I received the call of God to be a missionary. I live in the city of Houston, United States. My whole family is evangelical, this is our inheritance from God.


Before beginning my testimony, I will speak about some experiences of some people in my family. CROSS

My sister Emily Peterson had a dream. Jesus was being mocked by the people and picked up by those soldiers. Jesus took every whip with His flesh and was cut down to the ground. He was all deformed, but He did not retaliate.


The Lord spoke to her, “Emily, before My church is snatched away, she will go through afflictions. As I have passed by this way, My servants will also take many stripes, be slandered by their own brethren of their own ministry. The government itself will sanction laws against the church. My chosen ones will feel the same pain that I felt when I took the lashes that struck My hands and My feet. The pain that My church will feel are not the physical pains that I felt in the cross, but they are pains in the soul.”


“Tell them to remain until the end. No matter how prickly the path of Golgotha was and painful the cross was, it was on the cross that I overcame. Thou shalt overcome in the way of the Golgotha which I overcame. I have shed My blood for the salvation of many, and it will be in the way of Golgotha that My chosen ones will overcome. Suffering will bring maturity and reward.”


Matthew 10:38, “And whoever does not take up his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me.


Just as the magicians were led by the star and came to Me and worshiped Me when I was in that manger, so My servants will look up and see My true star that is My Word and will be guided by them until they will be led to Me for salvation. The stars shine in the night what they want to reveal to them. It is for them to look at My Word that is the light. No matter if the world is in darkness, My Word will shine in the midst of darkness.




My mother’s name is Clay Peterson. She was praying to the Lord; she was anxious for deliverance from her sins, she had no strength to cast off sin. The voice of the Holy Spirit spoke to her, “Seek Me more and more, I will pour upon you a mighty anointing that will break the judgment of the bondage of sin. Your flesh will die, that sin will have no more force upon you, it is necessary to fast and pray. The churches have not freed themselves from the bonds of sin by not praying for their deliverance.”


Isa 10:27 And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.




My younger sister Dayse Peterson had a spiritual vision when praying at dawn. Jesus appeared to


her and said, “Tell My church that this turbulent night will be the last for My people. It’s the longest night and it will be more terrible than every night. My church will cry, but a new day will come. That day will be eternal, there will never be an end; a new dawn will dawn on them, it will be a different day, the night will never come more upon My people, they will be with Me in eternity.”


Psalm 30: 5 For His anger endureth but a moment; in His favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.


Malachi 4: 2 But unto you that fear My name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in His wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.


My sister was amazed at this sight and fell on her face in the dust.




My father Richard Peterson received a revelation from God.


The Lord said to him, “Many say that My servants cannot be poor, saying that poverty is Satan, and say that diseases belong to the devil and that they cannot accept poverty and sicknesses. They forget that I left My throne and My wealth to be a simple carpenter; they forget that the prophet Elisha died sick and the apostle Paul carried his sickness to the end of his life. Many of My servants died sick and are with Me now in paradise. If poverty and sickness are all of the devil, who would inherit salvation if they were poor and sick? It is not all the infirmities that are sent from the evil one. Natural infirmities are part of the entrance of the sin of Adam to the world. Many say that My chosen ones cannot go through trials and afflictions for being of the devil. I went through afflictions, agony and I suffered drops of blood.”


“Servant, as there is day and night in the counting of man on earth, there is evil and good, you will be free when you snatch it for Me.”




My Uncle Brian was wanting to run in politics. The Lord used me in prophecies and I prophesied to him and said the Lord did not want him involved with corrupt politics and that the work He had for him is beautiful. My uncle gave up and preferred to do the work of God.




One day I was praying and a voice said to me, “Daughter you need to go to India, I have a work with you there.” I woke up, I went to the church at night. When I arrived I went to pray, the voice once more said, “Daughter you must go to India; I have seen their suffering, they need you.”


The next day I told my father who is pastor of the ministry. He believed and said, “My daughter, the ministry will raise money for your trip.” My husband Robert understood and said, “I’m coming with you for this mission.”


Months passed, my husband and I took the plane and headed for India. When we arrived in New Delhi we prayed together and the Lord showed us the city of Mondai. We went there, an extremely poor place, full of garbage in the streets. We stayed in a house, asking for financial support from our church in Houston. My father is my pastor; he raised the money and sent it to us.


The poor children were playing in the trash. It was necessary to help these children and also a lot of


poor families in that place. God was multiplying our money to help that little neighborhood. After 6 months of suffering, we had financial difficulties for our sustenance. The money my father sent was not only for us, we distributed to all those people in need. Ecclesiastes 11:1, 2 says, “Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days. Give a portion to seven, and also to eight; for thou knowest not what evil shall be upon the earth.


My husband bought musical instruments and did a beautiful project. We taught them to play, we preached the Word, many accepted Jesus, we created a family bond with that community.


Of course everything was done under vigilance. This country has varieties of gods and a lot of intolerance for the Gospel. God was on this mission, nothing could go wrong, nobody knew we were evangelizing.




I went to stroll through several cities. I saw men making enchantments to snakes and others stepping on fire and not getting burnt.


The Lord told me, “These people are possessed by demons.”


In my room I bowed my knees and went to pray to God. That place was infested with diabolical legions and oppressed many people. My husband and I went through afflictions. In my prayers something prevented me from feeling the presence of God. I saw my prayer rise like a fireball in my room, but a great wall prevented my prayer from rising. I was afraid of the demonic forces that were there. I knew that fear was blocking my faith, that my prayers were powerless to break that great spiritual barrier of blockade.


I began to pray, I asked the Holy Spirit to visit me, because I did not feel His presence.


A soft voice told me, “I never left you, I was always by your side. You did not perceive Me, your lack of faith nullified My presence. My essence is in you; speak in mysteries (tongues) with Me so the enemy does not understand.”


I started to speak in mystery (tongues). I saw my prayer rise in a fireball at high speed and they broke that great spiritual wall leaving a large crater open. That ball continued to rise up with all the force. The demons tried to catch that ball, but they could not. A huge dragon tried to hold my prayer, it passed through the claws of that dragon and disappeared in the sky. More dragons tried to capture that ball, but everything was in vain, the powers of the air were desperate, because the prayer with the power broke the outer space.


The angel Gabriel came down in response to my prayers. The angel appeared in my room and said, “This prayer that you prayed is pleasing to God; sincere and unselfish prayer, contrite prayer of someone who needs God; this is the true prayer, the prayer of faith.”


When I finished praying I laid on the bed. I felt my heart and my body began to soften. I began to freeze and I extinguished when I realized I was standing while my body was lying on the bed. When I took my eyes from my body and began to look at the sides of the my room, I gazed on a Man with a fine appearance. His body shone in glory and attracted attention. He had no wings and bore the glory of His body and much anointing.



I said, “You are an angel.”


He answered me, “I walk with you so much and you do not know Me? I dwell in you, My essence is within you; you know Me only in feeling, now you know Me in seeing. I have used you on Earth, I am God in your life. I have been here on Earth since the day of Pentecost. My mission is ending here on earth, soon I will take the church up to meet the Bridegroom.”


I said, “You are the Holy Spirit.”


I marveled at His glory. He said to me, “I am real, I am not like men who write of Me “like a dove.” I am God and do the same works that Father and Son did on Earth. I heal, I deliver, I give authority to the saints. I baptize, mark the saved with the seals. Tell the church that I will be with all those who obey the Word and live a pure life. I am in them. Tell them not to fear evil nor difficulties. I am with all, I will not leave them; I will be with them. I will be with them to persevere until the coming of the Bridegroom if they walk according to the Word.




Then a light shone in my room, the angel of the Lord came down to me and took me to the air. We entered the universe where I found stars and celestial bodies. The angel pointed his hand to a place in the universe where I could see thrones floating in the universe. These thrones were in various parts, and those who were seated on the thrones had at their disposal a legion of devils who worked for them. The principalities commanded those demons of the air to attack the churches on Earth. Their main targets are the churches, since those who are in the world already belong to them.




The angel said, “Look down.”


I saw Sister Sandy praying to God for her son who was on drugs. His son was sleeping; demons had sent some men to take the life of that young man, but those possessed men gave up killing that sister’s son. Those demons lost their forces when this sister was praying.


When I looked at this sister’s house on the side of her son’s bedroom, devils surrounded that house wanting to kill her son. The death demons surrounded that house to reap the life of that young man and lead to hell. God heard the fervent prayers of that sister and sent angels to come down from heaven, and those demons fled from that house. When the angels went up to the air, there were legions of devils wanting to go down to that house to kill that young man. There was a war in the air of the angels with those legions for a soul,


I asked the angel, “Why is this young man’s soul so important?”


The angel said, “He was chosen in the womb for a mission; he will win many souls when he converts to Jesus. Many souls will find salvation by his ministry and depend on his preaching. Satan wants his soul anyway. This young man will give a lot of work to the demons. There are many witches who offered great sacrifices and offerings of blood for this young man to die. The demons wanted to fulfill the purposes of these evil women, but because of the prayer of the mother of this young man and also of the church, all these devilish actions were not succeeding.”


The angel said, “If it had not been for prayer, this young man would have died, because the whole hell rose up against his life. When you return to earth tell this young man, there is no time for him to be walking on the path of doom; prayer is a weapon that protects those who are lost. Tell them not to stop interceding for the weak. Many have stopped praying for those who have not yet converted and the demons have mowed down several lives for not having that spiritual covering.”


“A young man named Relri goes to the church where his father shepherds. He is undecided, rejecting the call of missionary that the Lord God prepared. Although he knows the Word, he continues walking in the path of perdition; his will determined that choice. Warn him that his life time is ending and if he leaves he will not be taken for granted.”


“Tell the young Britney that she has not yet converted. Death can surprise at any moment; the wages of sin is death. Only by coming to Jesus will her life be prolonged. She said that she is too young to convert; she wants to mature to follow the path. She is deceived if she thinks she will survive until that age.”


“Say that for the rest too. They stopped being Christians thinking there they are many days to go before their end and they are not prepared to meet with Jesus if their lives end suddenly.”




We descended down, we entered in very low regions; the more we went down, the more the breathing became more difficult. All air begins to disappear until we arrived at the gate of hell.


That gate opened and we entered into that place; the place was of deep darkness. That part had no fire, only the light body of the angel illuminated that place, but the torment was terrible.


I asked the angel why this place is so thick with darkness. The angel said to me, “The darkness of this place is for the blind. The spiritual blindness of the eyes of many caused them to die without salvation and fall into this place. They preferred the darkness rather than the light.”




We went in a room that only had people doing magic tricks to make money. The Bible says that the deceiver is Satan. There were also illusionists, snake charmers and they made these incantations with people too. These magicians worked with occult powers and had pacts with the devil and received powers.




We were in a partition in hell, the valley of the shepherds, bishops and apostles. The angel showed me a man. He suffered great torture; the demons thrust a great sword into his eyes. He had no more eyes, only holes instead of his eyes.


The angel said, “Remember that man?”


I looked well and said, “This man is the pastor of my father’s ministry. He is pastor Mark; he anointed my father as pastor and gave a church leadership to him to feed the flock. We all thought he was in heaven. What he did do wrong? This man is a man of God.”


The angel said, “He committed infidelity to his wife; he watched pornographic movies and thought about women and masturbated; he committed virtual adultery.”


I said to the angel, “But he did not commit the act.”


The angel said, “He did not do it because he did not have the opportunity; he preferred these whores instead of his wife. He had great desires for this class of woman and he never tried to break free.”


The angel showed me a bishop burning in hell. I asked, “What did he do?”


The angel answered me, “He betrayed his wife in social networks; he began to exchange illicit words with women who were wicked in their hearts. He was planning to make a trip to meet these women and have relations with them. He did not have time for this sin to be consummated for death suddenly reckoned with him. Everyone thought that he lived a holy life and is in heaven. Nobody knew that he had plans to commit adultery. Tell the church that if they commit adultery sins in their hearts even if they do not realize, if they die and they will come to this place. The Lord God probe the thoughts and hearts, there are no sins hidden before His eyes. He contemplates the 4 corners of the world.”


The angel showed me 2 shepherds inside a hole in the ground. The fire burned those shepherds. They fought wanting get out of there. One wanted to climb on top of the other to climb to the edge of that hole and leave, but there was no success for either of them to leave.


The angel told me, “They are here because they lived on earth fighting each other, because of the tithes and the offerings of the souls. They competed, one wanted to take the souls of the other and to bring to themselves.”




We went in the division where there are many children. I asked what these children had done. The angel told me, “Colossians 3:20 to 21, Children, obey your parents in all things: for this is well pleasing unto the Lord. Fathers, provoke not your children to anger, lest they be discouraged.”




We were in the division that has men who idolized their bodies, the bodybuilders. They suffered great muscular tortures. Their bodies were everything for them; they lived as slaves of their bodies.




We went in the partition where I saw men and women practicing martial arts in hell.


The angel told me that these battling practices are engaging with spells, mantras, meditations, spiritual philosophies and violence.


Luk 6:29 And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other; and him that taketh away thy cloak forbid not to take thy coat also.


Joh 18:10-11 Then Simon Peter having a sword drew it, and smote the high priest’s servant, and cut off his right ear. The servant’s name was Malchus. Then said Jesus unto Peter, Put up thy sword into the sheath: the cup which My Father hath given Me, shall I not drink it?





We were at a place where I saw people of performing various rhythmic dances. The dancers demons invented new choreographies in hell to put on Earth and to take the greatest number of people to hell that practice their dances.




I went to a division where I saw the owners of stations. I looked at a man who owned a television station; he was on fire. I asked, “Why is this man here?”


The angel told me, “For misleading mankind to perdition with diabolical films, TV series, cartoons and commercials. This man have large audience and sacrificed people and offered several offers for Satan. Tell the church, warn the pastors not to do television programming. All the offerings and tithes of the people go to the hands of these broadcasters for them to make sacrifices and rituals to gain more audience. All the money dedicated to God are going to the wrong hands. The money the church gives with faith is being devoutly dedicated to devils on satanic altars, and it is the fault of the pastors who insist on paying for programming on these satanic channels by delivering money from the house of the Lord into the hands of Satanists for them to offer to demons.”


I said to the angel, “But television serves to preach the Word of God; it is a means of communication that reaches a whole nation.”


The angel showed me on a screen. I observed a pastor of a large church talking to an owner of a station. That pastor took all the money collected from the faithful and gave to the owner of the station to do their programming. There were contracts of millions of dollars with that owner of the station. On receiving that money, the owner of that station took the tithes and offerings to the devil and still paid people to kidnap children to be offered rituals, and hired actors to record soap operas and TV series for the destruction of mankind.


That shocked me, all the churches’ money was being invested on television for their own condemnation and destruction of their children. All that money offered in faith and consecrated to God had a wrong destiny and was consecrated to demons.


I also saw this pastor signed a clause that said that it was forbidden to preach against the Satanist religion, could not speak against films, cartoons, TV series, novels, religions, homosexual, witchcraft and other issues that go against the world system. All this so as not to alienate people and decrease the audience viewership. This pastor had to preach only blessings so as not to affect the broadcaster’s profits.


The angel told me, “See the shepherds? They cannot preach the truth and denounce sin; the document pastors sign is a diabolical strategy. They can only speak what the broadcaster want and many still make this agreement and pay dearly for these schedules. They cannot speak against the abominations that the television teaches and does not preach against their lies. All those who make television programs are making alliance with Satan, investing all money to spread the lie. The true servants of God are separated from the power of Babylon, the great prostitute that pollutes the world through television. Tell leaders not to fund satanic broadcasters; tell them to denounce broadcasters who multiply iniquities, lest you be a partaker of hell equal to them.”


The skeletal forms of these pastors meant that they were spiritually dead, blinded by the ambition of ministerial growth, had no Holy Spirit to awaken them, and resurrect their spiritual lives from the dry valleys of iniquity.




After this great revelation, the angel took my hand and we climbed up. We arrived at a golden door. It opened to a beautiful and stunning place, a true paradise. The angel entered, I was perplexed, I felt unworthy to enter there, I entered and a feeling that I had never felt took care of me. My heart beat for joy, an euphoria took over my being. I felt like a child. I bent down and picked up a


precious stone. Its immense glow illuminated my hand. No stone of the earth shines like those of heaven. There in heaven we will step on these precious stones.


“Tell the church that your works on earth will not be in vain; your treasures are being gathered in heaven. The more they do the work of God, the more their treasures are being accumulated here. The greatest on earth is the smallest here, and the least on earth is the greatest here. All who seek fame and success on earth and gather the treasure on earth, will have no treasures in heaven. Tell them not to gather earthly fortunes, but to gather heavenly treasure, for the treasure of the earth perishes, but the heaven is eternal. Those who give up the earthly treasure, give up earthly glory, will have their glory here.”


I said to the angel, “How can I gather all this treasure here in heaven and be rich?”


The angel said, “All the saved are already rich by inheriting from the inheritance of the One who owns the gold and silver, as it is written in Haggai 2: 8, The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the LORD of hosts. If you want to add more and more treasures it is necessary to follow two commandments.”


I said, “What angel?”


He said, “To love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself.


I said, “Is that all, angel?”




The angel said, “He who loves God does not sin, he will live in holiness to please God. He who loves God does not scandalize the Gospel, he separates himself from the world so as not to grieve the Holy Spirit. He who loves God has the pleasure of talking with Him every day in prayer. He who loves God obeys His Word not by force, but out of love. He who loves God abhors sin, and when he errs he repents not having pleasure in living in sin. He who loves his neighbor will help in times of trouble, and make peace with him, without division. He who loves his neighbor is concerned for him and will never ignore him, nor will he have prejudice; who loves his neighbor will offer forgiveness when he offends him; who loves his neighbor will preach the Gospel so he does not go to hell; whoever loves his brother will seek to live in peace without discussion; whoever loves his brother will warn him when he is sinning so that he does not go to hell. These are just the two main commandments that were left, to love God and also to others.”


I said to the angel, “It’s too much.”


Brothers, that place is a kingdom, not made by hands of men, but made by divine hands, its architect is the Lord of Hosts. I passed through that beautiful city, I saw an immense river of crystalline waters that passed in front of those houses.


I said to the angel, “Where does this River come from?”


He said, “It is born of the throne of God, and from this water whoever drinks, will never thirst.”


I said, “Take me to the throne of God.”


The angel said, “Not yet, when the time comes, only the Son will take the church to His Father.”


I said, “I want to see the Holy Spirit the same as the first I saw.”


The angel said, “He’s not here, He’s on Earth. He cannot come up here until He finishes His mission with the church.”




I said to the angel, “I want to see Jesus.”


The angel said, “The Lord wants to talk to you too.”


The angel disappeared and soon the Lord Jesus appeared to me. His body is glorious, His look of love, His smile was opened by my presence there. The greatest pleasure of Jesus is to see us by His side. The place of the church is there with Him, not elsewhere.


The Lord Jesus said, “Welcome beloved servant, I have been pleased with your works; I will reveal to you, what is hidden from human eyes.”


We came to a place, my eyes beheld a giant table in length, lined with fine linen with cutlery, plates, bowls and pitchers of gold. There were chairs without end and were embroidered with cedar, gold and purple.


Jesus said, “These are the places of the saints, of My children, of those who were born of My Church. Your place is there prepared for the great supper, for you who have gone out of the ways to serve the Lord. Your chair will always be waiting for you. Come back, do not leave your place for another seat; there are chairs for everyone. Even if the whole world would come, there would be enough chairs for all to sit. All chosen different people, no matter the church that congregates, they will all be there, of various churches, nations, languages, but only the saints will sit in these chairs. All will be there united in one love. I tell you to reconcile with your brother and together they will be there at that table.”


I could not enter that city where there are twelve doors. I could see from outside. I came near the gate, I could not enter there.


Jesus said, “Everything is prepared but the church is not prepared. What is seen here was prepared with love. The angels did all the work, even the fine linen embroidery of the table were done by the angels that weaved. Tell My church that I love her very much, even our incorruptible heavenly robes were made by the angels who made with fine linen, holy garments. Tell them My love is unconditional. They do not understand the dimension of this love. If they understood they would have converted their hearts more and more.”



Jesus and I walked through the city of gold. Jesus said, “Daughter, you are doing good work in that small community. This work is like treasure for Me. You have taken care with much love, distributed the gifts on the day of the visitation of the Holy Spirit in that needy community. Therefore, I have great work there. Tell Jaimine, I’m going to put a ministry in her hand to take care of. Tell Andrick I’ll put the gift of love in his heart. Tell Adesh I’ll give him the gift of praise for him to worship Me. I’ll give an angelic voice to Chandra, who I will give the Word to preach. Tell Ademiam that I will give him a mission ministry, I will raise him as My missionary on earth. Tell Gaimeche that I will give him the gift of healing so that the sick cannot die when he prays over them. Tell Valiam that I will give him the gift of wisdom, he will be a teacher to teach the people. Tell Arita that I will give her the gift of revelation, I will use her to speak words of wisdom and revelation. Tell Indira that I will give her the gift of knowledge to be the counselor of My people.


Tell Faisa that I will give her the gift of signs and wonders and will be an instrument in My hands. Tell Daila that I will give her the gift of prophecy, she will be My watchman among the people. Tell Enakochei that I will give her the gift of discernment as a great weapon against the legions, she will be My warrior.”




I said, “My Lord, the church is not ready, how are You ready for the big day?”


The Lord showed me in a vision all the churches of my city closed and the soldiers were allowed to invade several houses of the brothers.


I asked the Lord, “Will the church go through the great tribulation? It will not survive.”


The Lord said, “Daughter, the church will not go through all the tribulation, it is necessary that My people see the Antichrist to awaken.”


I asked, “Lord, has it got to be this way; the church cannot go up before the great tribulation?


He said, “For if I come before this sign many will not awaken. You must go through trials to remember Me and seek My presence. Remember the three young men of the furnace, they went through a great trial, had to pass through the fire to be purified and approved. Remember Joshua and Caleb who have passed through the great tribulation of the wilderness. They had their faith increased and they inherited the earth that exudes milk and honey. The church that will be preserved will also inherit eternal life in Heaven. That little time that My church will suffer on earth will be a small tribulation; she will not go through all tribulation; it will be as a watershed and all who are on earth will know who the true believers are. That affliction that is coming upon the earth will serve to ripen My fruits for the harvest. Are not all the fruits that belong to Me? When this persecution comes on the earth many will fear when it becomes hard and many will drop My name to not suffer persecution; they will stay behind for the great tribulation. Daughter, it’s time to go back, four hours have passed and your husband is worried.”


I said, “Lord, when I shall see you again?”


He said, “I will reveal what is hidden through My Holy Spirit. Continue sanctifying your body, soul and spirit. Keep yourself as a pure virgin that I will soon take you to Me once and for all. I assure you of your salvation and you will become My servant.”


I said, “I promise to live a holy life more and more.”


“Now go.”


When He spoke that word, I came down at high speed. I was on my face room in the dust. My husband had entered the room and saw me lying on the floor with my face in the dust. He told me he was worried I would not live. He tried to move my body and see what was happening to me, but the Holy Spirit did not allow him to move my body and revealed to him that God was revealing His mysteries. My husband stayed four hours hoping that my body would come back to life.


When I returned, my husband saw my body move and he was calm. I was able to talk to him and report what I saw. My father sent all the money raised for the construction of the church. We made a small church of wood. We did not put plaque in the name so as not to catch the attention of the persecutors. Some men came from my father’s ministry to help us. We built the church with wood.


On the first day of inauguration the people were thirsting to seek God, they were praying a lot for this ministry to be built in their community. The worship that night was unforgettable for me, my husband and some brothers who came from afar to help there. Before God had used a vessel that the Holy Spirit will come down there on the day of the inauguration and told the people to pray and sanctify themselves. The Spirit descended on that church and the brothers and sisters began to prophesy. Others spoke in spiritual tongues, there was an interpretation of heavenly tongues for the people to understand. There were cures, the Holy Spirit was involved with all who were there; there was no one who did not receive from Him. The gifts were granted to each one and were different gifts.


The Holy Spirit revealed to me something extraordinary. He told me, “These people seek God with all their heart and soul. This will be the little seed that will spread the work throughout the country. Tell My people to ask for spiritual blessings and I will flood them with these blessings. Happy is the people when I come back find seeking spiritual and not material blessings, I will take them away with Me.”


The day arrived for me and my team to leave for our homeland. We said goodbye to that beloved community; it was a farewell with a lot of tears. When we took the plane to go back to our country I was very sad. When I arrived home I told my husband, “I will still come back to them, they are my spiritual families, I need to know how they are.”


A few minutes later I went to pray in my room, a voice told me, “My servant, you will not return to India, you have done your part, this is your last journey, your heart is still, I am the Lord of that work, I will take care of them.”


That quiet and soft voice gave me a tranquility. After I left that community until today I have not seen people so warm, so thirsty for God, poor people who were satisfied with what they have, only grace is enough. The people is attached to the Word and takes each verse very seriously, while my country despises the biblical precepts. They no longer live the Gospel; the people are not satisfied with what they have and want more and more materialism; people do not serve God.


I began to walk in my ministry where my father is pastor.


My sister Emily brought a prophecy to that place. She used it by the Holy Spirit and spoke directly to the people of the church that many of them were cursing of life, because of the lack of money, and still said, “My people, resist the temptations, because I have contemplated your suffering, I am with you and always will be. Many say that I am not here because I do not have my signs and because you no longer feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit does not leave you; it is you who turned away from the Holy Spirit for not wanting to seek My presence any more. The disobedience of My Word has also saddened and distressed My Spirit of you. Many here are asleep and will not hear the sound of the trumpet, and they shall stand, and not come up.”


My sister Emily also brought a prophecy to my mother saying, “Do not complain to a woman, because of illness. I am the God who heals you, cleanses you and keeps you from death.”


After that night we went home, and as I bent my knee the Lord showed me a vision on the wall of my room. I saw ten virgin women, five women were in the room on the left, and the other five women were on the right side. These rooms had doors. I saw when the Man in white looking like a prince opened the bedroom door on the right side by surprise, those five girls were with the lamps on. That prince led them and took them away. The same prince opened the door on the left side by surprise, but this room was dark, because there was no light. He did not see those five girls who were in the dark. He simply ignored them and left.


I want to leave a message for that little church in the community. This little church will be in my heart, I love them so much. I will not be able to see them, but soon I will see my little children in glory, Amen.

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