Transcripts from live radio programs


God created jobs for every individual on Earth. Each individual in Heaven was created to do a specific job and he/she is expected to perform that duty whatever it is. In Heaven they expect each individual to do their specific job. Failure to do so is rebellion. But many people are seen from Heaven to be doing nothing as far as the work they were sent to do is concerned.


There are great preachers here on Earth who are seen from Heaven’s perspective to be doing the wrong thing. There is a difference between works of mercy or good works and the exact jobs that God sent one on Earth to do.


I am the perfect example of doing the wrong work. I was a devoted preacher, choir member, used to visit the sick in Mulago, used to go for missions upcountry, etc. I used to pray in Namirembe Christian Fellowship [Pr. Kayiwa]. I rarely slept in my house but was always seeking or serving God. But when I reached Heaven, I was shown that all that was not what I had been sent to do by God. I had been rebellious.


For example, there was a man who was a great pastor on Earth but in Heaven he was sent to be a business person for the Kingdom of God. There are many in Heaven who are regretting why they never obeyed God to do that which they had been sent to do.


There are times in Heaven when our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ goes to encounter His children. All the saints run towards Him to enjoy His company like little children but those who did not do the work that they had been sent to do, are blocked from enjoying the full joy of encountering the Lord because their unfinished or undone job appears before them like a mountain between them and the Lord. And they try to hide from the Lord due to the shame which is not possible.


Each individual was sent on Earth to do a specific job. If you end up doing your own job then you are rebellious. Jesus said that those who want to do the will of the Father will know that will. [So this means that the reason why we do not know the exact or particular work that God sent us to do is because our hearts do not want to know it.]


I used to do many things in the Church and used to move from one prayer meeting to another, such that I rarely slept at home. I could even do that for a whole year. But in the year 2000 AD, I decided to rest and sleep at home on one night whose date I could not exactly recall.


At around 3am in the night, a voice called me which was of the Lord Jesus Christ, because I could instantly recognize it for I know Him, “Aidah, come to Me.”


I left my bed with an awake mind and a clear mind. It was not a dream nor was it a vision. It was as real as getting out of bed and walking out with someone in her nightdress. [When one ceases to run up and down and settles down, then the Lord will speak and show you what to do for Him. Serving God is not in moving up and down in any direction]


Aidah was asked by listeners, “Do you still face temptations?” Yes, as long as you are in the body, you will be tempted. We can see that from the life of Jesus while still on Earth, He was tempted by the devil but He overcame. The devil tempts using people.


Examples of temptations in my life is when I faced being annoyed by people, someone gave me poison, etc. Some people say that I am telling people stories of devils but I am not moved because even Jesus was called to be using the chief of devils to cast out devils. But I warned people to hear what the Spirit is telling the Church.







The passport to Heaven is salvation. Getting saved means getting your passport to Heaven but the passport alone is not enough. Just as we need a visa on Earth, in the same way in Heaven we need a visa. The visa for Heaven is righteousness and holiness and obedience to the Word of God. So do not just think that by simply having a passport, you can enter Heaven. You can not just enter Heaven and come out as I did the five times Jesus took me to tour Heaven. That is rare and it is only authorized by Jesus. And even when you go to Heaven, you can only tour certain places or departments in Heaven depending on your worthiness. There are even angels that have never visited another department because they have never been ordered to do so.


After entering Heaven with Jesus holding my hand for the first time in 2000, the four winds came to give both of us (the Lord Jesus and myself) a wind full of life. Entering into Heaven from the gate is climbing a mountain. At the entrance, it is like a tarmac road as on Earth but very clean and organized. Then after a short while, the road turns into pure gold.


In Heaven there are various departments and each angel is busy at their post. This means that there are some angels who have never entered into certain departments except when ordered by God. In Heaven there is order; there is no confusion or commotion. Angels do not just go or do whatever they please. In Heaven, there is no disobedience.


Jesus taught us to pray that “Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven…”


This prayer is taken seriously in Heaven. They believe in Heaven that things on Earth should be as they are in Heaven. In Heaven, they are captured by the teaching, “as it was, so it is and so it shall be.”


Isaiah 14:24 The LORD of hosts has sworn, saying, Surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand:


In Heaven, things are the same as they have always been. But on Earth, we are too disorganized and in disarray.






Yes, there are kitchens in Heaven. But the kitchen in Heaven does not give out smoke like it is here on Earth. They have cookers of a technology that we do not have here. Everything is far superior to what we have here on Earth. The kitchen is so big that billions and billions of angels are working in it at the speed of lightning. We see from the Bible that food used to come from Heaven for example, manna, the food that an angel brought to Elijah, etc. The angels in the kitchen are working frantically and excitedly in their department. There are billions of them working in preparation for the great banquet which is going to take place very very soon. They are excited.







In Heaven, what I saw is that there are departments. Everything even if it is small, has a department. Everything is done in order, nothing is disorderly. One important thing is that all angels are soldiers; they are all fighters. Just as you see here on Earth that there is army set aside there is also an angel army in Heaven. It is the department of the army with differing ranks and weapons and everything an army has. These warrior angels dress differently from the rest. Most of the angels dress in pure white. In Heaven, there is no dust. However, all angels can fight. There is no angel that can not fight. When the order comes, all of them can fight.







There is an armory of weapons. There are all sorts of weapons in that store of weapons from stones to bigger weapons that human beings do not even have names for. [The language of human beings is limited to name or explain some of the weapons in that store] These weapons are for use by the believers but unfortunately many never use them. Some do not even know which weapon to ask for and how to use them.


Many believers do not know that those weapons exist and that they are made for them. You can ask for any weapon to use in fighting the enemy but you must be able to use it and this depends on the level of prayer and walk with God. You must know how to use the weapon because you may ask for a weapon that the devil may take from and use against you. The devil also has weapons. So you need heavenly weapons to fight against him. When in battle, as you get a particular weapon, the devil also gets another. As the battle intensifies, more and superior weapons are needed. So the believer needs better weapons and must be able to use them so that he can overcome the devil.







Angels are under orders to serve human beings, especially the servants of God. They desire so much to come to Earth and serve us but this depends on the level of the individual involved. It depends on the prayer of the person.


Angels are the ones that bring weapons. Angels are friends with human beings who are servants of God. They long to come and serve them. But the problem is that most believers do not know that angels want to be their friends. Angels long to come to Earth and serve the saints of God and go back. They long for it in the same way people long to visit good places here on Earth such as going to America and coming back.







In Heaven, there are spare parts for everything on the human body from the least. When you hear people testifying that someone has been given a new uterus, it is true that those things happen. But most believers do not even know that those things exist. They do not ask for them. How do we get them? It is by prayer.







Humans [the saints of God] are the ones who give angels orders by praying, quoting and declaring the Word but most departments in Heaven are redundant and not being used because there are very few or no saints asking them to work for them. What the saints declare from the Word is what the angels do as a command. But most saints do not know this.


Every word from the Bible that you say as a believer on Earth becomes a command of the angels in Heaven. So do not just speak any idle word because you will be judged on the Day of Judgment. Be careful not to just go about saying anything. You may be causing confusion in the creation of God.







God cares about every person. He loves every single individual that exists on Earth. His heart is drawn especially to those that people mistreat here on Earth such as the mad, sick, vulnerable people. There may be people here on Earth that you can mistreat and even kill and no one on Earth will even care to fight for them but those are the ones that God is so concerned about. His heart flows towards them. God is concerned about even the slightest form of oppression or mistreatment for example if we are passing each other and my sweater scratches you. Such minor things in our eyes are concerns of God. I used to see people beat up mad persons here on Earth, but in Heaven, such a thing hurts God’s heart. So we have to be careful about what we do to others even when walking on the street. Do not mistreat others even in the slightest way.


That is why you do not go about walking anyhow or anywhere. You will be judged based on where your feet walked. In Heaven, every footstep that you take is recorded and you will be asked about every footstep that you took. Even when in the Church, do not just go and move about without a purpose from the Lord Jesus.


There are times when the Lord Jesus took me to visit some churches as they were praying but we saw things that were annoying. Some people in the Church were just pushing others; others were stepping on their fellows while in Church. This annoyed the Lord and He asked, “Who told these people to come to Church?”


There was an embarrassment that I encountered in Heaven. Every person is very precious in God’s sight. But He does not discriminate people or show partiality or favoritism to anyone. Every person holds the same level in the sight of God. Before God, these earthly classes and levels are useless.


They do not hold any significance. They are created by human societies here on Earth. God cares about even those people that are seen as useless such as street-dwellers, the mentally deranged, maimed, etc. His love for them is the same as His love for the well-off.


Even if we use the example of a parent, particularly a mother, who knows the labor pains, it can not compare with God. I read in the papers a mother who murdered her four beautiful children…what a terrible incident. This should prove to us that there is nothing that we have here on Earth. Even the love of a mother which we take to be the best love here on Earth because a mother knows the pains of labor does not compare with God’s love to us. God is therefore the most important in our lives [we should know that God is the only most important possession that we could ever have]. He does not grade people into categories. Kings and peasants are the same before His eyes. Despite all the pomp here on Earth, before God, we are all little children who are helpless.


What made me ashamed is when I reached Heaven and found that those who we think that they have sought God and they know Him were the ones I saw grading people and categorizing them in order of importance. It is shameful to reach Heaven and see that those who we thought to be knowing God are acting like that. When a person who is driving a big car, or is dressed in fine clothes; or a lecturer; or a highly positioned person comes to see the pastor, he will quickly find time for such a person. But if it is the usher in Church with a problem, the pastor may not have time or may just give the person very little time. It was so embarrassing to see such things taking place in the Church.


Those whom we take to be great seekers and knowers of God here on Earth, are at level zero (0) in Heaven when it comes to the knowledge of God. That is how little we know God here on Earth. It is the little knowledge of God that makes even pastors categorize persons in the Church. However, those who have reached level zero of seeking God have reached somewhere at least because there are those who do not even register a zero in Heaven. It is because of the little knowledge of God that we categorize people according to importance. God does not like that because it is of the devil. The Lord does not want that in His house.


James 2:1-9 My brothers, have not the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with respect of persons. 2 For if there come to your assembly a man with a gold ring, in goodly apparel, and there come in also a poor man in vile raiment; 3 And you have respect to him that wears the rich clothing, and say to him, Sit you here in a good place; and say to the poor, Stand you there, or sit here under my footstool: 4 Are you not then partial in yourselves, and are become judges of evil thoughts? 5 Listen, my beloved brothers, Has not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom which he has promised to them that love Him? 6 But you have despised the poor. Do not rich men oppress you, and draw you before the judgment seats? 7 Do not they blaspheme that worthy name by the which you are called? 8 If you fulfill the royal law according to


the scripture, You shall love your neighbor as yourself, you do well: 9 But if you have respect to persons, you commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors.


At a certain time, we moved around with Jesus in churches and He was not happy with many people who were causing confusion in the churches. For example, we went to some churches where some people were just stepping on each other and the Lord was not happy with that. He would say, “Who brought these people to cause confusion and disturbance in My house?” We would pass some people who would simply annoy us but there were also some who would make the Lord happy.


That is why you should watch your every step. In Heaven, every single step you take is recorded. So you better watch your steps, language or words, thoughts, secrets, etc. All these things are recorded in detail and there is no detail that is left out. In Heaven, every detail is taken care of. That is why God warns us that we should watch our steps in the house of the Lord. We need to watch every step and take our steps carefully. The Bible is true in what it says and we should take it as literally as it is. God also wants us to watch our words. That is why you should not swear. Jesus taught us that let out yes be yes and our no be no. That is enough and we should not add anything. God expects us to be careful and faithful in our words.







After walking past the four winds of Heaven, they released upon us [the Lord and myself]. These winds carry a good fragrance whose smell is so nice that you never find it on Earth. I was walking with Jesus as a child walks with the parent. Like a small child as I am, I could get my hand out of Jesus’ and run to go and take closer looks at the various things that I saw on the way. Every time I went to get a closer look at the things that had fascinated me, the angels would take me back to Jesus.


Everything in Heaven has life like a human who has life. Everything can worship God. The grass in Heaven knows when you are going to sit on it. It knows your thoughts even before you execute them and it can not allow you to sit on it except there has been an order from the throne. If you insist it just moves away.


As I moved with Jesus holding my hand, we reached the flowers. Those flowers in Heaven are so beautiful and you can not find them here on Earth. When we reached there they worshipped the Lord with music and beautiful voices coming from them. They are in rows and each type is alone there is no mixture. Each type worships at its turn and the worship is very good; you almost want to remain there forever. There are also angels in charge of that department. I admired the flowers and wanted to pluck some of them but they run away and did so playfully and I was like someone chasing after a playful calf. I ran after them for long but could not catch up with them and when the angels realized that I was tired, they carried me back to Jesus. He was still waiting for me. Then we continued walking.


We continued moving and reached a section where there are stones in small sizes and different shapes. They were worshipping God in very nice music which you can never even try to copy here on Earth. The voices are so beautiful and far above those of people on Earth that you can not even begin to compare.



After that we found trees and they were also worshipping the Lord. They had a good voice coming out of them and worshipping. They would worship and bow down until they disappear. Imagine very big trees bowing down to worship until they disappear!


The best thing that happened to me was that I was able to see the Father, the Holy Spirit and the Son. They are real and I would encourage you to strive very hard and reach Heaven so that you can see these things for yourself.


I also talked with Abraham, Enoch, and others. There are those who ask me whether I found people in Heaven. Yes, I did. For example, I talked to a Mutooro woman [a Ugandan tribe] who had lived in Uganda to old age. If it wasn’t for having not taken her details to heart, I would have told you details about her, name, children, birthplace, etc. I do not speak Mutooro but I could understand her clearly and I spoke Luganda and she could understand me clearly. In Heaven, you are able to speak any language. But you can also speak any language and the other person will understand you. I also talked with an Indian, a Chinese, and others. In Heaven, you also do not need to first research in order to know things about others. When you meet someone, you just know everything about them instantly. You instantly know where they were born and everything that they lived through. In Heaven, they do not have time to waste.







There are departments in Heaven but we shall come to that in the future. In Heaven the angels that fight do so in phases depending on the nature and scale of the war that is taking place. These angels have different ranks and they fight according to those ranks. When the battle is of a less fierce level, the angels that engage in that battle are of that level and when it is more fierce, then those fit for that level are engaged.


We reached the main compound of Heaven and there were angels of every type and shape. These are warrior angels. They are in shapes that we can not comprehend here on Earth. They are of various creatures which we can not name here on Earth. Our languages as humans are limited to explain these creatures. Some are lion-like but yet angels. Some are so huge; others with massive bodies; others are sons of men, etc. They are fierce and they do not become light-hearted. They take everything seriously. They are serious with their duty. You should not get scared when you hear of these creatures for they are on your side if you are on God’s side but likewise they are your enemies if you are God’s enemy.







All of Heaven stands on the Word of God, particularly that scripture which says that, “AS IT WAS, SO IT IS, AND SO IT WILL ALWAYS BE”


Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.


The way God made things to be is the way they will always be. They will never change. In Heaven, they stand in that word whether on Earth it appears as though there is a contradiction. As it is in


Heaven, so it is on Earth. That is what they believe in Heaven and they stand in that Word. The warrior angels that I told you about stand on that Word and they also stand with that individual who stands on that Word of God. But if you stand against the Word of God, then the angels too stand against you.


You are either standing in that Word on the side of God or you are standing against it. There are only two positions of standing in the whole universe. You either stand on the Word of God or you stand against it. You can not stand in-between. It is not possible. Each aspect of reality has two sides and not in-between. You are either alive or dead; either righteous or unrighteous; either in Heaven or in Hell; etc. There is no middle position; it is not possible to be neither for God nor for satan. That is a lie.


If you stand on the Word of God, all of Heaven stands with you. But if you do not stand on the Word of God, then it is satan’s kingdom that stands with you. Satan’s kingdom tries to fight against the Word of God. The reason Jesus came was to destroy the works of the devil. (1 John 3:8) But Jesus can not destroy those works in your own heart unless you allow Him. He is very humble and He does not force you to accept Him. That is why the word says that He stands at the door and knocks; if you allow Him in, then He will enter. If you do not allow Him into your heart, He can not force Himself in.







Jesus is the most humble. I saw His humility and I marveled. Just imagine a baby that has just been born right now; Jesus is far more humble than a 2-minute old baby. A 2-minute old baby is very proud in comparison with Jesus. He told me to come and tell the Church that, “My people have raised themselves high, more than Me and therefore they have left Me behind. The Church appears to be growing fast and things seem fine but I am not part of it. They do not care to know what the Holy Spirit says. They are after fulfilling their own plans and programs. They started off humbly and were pleasing and acceptable. But they have left their first position. They have left Me behind and I am not part of what the Church is doing.”


How did the Lord show you the Church?


It was not by indicating to me a particular group such as Christian life Church, Namirembe Christian fellowship, etc. The Lord showed me the Church as a whole. The Church is in the hearts of men and this was the state of the universal Church that the Lord showed me.


The Lord told me to tell the Church that, “Everyone in the Church should wake up from the bad sleep that they are in. Everyone in the Church should stand in their line” (each should take their position). If you are not in your line then you have missed it and you have mixed up God’s purposes. The Lord told me clearly, “Go and tell My people to get into a queue or in a line and cease to be disorganized and fighting one another.”


This can be understood by looking at athletes: each runs in their line. If you leave your line and run in somebody else’s line, however well you run, you can not get a reward. There are lines for the various callings and ministries that God created His people for. If you were created to be a prophet, be in the line of a prophet and do your work in the position and place where God created you to be.


The Holy Spirit gives these callings when He comes; He gives various gifts. Eph. 4:7ff The Bible says that when the Holy Spirit comes, He gives gifts to men; some are given to be apostles, and some prophets; and some evangelists; and some pastors and teachers. There are lines for these ministries. There can not be only one prophet in the whole world. There are prophets of God in different places but each has to stand in the line of prophets taking his position. In the same way, apostles have their lines. Each should be working in their position for which they were created from the foundation of the Earth. If a prophet leaves the line of the prophets and joins that of pastors, that is confusion.


In a school, for example, when pupils are out of class, they run around in the mixture. These in p7 mix with those in p3 and they mix with those in p1, etc. That is how the confusion is in the Church. But when the bell rings, each one enters their class and one can not decide that even though I belong to p3 let me go to p7 because my friends are there. It is not allowed. But that is how the Church is confused.


This condition is in all the Church, not a given denomination. These things apply to the whole Church and to every person that lives on Earth. This message is for everyone even if you live in a cave somewhere. I think now you can see how I got my task.


The Lord told me that, “See, I am sending you to all the nations to tell them these things. The Church started well but because of pride, self-exaltation and the pride of the world, she has left her first position. They are confused and are mixing up the order of God. Let them get into lines. They have slept a very bad sleep. They should wake up.”


The Lord showed me the state or the sleep that the Church was in. He showed the Church as hybrid chicken that are weak and have been dipped in the ocean and they are wet and are deeply asleep. He showed me that the Church has slept a bad sleep.


“They were created to be in lines; each person to do what they are supposed to do in their positions and to do what they are supposed to do very fast.”


Some are doing pastoral yet they were meant to be business people. Others are teachers yet they should be prophets. Some are in business yet they should be soldiers, etc. Every individual was created for a purpose in the Kingdom of God. Even those who become lame or maimed were created for a purpose. Everyone is of use in God’s Kingdom. But it is the devil who makes people lame and maims them to make them useless; that is the work of satan. We may not see him with our human eyes but we know that he is there when we look at his works. That is the work of the devil; to steal, kill, and destroy.







I had previously talked about salvation being the passport and righteousness and holiness being the visa that allows you into Heaven. So a caller asked a question about it. Righteousness and holiness are on the Word of God which is the will of God. When you read the Word of God, you know what Jesus and God want and you learn what you should do. So read the Word of God.


A caller asked about the law. Do not seek salvation in the law. Salvation is not found in the law and God sent Jesus out of His great mercy to rescue us. Jesus came to fulfill the intended purpose of the


law which had failed. In the days of the law in people broke the law, they were stoned to death, or the Earth swallowed them alive or fire burnt them, etc. If someone sinned, they were punished with their whole clan. It was an eye for an eye, etc. But God had mercy on us and sent Jesus to rescue us. So when you receive Jesus, you then have to live a holy and righteous life. To live a righteous life, read the Word of God and know what God wants and what He hates. The life of Jesus shows us how we should live.







Heaven is very large [there is no shortage of space]. Those who escape going to Hell reach Heaven from a different part which is not the side where God is or where the city of God is. Those who get saved just before death escape Hell by a whisker but they will also be judged because of the work that they were created to do on Earth. There is no one who was not created for a purpose and Heaven expects that during your time on Earth you should have done the task that you had been put on Earth for.


Those who go to Heaven but when they did not carry out the task that they were supposed to do remain afraid of the Lord. It is like a parent who comes back to children but when some did not do what they were told to do. Those who did not are scared of the parent. That is how it is whenever Jesus goes to where the saints [His children] are in Heaven. The Lord is very busy and He is not always with the saints in Heaven. Those who did not do their tasks can not enjoy the same fellowship as those who did.


Another caller asked how one gets to know their task. Holy Spirit guides us into knowing the task that God sent us for. The problem is that we do not want to obey. We hear Him but we do not want to obey. Holy Spirit speaks to everyone; even in a witchdoctor’s shrine, or in s disco hall, etc. He speaks to us all the time and we hear Him but most people do not want to obey Him.


If you have not understood your task well, ask the Holy Spirit to tell you. He will explain to you because He was sent to guide us into the ways of righteousness. Ask the Holy Spirit to put you where you were created to be – your position. We should not try to do it yourself because you can not fight your battles. Let Him do it for you.


(But be ready to accept the answer that the Holy Spirit may give you. He may tell you to do what you do not want. You have to obey)







Another caller asked about what happens when we repent of our sins. I have said earlier that when you repent angels get the blood of Jesus and pour it on you to cleanse you. But I have also said that when you die you are shown your record of a lifetime and because of this, every one who is in Heaven or Hell is there justly. No one is rewarded or punished unjustly.


The caller wanted to know what happens to our sins after we repent. Yes when we repent, our sins are forgiven. There is a whole department in Heaven that deals with records. When you repent your


sins are forgiven; meaning that they are no longer counted against you but the records remain. That film will be shown to you on your screen after you die so that you know why you are where you are. But the sin is not counted against you.




The moderator asked Aidah to tell the story of her whole name.


They know me. I am Aidah that is how they know me in Heaven. In Heaven they know your original name. In Heaven, they know me as Aidah Namayanja. When I was young many people gave me different names. But there was a man who was called Mayanja and he was saved but people despised him a lot in those days. He was the head of our clan and when my mother was pregnant, he told her that if the child was a boy, I should be given his full name but when my mother gave birth, it was a girl so they called me Namayanja because he was Mayanja. That is how my name came to be established in Heaven. Here on Earth, many people tried to give me various names but when I reached Heaven all those were not known except the one of Aidah Namayanja. So do not bother to change your name. In Heaven, they know that it is not your name that matters. You can be everything that the Heaven expects sent you on Earth to do irrespective of the name given to you. So keep your original name because that is what is known is Heaven.







Last time we ended at talking about the various angels. The angels in Heaven have different types and shapes. Some are shaped in shapes of creatures that I have never seen on Earth and I can not call the name in our earthly language; that is why I fail to explain how they look like. I have never toured the whole Earth but I have not seen such creatures here on Earth.


There are angels which are mighty warriors and they rarely fight. I think they are the type which fought to chase the devil out of Heaven with Michael during the great battle that we read about in the Bible in Revelation 12.


Revelation 12:7-9 And there was war in Heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels, 8 And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in Heaven. 9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceives the whole world: he was cast out into the Earth, and his angels were cast out with him.


There are the extremely great and mighty types of angels in this department of angels who rarely fight. They do not take things lightly and their appearance is awesome. They are in the fighter department. I can use a metaphor to describe their might: they have such power in the sense that they can point a finger at a country like Uganda and destroy it in a flash.


The cherubim are the angels that look a bit like human beings from the chest downwards but they appear differently in the face. Their facial appearance is not possible to describe in human language so do not ask me about it. And they also have wings that are visible. It should be noted, however, that all categories of angels are part of the army of God; all of them can fight when necessary.


There are angels according to levels; apart from the mighty warrior angels that I have already told you (who rarely fight), there are those who fight for nations; those who fight for cities, etc. There


are also those who fight for individuals. But there is another category of angels who are there to serve the saints of God. Unfortunately, in most cases, these ones are usually redundant because they receive no assignments from humans.


It is humans who give this category of angels what to do. If you do not give them what to do, they simply remain in their positions. The problem is that most humans do not know this – that angels are there to serve them. There are humans who know this but their prayer does not reach the angels [the prayer does not move the angels to act]. This is because such prayer is not in the Word. You should know that the Word of God is the Constitution of Heaven. If you pray outside the Word of God, then it is a waste of time because you will receive no answer. The angels that are meant to serve you, they will not respond because they are under order to obey only the Word.


There are many people who pray but their prayer does not reach Heaven. When you set out to pray, you must pray on the Word of God.


Psalms 103:20 Bless the LORD, you His angels, that excel in strength, that do His commandments, hearkening to the voice of His word.







In Heaven, the Father is not called the name Creator. I did not hear that name being called there. It is only here on Earth that I hear people call Him Creator. Maybe it is because we see the things that He created; they are the things we eat, drink, etc. But that is no the name with which they address the Father. In Heaven, the Father is addressed as the ALMIGHTY. The Son is addressed as THE LAMB OF GOD, or THE GLORIOUS KING or JESUS. Yes, the name Jesus exists in Heaven. The Holy Spirit is also called the same, HOLY SPIRIT. He is the Friend. [All these three are persons and I saw them]. These three have placed themselves under the subjection of the Word. The Word control whatever they do so much that it actually rules over them. The WORD refers to whatever comes out of the mouth of the Almighty.



Psalms 138:2 I will worship toward Your holy temple, and praise Your Name for Your loving kindness and for Your truth: for You have magnified Your Word above all Your Name.







When I was in Heaven I heard people on Earth groaning and pleading to Heaven for help. I heard voices from Earth coming from valleys and mountains all over the Earth towards Heaven. They were crying out to the Almighty for help. They were coming from all over the Earth and they were many – millions and millions of voices. These voices were so sad that they could make you cry. I actually cried when I heard them and even the Lord Jesus cried. They make those who are in Heaven sad because they are full of groaning and pleading for help and mercy. They were coming from the mountains and valleys here on Earth.


These multitudes of groaning voices make you sad. Unfortunately, Heaven can not do anything to help them because they moved away from the Word. Heaven can not intervene even though those in


Heaven are touched by the crying. They moved away from the Word and Heaven can not intervene. Jesus has no authority where there is no Word of God. [When you move away from the Word, Jesus’ authority over your condition ceases].


Jesus said, “It is not everyone who says ‘Lord Lord…’” In Heaven, they see the heart directly as it is. They see what is hidden away in the heart. It is not holding the Bible but the truth that exists in your heart is what matters.


How many of those who go to the mountains to seek God are well off? How many come back with answers? Very few! And many of them are complaining that they have sought God in vain.


Seeking God is not easy. It is a battle. Remember the devil is also there. It is not easy to overcome in this battle for your prayer to be heard. The devil wages constant battle against believers. When you go to the mountain to seek God, the devil brings his angels to fight you and make your prayer fail. There are some who go to the mountain and the devil captures them instead. The biggest numbers of those seeking God are beaten by the devil.


Multitudes go to the mountains and valleys to seek God for help but few of them are even heard in Heaven. Some prayers of those crying out to God are captured before they even reach the level of being heard in Heaven. Few of them are heard groaning in Heaven. Unfortunately, it is even very few of those heard that are answered because most people’s prayers are outside the Word of God.


But people should not fear. They should not be worried. I saw the Almighty. He is there. I saw the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They are all there.







I saw a river and the fountain of the blood of Jesus that was shed by Him. In Heaven, each aspect has its own department and angels who are in charge. For example the department of Repentance, Worship, Fighting, etc. That is why you have to pray with wisdom.


The department of Repentance is in charge of the fountain of the blood of Jesus and it is responsible for washing those who repent in truth and earnestness. Not everyone who repents here on Earth is washed; rather it is those who repent truly.


The blood of Jesus is very different from other blood. It is sparkling. As I stood near the fountain pf blood watching it, an angel came from behind me and pushed me into the fountain of blood. I fell inside it and was swimming in it going down and up several times; it was enjoyable.


I was asked, “Aidah, have you tasted the blood of Jesus and its goodness?” I said yes. Afterward, the angel came and pulled me out of the fountain. As I stood there, I felt a hand touch me on the shoulder, and when I turned it was Jesus. He told me, “Tell My people that there is no sin that can not be washed away by the blood.” Lord sighed and said, “But My people do not want to repent!”


In Heaven words and secrets and thoughts are heard the same way we hear loudspeakers here on Earth which musicians use. When you think a thought, it is heard like a loud sound and everyone in Heaven hears it. They receive these loud sounds from our thoughts, words, secrets, etc very clearly wherever you may be. After hearing it they continue with their work. It does not matter where the thought or word or secret is righteous or evil. It is heard by all of Heaven.


As we were still near the fountain of Jesus’ blood, we saw a certain elderly woman here on Earth in her garden of bananas. She got a thought of repenting of her sins. As soon as she thought about it, the angels in Heaven began to prepare everything for her cleansing. They started washing and cleansing her with the blood even as she was at the same time here on Earth going about her gardening. I saw her being washed in Heaven even as she was here on Earth working in her garden. The angels did it before she even verbally repented because she meant it deeply in her heart. They washed her as she did everything in her garden and I was seeing her in Heaven being washed.


After she had finished her gardening, she harvested food, and then went home; reaching home, she placed her things down and went into her bedroom, and knelt down and prayed and started to repent. She had already been washed and when she knelt down and started to repent, the angels came to where she was and clothed her with sparkling wedding gowns that no one person can find or buy here on Earth even if you are so rich. Her spirit was dressed. I saw that the things of God appear difficult but they are actually easy. I was very happy because of what I had seen and this encouraged me to come back on Earth and tell people to repent. The Lord Jesus sent me to tell people on Earth to repent – that is my task. To tell them that there is no sin which can not be washed by the blood.







We left that place and found another river and a fountain which was also sparkling. Reaching there, I saw a person standing in the fountain. He was too bright for my eyes to look upon directly. Then the Lord told me that that is Holy Spirit in the fountain. [He was in the fountain of Holy Spirit because He has His own fountain]. (The Lord Jesus sent me to tell people on Earth to repent – that is my task. To tell them that there is no sin which can not be washed by the blood).


The Lord said to me, “The one you are seeing is Holy Spirit. Let My people allow the Holy Spirit to help them. But they do not believe Him. Let them believe Him.”


Holy Spirit was not happy because people do not believe Him. There’s nothing you can do on your own that can please the Almighty. Even your own righteousness is nothing before the Almighty. Even if you have already known what the Almighty created you to do on Earth, you can not fulfill it in your own ability. Let the Holy Spirit help you.







Believe the Holy Spirit to help you. Everywhere I go many people ask me, “How do I know what God created me to do for Him here on Earth?” Let me help you on that question. In order to know everything that is of the truth, you need the Holy Spirit. In everything you need on the Earth, the most important of all is the Holy Spirit. He is actually life for you; more necessary than your own life here on Earth. This is because there is a bridge that I saw. I will talk about it when I reach that stage.


There are those who stand on the Word here on Earth and the Word works for them. The Word can work for them even if they do not have Holy Spirit. But you should never get carried away because of that. The Word of God works because God commanded it never to fail to work; so it will always fulfill it duty.


Isaiah 55:11 So shall My Word be that goes forth out of My mouth: it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.


Jeremiah 1:12 Then said the LORD unto me, Thou hast well seen: for I watch over My Word to perform it.


But not everyone who gets results by the Word has the Holy Spirit. There are those who have been getting results by applying the Word but they will fail to cross the bridge that connects to Heaven; they will fall off into everlasting destruction because they do not have the seal of Holy Spirit. These are the ones who will be disappointed.


There are people who seek success in worldly things but have no Holy Spirit. They may use the Word and become successful. If you expect or hope to reach Heaven, then look for Holy Spirit. The most important thing; more important than your own life, is to seek for Holy Spirit. Without Holy Spirit it is death. On that bridge, it is only Holy Spirit who works there. Even the Father does not intervene; neither does Jesus because each one has His duty. So when you reach the bridge there will be no chance of calling on Jesus. You must have the seal of Holy Spirit.


2 Corinthians 1:21-22 Now he which establishes us with you in Christ, and has anointed us, is God;


22 Who has also sealed us, and given the earnest of the Spirit in our hearts.


If there is anything that must be taught, it must be the Holy Spirit because this issue goes very deep and far.










When we come on Earth, we do not come to last forever here. Jesus told us to learn from Him. He lived here on Earth a short time but was very useful. So before you yearn to live longer here on Earth and to get all the material wealth, you have to learn to be useful. There used to be a song by some children when we were young which said that even a snail leaves some mark behind that it has been somewhere; then why not a human being? What are you going to leave behind here on Earth? Many people work day and night and they move up and down to get wealth. Some work, others steal or kill and make others to suffer so as to get wealth and many are remembered for bad things that they did here on Earth. But learn to be useful first here on Earth.


Everyone should love repentance because any sin that you get tired of and repent of is washed away by the blood. The heart that first gets broken and tired of sin is that one that can genuinely repent. You must first get tired of sin.







Many people pray. But the majority of those who get results do so because they use the Word of God. There are those who use the Word of God and get results. Even false prophets can use the Word and see results. Not everyone who gets results by way of the Word has the Holy Spirit. They get results because the Word of God has been given the power to work so that the Almighty is glorified.


When it comes to prayer that goes up from Earth, it is only about 2000 persons that are heard in Heaven out of all the multitudes who cry to God. This prayer is heard in the department of prayer in Heaven.


To understand how this works, let us consider this. Every human was made with a mouth. You can not lend your mouth to someone else; your mouth is yours alone. In Heaven, everyone is seen to stand alone and takes responsibility for their own life. That is why salvation is personal; people can never believe en masse. Each individual makes his or her own decision and each one is judged alone. Just as your mouth is your own and no one can share it with another, in the same way, your heart is yours alone. You can never lend your heart to another. That is why there is no bargaining or pleading in Heaven just as it is in human courts. You are responsible for your own life and you stand or fall alone.


For example even if someone found you going to do work for God and he persuaded you to go and do something else and you agree. If you agree to go and you failed to fulfill your commitment, then it is charged against you. It is charged against you for having failed to go and do what you had set out to do at first. But again it is charged against you for not having fulfilled your agreement to go to where you had accepted to go. However, the person who seduced you is responsible for their own portion of action and words, i.e. for having cooperated with the devil and allowed to be used.


The reason why you are charged with such as offense is because in Heaven they expect you to defeat the devil and overcome his snares. You are expected to win. We are told to fight the good fight. In Heaven, they cheer you on despite the opposition of the devil so that you win. They are happy with us as we fight on and win but they are disappointed whenever we fail. So when we fail, we disappoint all of Heaven. That is why the charge is against us because we are expected to win the enemy.


Here on Earth, everyone has his ‘tube’ or something like a ‘pipe’. It is not only believers who have it but it the same for everyone whether saved or not. Every person has his own ‘tube’ which goes up to Heaven; and note that what I am saying here [what the Lord sent me to say] applies to every human being. God is the one who created every one whether you believe in Him or not. You will be responsible to God and you will answer on that day whether you take these things seriously or not. Whether you have decided to practice witchcraft or not, you will meet God and will have to answer.


That is why the Word of God in Revelation 14:13 And I heard a voice from Heaven saying to me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from now on: Yes, said the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them.


For some people, their deeds go shouting “Justice, justice,” following them as they leave Earth after death.


Every one has a tube which connects to Heaven. It is like the example of the mouth; each one has his own mouth. But just as some people do not use their mouths, in the same way some people do


not use their ‘tubes.’ It is the devil who makes things to be misused or unused. Everyone who is a human being has a ‘tube’ or ‘pipe’. Every word or thought goes through your personal pipe and it connects in Heaven to your personal phone. These pipes are connected by a system and they connect you to your personal phone. Everything that goes through these pipes and phones goes to the concerned department in Heaven. Every individual on Earth has their phone in Heaven.


These ‘tubes’ resemble the medium plastic pipes which they use here on Earth in houses or in making toilets to carry water. The phones are on a pole in Heaven; this pole is like the poles that people make here on Earth when constructing storied buildings. There is a huge pole in Heaven on which the phones of everyone on Earth are found. The pole has four sides and it is sparkling white. Every individual on Earth has a phone on that pole. Each individual’s phone place also has your number; it has the day that you were placed in your mother’s womb; it has your birth date. It also has your history and lineage from your ancestors up to you.







Now imagine that you are here in the studio and you think like this, ‘I am busy now but after, I will go home at 11:00pm and at 11:25pm I will pray.’ As you think that thought in your heart here on Earth, in Heaven they hear every bit of it loudly the way you would hear loud sound from very big speakers here on Earth.


In Heaven there is no difference between words, thoughts, secrets, etc. They are heard as loudly as a loudspeaker all over Heaven. Immediately the angels that are concerned start getting ready to receive your prayer. They get ready and wait for your prayer at that exact time. I saw that because of this, angels are made to move up and down in vain a lot by human beings. This is because people think a lot and they speak or talk a lot but they rarely put those thoughts or words into actions. If you thought of praying at a given time and in a given place, the angels will get ready and wait there for you. The angels do not miss the time; they do not add or subtract on the time you decided or thought about in your heart.


Angels are made to move up and down a lot because people think and talk a lot but they act very rarely; they do very little. Every thought or word is an order to the angels in Heaven. The moment you think of it, they get ready to receive the prayer. For example, someone tells you that there is a pastor who prays on radio at such a time. If you decide in your heart that you will pray with that pastor at that time on the radio; let’s say at 11:40 o’clock.


The moment you think that in your heart, angels get to work on that issue; immediately a file is opened on the issue. If on that day angels come and find you not where you have decided to pray from, for example at home, they will wait there and it will be charged against you.


In case you have been diverted by an emergence, it is still expected of you to carry out what you had decided in your thoughts at the exact time you set in your heart. If you fail, it is charged against you. SO IF YOU DO NOT MEAN TO CARRY OUT SOMETHING, DO NOT THINK ABOUT DOING IT NOR TALK ABOUT OR SAY IT OUT.


Even if you get an emergency call that diverts you, you are expected to fulfill what you set your heart to do. You must first fulfill it because angels are expecting you there where you decided in


your heart to be at that exact time. If you do not go there to carry out the action, then you may go for what you call an emergency but you have left your angels behind. [You then expose your self to unknown danger]. Many times we leave our angels behind and we go on our own. When people go where they are not supposed to be they leave their angels behind.



Even when it comes to worldly programs, angels are there on the dot of the time. If for example, you are the president and you promise to meet people but you change the program and not come, it means that you have not only disappointed people on Earth but also the angels in Heaven. The only program that angels do not get involved in is that of going to the devil’s shrine. When you decide in your heart that you will go to a witch’s shrine, there are no angels set in Heaven to go there with you.







QN: Can I get saved in my religion?


ANS: In Heaven, I did not see or hear of any religion. I only saw that the Almighty had send the Commandments by which man would be saved but they failed and He sent His Son, Jesus Christ. Whatever God did not put in place, it does not have a place in Heaven. In Heaven, I did not see religion. I saw only salvation and righteousness. That is what takes us to Heaven.


QN: I need advice because sometime back I was sick and I got a dream in which someone who died came and told me that I will be well and after a short while I got well. What was that?


ANS: Be wise. The devil can pretend to be a good person. The devil can do a good thing while aiming at trapping you. Demons can appear like anything. So be very careful. Demons are fallen angels that are wandering here on Earth. They can take any form. Sometimes they may appear as the dead people. I did not see any dead person that comes back on Earth. But demons can appear like tigers, or goats, or anything. Sometimes they put on the shape of human beings. I think you have heard of people who have married demons in the form of spouses. So be very careful when you get such dreams.


QN: If I die immediately after thinking an evil thought, what happens?


ANS: If you die immediately after thinking evil, the evil thought goes ahead of you. This takes you to Hell because if you have not repented, that thought stands against you.


QN: Imagine I had planned to marry but fail to raise the money and therefore postpone the wedding. Will I be charged in Heaven for making God’s angels come but failing to do what I had decided to do?


ANS: Angels are not beings that just guess; they know what you are about to think even before you think it. You should also know that God is our Father. If you planned and failed due to circumstances beyond you, you are free to go to the Father and discuss the issue with Him. He may agree with you to postpone the wedding or to go ahead with it. If He tells you to cancel it and you go ahead then you will have left God behind. It will be charged against you. At the same time if He tells you to go ahead with the wedding and you cancel it then the angels will come and find you not there. It will be charged against you.




On the last program that we had there is a man who called and I want to answer him. There a person who asked, apparently with a troubled heart, he wondered asking about the difference between what I say here on the program and the experiences people go through. To him, what I say seems to indicate that Heaven cares but what they are going through shows that the Lord no longer cares; maybe He just went away and left us here to suffer.


I want to tell you that even though you did not say your name, Heaven knows it. Here on Earth, there is warfare whether you want to fight or not. You read in the book of Job in the Bible. The enemy looks for a battle with you. Look at Job (Job 1:1ff). Know that not every problem that you get means that God had left you. The devil moves around the Earth the way we see in him in the story of Job. He went to Heaven and accused Job before God; that Job loved God simply because God had placed a hedge of protection around Job and his family and property. But God had confidence in Job.


This means that there are people on Earth in whom God had confidence that they can never let Him down in any situation whether good or bad. The devil destroyed Job’s life: his family, property, and health. Fighting the devil is not easy. So tighten your belt and be ready. In the world they tell us to tighten our belts twofold to brace our selves for had times and when I had just come back on Earth from Heaven I used to tell people to tighten themselves threefold but now I tell people to tighten their belts sevenfold. This is because the days are very dark and evil. Let everyone get a weapon with which to fight the battle. The devil always goes to ask so that he can sift us like wheat [because he thinks that we do not love God genuinely but out of what God does for us.] He wants to test our faith. But do not fear even if he challenges us; we shall overcome.


Prayer: Last time you asked me to talk about prayer. Let me continue with it. The first thing to know is that the devil is not visible but what he does is visible and therefore he exists and he is real. Likewise, God is not visible with our eyes of flesh but what He does is visible and therefore He is real.


As I said last time, every human has a personal ‘pipe’ and phone and angels that are in charge of that person’s prayer – each human has four angels. Each one’s angels are in charge of receiving that person’s prayers. If you do not pray, your angels are left redundant without work to do. When one prays, the prayer goes through the personal ‘pipe’ as I explained last time. Then it goes to your phone in Heaven and the angels responsible receive it and they process and present it before the Throne. Then after the answers are handed over to those angels in charge of bringing answers and they bring them to you.


But in the middle heavens before the answer reaches there are principalities of darkness and rulers etc of the devil’s domain. These principalities and demons fight hard with the angels to try to stop the answers from reaching you. However, if you are strong in prayer and you remain praying and believing strongly, you strengthen your angels to win and bring you the answer. But if you are weak, they may lose the battle and you do not receive the answer. If you started strong but become weak in believing and prayer, then most likely you do not receive it.


Let me mention a common habit of prayer. Someone may go to a pastor and ask that the pastor prays for him. But if I pray for you, my angels are still the ones in charge of processing the prayer because it is from me and they are the ones assigned to receive and process my prayer. My angels process the request I ask on your behalf before it is passed on to your angels.


However, even if I have prayed for and you do not pray yourself, your angels may fail to bring back the answers to you. THE RESPONSIBILITY IS ON US TO STRENGTHEN OUR ANGELS IN THE BATTLE WITH THE DEVIL THROUGH OUR UNCEASING PRAYER AND FAITH. You are the one to strengthen your angels in the battles. You must use your mouth to speak because you have been given the authority to speak and the angels obey. They can not do the speaking for you. No one can speak for you if you are to strengthen your angels. You must speak so that the heavens above are released for you to receive your answer.


WHEN YOU SPEAK THE DARKNESS THAT STANDS IN THE WAY TO RESIST YOUR ANGELS GIVES WAY AND YOUR ANSWERS ARE BROUGHT BY THE ANGELS. Receiving your answers is a personal responsibility whether it is a prayer from yourself or prayer made on your behalf. Even if we pray a prayer of agreement on your behalf, you must agree and you must continue in faith and prayer so that you can strengthen your angels to bring the answers.


The reason why a person’s angels may fail to bring the answer to your request is because you have lost strength in faith and prayer. If that happens, the angels too lose the strengthening power which comes from your prayer. If you lose strength, your angels may be stopped by the principalities in the heavens.


When a child is placed in a womb of a woman, that child is expected to grow normally. That is the will of God and that is what they expect in Heaven. When a child is born, there is a certain age at which the heavens expect the child to have become of age. (The time of coming of age is when the child is expected to start praying on its own, giving commands, etc).


At the time of placing the child in the womb, many angels are sent to watch over the child’s development in the womb. When the child reaches the time at which the heavens know that the child has come of age, then some of the angels that have been watching over the child return to Heaven.


(This applies to every human being from everywhere in this Earth. Many angels are sent at the time of conception to watch over the child’s development in the womb. At birth, some of the angels return to Heaven. Some remain to guard and watch over the child till the coming of age; at that time more angels return to Heaven. That human then remains with the basic number of angels to help him through life’s journey. These angels are tasked with watching over you and assist you to overcome the world and return to Heaven.


But if you end up being defeated and you go to Hell, they return to Heaven at the time of your death but they return with sadness. Angels are very obedient and they do what they have been told to do; nothing more, nothing less.) But it should be noted that at the time when some of the angels have left the devil also sends demons from Hell to keep near the child and find a way of taking over that child from God’s purpose for that child. These demons are opportunists watching to see a chance to influence and take over the child to do the will of the devil.


God does not make people who are useless. Every person born has a purpose and that everyone who is alive today has something that they must fulfill in the will of God at this particular time.


There are three beings that watch over a child, i.e. angels from Heaven, the Holy Spirit and demons from Hell. The first two types of beings aim at helping the child fulfill God’s will during the child’s life here on Earth while the demons aim at making the child disobey God and do the devil’s will.


In Heaven thoughts, secrets, words, whispers, etc are heard the same way we hear loudspeakers here on Earth. [There is nothing that is not open before God]. They make a loud noise as they come in. Imagine if we have just prayed a prayer of an agreement but immediately you doubt in your heart, “but can these things work?” Your thoughts are heard in Heaven as loudly as someone shouting out words. The moment you doubt it means that you have taken side with the devil; remember the Bible lists these people together, in Rev 21:8 “But the fearful, and the unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death” It is that simple either to be rescued or to perish; the things of God are obvious and straight.


As we shared earlier, every human has those angels meant to help you but every thought or secret or word or whisper gives you aside to which you belong. [So you have to watch and pray]. At the time of your death, what you die confessing or thinking or doing or talking or whispering or what you have in your mind is what either takes you to Heaven or to Hell. Those thoughts or words go ahead of you and you find them there and they either redeem you or accuse you. That is why being righteous or losing your righteousness is that simple and straight. The battle is not easy but at the same it is very easy. Righteousness is what you have now; it is not what you were yesterday or what you hope to be tomorrow. It is an issue of the ‘now’; it is about how you are standing now. It is not the past. A murderer who repents at the time of death goes to Heaven. But one who has been righteous for forty years and yet thinks a wicked thought at the time of death and dies without repenting will perish in Hell. [See: Ezek 18].


There is a fierce conflict in the heart of man. The devil seeks your heart and God seeks your heart. Therefore, you must watch over your heart diligently; do not allow evil and wicked thoughts into your heart and do not allow them on your mind or lips either. That is a very serious issue. [In Proverbs it says that in the heart are matters of life and death. David also wrote in the Psalms that he had hidden the Word of God in his heart that he may not sin against God].


Qn from Moderator: Some people wonder who will ever get saved because it seems I am making things appear harder.


It does not matter whether you like to fight or not, the battle rages on. In the Bible we read about many people especially Kings who only wanted to hear from prophets who said good things. Do not be the kind who only like to hear about good words because that is dangerous. There are people who have turned their pastors into preachers of good words which they like to hear. That is dangerous because truth is tough. The truth remains true whether you like to hear it or not; whether you like to believe it or not. Let me announce that there is a great war raging on. Turn whatever you have into a weapon to fight the devil because the days are more evil than you think they are.


Heaven has assured me that the coming of the Lord is more near than we ever thought it to be. Since I came back from Heaven, the Lord has shown me more than two times with fearful visions that the day is near. But the world does not seem bothered at all about it.


In the Bible, we find Kings who did not want to hear the truth from God because it was hard. They persecuted those who told them the truth even though the truth was hard. Many times people want to hear things that are nice to listen to; they want to hear what is sweet to their ears but you have to watch out that you do not become like that.


Watch your thought carefully; the thoughts you have can take you into God’s kingdom or the devil’s kingdom. There are two kingdoms in the universe: God’s kingdom and the devil’s. There is no


other. Even though you have fasted for forty days, you have to watch out because the devil tries to tempt you to think evil so that he wins you over. The battle is in you heart and what thoughts you keep there.


Qn from Moderator: But things appear difficult now. Who will get saved?.


Do not get fearful. Being saved is not difficult. You just have to know that the things of God are simple to understand and they follow straight principles. Remember that you are not the first one to ask that question. Even king David asked himself that question (Read Psalms 15) He asked himself that question, “Who shall dwell on the mountain of the Most High?”… God answered him; read it and you will understand the answer. In brief, it is he who walks in righteousness. Do not allow evil in your heart and in your life.


You may hear me and despise me or despise a person you consider to be useless but before God, they are His people and He despises no one. A righteous man despises no one. You may look at Aidah and you say that this lady is just nothing; I look like nobody; you may even give her poison; you may beat her, you may fight her. But know that before God there are His untouchables. There are people of God that you touch to your peril. Such a person, do not despise or touch.


Qn from Moderator: Many people ask, “How long did you spend in Heaven; you seem to be saying too many things. How long did you take to learn all that in Heaven?”


The things that I learned in Heaven are too many. I can not even record everything because it is a lot. Even recording those few CDs that I managed was great conflict and battle with forces of darkness. For those who have the CDs, I want to tell you that not everything is there that I learned or saw in Heaven. I will be recording some as the Lord enables me. The battle was great just to record those few CDs and is still great. I find some people who ask me to record the CDs with them but I just realize that they do not understand the greatness of the war in which we are engaged. They can not handle the thicket of the war yet they want to record these things. They simply do not understand. So please pray for me fervently because the attacks on the devil upon my life are fiercer than the ones he directs to others. Know that there are some people that the devil would like to get rid of so that his kingdom can have rest. So pray for me.


To answer the issue of time spent in Heaven, you have to know that to God one day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like one day. God is not bound by time as humans. When I was in Heaven I did not see anything to do with time; there was no sun or moon; no night or day. In Heaven, they do not follow the same time that we follow here on Earth. So I may have spent nine hours in Heaven (according to earthly time) but before God, those may have been many years spent in Heaven.


I want also to say that I would advise preachers to preach the gospel of salvation only to non-believers. I do not see why you preach salvation to those who are already saved. The basic gospel of salvation is for those who are outside Christ; who are outside salvation. But for the believers who are in the Church what is necessary for them is learning about the Holy Spirit. They desperately need to know the Holy Spirit. Preaching to them about visas, marriage, etc is a wastage of time. all that we need to teach to those who are already saved is the Holy Spirit. All that we need or that we may ever think about having is in the Holy Spirit.

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