ATTRIBUTES OF THE NARROW-WAY By Sister Toun Praise Olujuwon

I consider writing this episode because of different individual Christian who may have found themselves in an unusual situation through faith and find it hard to blend with what they stand for. First, we have to deliberate what Narrow-way stand for in the world of Christianity. The crown Christian journey is to end up where Christ dwelling is. Though there are several additional bonuses to Christian life as the book of Luke 1 verse 72 and many other verses of the scriptures have proven. For example, deliverance from enemies, provision and favour of advancement in worldly rendition but the major backbone is to enter into Christ dwelling which is the kingdom of God.

Christian life experience is like a Maze (puzzled-garden) which starts with different routes but maintained one major route as its exit while the exit enters straight into Christ dwelling place (kingdom of God). This one major route is what the bible refers to as the NARROW-WAY. This narrow-way came into lime light of Christianity by Christ himself when he was introducing the kingdom of God and that the only way to the place prepared by God for the continuation of life after death for all who care is this Narrow-way Matt. 7 v

The foretold plan of God the Father of Christ for any who choose to attach their destiny with Christ is to end up in this special dwelling place of Christ as John 14 verses 1-3 made it known. This dwelling place of Christ (kingdom of God) was also being introduced as a place of rest after all the hassles of this present life as Hebrew 4 verse 10 present it.

Every human that had ever lived and still living this planet earth had always wish they would escape death for their life to continue but death just came and terminate the continuation no matter how beautiful and enjoyable it may be. But the beautiful part of this story is that though termination was caused through sin but the Creator has prepare another opportunity of life through Christ the messiah who happen to be the Door to God’s dwelling.

For Narrow-way, it marks the beginning of a new life as a born-again Christian without wish if you don’t adopt it as a life style you may not end up with Christ to enter into his dwelling. Narrow-way is meant to be a life style that is to be adopted by any who choose to enter into the dwelling place of God (place of rest) as ordained by Christ. Jesus Christ once said, whoever hear his voice and opens the door, he will come in and make his abode with such (Rev 3 v 20).This door marks the beginning of the Narrow-way; it is not possible to enter in to the way without going through this door. Accepting Christ as ones Lord and Saviour is the key that opens the door to the Narrow-way but it is the choice of such individual who will make attempt of this decision. That is why Christ described himself as the door in John 10 verse 1-9 for anyone who wants pastures (rest). From that text place I quote above Christ indicated some other ways that can possibly deceive passenger plying this route. This is just for you to know that there are other ways similar to your intention of coming to Christ. One major route that leads to the exit coincidentally looks like several others which did not lead to the exit, yet the passenger of Narrow-way must be well cultured to its environment in order to identify the original route that leads to the exit else such may be stranded or get stock to a wrong route and never able to define the purpose or privilege of living the Christian faith.


One other route (life-style) that seems to be twinly attached to the Narrow-way in look and reason is what Jesus Christ also introduced as the BROAD-WAY. Whereas this broad-way accept optional approach to challenges of life where Narrow-way doesn’t allow any other options than to lay down your rights as self-denial. That is why Christ says that many are found in this broad-way because it is easy to ply (to live) but the bad news of it is that it doesn’t leads to Christ dwelling but place of destruction. For example, in a situation to have a dream come true and you are faced with a dilemma to save your head from shame, broad-way life-style would bring different suggestion from flesh including lies which at the end is human aid while Narrow-way would only suggestion the Will of God with quotable scriptures warning you of intentional sin (case note: Cain in Gen. 4 v 3-8). Above all Narrow-way life-style would steer up the Fear of God that usually preserve the life of the saint in the journey of this world while Broad-way encourages human aid that stale the presence of God away thus silence the voice of the Comforter and helper that supposed to help along the journey.

This is the condition of many Christian in faith today irrespective of their position in the society either as Christian leader or social worker etc. Many could no longer define the purpose of Christianity again nor were they able to look towards the end or walk their way to the place of rest. Yet I say that the process of surviving the worldly system has crippled and disable so many to short-sightedness in the things of God and His dwelling place (kingdom). Yet if you have to get to His dwelling place (kingdom) you cannot minus the Narrow way or neglect its experience in Christian way of life. Whatever your aim may be as a Christian; set your priority right as opportunity cost, just make sure you enter into rest as Human life still continue after this life either in rest or continuation labour. The only route that enters into that rest as directed by the bible is the Narrow-way but you must identify and understand the jurisdiction of this route.


Another snag is that, many of us (Christians) thought because it is a way that leads to God’s kingdom that it must be smooth, nice cooling route to travel across. Let it be known to you that Narrow-way though ordained of God is a road (life-style) that is not easy to ply by one self except with God Himself through the help of the Holy-Spirit. It is one route that has a huge price tag on it coupled with different ditches with object that are capable of creating wounds and scars along the journey of Christian faith for any of those plying it. Yet one law binding this route is that YOU MUST NOT FALL at any time meaning before you take any decision as a Christian you must have gone through the class WAITING ON GOD learn the process. Though you will not be put to shame but your integrity will be tested by God Himself where perseverance and endurance is require of you as a Christian.

Another point I will like to make is the issue of perfection required by and requested of God from any privilege Christian that desire to ply the Narrow-way life-style (Gen. 17 v 1). The issue of perfection bought in the Holiness of God to be adopted by imperfect human being taking them through stages of sanctification where Brokenness comes in until they are like God. I have seen mistake of so many Christian where they attach and measure the holiness of God to long dressing, hairdo condemning the people they are supposed to demonstrate the love of God as sinner.  No one plying Narrow-way life-style can attain perfection of God without stages of Brokenness which is powered only by the Holy-spirit. This is where holiness comes in and it is not the work of one or one year, may be often blame yourself for short-comings due to imperfection, as you making effort to be perfect God still count you as His beloved.

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To all my Christian friends out there who desire to get to the place of rest with Christ perhaps you find yourself in any of the situations I will list below, let it be known that you are not far from the kingdom of God still maintain your stand. These are the characteristics of Narrow-way:-

(1). Loneliness: This life-style would hedge you against the system of the world and turn your world upside down in that it would isolate you from friends and family and the society at large (James 4 v 4) depriving of so many benefits you would embrace on normal platform.

(2). Shame: delay from normal process of development like singleness, barrenness, penury or unemployment this can bring shame while waiting for God’s intervention but remember those who wait on God will not be put shame (Isaiah). The advantage of this waiting is the process of sending in

(3). Afflictions: God use this medium to develop faith of His beloved, afflictions are food of a strong faith. I will say for any plying the narrow-way just enlisted him or herself into the Job school of mystery it is not because of your sin but test of faith you will be expose only to what you can bear.

(4). Rejection

(5). Persecution: you cannot minus persecution from narrow-way which seems to odd addictions to the people outside your world and this would attract offensive reactions to you. They will in turn be used to fight your decision either from family or environment


Some Facts to help understand  the Narrow-way

(1.) It is not smooth but rough with different experiences that are fragile and painful to cause wounds pierce through sorrowful events.

(2.) Its life style is not achievable without Patience and the gift of Discernment which is required before taking any decision else you fall into a mire situation (furlong situation).

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