traditions I have created. Those rules and traditions were created by men for their own conveniences. In the past, reformation took place because of the traditions of men. Why do you practice what was former? Those rules or traditions were not created by Me and therefore is not worthy for discussion. The Father, Holy Spirit, and I are not pleased at all. Why are these people oppressing the members of their congregation? What about the souls that are living in poverty?

Pastor Kim: Lord, thank you. My beloved Lord, how will the baptism by Holy blazing fire spread throughout the world?

Jesus: Soon, all of you will witness with your very own eyes and it will be confirmed. Like a small spark ignited on a hill in the spring time, a fire will spread out fast. And when it is put out, the little embers will not die but continue to spread and create more fires. The Holy Spirit will pour out on every church and every leader who greatly desires and hungers for God. The Holy Spirit will pour down on pastors, lay believers, and even little souls in this last generation. Pastor Kim, through you, the fire ministry will ignite continuously. There will be many occurrences of repentance, integration, and changes. However, it will be limited to the people who receive it as the truth and believe it with an open heart. I will use them as powerful vessels and pathways. Then again, on the flip side, many will not believe and even ostracize you.
Many souls are zealously studying and preparing to become my disciples. But the end or last discipline is death. Disciplinary training without death is but void. Its a void that is a sound of echo.

The last generation is so wicked that the people will not believe unless they are able to witness themselves with their own eyes. Since Father, Holy Spirit, and I are aware of the mentality of men, we are granting the power of the Holy Spirit to prove to man that We are truly living in their spirit. Including believers, many people in this world based on their external ways appear to be believers. However, from the heart, they are really living a life of faith that is irrelevant to the Lord. Since many are living lives not approved by God, the Father, Holy Spirit, and I are illustrating evidence that We are the true living God through the Holy Fire.

Pastor Kim: My beloved Lord, I am very surprised to find out that many in the fire ministry are faking it. They create their own counterfeit Holy dance. Lord, you have utilized us to discern the lie. You have used the weak servants such as us. Through the powerful Holy fire given by Trinity God, many false servants have been revealed.
Within the Korean churches, there are so many false Holy Fire ministries, false prophecy, false gifts, and etc. I am perplexed and do not know what to do. In fact, some are frequently advertising in the daily newspaper in regards to their false claims. They tempt the ignorant Christians. How can I accept what is going on? What can I do to stop this? Lord, what would you prescribe?
Jesus: The people who are in close spiritual fellowship with Me will be able to discern and know. For those using human knowledge and those who are seeking a spiritual manifestation phenomenon, I will provide the evidence that I am the living God. But for those who meet Me faithfully in a secret place will be able to discern and know.  I am not able to tell you all things at this moment. However, for the completion of My absolute ministry of the gospel during this end time, I will unfold all that I have planned onto the world.

Pastor Kim: Who is touching my head?

Holy Spirit: It is I, the Holy Spirit, the one who loves you. It is your God who is always with you. I am the God who observes your inner heart, even to the smallest action. I am watching you with the apple of My eye.
Pastor Kim: My beloved Lord, Holy Spirit, thank you. When I had visited the secret room in heaven which I journal in book three, Jehovah, the Father met me. He showed Himself to me in a way I was able to understand and feel His presence. I would like to visit the room one more time. Perhaps, you can take me one more time?
Jesus: I do not have any plans to take you there at this time. If you are finished with today’s writing, we must visit hell as soon as possible. Ready?

Pastor Kim: Jesus, many of the churches that had a revival meeting with me prayed fervently after the meeting. However, after a few months, they could not overcome the trials and tests and did not get over their crisis. Some have gradually degenerated toward the wrong way. Lord, what should I do?

There have been some people who have visited our church and their motives have become corrupted. Moreover, there are some who have had their spiritual eyes opened while reading all five fire books. There are some who have attended our church for a period. Some in all those groups have caused much trouble. What is your view on this, Lord?
Jesus: My beloved servant, you are very sensitive, are you not? I desire you to embrace all the souls with the likeness of My heart. Although, at times, they may gossip, speak against you behind your back and their faults and mistakes are exposed, do not be so concerned about it. If you concern yourself with it too much, you will not be able to perform a great ministry. The most important thing is that I have chosen and appointed you. You have been disciplined much. Even now and hereafter, many various types of people will come and be obedient. I will send you many souls. They will come on their own accord. Some will come through the will of others. Some will hurt and wound you.
My servant, even though I desire them to be with you as you perform the ministry, some of them will betray you and some will use you. You must not initially open all of your heart but skillfully discern them out. Even with their errors and faults exposed, educate them with love and prune them to the Lord’s army.
Pastor Kim: Lord, what if the people return back to us and continue to make trouble? What should I do then?
Jesus: At least they have come back to you. Consider it grateful. However, there will be souls who will not return. Those who fall away will gather together to one another and be in contact with one another. But there is already division in their heart. Not too far thereafter, they will feel their loneliness. They will wonder around and will eventually come back one at a time. You must keep praying for them with a merciful heart and embrace them. Alright, my beloved servant? Understand what I am saying to you. I will believe in you to the end. Embrace them as if you are nurturing little children with a loving heart just as I embrace you. I desire you to bind their wound so that they will not be in pain.


* The people who have fallen away
I would like to discuss about some of the church members who have fallen away. At first, when the church members began to have their spiritual eyes opened, Sister Baek, Bong Nyu was with us initially at the beginning. However, she fell away due to a man from outside our church. They seduced and deluded one another. Now, both of them are in the country side somewhere. Sister Baek, Bong Nyu fell for the main reason of refusing to obey and refusing to discern the spirit.
Many people have misunderstood in thinking that only the Holy Spirit is at work when their spiritual eyes are opened. As a result, a big mistake can occur. Once the spiritual eyes are opened for a person and he/she begins their ministry, the evil spirits will attack relentlessly. The spirit of occult, delusion, and confusion will insanely come after that person. The evil spirits will disguise themselves with the various appearances of Jesus. If we do not discern the evil spirits, we will make fatal mistakes. The outcome will be obvious and we will lead many souls in the wrong direction.
Haak Sung followed his mother just because she was his mother (Baek, Bong Nyu). But when he left the church for his mother, his spiritual eyes became shut. He eventually returned to the Lord’s Church without telling his mother. Whenever he returns to the Lord’s Church, his spiritual eyes are restored but when he returns to his mother, his spirituality gets shut again. He repeated this process three times. When he returned each time, he was heavily weighted by evil spirits.
The conclusion is self evident. My son and the families of the Lord’s Church had discerned that powerful demons were sitting inside Baek, Bong Nyu counterfeiting Jesus. The powerful demons were first ranked, AKA the invisible demon or angel demon. The demon was controlling her with the appearance of Jesus. I do not know the where about of her granddaughter, Mina. She is in an orphanage. Baek, Bong Nyu had eventually broken somebody’s marriage and family.
How on earth can a person who had visited heaven and hell do such a thing? This incident had made me weary for a long time. This incident has actually been a burden in my life.
When I asked the Lord, “Lord, Lord, how can this be? I have taken care of them with my tears and prayers. I feel so sorry for those souls, what should I do?” The Lord, with streams of tears running down, to me to pray for them and endure until the end. Among Sister Baek, Bong Nyu family, only Brother Haak Sung stayed. As he continues his spiritual training, he is firmly holding his ground.
One time, a family from the city of Ulsan had visited the Lord’s Church. A young girl who appeared to be in the second or third grade prophesized. Her spiritual eyes were opened as well. This particular family wanted to distinguish whether the daughter’s spiritual awakening was from the Holy Spirit. When our church members saw her, a demon disguised as the appearance of Jesus was exposed. The demon was controlling her. The demon was very close to imitating Jesus. We explained to them and they became very upset. They then just left. The parents had some basic scripture knowledge. They had the ability to discern with their basic knowledge of scripture but they did not discern. They instead blindly trusted the words of their daughter.
There was another family from the city of Mokpo who had a similar situation. Of course, I understand the fact that parents would like to believe that the spiritual experiences of their children are from God. But if it is not right, it is not right. It is all the same, including my children, Joseph and Joo Eun. We are all subject to the same dangers. I have trained my children to read the Word of God diligently and to pray every day.  I have further trained them to use God’s power and words to discern the spirits.
With the case of Sister Baek, Bong Nyu, I had trained and educated her about discernment and faith. However, she had become deluded and ended up misunderstanding the Godhead or Trinity God. She was insisting that Father God played the role of a father in law and that Jesus was a husband to her. Baek, Bong Nyu persistently insisted her relationship to Jesus was a husband and wife as a marriage defined on earth. Moreover, she just spoke nonsense. She made the claim that when the Israelis crossed the red sea with Moses, the Egyptian army had pursued them on boats. When the members of the Lord’s Church evaluated her, it was clear that the evil spirits were causing this delusion. With the evil spirits exposed, Baek, Bong Nyu decided to flee. She was deluded and to this day has not come to repentance.
Most people are severely attracted to spiritual gifts such as prophecy, spiritual vision, dreams, and etc. In fact, they would die for those gifts. Some people are making sarcastic remarks such as ‘The only thing the Lord’s Church knows is to receive gifts, dance in the Spirit and perform deliverances.’ But that is not true. The Lord’s Church has always led a balanced and harmonic ministry. I personally think it is very rare to observe any church such as ours that keep Sundays Holy or in keeping the Word of God properly. We are keeping Sabbath Holy by completely keeping Sundays Holy. We forbid spending any personal money on Sundays. Yet, we are not proud of this fact. We do not boast of it. Instead, when we witness other churches or Christians not keeping Sundays Holy, we intercede on their behalf with the heart of the Lord. We do not condemn them, we in fact have compassion on them and we eagerly hope that they would one day keep Sundays Holy.
Pastor Kim: My beloved Lord, there are some folks from the churches in which I had held revival meetings and some folks who had their spiritual eyes opened at our church speaking incorrect statements. I believe they are speaking these statements due to their lack of proper spiritual discernment. Moreover, they insist that angels have a gender such as a male or female angel. They also believe Father God is a male. When someone asks them at where they obtained their spiritual vision, they claim that their spiritual eyes were opened at the Lord’s Church. They are blaming their wrong theology and faith on us, the Lord’s Church.
My beloved Lord, I think I must consider a realistic solution or plan in regards to spiritual discernment. Lord, please grant me a good solution. Please advise me so that the churches in Korea and the gifted people are not confused.

Jesus: Very well. Unless the physical bodies of people grow, complete stability and maturity cannot be achieved. They are like little children, they are more susceptible to illness from bacteria or viruses when exposed. Many servants who have received spiritual gifts have been damaged by demons. Bacteria and viruses are like demons to people in the spiritual realm. As you, Pastor Kim, witness these problems, you are aware since you are sensitive to this matter. Pastor Kim, do not try to fix everything all by yourself! Do not attempt to compensate the deficiencies with your own thoughts which occur in your spiritual ministry. If you do many side effects will occur. Even if they have received a spirit of delusion and become degenerated, they themselves will realize their delusion through their mistake they had made.

All the problems and spiritual incidents on earth will be dealt with by God. Therefore, your job is to fulfill the ministry that I have entrusted you. Perform the job with a desired and loving heart for God. It is God who touches, reigns, and grows all. You must intercede on their behalf with a loving heart. Embrace them and over look their mistakes.
Pastor Kim: Amen, thank you Lord. My beloved Lord, I truly have a lot of distresses. Some people have said for us not to cast out evil spirits from people. When we perform deliverance, some people would spit, vomit, and burp out the evil spirits. However, some people have said that this method is not necessary. If they are correct, how long must we continue our type of deliverance ministry?
Jesus: When your point of view comes from faith, it is considered important. Your ministry has been granted by Me. Therefore, do not concern yourself with such matters but endure it. This type of ministry is not something in which anyone is able to just perform at their own discretion. The identities of the evil spirits are exposed only through powerful prayer. People who create arguments and doubt are setting their own standards based on their pride and judgment toward others. They do not have the ability to pray as you do. They have fallen into their own rationalization and logic. Furthermore, they are attempting to compromise your position as they are either envious or feel threatened. Have you not figured this out, Pastor Kim? You are aware of the many piteous souls that have been either healed or restored. Do not concern yourself with what others say. I am not pleased when people condemn and judge others just because they do not have the same type of ministry. They will eventually fall into great judgment.
Pastor Kim: My beloved Lord, why do you handle the pastors so harshly? Many pastors are very worried and troubled after reading the fire books. Lord, is it possible for the pastors to return as lay believers?
Jesus: That is not possible. Pastors are the leaders who are to guide souls. If they become corrupt, what will happen to the souls that are under them? Many pastors contend for the preeminence of who is the pastor for mega churches or small churches. As a result, the pastors condemn, look down, and judge one another. I will harshly and completely handle the pastors who have been ordained and anointed by Me as My servants. Therefore, those who have been destined to be pastors must always walk in caution and evaluate oneself. They must guard themselves and be aware they can become corrupt or degenerated. When pastor go wrong, they will receive great and fierce judgment. A common mistake many pastors are making is they are making My day (Lord’s Day) unclean. They perform many immoral acts. I know very well that they are committing unlawful acts. They are also persecuting My people who speaks in tongue. They say, ‘Why do you speak in tongue out loud in the church when we do not understand it?’ They do not know the importance or value of My gifts. They are mocking Me, they say they desire Me and the Holy Spirit. They only know their own limitation, just their own standard of judgment. The people who refuse or reject the Holy Spirit will receive great judgment.
Pastor Kim: My beloved Lord, in conclusion, please give us a final word.

Jesus: My beloved people and to those who desire to hear My voice, many people are saying that they want and desire the Lord. But their heads are filled and preserved with knowledge. I see their lives are not changing; it is like a hardened fossil. They claim and say that My words are alive in them but their thoughts and knowledge is so steadfast that it will not change or soften. Please evaluate yourself, and see if you are unchangeable.

I want you to feel My love with your heart, not by your lips. There are many things that are important and they are all precious but what I expect from you is that you have the love of Christ in your heart. Do not speak or converse from what is external or visual. Do not value or judge from what you hear.

My beloved people, there are many little immature children. They are people who can only take dissolved milk. They are filled with many deficiencies and they make many mistakes. But I love them all as well. Love and overlook their weaknesses. You must serve them more and be one with one another. Do not judge or slander one another but I desire all of you to be a person who can assist in each others shortcomings. In order for you to reach heaven, you must triumph many fierce secular and spiritual trials and battles. The end time in which you are now living has become very difficult to stand firm. It will be very difficult for one to stand firm if he/she is not able to win the battles.

From hereafter, I earnestly desire your spirits to be bright lights. When the spirit of a person darkens, his/her eyes will also become darkened. As a result, he/she will not be able to discern even if they are able to see or hear. I want you to illuminate yourselves through your spiritual truth and light. I want you to evaluate your situation or position so that you may know where you stand. My beloved people, in this end time, if you do not put on the power of the Holy Spirit, you will be a victim to the many dark evil spirits who are like devouring lions and they will aim their fierce arrows at you. You must guard and protect your heart from sin.

If you do not open the door of your heart or thoughts to sin, then satan can not enter into you with his free will. Therefore, when it comes to making a choice or decision, I want you to be more careful and thoughtful.
And we beseech you, brethren, to know them which labor among you, and are over you in the Lord, and admonish you; And to esteem them very highly in love for their work’s sake. And be at peace among yourselves. Now we exhort you, brethren, warn them that are unruly, comfort the feebleminded, support the weak, be patient toward all men. See that none render evil for evil unto any man; but ever follow that which is good, both among yourselves, and to all men. Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. Quench not the Spirit. Despise not prophesying. Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. Abstain from all appearance of evil. And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it. Brethren, pray for us. Greet all the brethren with an holy kiss. I charge you by the Lord that this epistle be read unto all the holy brethren. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen” (1 Thessalonians 5:12-28)

Chapter 3
* Experiencing the Holy Blazing Fire Baptism
Case 1 – Testimony of Pastor Chae, Eun Kyu from the Church of Everdin, USA.
Before I give my testimony, I would first like to remind everyone that will read the testimonies that our criteria in spiritual faith are the Word of God and Jesus Christ as our center. If we place our experimental faith before Christ, we will then rely on experimentalism and our faith will be distorted. I would like to make a statement. Whoever falls away from Christ will eventually become a cult or corrupt. As a result, their gifts, experiences, and any other special holdings or thoughts will become tatter. Therefore, I would like to make it very clear that these testimonies can not be placed above the bible or Christ. It is only a tool to prove true the whole Word of God.
* Go to the city of Kwang Ju
My mother suddenly told me to go to the city of Kwang Ju. It was February 20th, 2007, 5:30 AM. As a Korean church in America, we usually began our early Morning Prayer meeting at 6 AM.
After leading my Sunday service in church, I drove to Tacoma to visit my mother. My sisters and I spent the night at my mother’s. It was a Tuesday; I woke up early in the morning to prepare for early morning service which was located near my mother’s home. My mother sleeps in living room so I had to tip toe as not to wake her up. I had to walk through the living room to get to the outside. As I quietly walked across, my mother suddenly rose up with her upper body straight up. With her eyes closed, she spoke, “Go to Kwang Ju!” My mother has a hard time hearing well and I know she did not hear me tip toe across the living room. But as she spoke those words, I was right besides her as I walked by. I was greatly startled.
“Mother, what do you mean?”

“I don’t know, somebody spoke those words in my ears and I did not even realize what I was shouting when my lips moved.”

As I arrived at the Tacoma Korean Central Presbyterian Church led by Pastor Lee, Hyung Suk, I attempted to calm myself from the early morning experience. Even as I sang hymns, prayed, and listened to the sermon, my mind was on one thing. ‘Go to Kwang Ju.’ I did not have any room for any other thoughts. Nevertheless, during that time, I was deeply concerned with my ministry. My current ministry was stagnant and not going anywhere. Moreover, I was in agony from experiencing repeating dreams. My current place or situation was me constantly asking God what His will was for my life.
On the same day I attended the church, my sister Grace gave me series of the three books, ‘Baptize by Blazing Fire.’ I read all of them in one breath. I thought to myself, ‘If this is real, there is no other way for a breakthrough in my ministry. My ministry was experiencing difficulties and a crisis. The breakthrough had to come through prayer. Who is this pastor that can possibly pray every single day in length? This prayer that continues all throughout the night. This powerful prayer that engages and battles with evil spirits. Such fierce prayer?
From that day forth, I began using my early morning quiet time to pray at church. My early morning time was 2 AM. I desperately had to know clearly if going to Kwang Ju was from God. I asked God, “Father God, where do I go? Father God, what would you like me to do?” I desperately need to receive the answer. I had prayed for these two questions for about a month. While I was in prayer, I also had to fight the evil spirits during my prayer time. The evil spirits would harass me by choking my neck. Then on March 12th, my sister gave me Fire book 4.
I read all books within a week. I spent most of my nights reading the books and then re-read them over and over. I had three questions. First question. ‘What kind of person is this Pastor Kim?’ Second question, ‘Is the power of the Holy Spirit described in these books valid and does it really exist?’ Last question, ‘If this is all true, how should I apply it to my ministry and myself?’
Let me answer the questions ahead of my testimony. Pastor Kim is God’s faithful and sincere servant. All the power of the Holy Spirit that was described in the books are valid. I am personally validating through my experience and what I have witnessed when visiting the Lord’s Church.
Reading the books, I am not envious about their gifts or experiences. What I am most envy of is the fact that Pastor Kim and the members of the Lord’s Church have a intimate fellowship with the Lord on a daily basis through prayer.

I thought to myself, ‘If I am so envious about their fellowship with God, why don’t I go to witness and learn?’ I had possessed a strong desire to meet Pastor Kim. I was envy of him for having such an intimate relationship with God. I also needed my prayers clearly answered. I had to go because of my mother’s statement and I needed to validate the contents of the books. On March 27th, I arrived at a travel agency and booked my ticket. I made a decision based on a strong impression I was receiving from inside me.

“Is this Pastor Kim? I am Pastor Chae, Eun Kyu from Everdin Korean Church in Washington, USA. If you allow me, I would like to visit your church and have an intense spiritual training. Please grant me permission.”
Pastor Kim replied, “There is no need for permission. Please visit our church. We welcome you!” This was our first conversation we had over the phone.
I arrived in Korea on April 11th and flew into Incheon International Airport. I arrived at the Lord’s Church around 10:30 AM. As soon as I entered the church, I felt the strong energy of the Holy Spirit. The size of the church was only about 711 square feet. A member of the church quickly came to me and took my bags as he led me in.
I sat at the end on the left side. Someone then approached me and handed me three hymn books. On the altar, I saw the small eyed Pastor Kim, Yong Doo dancing as he sang the hymns. It was a fast paced tempo beat. In front of the pastor danced six youths. The pastor led worship using an electrical piano. There was a drummer drumming in tune. The worship was very different from any other worship service I had experienced. But strangely, I became instantly acquainted with this unique worship. After a short moment, I was fervently clapping my hands and following their way of worship. I was able to see myself adapting to their spiritual training.
About an hour and half had passed since I began participating the worship service. I think we sang roughly 25 to 30 songs. The hymns had a quick and fast tempo; I did not even have a chance to catch my breath. The hymns were about the blood of Jesus, repentance, thanksgiving, worshipping, desiring the Holy Spirit, our commission, and etc. Two hours had now passed and we were passing midnight.
At around 12:15 AM, the pastor finally began to preach. He opened his sermon by reading scripture. The sermon lasted about an hour and half. The content of his sermon was faith needing to be backed up with action. As he powerfully preached, he would sometimes make unexpected humorous and unique gestures and the congregation would all laugh together. I saw myself assimilated with the others as I laughed with them.
After the sermon, we finished with the Lord’s prayer. We then took a break for about 15 minutes. During break time, I had introduced myself to the other members. There were more people visiting beside me. There were visitors from the city of Pusan, Gunsan, Kwan Ju, Los Angeles, and etc. After the introduction, Pastor Kim and his wife was at the altar. Pastor Kim prayed over his wife and then she walked back to the rear. She then gathered the new visiting people and had us form a circle. She then instructed us to raise both our hands high facing both our palms together up toward the ceiling. She then extended her arms out and began walking around us as she instructed us to shout, “Holy Spirit! Please move my hands!” She then said that if we continued to pray, the prayer would be answered and we will be able to perform the Holy dance.
Sure enough some people’s hands moved after a short time. Before this shocking and interesting scene, I was concentrating my mind to the Holy Spirit. Within a moment, I felt a sensation, a refreshing wind. It felt as though my hand was in a river and I could feel the cold water rushing against my hand and up to my elbow. The flow of the refreshing wind was accompanied by a tingling sensation. I did not understand or know how to express what I was experiencing. I had never experienced this before. I was very curios and decided to ask a question.

Mrs. Kang, Hyun ja explained that the gift was granted by the Holy Spirit. The operations of the gift is felt different for each person. My pinky fingers then began to move. Eventually, all my fingers slowly began to move. The process repeated and then it movement sped up quickly. My fingers were basically dancing. My fingers began moving so rapidly I could not follow the pattern of the movement. My fingers folded back and forth and my hands were shaking in a circular fashion. The rhythm of the motions of my hands and fingers were orderly and structural. I stopped my prayer and looked at my hands and fingers as they moved. I was not able to explain with my words what was happening. My thoughts and feelings were strange and mysterious. The time was 2 AM. The people who were around me envied my finger dance. However, I was more envious with their Holy dances.

The pastor then led us in individual prayers. We cried out in our prayers. I fiercely devoted myself with tongue prayer. With my left hand raised into the air and my right hand on my chest, I prayed rigorously.
My first night quickly passed. At around 3 Am, Pastor Kim from the pulpit screamed in a sharp tone and groaned in pain. The pastor’s wife instantly stopped her prayer and grabbed several floor cushions and placed them around the pastor. The cushions were placed under and around Pastor Kim to soften his impacts as he would bounce and struggle on the floor. The other church members told me that the pastor had injured himself several times before. I later realized that he was in the midst of experiencing hell. His painful screaming and moaning sounded very awful. It took me a long time to calm myself as my heart rapidly beat during my prayer.
“Pass through the precious blood of Jesus and into the bosom of God. Pass through the precious blood of Jesus into the bosom of Father. I walked forward one step at a time, into the bosom of God. Passing through the precious blood of Jesus.”
This song was the early morning service theme song. Whenever church starts in the morning, it is sung as the opening song. When Pastor Kim finished his experience in hell, he attempted to give his sermon. His voice, however, was very weak. The content, on the other hand, was very powerful. The Lord had given him a message to preach. The message was about the people who did not properly tithed and those who had not keep Sundays Holy. They were ending up in hell. As people believe in Jesus and are being saved, their faith is perfecting. Faith that perfects salvation is true faith. If a person becomes or is corrupt, that was not genuine faith. When the wind of final judgment blows, the faith that is carried away like an empty blasted ear of wheat or tare will be found as not genuine faith. We must love the Lord above all things and we must keep the commands of the Lord even unto death if necessary. I was very impressed by his sermon. After the service and the pastor’s trip to hell, the pastor was granted more power from the Holy Spirit. The pastor imparted power to his wife and the certain members of the Lord’s Church who possessed certain gifts. This night was my first experience of the 18 days/nights I would be experiencing spiritually at this church.
With the first night passed, I began my days and nights with the Lord’s Church. The experiences I encountered in the 18 days/nights were all different. I danced in the Holy Spirit which looked like an exercise routine in the military. My movement and sound of my tongue changed into the rattling of a machine gun. As I danced in the Holy Spirit, I saw fireworks shooting from my finger tips. The sight of the fireworks was magnificent. I could not compare it to any fireworks I had seen before. The sparkles of the fireworks composed of jewels and gems shinning with seven bright colors. The colors were red, orange, yellow, green, blue, deep blue, and purple. The seven bright colors of sparkles shot out from my finger tips endlessly. As the jewels/gems reached the sky, they exploded like a bomb and the sparkles fell beautifully. The sight was amazing. On earth, we consider the diamond as the most beautiful stone. The blue tanzanite sapphire is also considered beautiful and valuable. But what I saw in my vision was much more beautiful than I can express with my finite words.
During my time there, were experiences that I will never forget. I had experienced being in an ocean of flowers. I was also standing next to Jesus at the cross and the blood of the Lord poured down onto me from the side where He was pierced. His blood washed away my sin. In addition, the Lord showed me green meadows. I saw my sins, it accumulated as high as a large mountain. As I saw my sins, I thrust my hands out and shouted the Lord’s blood and Holy Fire. I could see the fire and blood penetrate through the mountain as I shouted. I was also able to see the faces of a lion, ox, eagle, a goat, and a dragon.
I had another vision, it was a large screen filled with letters. The letters then began to move from left to right. Suddenly, the letters formed into a poisonous snake. The length of the snake was about 3 meters and its thickness was comparable to my arm. The snake opened its mouth and attacked me. I defeated the snake with Holy Fire. As the snake was repeatedly struck with the Holy Spirit’s fierce fire, the snake turned green and into the shape of the letter D. The letter D was then placed on the screen. The Lord explained that one letter D composed of a hundred million demons. After hearing the Lord’s explanation, I trembled in fear. I knew fighting one demon could be exhausting. One demon could be powerful. How could I not be shocked of hearing a hundred million demons?
The Holy Spirit explained to me that when a person sinned, we give legal ground to the evil spirits. A possibility of a hundred million evil spirits can enter and dwell in our bodies. Therefore, the Holy Spirit had taught me this is the reason we must repent quickly.
Moreover, I had an experience with Pastor Kim, Yong Doo. I was able to experience hell with him. When Pastor Kim was in hell, there were insects eating his flesh. He was tormented by various kinds of insects. Since I had sat next to him during his experience, I also experienced the physical torment as he was experiencing in hell. I could feel the insects eating all of my right side, from the heel to my neck. I was also hung on a cross. In addition, I had another vision, countless number of evil spirits were pouring out from the mouth of a large harlot. As I was fighting the evil spirits, I utilized enormous sized poisonous pillars of thorns that protruded from my body. The thorns were numerous. Initially, I did not know what the Holy poisonous thorns were but I originally thought they were some type of hair. I, therefore, called out for poisonous hairs. The Holy Spirit showed me a closer and clear view of the poisonous thorns, I then corrected myself and called for poisonous thorns.

The poisonous thorn is a spiritual weapon that only Christians can possess. When we fight against the evil spirits during prayer, the Holy Spirit will grant us the thorns on our lips and hands. The poisonous thorns have enormous destructive power. I witnessed the evil spirits disintegrate as the struck themselves against the poisonous thorns. I experienced many different events as granted by the Holy Spirit. I even experienced the fierce heat from the fire of hell.

During one of the services, a brother in whom I was not acquainted began to fall. I grabbed him so he would not fall. But when I grabbed him, the evil spirits that were in him jumped onto my left hand. My left hand instantly stiffened and I could not move it. I had to pray and cry out for over an hour to get the evil spirits to leave me. When the evil spirits were expelled, I was restored back to normal. Brother Chung who is a deacon was also visiting during my trip and I had frequently witnessed him shaking. The Lord spoke to me through a sister who was attending from Suwon city. The Lord said through her that my current difficulties will turn into bright days. The Holy Spirit then touched my whole body.
Through the sister, the Lord asked me, “Do you really know Me?” This question affected me the most. This question made me analyzed my whole Christian walk. My heart was in deep pain as I tried to answer that question. When I think about that question, I get sweaty and a chill runs through me. I thought to myself, ‘Although I had desired to know the Lord deeper, did I not live my live totally according to God’s Word? Even today, the question replays in my mind over and over and I question myself and repent constantly.
People must change from the physical to spiritual. We must all change our constitution such as our thoughts, actions, and the way we speak out words. We must be transformed from an earthly person to a heavenly man. Instead of concerning ourselves of the world, we must now desire and crave for the spiritual realm.
From my perspective, Pastor Kim, Yong Doo is very normal leader and a sincere Christian. If I had to pick out some differences from the majority, I would say he has a very close relationship with the Holy Spirit. He is a competent leader who is fellowshipping intimately with the Holy Spirit. How can he not be so intimate with the Holy Spirit when he has all night services every night 365 days a year with no rest?
Some people do say or ask things about him. For example, they would say, “Pastor Kim never misses an all night service of worship and prayer. Is this normal?” I would like to make a comment to those folks. I do not think any pastor who has a newly established church can properly rest every night even if the church has a small number of people or if the sanctuary is empty. What if a leader had a congregation of ten thousand and the leader truly loved and fellowship with the Lord. Would it be so wrong to spend every night in worship and prayer? I want to tell those people to stop being immature envious folks.
Pastor Yong Doo Kim is a pastor of a newly established church. They are not a rich or well off church. In fact, they struggle financially. How can it not be normal for him to pray all throughout the night? He has a burning passion and desire for the Lord and His presence. Rather it would be abnormal for a pastor in a church with no progress to sleep as much as he wants every night.
If a leader is a normal thinking Christian but financially struggling, should he/she not at least be determined like the prophet Elijah? He must fasten his spiritual belt. Although he may be bared feet, he must make a decision to run in front of the evil ones while the others are riding a carriage. If there are Christian leaders who unfruitfully live a untransforming life, I believe they will not avoid judgment. They will be considered the lazy or evil servant and they would receive the same judgment. Even with lay believers, it is now the time to prepare for the Lord’s return. All Christians must awake through prayer. We need to be spiritually alert and on guard and prepare for the Lord’s return. As I looked at Pastor Kim, I spoke to myself.
The fact is that all Christians are Holy soldiers who have been called into battle against the evil spirits. We as soldiers must be in constant alert. We are the watchmen in the front lines. We must succeed and execute the duties that are entrusted onto us. In fact, how much more is required to the servants (leaders) of God, those who are called to be Christ’s laborers! Wouldn’t it only be fitting and normal for the servants of God to receive missions that are much greater and holds more responsibility? The Lord will ask more from the one who He has entrusted with more. A pastor of a newly established church under difficult circumstances can not expect his church to grow while he sleeps as much as he desires. How is he able to waste the night away sleeping!
Even if you were sleeping, now is the time to awake! You must be like Pastor Kim who is fully awake and prepare yourself for the Lord’s return. A prayer warrior is a guard on duty! Moreover, the time of the Lord’s return is imminent! Wake up you sleeping guards! Now is the time to wake up! Groups of secular men and the forces of satan are waiting for me to sleep. Therefore, you must open your sleepy eyes wide open and wake yourselves up by shouting. Awake by praying, singing hymns, and reading the word. Let us carry out the mission of guardianship!
I like to make a comment to the Christians who sleep all through the night and actually overly sleep as mush as they desire and to those who slanders the Lord’s Church as a cult.  The Lord’s Church passionately loves the Lord and they show it through the night on a daily basis. I want those people to visit the Lord’s Church. The Lord’s Church is Christ’s spiritual soldiers who guards and labor everyday. Visit them with full consolation. I would like to recommend that you do not disturb them if you are not planning to consulate or comfort them. They are in battle and fulfilling their mission. The Lord’s Church is the mist of the front lines of this fierce battle and war.
You are also sent to this world to become a spiritual warrior. You have been called to duty. Those who gossip the Lord’s Church, if you have any questions, please ask immediately to the Lord in reverence. It will not be so late to gossip even after you have asked and confirmed with the Lord.
* Experiencing the Holy Blazing Fire Baptism
Case 2 – Gok Sung, Mok Sa dong Full Gospel Church – Testimony by Pastor Gong, Tek Mo
We are living in a time where the Word of God is being flooded upon us. Through mediums such as the television, internet, books, and radio, the Word of God is overflowing. Beyond denominations, it appears that there is no preacher who does not know how to preach. But I do know one thing. The manifestation or work of the Holy Spirit does not occur with just anybody. The Lord will not work through us unless we put ourselves down and we fill ourselves with the Lord completely.
I was longing for the Holy Spirit’s work or manifestation. Therefore, I tried to fill my thirst by visiting many revival meetings emphasizing the Holy Spirit. I attended seminars, conferences, and many more. In addition, I even traveled outside Korea to other countries. I had a spiritual thirst for strong faith and the powerful presences of the Holy Spirit.
One day, on July 7th, 2006, I purchased several books from the internet. The books were a series titled ‘Baptism by Blazing Fire’ written by Pastor Kim, Yong Doo. However, I did not read the books for some time. I had placed them in my library. On February 3rd, 2007, on a Saturday night, after finishing an all night prayer meeting, I decided to read the Fire books. I thought to myself, ‘Alright, I will start reading those books today.’ I then began reading the books.
From the first moment I began reading the first book, I was in pure shock. How can there be a church such as the one described in this book. It is a small church with a few members. How can such events occur? We can incorrectly think that this can only be their personal experience from their own church. But truthfully, the experiences that occurred at the Lord’s Church as described in the book was a powerful manifestation of the Holy Spirit from spiritual battles to their unique enormous experiences. I have now realized the magnitude of sin. I was amazed and envious. It was all pure shock to me.
As I read book one, I realized the severity in Christianity. I had been leading my ministry by applying a standard for sin. I had placed that standard very loosely to the members of my church even though I knew that there would be enormous consequences from committing the various sin. I had preached too much freedom of faith. I preached that a liberal Christian life was alright.
I, myself, was the main problem; I was not keeping Sundays Holy. I used to buy things after Sunday service, I worked on the church garden, and I would buy meals at the restaurant, and etc all on Sundays. I had too much freedom in my ministry. Even though I preached how the church congregation should not miss Sunday service, I did not proclaim the powerful message of not working on Sundays and to avoid personal activities on Sunday such as fishing, outdoor activities, watching secular television, surfing on the internet, playing games, and etc. I used to say that it was legalism and that the message was not the gospel when I heard the discussion of keeping Sundays Holy.
Even after the gospel was introduced into the world, the Law has not been abolished. The Lord made a statement. (Matthew 5:17-18)
Among my church members, a particular member went fishing on Sunday afternoons. When I asked why he went fishing on Sundays, he explained that his motive was to evangelize. The person he would evangelize loved fresh water fish. Therefore, my church member went fishing to catch a freshwater fish. When he would deliver the fish to his friend that would give him the excuse to evangelize. But the Lord made him repent for going fishing on Sundays. At the all night prayer meeting, the Lord disclosed the fact that he was not keeping Sundays Holy and needed to repent. Even though the church member had the justification to evangelize, he was still not keeping Sundays Holy which displeased God. After reading the books, my church members and I repented and we realized that we were subject to eternal damnation from this trap of sin.

I read all the five series of the fire books until 3 AM. I then ran to the church and reviewed my ministry up to now. I have realized that there are many areas in which I had taught incorrectly. Even though I was a pastor who was to lead souls to life, I was actually leading them to death as a result of my false teachings. I wailed very much and repented.

February 5th, 2007, Monday, I attended the Lord’s Church’s all night service. Before the service started, I observed how the prayers of the intercessory prayer team were so powerful. I had never seen such power in prayer. The pastor’s worship was inspirational. He was administering the service which would please the Lord. The pastor was humorous and witty. I realized that he was making an effort to make his sermon be more alive to please the Lord. I could see how much love he had for the Lord. Mrs. Kang, Hyun Ja’s Holy dance was beautiful. I have never seen such a dance anywhere. The sight of the many church members dancing in the Spirit with praising was fantastic.
During the time when prayer was at full scale, Trinity God was with us. This type of presence I had never felt. I had not felt this type of presence in any revival meeting or service. The prayer time was filled with the presence of various gifts and manifestation. It was a time when we all powerfully cried out. Pastor Kim, Yong Doo visiting hell on a daily basis was a very strange sight to me. But the Lord led me to experience hell through the Pastor. I saw many souls falling into hell as they were charged with various sins.
I can now understand the compassion of the Lord’s heart and His willingness to show the proof and the fierce reality of hell. He is showing us the reality of punishment, hopelessness, and pain of hell through the Lord’s Church. It has been the greatest honor to attend such a powerful service in which the Lord was there with His powerful presence through the Holy Spirit. I then witnessed Pastor Kim performing deliverance on a deacon from the city of Wool San during the dawn hours. The sight of deliverance totally changed my concept of deliverance. Every event and experience at the Lord’s Church was beyond shock. These were the events that were orchestrated by the Holy Spirit.
The all night prayer continued until 6 AM. As I witnessed the worshipping and fervent prayers of the Lord’s Church members, I was hoping and praying that my church would eventually cry out and fervently worship as the Lord’s Church. On Wednesday morning, I left the Lord’s Church and arrived at my church in the evening around 6 PM. In the midst of grace, we had finished the Wednesday service. I proclaimed to the church congregation that from that evening, all church members were required to attend at least three days of all night service. We would have a Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday evening service. Moreover, if anyone wished to attend additional services, they could attend in between services from those days. We then began our second prayer service.
At our church, on the prayer night rally, I decided to focus on completely repenting. We had sinned so much. Even though we were in the midst of sin, we were not aware of our sins and therefore had to renew our souls through repenting powerfully and sincerely. Even though we had confessed and accepted the Lord as our Savior. Even though we believed in Him, our lives were not completely holy. We could not get out from our sinful habitual lives. The only way to save ourselves was to repent. Our prayer rally began. Just as in the Lord’s Church, we repented and confessed our sins. As we prayed, we shouted, “Holy Fire” repeatedly during our prayer. It had been a long time since all the members fervently prayed. We cried out in tears of contrition as we confessed.
After the all night prayer service, Deacon Chul Soo Cho shared an astonishing experience. He said that he had been having problems with his shoulders and legs. Both his shoulders had always been feeling heavy and numb. Also, during the middle of the night, he would wake up several times from the painful numbness on his legs. But from tonight’s prayer rally, when he had repented and shouted, “Holy Fire” during the middle of the prayer rally, two blue faced/long hair evil spirits disguised as a young girl were expelled from his body. The moment when the evil spirits expelled from his body, he was healed from his painful heaviness and numb of the shoulders. He was jumping in joy and amazed. He was then completely healed from the numbing on his legs.
We realized that all the issues and hindrances in our lives were due to sin and a work operated by evil spirits. I urged the church members for more earnest repentance. With Deacon Chul Soo Cho’s deliverance, his spiritual eyes had opened. He then witnessed and experienced many spiritual events. Deaconess granny Young Ja Hwang could not consistently attend church due to dizziness. But when she had repented during the all night prayer rally, the evil spirits from her body left gnashing their teeth. Her dizziness is now completely gone. I am in such joy.
The focus of prayer is not simply repenting and getting healed. Through the series of books ‘Baptize by Blazing Fire’ I desire the believers to realize once again the seriousness of sin. The gospel of repentance, spiritual freedom, being free from sins, and to enjoy freedom from sickness is what I emphasized to my church members. I advised my church members to fervently repent and I prayed for them.
After a short time, an unexpected accident occurred to one of our church member. It was on February 18th, 2007, Sunday, a Korean new year. This member was a high school student who had just graduated and was about to enter his freshman college. This student was a drummer on the worship team and he also served as a Sunday school teacher. On the day of the accident, he had played drums on the worship team for the service on Sunday. After the service, I went to look for him to have lunch with him but I could not find him. When I asked another member if he knew the where about of the student, he replied and told me that he had left during the middle of the sermon. The student had left to attend a student gathering with the other former high school classmates. I was perplexed and could not believe what I was hearing.
Before this accident had occurred, I was emphasizing to the congregation of the seriousness to live a Holy life. Even after I had read the fire books, I was now emphasizing it to a greater degree. I was emphatic about keeping Sundays Holy and Christians living according to the Word of God. This student had violated the Sunday and got drunk at the student gathering. He was killed from his injuries in a vehicle accident. The other students were seriously injured as well. Once I was informed of the accident, I rushed to the emergency room at National University Hospital. When I arrived in the emergency room, the doctor was performing mouth to mouth resuscitation. It looked hopeless. As I was thinking, I knew if he died right now he would end up in hell. I felt like the world was falling apart. I left the emergency room and earnestly prayed.

“Lord, this is my fault. I did not teach and nurture him correctly. I could not lead him to live a righteous Holy life.”

Even though I prayed and beseeched the Lord to give him another chance, the student eventually died. I was in much mental suffering from this episode. As I got into the car to return to church, the Lord opened the spiritual eyes of Deacon Cho. God showed the deacon the path of the student in which he was walking forward too.
Deacon Cho saw the student walking into a dark tunnel by himself. The student appeared lonely as the deacon saw the student from his back side. After the vision, the deacon became very frightened as his legs began to shiver. The deacon barely made it home that day. The Lord explained the meaning of the vision. The direction of his path was all because of sin.

I thought to myself, ‘As a pastor, how come I did not check all the bases of sin? Why couldn’t I realize their concerns and lead them to repent? Why couldn’t I teach them with more assertiveness and authority on how to live according to God’s Word, keeping Sundays Holy, tithing properly, etc? Why couldn’t I teach them the basic problems of life such as drinking, smoking, etc, so that they could repent? Why couldn’t I preach on how serious the consequences are for sin?

Through fire books, I have realized that the smallest sins are as just as severe. They are all traps. Until recently, I had emphasized the gospel of salvation many times in my ministry. But I had neglected on the gospel of repentance. Therefore, I repented and urged the church members to repent fervently. In 1 John 5:16-17, there is sin which leads unto death and there is sin that does not lead unto death. But many believers bury the thought of the sin that leads unto death and thinks that they are heading to heaven only if they just believe in Jesus. As I witnessed this behavior, I am amazed on how they live such a nonchalant Christian life.
I have now lost a precious soul, I must make sure I must not lose another, not even one soul. The death of the student has been a wake up call and a warning to the members of our church regarding their Christian life. It has been shown to us on the type of faith we must live by. Therefore, in our daily all night prayer service, we fervently worshipped, repented, confessed, and prayed.

I preach to people to obey the gospel and to live a born again life. As I preached and prayed in this manner, the dark spirits from the church members expelled. Now I am able to witness the fullness of the Lord’s Spirit in the spirits of the church members. The spirits of the church members were renewed and cleansed daily. They were able to experience many spiritual events.

Deacon Chul Soo cho’s spiritual eyes opened even more deeper. He had visited Heaven and hell frequently. He saw his father being horrifically tormented in hell. The deacon was astonished by what he had witnessed. When the deacon’s father was alive, he was considered a really good man. As a result, the deacon vaguely thought his father was in a good place. With the deacon realizing where his father is now, I see the deacon in much torment and shock.
Moreover, the deacon had met his oldest brother in hell who had been missing from home for several decades. The deacon had told me the moment his eyes met his brother’s, the brother quickly turned his head away. The brother could not look into the deacon’s face. When the brother was alive, he used to harass and severely beat up Deacon Cho. He must be sorry for what he had done. After Deacon Cho had saw his father and brother tormenting in hell, he was not able to eat for several days from the shock of what he had witnessed.
In our all night prayer service, the Lord granted the church member to experience hell. Of all the experiences, the most painful to experience is to witness the student who was in the car accident. He was a brother who had church with us not too long ago. Now, when I see him tormented in the fiery flames of hell, I am in pain and frightened myself. I was thinking that I must live a faithful Christian life. Whenever I witness the scenes of hell, I am not able to sleep and usually lose my appetite.
Deacon Cho works at a company. Ever since he witnessed the sight of the souls being tormented in hell, he fiercely clings on to his job. He is now constantly reminded of the souls tormented in hell. He tries to forget what he has seen by intently focusing on his job. He said that he can not stop thinking about how he must live a faithful Christian life. This is reminded to him through the student who is now experiencing misery in hell. This is the brother/student who had only worshipped and had service with him several days ago. The deacon then had to witness the student in hell more than ten times even after his previous visitations. Even now, when he visits hell, the Lord will show the student to the deacon. The Lord’s intention was to reinforce to the church members that hell was a serious place of torment and that they should not come to hell. When the deacon hears the student, the student would ask, “Deacon Cho, I am thirsty, please give me some water.” The deacon’s heart is torn up. As I even journalize all this, I write with streams of tears running down my face.
Through these spiritual experiences, I have realized the preciousness of each and every soul. With this realization, I now use all my strength for the souls to stand righteously on salvation with their whole faith and holiness. The pastoral office is very important but yet because of my error, I have eternally lost a soul. As I reminisced with that thought, I felt deeply responsible for not educating the souls correctly. Therefore, I repented and prayed more. As the church members repented of their sinful and unholy lives and of their inconsequential confession of faith in Jesus, they were now able to taste spiritual freedom. They are now experiencing many spiritual events.
Now I understand how the evil spirits operate. I also know that if we repent and shout out, “Holy Fire,” the evil spirits will have to leave and healing will come. Just as in the Lord’s Church, when we powerfully pray, our spiritual eyes open. When the church members repent and shout, “Holy Fire,” they were able to see the evil spirits leave their bodies. Through the all night prayer service, I have realized how filthy and fearful sin can be. I see how sin can bring a serious consequence to the spirit/soul.
There is a deaconess, her name is Chae, Oak Nam. She is a farmer who attends our church. On the farm, there is much work to be done. As a result, she worked on Sunday mornings. Suddenly, during the middle of her work, she experienced severe pain in her back. She had to stop work to come rest inside. As she rested, she had much thoughts about Exodus Chapter 20:10. She was remembering the pastor preaching on the message not to work on Sundays. So she sincerely repented. As she earnestly repented, the pain in her back healed. She testified to me that she will not violate Sundays ever again.
We have another deaconess, her name is Cho, Kyung Soon. She lived a difficult life. She was severely persecuted and psychologically tormented. As a result, she developed a nervous disorder. It does not matter whether it is during the day or evening, if someone triggers her sickness, she must wonder around the mountains and fields to release her stress. She had lived a painful life. She had said that there is no treatment for this type of illness. She attended an all night prayer service. In the middle of prayer, she let all of her resentments go, she forgave and repented all of the sins in her life. She then received healing. The evil spirits that had caused the nervous disorder left her. Now, she is very thankful and her life of faith is very joyous.
My eldest daughter, Dul Lee, and my second daughter, Yeh Lee, visited the Lord’s Church. The pastor’s wife imparted the gift of Holy dance to them. Now my daughters are dancing in the Spirit beautifully as they worship and pray. My second daughter Yeh Lee has her spiritual eyes opened. She has visited heaven and hell holding onto Jesus’ hand. She was able to witness the evil spirits. She fights the evil spirits with the Holy Sword which is mentioned in the fire books.
Whenever my daughter, Yeh Lee visits hell, she sees the student who had died from the vehicle accident a few months ago. She said that when the student saw her, he had thrusted his hand out toward her. In his torment, he asked, “Yeh Lee, please save me!” My daughter attempted to thrust her hand out toward him. But the Lord told her not to grab his hand. She complied and did not grab his hand. As soon as I heard this story, I once again repented in guilt of how I lost a soul. I firmly assured myself that I will never lose a soul. I will not lose a soul who is entrusted to me. My daughter also saw my maternal grandfather, he was in great torment.
Each Sunday, she is able to see the light of grace descending from heaven. She said that the light descends on some of the church saints. Some would have the light on them while some do not have the light on them. In my opinion, the light of grace may be descending on the saints who are truly blessed based on the day of service. I was able to distinguish the saints who had not repented of their sins before attending Sunday service.  I was able to distinguish the ones who were worrying, anxious, and troubled in their hearts. The light of grace would not descend on them.
On one particular night during an all night prayer rally, Deacon Cho, Chul Soo suddenly remembered a word, “Do not drink blood, if you have quickly repent.” Deacon Cho quickly repented of drinking deer blood during the many occasions when he was in his early thirties. When he repented, the many evil spirits that had entered his body through drinking blood were expelled and sent to the pit. The Lord showed me the place of hell where Christians would go who had drank blood. They would end up in hell if they did not repent. There were too many souls who had drank blood. They were in enormous pain. That particular domain was guarded by a demon who appeared as a wolf. The demon would peel the “Christians” entire body with a knife. When the blood gushed out from their bodies, the demon would suck up their blood.
One day, the Lord took my daughter, Yeh Lee to hell where the people who had spent money on Sundays were tormented. The name of the place or domain was called Waterfall hell. The color of the stream was black. Many people were walking toward the edge of the cliff. When the people reached close to the edge, they forcibly fell to the ground. As they fell to the ground, their whole bodies burst. I asked Jesus, “Who comes here?” The Lord explained that people who had spent money on Sundays came here.
The Lord then showed me the place in hell where people would go who had worked on Sundays. The name of this place or domain is Frozen. The people who are in the place of Frozen become hard as an ice cube. However, this place is not cold. When people become hardened, the demons would scoop the flesh out like an ice cream and eat them. The Lord then showed me another place in hell called Billiard. Pastors and their wives were placed on the huge billiard table. Their bodies were rolled into a ball. The demons would poke at their butts and then roll them into the holes. Some of pastors/wives would get up and run toward the hole and jump in. After a short time, a sharp toothed wheel would go into the holes and cut them into pieces. This was a place for pastors and their wives who did not live according to the Word of God that was given to them.
I witnessed countless domains in hell. I saw the place Skewer hell, Cave hell, and Fishing hell. The various places of hell are indescribable. They are frightening places. As I listened to the shivering people who had witnessed hell, I thought to myself that we must live our Christian life faithfully. We must endure and persevere to avoid hell at all cost.
A youth in our church named Won, Eun Kyung is in 7th grade middle school. She has her spiritual eyes opened. She is now participating in our spiritual missions and ministry. I desire the believers to enter the spiritual realm deeper so that they can be used as ministers.
Whenever I pray for a certain household or individual, the Lord shows me the many evil spirits that are operating in them. When I assist them to repent of their sins and clean up, the evil spirits would struggle, fight, and resist from leaving.
I have realized that many evil spirits have operated in the saints through sin. I have also realized as the evil spirits actively work in the lives of the saints, the saints would fall deeper into sin. As I observe the evil spirits attempt to lead the many believers into eternal death, I thought to myself that I should straighten their lives by training them to live a life of Word and prayer. Through Word and prayer, they can be victorious in their spiritual battles.
I give all the gratitude and glory to the Lord for permitting this precious ministry . I am thankful for participating in this fire ministry even though I am insufficient. I give thanks to the Lord’s Church and Pastor Kim as well.


* Experiencing the Holy Blazing Fire Baptism
Case 3 – City of Chungbuk, the church of First Voice. The Testimony of Mrs. Jung ja Kang. February 2007, my youngest son, Yoon Jung Seo called me urgently by telephone. “Mother, I am at the Lord’s Church in the city of Seo Incheon. This church has a ministry of Holy Fire. This ministry is led by Pastor Kim, Yong Doo with his church members. Many people who have visited this church have had the evil spirits disclosed and expelled from their bodies. As the evil spirits were exposed and expelled, many people were healed. They are not only being healed, they are being baptized by the Holy Spirit. It is marvelous. If you bring my brother Yoon Jin over her, I bet you he will be healed. Please bring him here quickly. Mother, I will let you borrow the book, ‘Baptism by Blazing Fire. I want you to read them quickly and experience it!”
I instantly read the first book. I then purchased the rest of the series and finished reading all of them. The contents of the books were shocking. My heart raced as I hastily made plans. My husband who is a pastor was unexpectedly against the testimonies of the books. Despite of his opposition, I fervently insisted. My husband eventually gave up and we moved in faith.
My eldest son, Yoon Jin Seo was suffering from severe depression for 23 years. To tell the truth, I was very hesitant when my youngest son suggested that I bring my son, Yoon Jin, to the Lord’s Church.
The pain of our children can be equal to the pain we feel when we are helpless or when we see them in pain. Therefore, I had made a decision. My decision was firm, I was going to visit the Lord’s Church with my son. No one was going to stop me or stand in my way.
However, we had some unexpected incidents. We had no idea we would encounter such resistance. My husband is very intelligent when it comes to finding his way. It doesn’t matter whether it is night or day or where he is located. He is very good finding his way around and understanding the roads. Of all our traveling events, we encountered unimaginable tests from the moment we had left for the Lord’s Church. We experienced the resistance and hindrance all the way to the Lord’s Church. We had encountered an enormous amount of evil spirits working against us and they were severe.
When it came to the region of Incheon, I am very bad with directions in that city. But even I was able to distinguish where we were going. My husband was wondering and driving in circles as we drove through the fog for about an hour. We were driving on the same road close to the Lord’s Church for a long time. We were constantly going the wrong way and we even drove in the wrong direction on one way streets. In my whole life, I have never experienced such driving chaos. As the evil spirits obstructed us from arriving the Lord’s Church, we realized that the Lord’s Church possessed a powerful presence of the Holy Spirit where many evil spirits are exposed and casted out.
I found out later that people from all through out the country has had very similar experiences. When we barely made it to the Lord’s Church, it was very late and intercessory prayer had already started. As I witnessed the powerful prayers of crying out, my jaws dropped. What I was seeing was beyond my imagination.
The Lord’s Church intercessory prayer team intercedes for many people. They all have their spiritual eyes opened. They prayed a special prayer for my family. We then saw the reality of the spiritual realm. I saw my house filled with evil spirits, they were even hanging from my ceiling.
The region where we live has one of the greatest buddhist temple. It is called Mitasa. In that area, many households have problems with alcohol. There are many alcoholics in my neighborhood. Besides the big temple, there are several large buddhist temples and sorcerers. They perform fortune telling and perform their own miracles. There are many buddhist temples in our region. Our region has been traditionally a idol worshipping area.
Our church as been established for about two years. I have always had a burning heart to pray. I tried many times praying on the floor on my knees. But some unknown energy had always oppressed me down. Therefore, I could not pray properly. I had always regretted this insufficiency. When we first established our church, my youngest son, Yoon Jung, installed the letters of our church name onto the side of the wall. As he was installing the letters, he suddenly heard a woman’s laughter. The laughter was so loud to him that it felt like the mountains were shaking. My son encouraged us to pray often.
The night we arrived at the Lord’s Church, all the evil spirits in me had expelled through worship and praise. My hands then began to move on their own. My hands moved freely. I was dancing in the Spirit. My spirit and physical body danced with joy that was granted by God. I believe it was a beautiful dance. I focused on the Lord and gave Him all my heart. I repented with endless streams of tears.
I would like to discuss the Holy Spirit dance as I experienced it. In the Lord’s Church, it does not matter if one is a man or woman, all of them have the ability to dance in the Spirit. I heard that various gifts can manifest during dancing. Besides the fulness of the Holy Spirit, glory, joy, repentance, healing, deliverance from evil spirits, fire ministry, and etc can be received through the dance. During my Holy dance, my hands are raised naturally as I flow in worship and praise. I feel hot fire sweep through my body, my whole body from the tip of my fingers to the feet. Not a single strength of my will was there. The Holy Spirit touched my body parts meticulously. I thought to myself, ‘Oh, how can my body become so light and free? How can every single evil spirit leave one by one?’ It was so amazing. I was more shocked by the Holy Electricity and Fire. Now I am finally feeling worthy in becoming the Lord’s bride. My soul/spirit can finally be filled in happiness and joy.
When I shout out Holy Fire during my dance in the Spirit, I became a pure fireball to the point in which I could not bear it. I felt like I was the queen of fire. Right in that moment, I was filled with confident and I felt like I could defeat and win any kind of hindrance. I felt if I shouted and cried out Holy Fire, it would move Father’s throne. The corporate shouting prayer of the Lord’s Church is more powerful than any other prayer house, rally, or fasting I have experienced. I was realistically able to feel that their prayer reached the outer most part of heaven.
Before I had visited the Lord’s Church and experienced the Holy dance, I was accustomed with quiet and contemplative prayer. But after dancing in the Spirit, I never felt sleepy. I thought quiet contemplative prayer was the best prayer to hear the Lord’s voice. But since I had began dancing in the Spirit and began crying out in prayer, I find it the most effective and powerful method of prayer. We are living in the last days and we are very close to the Lord’s return. The principalities with their evil spirits roaming in the heavens and the earth are constantly looking to prey on us. I have realized and experienced that shouting out in prayer and dancing in the Spirit is very important in defeating them.
I have lived half my life within God’s Word and in obedience. I have led our ministry struggling with no rest but desiring the heart of my Lord. In reality, my tyrannical nature was squirming my mind and I was not able to change. Because of these hidden spirits, my husband and I frequently argued.
At the Lord’s Church during the middle of prayer, the Holy Spirit touched me and this continued at our own church. During service and prayer time, I have experienced groups of evil spirits leaving when I cough. The evil spirits lived off my body for decades. All the evil spirits’ identities have been revealed including those that made a pathway between my husband and I. They had traveled back and forth between the two of us. They had prompted us to argue and tried to lead us to destruction.
For many years, the forces of the devil had been at work in my family members. They had been strategic and through various ways built their kingdom in us. It was beyond my imagination. I could not stop being astonished. I had realized the evil spirits were hunting our souls. God loves our family. He has healed my family. I am truly thankful to Him.
My oldest son, Yoon Jin, is attracted to the services of the Lord’s Church which is filled with the Holy Spirit. The church is full of cheerful worship, praise, and surrounded by joyous exhilarations. He is now in the process of gradually changing to a bright exhilarating personality. He has been delivered from his lonely circumstances of 23 years. Jesus did not heal him at once. The reason is that the Lord wanted each of my family members’ prayer to be filled to a certain level. He desired to receive prayer that was truly mournful. He desired confession with a contrite spirit. When each member of my family fills their prayer into the prayer jar, the Lord said that He will completely heal my son. The Lord also wanted to see my oldest son pray for himself even though my son lacked in many ways.
At last, I would like to give many thanks to the Lord’s Church, Pastor Kim, Yong Doo, his wife, and all the church members for endlessly praying and leading my oldest son, Yoon Jin and my youngest son, Yoon Hung with love and care. I give all the glory to the Lord. Hallelujah!
* Experiencing the Holy Blazing Fire Baptism
Case 4 – City of Kwang Ju, Yong Doo Dong, Unity Vision Church. Testimony of Pastor Park, Inn Soo
I give all the glory to Trinity God for giving us the opportunity to hold and finish our latest revival service in the midst of grace.
It was in June of 2007 when I first encountered the book, Baptism by Blazing Fire. I had purchased the first book initially from the book store. As I read the book, I thought to myself, ‘Wow, I have never read anything like this before.’ I was shocked. But I was not as eager as I should have been and in the middle of the book, I placed it in my bookcase near my desk. I postponed thinking I will read it at a later time.
About six months had passed and I was experiencing some tests within my ministry. I sometimes go through hardship and I sometimes go through peace. During my ups and downs, I still had not lost the thought of the firebooks.

On January 1st, 2008, a deacon and his wife who were faithfully serving the church left. As a pastor, I have always desired them to stand firmly on the Word. I have been praying for them with much effort. But when they left without saying a word, my heart felt empty. My heart was wounded and my heart became bitter. I then remembered the firebooks.

On March 2008, I began to read the book once again during the first week of the month. As I read the first half of the book again, I was overwhelmed and astonished. It was pure shock. On March 7th, a Friday, I prayed and read the book from the pulpit. I called the Lord’s Church and asked for Pastor Kim, Yong Doo. It was he who picked up the phone. “Pastor! I would love to visit your church. Is this possible?” He replied stating that anytime is possible.

I advised him that I will visit on March 10th. I prepared for the trip and downloaded the map from the internet. I was attending an annual conference on the first week of every March. The conference was Silchun Pastoral Research in the city of Su won. I attended the conference and once it was over I prompted my wife, Sul Hyang Oak and my sister in law, Pastor In Pyong Tek to accompany me on my trip to the Lord’s Church. I borrowed a car from my brother’s wife who was a pastor as well. The three of us then drove to the Lord’s Church using the GPS map.

On the first day at the Lord’s Church, when worship and praising had ended, the church members went in front of the pulpit. There were both male and females who continued the service with their beautiful Holy dance. Their dancing was indescribably beautiful. It was not strange at all. When I had visited a service at the Cho Lack Do fasting prayer house, I had witnessed a Holy dance. I had observed the brethren worshipping the Lord as they dance. The site at the fasting house did not offend me at all.
In my church, we clap as we worship and praise the Lord. It is just natural and an act which is universal. Most of the churches, especially in Korea, have rhythmic movements during worship and praise. When the Holy Spirit attempts to lead the dance, many people refuse to accept it just because they are not familiar with it. The bible states that we should worship and praise as we dance. However, we have never performed it and has never really witnessed it. The general church perceives it as awkward or strange when someone began to dance in the Spirit. There are dances created by people to worship and praise the Lord. How much more it is to please the Lord if the hand movements or dance is lead by the Holy Spirit. Just because we have not personally experienced it does not give us the right to condemn the people who dances in the Spirit before the Lord.
I attended the all night prayer rally at the Lord’s Church every Monday. Each time I attended, Pastor Kim, Yong Doo imparted the fire baptism and anointing. He would especially separate the groups of pastors and wives to impart fire. The fire is imparted from his hands to my hands. I felt it gradually getting stronger each week. Within time, my hands began to naturally move without my will.
On the last week of March, Unity Vision Church began a evening prayer rally. We named the prayer rally, Gethsemane prayer rally. We gathered together at 9 PM on the 3rd floor of the church building on Monday and continued until Friday. We did 30 minutes of worship/praise, 30 minutes of sermon, and 30 minutes of prayer time. After the prayer time, we imparted fire, it was a time of anointing. I imparted fire to all who had attended the evening prayer. The people began to naturally move their hands. They were initially unaware of their hands moving. Some had their hands spread out to the sides. They were amazed with what they were experiencing. Their hands would suddenly come together like a magnet and then spread to the sides. They continued to be amazed as the hands would freely and naturally move. We continued the evening prayer rallies every Monday through Fridays.
I advised the church members to go purchase the series of fire books. I had also bought some to hand out. We all read the books together during bible study. As we read, we come to realize that it is not easy to possess anything so quickly. Even if one is able to possess a gift or power quickly and easily, the person can lose it just as quickly and easily. If it can open easily, it can shut easily. We have realized that if we practice holiness and continue to seek a life of prayer and reading the Word, it will produce a firm foundation in faith. We might think that it would be nice to receive our spiritual eyes in one breath and to easily visit heaven and hell. But I have realized if one receives the gifts or experiences so easily, it will be difficult to maintain or keep the gifts. Pastor Yong Doo Kim had preached on this subject.

On March 31st, Monday, I received a prophetic word from the Lord when I attended the all night prayer rally at the Lord’s Church. The Lord watched as He led over my household, ministry, and church. I am very thankful to the Lord.
The Lord told me that He is pleased with us (my wife and myself) as we visit places to pray.
The Lord said there will be fruits in the future. Therefore we must persevere.
The Lord wanted us to pray more fervently.

I put in a request to have a fire revival in our church. Pastor Kim, Yong Doo said that he would pray about the request. He later gave me an answer. He set the date for June 23rd and 24th, Monday and Tuesday, respectively. Once the dates were set, the youngsters in our church became under attack by the evil spirits. The evil spirits used various methods of attacks on the youth.
First attack – Lee, Seh Young, a student in our Sunday school. He fell on a evenly paved road of asphalt. The road was flushed and nicely paved. There was nothing to trip on. When she fell, she broke and fractured the bone on her left wrist. She had to have a cast on her left hand for 3 weeks.

Second attack – Park, Sang Ho is an eighth grader in middle school. He serves in the broadcasting room at the church. After two weeks of Lee, Seh Young’s injury, Sang Ho fell while he was snow boarding. He had injured his left wrist. The same diagnose as Lee, Seh Young, a fractured bone and had to be in a cast for 3 weeks. When he first arrived at the hospital, the doctor showed him Seh Young’s x-rays and the doctor told him that the fracture was very similar to Seh Young’s. Sang Ho is a very good snow boarder. He had practiced the whole winter. It is very strange that he had fell on a low hill. The slope was not steep at all. He flew about 2 meters and fell. This is how he got injured.
Third attack – Chae, Hyung Inn is a forth grader in elementary. He plays the drums for Sunday school service. After a week from Sang Ho’s injury, he fell from the horizontal bars and fractured his left wrist. He was in a cast for 3 weeks.
Fourth attack -Kuack, Jae, Yun is a student in our Sunday school. After the third attack, he injured his right foot and required a cast.
Fifth attack – Park, Haam Bit is the oldest son of one of our pastors. He plays the drums and teaches. After a week from the fourth attack, he injured his ankle and required a cast for 3 weeks.
Sixth attack – Kim, Hyung Gon is an eighth grader in middle school. After two weeks from the fifth attack, he injured his ankle.
Seventh attack – Yuh, Inn Gwang is a fourth grader in elementary school. He is on the worship team. He was unjustly beat up by some bullies in his neighborhood. He was admitted in the hospital for 3 weeks.
Our youths were not the only ones who were harassed by evil spirits but our adults as well. On May 5th, our church had planned to have some sports tournament. During the preparations, men’s missionary group 1 and 2 got together for unity and for a rally. They had a good meeting. But before they all parted their way home, they all went to one of the deacon’s fish market and had a few shots of alcohol.
They had gathered in the name of our church and yet satan had operated his evil work in the midst of them. After they had stumbled, I gathered all who went to drink. I made them repent for their actions. They each signed a letter of promise not to ever drink again.
Besides these problems, we were already facing other difficulties. We had built our church through a loan. We borrowed the money from Dae Gu Cooperative Association in the amount of one million dollars. Although we were able to handle the interest, some complicated problems had occurred and we had no choice but to default. The property was then placed on foreclosed auction. On May 14th, 2008, our church building was successfully auctioned to a business enterprise. We had done everything to save our church building within the boundary of the law. However, all avenues explored were closed.
There was only two weeks before the revival meeting and we had no solution. Therefore, we gave everything to the Lord. The Lord who loves us so much is alive and we have a hope to enter His kingdom. With that hope and love, we were not discouraged. Even though our church had been auctioned off, our church members who attended the revival meeting were joyful and at peace. It showed on their faces.
We had been praying. In fact, we had been earnestly praying even more as we expected to proceed forward with our future. We gave thanksgiving to God. We began our revival meeting with difficulties.
On the first day of the revival meeting, we were not able to estimate the number of people to expect. As a result, we purchased 200 cups of ramen for a snack. Our revival meeting was not advertised nor did we make a public announcement. We roughly estimated possible 200 to show up. But 700 people showed up in the two days. The Lord’s powerful ferocious fire was present. The pastor who we had invited to speak told us that the fire in this meeting was very special. However, the evil spirits attacked us to the end. They had also attacked us during the revival meeting.
The weather, fresh drinking water, snacks, watermelon, restrooms, parking lot, air conditioners, electrical equipment, and ushers were all good. But we were having a problem with the sound system. We were relieved thinking everything was good but our sound system which covered an area of 500 pyeongs was experiencing a technical difficulty. We wouldn’t have dreamed that it was our little children who had compromised the sound equipment. The day before the revival, the little children went into the sound equipment room and played with the equalizers and mixers. On each Sunday evening at 8 PM, we would hold a men’s cell group meeting. The cell group meets to do bible study and get together for prayer. The children have came with their fathers before and have never gone into the sound equipment room before. Out of every visits, this was the first time the children touched the sound equipment. Since we had not used the equipment prior to the revival, we were not aware of the problem before the revival meeting.
On the very first day of the revival, the unequal sound blew the amplifier. With one speaker, we progressed with the revival in difficulty. But in the midst of all the problem, the revival was on fire. The people that attended the revival were hungry for the Holy Spirit as a result, they were filled with the Spirit and His grace.
On the next day, in the afternoon, we called the engineer to correct the problem of the sound system before evening service. During the evening service, the presence of the Holy Spirit’s powerful fire continuously imparted onto us. After the evening service came the late night service accompanied with beautiful events. The youth, men, women, and Pastor Kim’s wife from the Lord’s Church danced the beautiful Holy dance. There was even a Holy techno dance. The church members from the Unity Vision Church followed suit and started to dance in the Holy Spirit. The sight was beautiful.
The fire books had journalized the various kinds of gifts and healing through the Holy dance. I had personally experienced it. I had a stiffness and dull pain on my neck for some time. But after dancing in the Spirit for about four weeks and as I attended the Lord’s Church, the pain left. Moreover, the headaches and stiffness had left as well. I am confirming that there is healing and gifts through the Holy dance.
After our break time, we had some snacks. The members of the Unity Vision Church presented there talents to please the Lord. I am glad they are mimicking me. They are precious saints who are quick to obey whenever a mission or endeavor is placed upon them. It doesn’t matter what I ask, they reply with amen. I am very thankful! Everyone had passionately expressed themselves to the Lord. The sight was very joyous and grateful. I truly believe our Lord must have been very pleased.
We continued with prayer time. Our prayer went deep. We prayed as we earnestly asked for our spiritual eyes to be opened. Our prayer time consisted of three different sessions. No spiritual eyes were opened during the first prayer session. During the second prayer session, a visitor from Kwang Ju had his spiritual eyes opened. Moreover, the Lord gave us a prophetic word through a deaconess. The word was about our church, Unity Vision Church.
Question: Lord, what do you think of Unity Vision Church?
Answer: I will surely bless Unity Vision Church.

Question: Will all the members from Unity Vision Church that are on the pulpit now go to heaven?
Answer: There are several people who will go to hell if they die at their current state.

Question: Why is that, Lord?
Answer: They appear to be devoted and obedient on the outside but they are grumblers and complainers behind closed doors.

Question: Will anybody from the Unity Vision Church have their spiritual eyes granted?

Answer: The spiritual eyes of the pastor’s wife will be opened. She must live her life on her knees praying unceasingly.
Question: Will Unity Vision Church experience a revival?
Answer: The church must become one. The pastor’s wife has resentment in her heart. The revival will come through the youths.
Question: What will Unity Vision Church become?
Answer: Have peace in yourselves. Trust in the Lord and it will be solved. Give it all to the Lord.
Question: The pastor’s heart must be very heavy. The foreclosure auction must be stressful. What do you think, Lord?
Answer: There is a river of spring water streaming down in his spirit. The Lord is currently resolving all the issues.
There are four students from middle and high school desiring to receive the gift of tongue. They fervently pray for the gift all night long since the Sunday school children speak in tongue. From the all night prayer, they had all received the gift of tongue. On Thursday, we gathered at 6 PM and I urged them to pray in tongue for forty minutes. In order to strengthen their prayer in tongue, they must continue to pray in tongue constantly. Therefore, I constantly urge them to pray in tongue. They are speaking in tongue very smoothly right now. They are very happy and thankful.
I hope the problems of the Unity Vision Church quickly resolves so that we can glorify the Lord. I have mentioned to the deacons and deaconess that I desire to hold another revival next year in February. They were very happy.
During our third prayer session, we prayed and prepared for a visit to heaven. The Lord prayed over the pastor’s wife, Sul, Hyang Oak. After a short time, she suddenly shouted, “Ugh!!” She started to shiver and cry. She was experiencing hell. As the Lord prophecized, her spiritual eyes had opened.
* The testimony of Mrs. Sul, Hyang Oak
In the second week of March, a Monday, I attended the Lord’s Church all night service with my husband for the very first time. From the first day, I had prayed all throughout the night. “Lord, if you do not grant me grace today, I will not go back to Kwang Ju.” I continued to earnestly pray. I prayed passed 5 AM. I was the only one left praying. During the middle of my prayer, Pastor Kim, Yong Do came next to me and said that he would pray over me. I then fixed my position and opened my eyes.
But I could not see the pastor anywhere near me. I had experienced something spiritual. If I knew what I was experiencing was spiritual, I would not have opened my eyes. I regretted it and felt empty. Why did I open my eyes? I began to relentlessly pray. After awhile, Mrs. Kang, Hyun ja came next to me and imparted her gift of the Holy dance. “Mrs. Sul, I impart all I have onto you.”
Many now ask me if I am Mrs. Kang, Hyun Ja’s little sister. They all say that our Holy dance is very similar. I said, “I am so honored to be considered Mrs. Kang, Hyun Ja’s little sister. She dances beautifully and gracefully. She has many powerful gifts.”

On the second day of the revival, we had all hoped to have our spiritual eyes opened and hoped that we would be granted a visit to heaven as we prayed. Then my spiritual eyes were opened and I witnessed the souls that were being tormented in hell.

My first sight was a large devil, perhaps a king devil. He was holding a large coffee cup. He then threw a scoop full of sugar made of people into his coffee cup. He was enjoying and hissing at the same time.
I saw the Lord grieving over the dying souls in hell. I wailed very much. My heart was in so much pain as I witnessed the Lord grieving.

Next, I saw the demons tightly tying people with ropes and dangling them. The demons then mercilessly pierced them with sharp iron skewers. They were wickedly laughing.

I saw frozen (harden/stiff) people. As the people were in a frozen state, the demons beat them with a large iron club. The people became dust as they were beaten. It was a cruel sight. My heart fainted.
I saw a deep swamp. The people in the swamp were struggling to get out. They were in torment. I could only see their faces. Their whole bodies were cover under the swamp.
I saw a large deep hole filled with insects. I saw people continuously being pushed into the hole.

I saw demons throw people as if they were playing boomerang. As the people hit the wall, they screamed in pain. They then broke into pieces.
I naturally love children. I currently nurture and teach children at church. I evangelized every Wednesday and Saturday at schools. I have heard some children say, “I want to go to hell.” They reject the gospel. I was really curious if children are in hell. So I asked the Lord. “Lord, do children go to hell?” The Lord then showed me the children who were in hell tormented. They jumped in pain as they were on top of an enormous heated frying pan. The pan was heated with fire. My heart was filled with pain.

During the revival meeting, a deaconess from Unity Vision Church earnestly prayed to have her spiritual eyes opened. With a compassionate heart, I asked the Lord if He could grant the request. The Lord said that she is currently in a fierce spiritual battle. Her ministry will come to pass through her church pastor.
Among the prophetic words for the church of Unity Vision, we were told that the church will experience a revival through the children. Therefore, I asked a question in regards to my children. “Lord, I have two sons. Which one will be used?” The Lord answered, “It is not your concern to know.”
On Wednesday, the day after the revival meeting, we visited another church on the way to the airport. We were giving a ride to the members of the Lord’s Church. At the foyer, several deacons and youths were chatting. I then saw a large demon in the midst of them.
I was very tired the next day. I rested and laid in my room. This was the day I usually went out to evangelize. Since I was tired, I hesitated to go and evangelize. I then saw a vision. I saw the demons forming into a armed force. They attacked in groups. I instantly got up and ready myself. I then went out to evangelize. It felt as though the gates of hell were being wide opened.


* The testimony of Deacon Kang
When the family members from the Lord’s Church imparted fire, my hands felt like magnets attracting to themselves. The tips of my fingers were tingling. During worship service, my pastor asked me to go up to the pulpit. I danced in the Spirit. My hands were moving very smoothly. I prayed in the Holy Spirit, “Lord, please have my hand movements move wider and more freely” The movements of my hands gradually became wider. When the guest pastor prayed over me, I felt like I was holding a large ball with both my hands. The experience was novel and amazing.
* Testimony of Deacon Kim
During prayer time, I was holding someone’s hand and running around the green pasture. I was having a good time. When it was time to see hell, I saw a cliff overlooking a lake. I saw a black colored knife cutting the arms of a person. My heart was in so much pain.
* Testimony of Deacon Chung
The revival meeting was pure shock. I always had a fear of having my spiritual eyes opened. But my fear gradually disappeared. As I watched other deacons conversing with Jesus, I realized how my faith was full of doubt. I then repented. I thought the Holy dance looked very beautiful. I began to have the movement of the Holy dance a little at a time. During prayer, I felt the strong presence of the Holy Spirit. I desire heaven more than ever.
* Testimony of Deaconess Kwan
If I had not experienced this fire revival meeting, perhaps, I would have ended up in hell. Now, I must firmly hold the ticket to heaven and I will be born again as a child of God. I will place all my effort and compassion to please God.

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