Translation from the transcription of the audio testimony recorded in Portuguese in the beginning of the 1980’s This is the stunning report of Elder Adão de Campos, about his conversion, disease, death and resurrection occurred in October 1980, in the Rio Grande do Sul (a State in the southern of Brazil)

Try not to be frightened by the report. Instead of, try to think about it. May the Lord God bless you in Jesus Christ.

[Grammatical errors in this text were purposely left unedited to preserve the translation in its original form.]


<Introduction – Man interlocutor’s voice>





I state that this testimony is real and true! This is a warning for those who have not accepted Jesus as your savior and, those who are out of the Lord’s way, that may they have their opportunity to return to the feet of the Lord! And the Believers who serve God may watch over constantly, so that they do not fall into the trap of Satan! And here is, on speakerphone, our Brother, to tell their experiences as an incredulous and as a Believer man.



My name is Adão (Adam) de Campos. I am an elder of the Evangelical Church Assembly of God, in the city of Cachoeirinha (Little Waterfall), State of Rio Grande do Sul (Big River of the South).



<Woman interlocutor’s voice>





Brother Adão! Tell us how your life was before knowing Jesus.










I was a very incredulous and a very hard-hearted man. I used to persecute the religions and the Christians. I used to challenge the Christians to quarrel with me, but they groveled. I stoned many churches. I stopped many outdoor worship meetings. On one occasion, about a week after I had stopped an outdoor worship meeting, the Angel of the Lord came into our house, around midnight. He had a crown of glory on his head. My wife had just gone to bed. She was awake and she froze, without moving. She saw the Angel coming in, with that golden crown on his head. He walked straight to the cradle of our daughter, who was one year and nine months old. Then, at the footboard of our bed, he said to my wife:



— I will take your daughter. It is not because of you. It is because of the unbelief and the hardness of heart of your husband.



And the Angel came out! My wife got out of the bed and checked the doors (the house went dark when the Angel left). She checked the doors and they were all locked. Then she began to cry. It was about four o’clock in the morning when I arrived. She told me:



— An angel came into our house!






I did not believe it. I even said to her:



— You sleep with your stomach full and then say that an angel came into here!





And she spent the night crying, with our daughter in her lap. She was worried about what the angel had said, i.e., that he would take our daughter. My daughter had never been sick. She had never suffered any disease. She was full of health and full of life. This happened in a Friday. In the Saturday, in the beginning of the afternoon, my daughter began to feel sad. In the midnight Saturday, my daughter was already dead, after taking her last breaths in my arms! In the afternoon Sunday, my daughter was already in the tomb.



About seven days after the lost of my daughter, I was coming back from the military service (I am a retired officer of the military police) and I went into my house. When I went to the backyard, I heard a voice in the air. It was a rough and angry voice, which spoke to me this way:



— Do you know the reason why you lost your daughter?





I began to look and to listen. A voice came from the air! And that voice said to me:





— Believers are to blame! They are to blame about you have lost your daughter!





As I had stopped an outdoor worship meeting in front of my house, I was furious! I thought they are really to blame about I have lost my daughter. I was with a great anger in that moment. It was anger against the Believers, against the evangelical Christians. And I decided to end with them. I even said:




— Whatever the cost, I will eliminate these Believers! I will eliminate them indeed!



And I put six bullets in my revolver. I also put sixteen bullets in my pocket and I took the machete, too. So, I went to the church. I tell myself:



— I know where they come together.





And I went there! I arrived at the gate of the church. I gave a kick at that wooden gate and it broke completely. And I came into the courtyard of the church. But I had forgotten of grabbing the revolver. I arrived at the door of the church. I looked inside. The devil said to me:



— Shoot inside! There is just one door to exit. Shoot inside and they will come out. So, you cut their neck with the machete.



I put my hands in the door and I looked inside. But I remembered that I had not grabbed the revolver. So, I put my hand in my pocket in order to pull the revolver. But, when I tried to pull it, my arm was static. My arm did not move! I did not have strength in myhands. My hands were fixed in the door, in the doorway. I could not speak, I lost my tongue. And I stayed there. I saw that the doorkeeper was asking me to come in. I could not speak; I could not go out from there, I could not move, I could not walk! I felt that big hand, a very big arm took me from behind, between my legs, and pushed me toward inside of the church. I “was transported” and I fell down in the doorkeeper’s chair. I stayed there and that voice talked to me. The Heavens opened and that voice talked directly to me. It called my name and said:



— Adão! Do you know who I am? I am Jesus! You will not do here what you were intending to do! I am Jesus! Today, you fell down in my hands!


Ah! When that voice talked to me, I began to cry. It took me to pieces, it touched deeply my life. I was broken-hearted. That voice was veiled to me, between the Heaven and the Earth. I heard that voice speaking, that soft voice, that sweet and lovely voice! And I was crying, desperate, but I had no voice, I could not speak. And that voice said to me:



— Are you seeing these people here, Adão? These people! There are people here who do not have footwear to wear. But I am among them. It is here that I am where you never thought I would be! Today, you fell down in my hands!



And that hand let go of my neck. I raised my face. That preacher was talking about my life! He was telling my life:



— This life you live is a life of sadness and pain! That statement came to me and. I shouted in the church! I said:



— It is true! This life I live is not a life!





And everybody looked back. The church was crowded. The people looked back and I felt embarrassed, because I was inside the church! And the preacher said to me:



— Stand up and came here, get down your knees, Jesus has a plan in your life!





And I stood up! (But I had never bent the knee to anyone!) When I stood up, I remembered that I had a revolver. I put my hand in the cartridge belt, but the revolver jumped mysteriously from my belt. I had never dropped my revolver, but it was there, on the floor! A being caught me by one of my arms and another being caught me by my other arm, in such a way that I could not bend down to


pick up the revolver and put it in my pocket. It was there, on the floor, and my belt was on the chair. And I went before the pulpit, I was taken there. I arrived in front of the pulpit, I was put there. So, the preacher asked me to bend my knees. I knelt down, with my eyes opened. They began do pray, and I was with my eyes opened. All of sudden, I felt like a punch in my chest. I looked and I saw two thick ropes snapping on my chest. I was terrified! I tried to catch those ropes (there were threads coming off from them), but I could not catch them, because they disappeared in my hands. When those ropes snapped, I fell down with my face on the floor of the church, in tears, weeping. My soul was touched! My soul, my spirit and my body were touched.



<A short unexpected pause> Brother Adão began to cry.





<Woman interlocutor’s voice>





Dear Brothers! This is a live interview with Brother Adão! He cannot control his tears. He cries, because we know that God had a plan in his life. And we know that there are hundreds and hundreds of souls that have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior, through his testimony! Dear Brothers, I am speaking now so that Brother can recover after these tears that are given by Jesus and by the Holy Spirit, and can continue his wonderful testimony!



And so, Sister, I stood up. There was a green carpet in front of the pulpit, which sank our feet! I saw that clouds of glory from Heaven, rays of light. I was like a little lamb! I wanted to leap! I wanted to leap for joy; I could not resist the glory of Heavens! I began to walk by the corridor of the church. It seemed that I wanted to fly! I came back to my chair, I sat down, I grabbed that rubbish, that revolver, with the great embarrass that I have never felt in my life! I came out the church, I wanted to leap! I wanted to shout for joy, because of that glory that was following me! I went to home, I spent the night in that glory, and I could not sleep for joy, for glory! Next day, I went to the military


service. From three o’clock in the afternoon, I said to the captain, my commander in the military service:



— Captain! I want that you let me go; I want to go to the church that I went last night. I am feeling a joy that I cannot resist! From the moment that I went to the church yesterday, in order to kill the Believers, I was transformed this way!



And he said:





— You are crazy, man! You were not this way!





I said:





— No, I am different. I feel a glory, a joy inside of me!





And I began to cry before him, because I could not resist talk about that glory. And he let me go, he let me go home. When I arrived home, I said to my wife:



— You get yourself ready, because we go to the church that I went last night. I cannot resist this glory; I want that you go there, so that you can feel the same thing that I felt!



And this was the way by which Jesus converted me, Sister. This was the way. He really saved me in that night. He came into me, the Heavens came into me. God spoke directly to me and saved me. He came into my blood, into my flesh, into my veins. So, I was totally transformed in that night. And I never changed my mind!


<Woman interlocutor’s voice>





Brother Adão! In the Rio Grande do Sul, your story is much commented. They know about your disease, your death and your heart transplant that was testified by the doctors in that State. We want that you tell us this wonder!



For the rest of his amazing testimony where he described his visit to Hell and Heaven and his resurrection after three days, kindly download








Well, Sister! This cure was a great blessing in my life, because I was without any medical hope concerning my heart. The doctors had told me that for four years! In a certain occasion, in the last time that I went to my doctor, he said: — If you want to live more, we have to do surgery on your heart, to put a pacemaker and to make triple bypass. I stood up before my doctor and I told him: — Doctor, I have accepted Jesus as my Savior. I have accepted a friend. If He wants to cure me, He will cure me. He is my friend and, if He does not want to cure me, I will go to the Glory. But will I neither do the surgery nor will I permit anybody to order to do a surgery in me! The doctor said: — Alright, Mr. Adão! Everything is up to you. You are condemned to a heart attack! I told him that I was not afraid of a heart attack! And I went to my house. After eight days, I had a heart attack! It was nine o’clock in the morning, on October 9, 1980. Death I was in the courtyard of my house. Suddenly, I felt that stabbing pain in my heart, that terrible pain. Nobody can resist the pain of the heart attack. And I fell to the ground in agony. My breathing and my vision were blocked. I could not see anything else. Just when I fell down on the ground, my spirit left my body! And I began to contemplate the sky, the glory, and I saw the Lord Jesus standing up in the sky! I was always thinking in Jesus, I was always waiting for Him, because of what the doctor had told me. So, my senses and my thoughts were in Jesus. My spirit left my body and I could see the glory of the Heaven. and the Lord! I was saying in my mind: — Jesus! Do not let me die! Save me from the Death! Why I am feeling this terrible pain? And it seemed that Jesus was not caring about me. He was looking to me, He understood me, He was seeing me, but it seemed that He was not caring about me. I was in agony and my spirit was around my body. I did not go to Heaven because Jesus did not tell me to go up. I did not go to Hell because I did not belong to Hell. I could not come back to my body because, without God’s order, the spirit cannot come back to the body. That is why I was around my body! But, in spite of it, I still had contact with my body, because it was close to me. And I could hear distant voices of people, speaking very low. From there, my wife got me and took me to the hospital. She had already called an ambulance and they took me to the Military Hospital. They put me on a bed, and began to do the medical cares. About this part, my wife can explain better, because she was by my side in those moments.So, the doctors came together in order to discuss my case. Suddenly, Jesus spoke to my wife, and said: — Pray! And she went out from there and went into the bathroom. There, she got down her knees and began to shout to the Lord. God


spoke directly to her, and said: — My servant! Stay in my peace! My servant, your husband, will not die. He will walk through the valley of the Death. Stay in my peace! She went out from there crying for joy, because she had an encounter with the glory of God. She went to where I was. The room already smelled of blood. My wife called the doctors. They came and examined me. My veins and my heart were already snapped, and this caused an internal hemorrhage. And the doctors said to my wife that I was dead. My wife argued with them and contested them, saying that I was not dead, that I would not die. And they said: — Lady, he is already dead. His heart is snapped. Are you crazy? Are you not seeing that he is already dead? He is hemorrhaging! She said: — No! He will not die! God spoke to me now. I am crying for joy, for glory, because God met me, Jesus have a meeting with me in this place. The Lord told me that he will not die! Is there anything else to help him? The doctors said: — Yes! We can take him to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). And they put me again in the ambulance and took me to the ICU of the Hospital of the University of Santa Maria1. There, the doctors put me on a bed. At that time, my wife had already called the Pastor Maicá to pray for me. When the Pastor arrived in the Military Hospital, they had already taken me to the ICU. And he went there. The doctors put me on a bed and my wife was next to them. They cut a vein of my neck and introduced a rubber tube there. They took out of my body a basin full of coagulated blood. When the Pastor arrived, they were sealing my veins, and their hands were dirty with blood. My wife asked them to let the Pastor come in, in order to pray for me. So, they said to my wife to let the Pastor come in and bless my body, because I was dead! They connected me to the medical equipments, but the machines did not work, nothing worked! And the Pastor came in and prayed not for my life. Instead of, he prayed reprehending the Death, destroying the Death in me. And I stayed there. He came out and I stayed there. They put me on a bed and covered me with a sheet. So, I began to contemplate the Monster of the Death! She was on the air, 1 A city in Rio Grande do Sul.coming from the side of the west! A terrible monster! I was seeing the Death! And, in spirit, I began to shout to Jesus save me from the Death, and to ask the reason why the Death would carry me, since I was save in Jesus. And she came and stopped in the air, about ten meters away from me. And she looked at me! She was a terrible monster: the head bent; a black robe; the face was deformed; the eyes were two holes of fire; the mouth was twisted, with big teeth, like a vampire; a long nose, like a hook; skeletonized arms; the nails of fire; and a scythe in her right hand! The lower part of her body was like a cloud, like a black volume of darkness. And she got down toward the floor of the ICU and began to crawl like a slug. She left a black trail on the floor, when she crawled. She reached the bed. When she reached my feet, they became completely black when she covered them. And I felt the coldness of the Death! I felt the pain of the Death! I felt her coldness! It is three, four times worst than the coldness of the freezer of a refrigerator! And she was coming slowly, because the Death does come in a hurry, she came slowly. And she was covering me in black, the bed and my body. <Woman interlocutor’s voice> Brother Adão! Is it true that you were dead for three days, without any life signal, without breathing and without heartbeats? Is it true that, in this period of time, you were caught up? Visiting Hades It is true, Sister! The doctors noticed and proved that I was dead for three days. This was confirmed by the doctors. I was not taken to the mortuary because my wife did not permit. In the first place, God had spoken that I would not die. And, in the second place, she told them not to take my body out of the ICU, since she had specific people at her side; she had authorities at her side. So, they feared. And they told her that I would stay there just that day. Next day, they wanted to take me to the mortuary. But she insisted and did not permit take me out of the ICU, because she was waiting for Jesus. They called her crazy, and she said that she was not crazy, that she was lucid and that God would go beyond of what we imagine. She was right, but the doctors argued a lot with her. By the way, they said the following to her: — But how will be your future with a man like this inside your home? If it will happen the miracle you are saying, that he will resurrect, that he will live, that he will come back, as you are saying, if it will happen by chance this you are saying, which we know that it will not happen, how will be your future with a man like this inside your home? He will not see anymore, he will not speak anymore, he will not hear anymore, his body will not move. How will be your future? She said: — No! God gives us beyond of what we ask or imagine and He does beyond of what we hope!



So, she did not permit to take my body out of there and she ordered them not to take my body without her permission.Well, Sister, while my wife argued with the doctors concerning my body, because they wanted to take it to the mortuary, I saw Jesus coming down inside the ICU, in a ray of light, in a cloud of glory. He ordered me to destroy the Death in me! He called by my name and said: — Destroy the Death, Adão! In my thought, in my sense, I told Jesus that I had no strength, that I had no power to raise my hand and touch the Death. Jesus said to me for the third time: — I am ordering! Destroy the Death, Adão! I made a great effort with my arm and, with my fingers, I touched the Death. I saw that a blue fire was flying from my fingers and that that fire was melting the Monster of the Death. She melted like wax. She turned into something like a crust, like a red glass powder. And I was free from the Death! And so Jesus said: — Come with me! And I stood up! At the left side of my bed, there was a being wearing white vesture, and I could not see his face. The floor of the ICU was pure glory, pure gold and crystal. The doctors were walking in the middle of the glory. They were not seeing Jesus, they were not hearing me, and they did not perceive that we were there. And I stood up! Jesus said: — Come with me! And I stood up immediately. But I saw that my body was lying down on the bed! I said: — But how is it possible? I am two! My body is lying down there and I am standing up here! I looked to Jesus. I looked to me, from toe to above, and

I saw that I was in a body of glory. I looked to Jesus and I said: — But my body is the same of Jesus’ body. I am in a body of glory! I took a step forward and I went into the cloud of glory. Jesus turned to the south and began to walk. I followed Him. I was two meters away from Him! We walked for a moment. Jesus stopped and so did I. He turned to me and said: — You are nine meters away from your body! I looked into the bed and I saw my body. It was as white as snow! From there, Jesus turned right and we began to walk. We went out of the ICU. We arrived at a broad and dirty pathway, full of thorns and reefs. We carried on ahead and we went down. We began to go down the abyss and it was getting darker. The path was getting hard. And we carried on and on. The path was getting hard and hard: obstacles, big stones, thorns (there was a lot of obstacles). And there were demons that began to attack on the pathway. But they let the way free, because Jesus was always light. They could not see the light. They saw the light of Jesus and disappeared!And we carried on and on, too distant from the Earth, too distant indeed, where the thought of the human being cannot reach! And we carried on, until Jesus arrived before a black gate, a huge gate! And He touched that gate. Jesus touched that gate with His fingers. And the gate opened completely. The Hell was opened. I was terrified! I wanted to cling to Jesus! The Hell is terrible! And Jesus went into the Hell and so did I! He stood up at the left side of the cliff of the Hell. But I was terrified when I saw the demon that opened the Hell! That was a huge demon, with the following characteristics: horse head; teeth like a vampire; eyes of fire; mouth of fire; body of carapace, like an alligator, completely covered by spines; round feet, like the hooves of a horse; long and big arms; long nails of fire; skeletonized fingers! But what worried me in the entrance to Hell were the men-monsters! There were thousands and thousands of men-monsters in the entrance to Hell, in a prominent position! Their bodies were torn; some had bear head, others had tiger head, others had lion head. And their hands and feet were of the same mentioned beasts. And I thought: — Ah! These ones are the Pastors who deviated from the ways of the Lord and come to Hell. That is why they are in a prominent position here! But it was not what I had thought! Jesus explained to me: — No! These ones you see as monsters are those who blasphemed against my Spirit! And all those who blaspheme will be turned into monsters here in Hell! And, in that place, I began to watch the screams, the despair and the suffering of the souls. The souls were skeletonized and droughts! Their eyes were bulging and disfigured. And the demons were in party orgy with the souls. They dug spears of fire in the souls. The screams and the despair of the souls in Hell are terrible! They looked to Jesus, as if they wanted help. But they do not have right to help anymore! And I lifted up my eyes to the north and I saw something in front of the entrance to a very big tunnel! There was an inscription in which was written: “King of the Darkness”! And, below that inscription, Satan was sitting on a black chair, at the head of a black table, surrounded with other black chairs. And he was very angry! He was arguing with another demon that was standing up before him. He was giving


orders to that demon to come in the Earth in order to end the Christianity, to destroy the Believers and to divide them. That was a huge demon, all in black, wearing very tight female trousers! I saw that the first kind of such trousers was made there in Hell! And that demon was complaining to Satan that he had no power against the Believers on Earth. But Satan was demanding of him. He was giving orders to that demon to come to Earth in order to end the Christians, to kill them, to destroy them, to divide them, to end their worship meetings, to exterminate their worship meetings.


— Put disorder among them; divide them; separate them; put jealous among them; put division among them; destroy them; kill them! Divide the Christian couples; put jealous and envy among the couples and among the Believers in Earth; destroy them! And that demon was complaining that he had no power.— Put them all sorts of desire to be bossy, to be big ones, Satan said. And the demon answered: — But I have no power against the Believers. When the couples are arguing, I come close and one of them tends to feel me. So, they stop and began do praise their God! And I pull back. I throw my darts from a distance, but I do not hit. I can hit some darts, I affect them and they stagger. But it is hard to hit them. But Satan was giving orders and he said this: — Do what I am ordering you to do there on Earth! If you do not do what I have told, when you come back here, I will grieve you, I will stick you with fire and I will oppress you! Take more demons with you, take more followers with you. And that demon shouted out in such a way that the abyss was shivered! And two tunnels were opened, at the side of the west. From that tunnels, a cloud of little demons appeared, like a swarm. There were countless little demons. They were bad, evil and had mouth and eyes of fire. They were shouting in a bawling that it hurt our hearing. Those little demons went to Earth together with that other demon. There were clouds and clouds of demons! I looked to Jesus and I said: — Woe to the region of Earth where those demons arrive! And a portion of those demons stayed in Hell, in party orgy with the souls. They were inflicting so many ill-treatments to the souls! And the souls were screaming in despair. They wanted to hide from the demons, but there are no places to hide in Hell! And I was watching that horrors! From there, I lifted up my eyes to the north and I saw Satan shouting out. A rumble happened and that table was shivered due to the shout. Satan was summoning the demons to a meeting! Demons began to appear from all parts! They were head demons! When all the demons arrived, Satan said: — The purpose of this meeting that I have summoned is to discuss subjects about technology concerning how to end the Christianity on Earth! They are increasing, they are enlarging, and we must stop them, we must reduce them, we must end with them. And the Demon Tranca-Rua2 (Lock-Street) stood up and said: — Satan! You know that I command the technology on Earth. And I have been very successful! One of the technologies is the television set. By the way, I am improving it. Next days, I am going to release on the Earth a technology regarding the television set, which will shake the world, will shake the Earth! And he continued saying: 2 A demon worshiped mainly in the spiritualist cults based on African spiritualism.— Satan, I have been successful with the television set. I have been able to imprison the souls, to imprison the Christians and to imprison the Believers with the movies; with TV shows late at night; with soap operas and with pornographic movies! I have imprisoned them. And we are not afraid of these ones anymore! Their names are already written here in Hell! These ones are already ours! And, together with the Demon Pomba-Gira3 (Dove-Turns), who is another great head, the Demon Tranca-Rua said: — We have also been able to stop the Christians of giving their tithes, their offerings and their vows. We have closed the doors of employment to them. And, without money, they cannot go on, they cannot survive and they are obligated to give up! And Pomba-Gira stood up, who is a great head demon, and said: — Satan! I command on Earth the toxin, the alcoholic drinks and the sex! And I have been very successful! I have brought down the Christianity on Earth. I have brought down great Pentecostal leaders, by means of sex and alcoholic drinks! And I have brought here the souls and introduced them to you, Satan! Another demon stood up, called Caveira-da-Meia-Noite (Eshu-Skull-of-Midnight), who is a great head, and said: — Satan! I have been very successful on Earth! I have killed the people by all sorts of ways, such as accidents and suicides. When a person commits suicide, it is this demon who tells the person to kill himself. And he commands on Earth all kinds of crimes and muggings. The Demônio-da-Meia-Noite (Eshu-of-Midnight) stood up and said: — Satan! I have been very successful on Earth! I have commanded


there the nervousness! From midnight on, I keep the people awake. I have inflicted the fear on human beings and they do not sleep. They are feeling nervous and going crazies. They are crowding the psychiatric hospitals and asylums. As they think that what they are feeling is an illness, they are getting intoxicated with pills and going crazies! The Demon Gira-Mundo (Eshu-Turn-World) stood up and said: — Satan! I have been successful, because I command the storms and the winds! I have brought here thousands of souls and introduced them to you! By the way, there are thousands of demons in the black clouds that tend to appear with the storms. During the storms, these demons came to pull up the trees, to destroy houses, to kill people and to devastate everything. They just respect the house of the Christians. 3 A female demon also worshiped mainly in the spiritualist cults based on African spiritualism.Another thing that I saw the demons talking about in their meeting there in Hell, Sister, is that they do not have power against the fanatic Believers! I used always to think that a fanatic Believer was the one who is persistent when talking about Jesus, the one who tends to insist that the person accepts Jesus. But it is not! In their meeting, the head demons said that they do not have power only against the fanatic Believers! For them, the fanatic Believers are the ones who abandoned the world, accepted Jesus, live in prayer, in spirit of prayer,


in fasting and reading the Bible. These are the fanatic Believers! — We are afraid of such Believers! We have to get away from them! We cannot even get close to them!, the demons said this in their meeting. There, I found out what is a fanatic Believer! <Woman interlocutor’s voice> Brother, this is a warning to the churches and to the Believers who often fail to pray, because they have great opportunities to serve the Lord, but they fail, is not it, Brother? Exactly, Sister! And so the Demon Yemanjá, who is a great head demon, stood up and said: — Satan! I have been successful on Earth! I have commanded the rivers, the seas and the waters, and I have brought thousands of souls here for you! And so that arguing and confusion of the demons went on, because all of them wanted to present what they were doing on Earth. And they climbed on the table! There is no order in Hell. There, everything is out of order! But this is normal there. And I lifted up my eyes to the left side, to the west, and I saw the mire well. Very huge! That mire well was terrible! An odor of rottenness and filth of thousands and thousands of years were exhaling from there! And thousands of souls were falling down in its middle! The serpent-demons were circling at high speed and were hitting the souls in the mouth with a hammer. When the thousands of souls were falling down in the middle of the mire well, the demons stopped and said to them: — Friend, it is nice that you came here! Were you a fornicator on Earth like we? Did you disobey your God there? You are going to suffer here, like we! And the demons gushed out fire from their noses on the souls and they began to scream in despair and pain! The demons were obliging the souls to eat those rotten things and those rotten animals which are there in Hell! The souls did not want do eat, but there is no free will in that place. Nobody has free will in Hell! And the souls were screaming. The demons turned their tails full of spines of fire and stuck into the souls, they pierced the souls! And the souls stuck together in their tails. The demons burst out terrible laughing! They agitated their tails and threw the souls against a rock!And there was a line of demons waiting for imprisoning and for chaining the souls in the abysses. The souls are imprisoned and chained there. There are souls there with all sorts of sufferings: without half of the heart; the eyes pulled out from the face; hung eyes and crushed head. All sorts of suffering! — What are you doing here? I abandoned Jesus, and so I ended up here. I used to go to the church, but I used to disobey Jesus. I was in sin, I used to take part in the Lord’s Supper uncomely, and I ended up here! They are there: souls with all sorts of sufferings. They are imprisoned, chained and thrown in the rocks of Hell. And so that line of demons were imprisoning the souls that the serpent-demons were throwing there in the mire well. And there was another line of demons that were noting down the names of the souls who was falling down there. They rushed off and noted down their names, after asking for the name that the souls had here on Earth. And those demons were going to Earth, in search of bodies of people who are alive in order to incorporate and to tell a lie, saying that they are Mr. So-And-So and Mrs. Such-And-Such, while Mr. So-And-So and Mrs. Such-And-Such are imprisoned and chained there in Hell! My eyes saw and my ears heard these things! And the ones who went to Hell do not come back to incorporate in anybody. It is the demons who incorporate and tell a lie, saying that they are somebody who already



died. The same way, the ones who went to Heaven do not come back from there to incorporate in anybody! From there, I lifted up my eyes to the left side, also to the west, and I saw the galleries of Hell. I was terrified! Those huge galleries, bigger than a metropolis! There were there a lot of bodies of naked people bathed in blood, tears and sweat. The fire arouses from bottom to top and burned those bodies in the galleries! That fire roars like a lion! The fire of Hell is not the same as the fire of Earth. The fire of Hell is red like the blood! It roars and burns those naked bodies, which cannot move! It is so terrible of seeing! It is terrible! From there, Jesus carried on with me, toward the south. We walked for a while, and Jesus stopped. We turned to the west and Jesus showed me the Bottomless Pit! I looked down. It was very deep! And it was covered by smoke. I looked above and I saw a huge smooth wall. There is not on Earth a wall like that that I saw there in Hell! The pinnacle of that huge wall led into a cliff. Above, on that cliff, there was a very beautiful lawn. There was nobody on that lawn. I looked down again. After a while, I lifted up my eyes again and there were already a lot of people there above. They were all with white vesture, but their vestures were dipped. And they were very close to the edge of the cliff! I was looking to them, worried. — But those people are going to fall down from there! Thousands and thousands of people began to appear there above, on that lawn. After a while, a huge demon appeared, like a big bat! He had teeth like a vampire and eyes and mouth of fire. He landed there above, on that lawn. He looked to the face of the people and burst out terrible laughing! And those people began to scream in panic and despair! He began to push down those people. They did not want to fall down. They fell downwith the hands and the feet raised up, because it was terrible to look down. So, they fell down with their back turned. And the demon was pushing them! Their vesture was white, but it was dirty and dipped. Those are the people, Sister, who tend to say on Earth that just a little bit never mind, that Jesus wants only our heart. This is the dirt in the spiritual vestures. And, without any mercy, that demon was throwing down the people into the Bottomless Pit. I saw him throwing down the people. From there, Jesus carried on with me. We walked for a while. Jesus stopped and showed me the Lake of Fire! I contemplated the Lake of Fire! The terrible Lake! It is like a huge world! It was bubbling! There is nobody in the Lake of Fire. There is nothing there. It is empty. And it is like a great world! There is place enough for the whole Earth in the Lake of Fire and also for other worlds, if there would be others, because the Lake is huge and great! The demons walk away from the Lake of Fire; they cannot even come close, since the temperature is terrible due to fire and sulfur! That heat is a thousand times worse than the heat of the iron that the men melt on Earth, when the iron turns liquid and drains like water. The heat of the Hell and the Lake of Fire is terrible; it is thousands of times worse than the heat of the Earth. From there, Jesus carried on with me forward. We walked for a while and turned to the left, toward the exit of Hell. We began to walk up for a street that was above the street that we walked on to go in the Hell. We walked for a while and Jesus stopped and showed me the place where was the Abraham’s Bosom. That place is like a paradise. There is a garden there. There is a rainbow that serves of border. The demons cannot go in there; they do not even come close to the border. That is a reserved place, because the Abraham’s Bosom was there. When Jesus shouted on the cross of Calvary, He took away His people from there and took them to His Glory, and they are there in Glory! And so, from there in Hell, it is possible to see well that place, as the Bible says exactly that the rich man saw Lazarus in the Abraham’s Bosom and that there was a great chasm that separates the two places. From there, Jesus carried on with me forward. We walked for a while; Jesus stopped and showed me the place where He defeated Satan! During three days, they had a party in Hell, because they had killed Jesus. And Jesus shouted on the cross and descended into Hell! When the glory of Jesus shone in Hell, the demons run away and left Satan alone. Jesus called Satan at His feet, and Satan did not want to come. But he crawled like a monster, like a dragon, and came at Jesus’ feet. Jesus ordered Satan to stretch out his head. So, Jesus put His foot on Satan’s head and said: — All power in Heaven and on Earth has been given to me! And Jesus took the keys of Death and Hell from Satan! From there, Jesus walked up with me for another street, which was above the street that we walked on to go in the Hell. And we walked up and carried on. The path was very difficult to cross over, since there were obstacles and demons in the way. But they let the way free for Jesus and for me to pass. And we carried on. The noise was


decreasing. The noise of Hell was ceasing. We carried on and walked up a lot. Visiting HeavenSo, we came to a little narrow door, adorned with silver and crystal. And we went in! Jesus passed and so did I. And we went into a happy Land! A Land of glory, about which Jesus said: “I am going to prepare a place for you, so that you also may be where I am!” When we went into that Land, I said to Jesus: — I want to be here! How nice is to be here! That was a Land of glory! (And it is a Land of glory!). There were there trees with leaves like the silver, fruits like the gold and a lawn full of life. The grass there is not like the grass of the Earth. The beauty of that Land is wonderful! I began to contemplate. That Land has no end! It is pure glory! There is a river that comes out of that garden in that square. That water is transparent. The river shines like the crystal when it crosses over that glorious happy Land! We cannot see where it ends! I looked to the north and I contemplated that City, made of pure gold and crystal! The streets of gold and crystal; the walls of gold, crystal and jasper; the houses and small palaces of gold and crystal!

It is empty! There is nobody there! Everything is ready. There are so many houses that we cannot see where it ends! That City is pure glory. Rays of glory shines and sparkles from there! Hallelujah! The most beautiful thing! We do not feel like to leave that place. I said to the Lord: — I want to stay here. It is good to be here! Jesus did not say anything to me. We continued walking and I was insisting with Jesus, while I was feeling that air which is pure life. We walked a lot in that Land! There is nobody there! It is empty! Everything is ready and prepared, waiting for the arrival of the residents, which are the saints to whom Jesus went to prepare a place. It is a dream of glory to be there! A resting place! It is a paradise of glory! We continued walking and walking. Jesus flew above with me in a fastness so perfect! The velocity of God is so fast and perfect! Nothing compares to it. I did not see where I went by, but all of sudden I was before the throne of glory of Jesus in Heaven, in Abraham’s Bosom! I was there for three days, contemplating the glories of Heaven! I saw Jesus sitting on His chair of pure gold, at the right of the Father. His body is perfect, glorious and well drawn. His hands are glorious. His look is merciful. What a love! His perfection and beauty are something incredible, my Brothers! His appearance is thousands and thousands of times more beautiful than I am able to describe! And Jesus stood up many times from His chair at the side of the Father and went to talk to the angels. After that, He came back and sat down at the right of the Father! Four powerful Angels are before the throne of Jesus, waiting for His orders! Many times, Jesus talked to the Father. As I could understand and as I saw there in Heaven, only Jesus talks to the Father, nobody else! A great glory shines from the Father! There is no way to see the Father, because of His glory! Jesus is aware of everything that happens with the Church on Earth! He sees, hears and is aware of everything. I heard shouts from the Church coming in Heaven! A shout from the Church came in and said: — Help me, Jesus!Jesus stood up, called the powerful Angel who was at His left and gave an order to him. That powerful Angel called another Angel and gave an order to him. This Angel was girded with glory and power. Fire fell down from Heaven and the Angel came down with all the power of his glory, holding a golden sword of fire, and fought in the air against the dragons and demons, which are spread in the air, attacking the prayers of the saints, which ascend to Heaven. The prayers ascend as little golden balls and the dragons hit them with their hands, they attack them with their claws, but they escape through the claws of the dragons and come in Heaven. And so, those little balls explode and the shout of the Church is heard in Heaven! Hallelujah! The glory of that Angel is tremendous, my Brothers! From there, I looked at left and I saw the Heaven’s Door, which looked like a White Throne of glory! There is a great Angel at the Heaven’s Door, and a large book before him. The Angel was holding a large pen in his right hand. That pen was not like the pens of the Earth, which we use for witting. That one was different; it was made of pure gold! The most beautiful thing! That Angel is bigger than the sun. He is very tall, his glory and power are infinite! When the Saints are coming to Heaven, that Angel checks the names of the Saints who are brought there by the angels. There, the angels leave the Saint. And that Angel checks if the name of that Saint is written in the Book of Life. So, that powerful Angel who has the Book raises his hand and shows Jesus to the Saint. From Heaven’s Door until Jesus’ throne, there is a sidewalk of gold and crystal! There is a row of angels in both sides of the sidewalk. Those angels are not tall, they are short angels. The Saint is put on the


golden sidewalk, in order to go to Jesus’ throne. When the Saint looks to Jesus, he wants to rush off to meet Him! The Saint does not resist the look of Jesus, the love of Jesus, the beauty of Jesus, the affection of Jesus, the gentleness of Jesus, the handsomeness of Jesus’ body! So, the Saint wants to rush off to meet Jesus! And the Saint does not look to the angels. When he is going by, the angels lean, in an act of reverence to the Saint who is going into Heaven. <Woman interlocutor’s voice> Brother, allow me to ask you something: who are the Saints which arrive in Heaven? Here on Earth we say “Believers”, but in Heaven they do not say “Believers”, they say “Saints”. When a Saint comes before Jesus, He stood up from His chair, put His left arm on the shoulder of the Saint and says: — You have been faithful over the few things, I will make you ruler over many things: enter into the joy of the Lord! And the angels come and make a party with the Saint. And a gate of gold and crystal opened to the north! Oh, glory! When the gate was opened, I saw thousands and millions of Angels and Saints who are having a party, playing the harps and praising. I saw the table of the marriage of the Lamb. That table of fancy pure gold has no end! The angels were finishing the embroidery in the golden tablecloth. The science of the Earth is not able to make a needle-point of that embroidery, because of the incomparable beauty. The tablecloth is ready, but the angels were finishing the embroidery. There is a party around the table of the marriage of the Lamb, waiting for the Church! But, Brothers, I am not able to explain with material resources the powerful glory and light of the restingparadise where the Saints are, because it is thousands of times more than what I can explain! I do not have knowledge to describe it! So, I was there contemplating the angels making a party in Heaven! Brothers, there is a great preparation in Heaven, waiting for the Church! I saw saints who used to think that they were Saints, arriving at Heaven’s Door, but they could not go into the Heaven! Saints with long beard and long hair. Their names were not written in the Book of Life! Their hands and feet were bound and they were cast out into outer darkness! Their shouts for mercy from the Angel were too aloud. But there was no mercy anymore! To the saint women who arrived there, the Angel asked them to have their back turned to Him. So, the Angel measured their hair. But, there in Heaven, concerning the hair of the Sisters, they do not call it hair. They call it covering. And the Angel measured the coverings with His hand. And He knew when there was a lack of hair. So, he asked one of the saint women: — What did you do with your covering? — I trimmed it, I sheared it! — And what did you do after that? — I asked for mercy, I said I was sorry!


— And what did you do after that? — I did not shear it anymore! So, she was forgiven and she could go into Heaven. To other saint woman, the Angel asked the same about her covering. She answered she had sheared it. And He asked: — And what did you do after that? She said she was sorry. — And what did you do after that? And she said she had sheared again, but she did not say she was sorry because she had felt embarrassed! So, that Angel called another Angel and told him to bind her hands and feet and cast her out into outer darkness! And she fell down at the Angel’s feet and began to shout for mercy, to say she was sorry, to have mercy on her! She insisted with the Angel! So, that Angel called the Angel of the Golden Drawers. He told him to open the drawers, to get her sheared coverings and show her. She saw that her covering was turned into gold in the golden drawers. She hid her face with her hands, since she could not contemplate that. So, she shouted aloud and fell down. And the Angel bound her hands and feet and cast her out into outer darkness! Sister, the shouts of the Saints who could not go into Heaven were terrible! <Woman interlocutor’s voice> Brother Adão, a question: is this covering the hair?Yes, Sister, it is! Here on Earth we say hair, but there in Heaven they say covering! God’s honor, God’s glory and God’s power are in the covering of the saint women! <Woman interlocutor’s voice> Does the trimmed hairs which were in the golden drawers were turned into gold as well? Yes! Nothing of our body stays on Earth, Sister! Not even a hair of us! If a Sister lost a hair in the bathroom, when taking a bath, an Angel gets it. And it is turned into glory there in Heaven, the same way not even a nail of Jesus’ body stayed on Earth! Not even a hair of our body will stay here. Nothing will stay here, Sister! Everything is turned into glory there in Heaven! Our body is holy. It is the temple of God! <Woman interlocutor’s voice> This is wonderful! This is a warning to the Believers, to the Church and mainly to the Sisters, who many times do not obey the biblical doctrine, is not it, dear Brother? This is true, Brothers! If we are in Jesus and in the biblical doctrine, there will be no problem, since we



are saved. But, if we do not obey the doctrine of the Bible, there is no salvation, Sister! <Woman interlocutor’s voice> Attention! Attention, Church! Attention, Believer! By the way, if Jesus would catch up a Believer now, s/he would see during the way up thousands of people who are coming back. So, s/he would ask to the guide Angel: — Are they coming back from where? And he would answer: — These are the ones who could not go into the Kingdom of God! Everybody goes to the Heaven’s Door: the saved that will enter and stay in Heaven and also the unsaved, which are lost, so that they can see and hear what they lost in the Eternity. And, from there, those who could not go into Heaven are cast out! And so, while I was there contemplating all those glories, Jesus stood up from His chair and went to meet the angels. After that, Jesus went to talk to the Father. Then, He came to where I was

and said to me: — I am mercy and I am love. See my Church on Earth! And a door was opened in the middle of the Heaven, so that I could see the Church. I saw the world like a “big pot”, full of darkness, shadowy and black, due to the darkness. And, in the middle of that darkness, there were little lights shining like a lamp. It was thousands and thousands of little lights scattered across the globe and Jesus made clear to me who were those lights which were illuminating the darkness! Those little lightswere the Believers on Earth, which they call “Saints” in Heaven. All those lights turned into Saints. It was the Saints in the middle of the darkness! They were like the sand of the sea, due to the great quantity of Believers on Earth! And I saw them with their arms raised up, crying, shouting on their knees. I did not see anyone’s house; I did not see church of any kind, neither of wood nor of masonry, nothing and nothing! I just saw the Believers, which they call “Saints” in Heaven. The globe is full of Believers! So, Jesus took the Church out of my sight! And He told me: — I am mercy. If I would permit that you stay here with Me, I would not be merciful with my Church, which is asking Me for you to come back. So, another door was opened, next to the one I saw the Church. And Jesus told me: — See your wife and your children. I saw my wife in my house, sitting on a chair in the living room. She was crying and my children were around her. She and my children were crying. To me, the weeping meant nothing, since I was not feeling that sentiment of the Earth anymore. I was happy in the glory. I was in a glorious dream. I saw her crying, but that meant nothing to me. Jesus took my wife and my children out of my sight and told me: — I am love! If I would permit that you stay here with Me, I would not love with your wife and your children, who are asking Me for you to come back. But you are going to come back there! So, Jesus opened another door, at left, and told me: — See the world without my Church! When I looked down the Earth, I looked away, because I could not bear stay looking! But Jesus ordered me:


— Look down! I am ordering! And I stayed looking: the air full of smoke; the people crying; the birds flying from one side to the other, desperate and screeching; the animals running in the fields, desperate and bleating. The forests were all dry and black. There was nothing green. It was terrible. People of all ages were running on the gravels. They were throwing themselves face down in the gravels, in the streets, in the asphalts. They were punching the ground and raising their hands. They were screaming, tearing their hair and throwing themselves on the ground, desperate! There was blood flowing like rivers, in the sidewalks and in the ditches. The electrical networks were torching everything. The animals, desperate, were dying. Everything was black and burned! There were missiles in the air. The bombs in the air were crossing from one side to another. There were rumbles and bangs on Earth! The mountains were flattened and swept, from one side to another. Such a terrible thing to look! The buildings and the large cities of the Earth were swept! The buildings were turned into dust, flying into the air. The people were being covered by the dust, in the middle of those tremors and earthquakes! It wasterrible to look, but I had to look! The buses were all pilled and they were cutting off each other! The seas were choppy and the ships, full of people, were sinking, disappearing into the sea! The airplanes were falling down in pieces. The people were disappearing in the middle of that earthquake! The destruction of the Earth was terrible! Brothers, it was the most terrible thing to look! No wonder that the Book of Isaiah says that the Earth reels like a drunkard! So, I did not want to look those things, such as the despair and the screaming! The trains were crashing on each other! It was a total destruction on Earth! And so Jesus took the world out of my sight and said: — Now you will come back to Earth. You must warn and give a testimony


about everything you have seen and heard. Warn my Saints on Earth that I will rapture my Church! Look at my hands! So, Jesus showed me His hands and I saw where the nails were put in His wrist. In the wrist of Jesus! The nails pierced the wrist of Jesus! While He was alive on the cross, He was fixing His body in the nails of His feet. But, when Jesus cried out on the cross, His body fainted and the weight of His body caused the nails to twitch the nerves of His wrist toward the middle of His palms! And Jesus told me: — Pay attention: when you give this testimony in the Earth, many people will not believe it! But many others will believe it! You must talk, warn and give your testimony. Blessed are the ones who believe it! And the ones who do not believe it, they will be accountable to Me! Blessed are the churches which accept you on Earth! Resurrection Jesus told me that, but I did not want to come back. He told me: — Now, you will come back to Earth. And I said: — I do not want it! But I could not complete the statement. I just said “no” and Jesus transported me from Heaven, in a perfect fastness that I did not see the way I came back! It was so fast and I was in the same place of the ICU, when Jesus raptured me and told me: “You are nine meters away from your body!” And I went down in the same place. I went down there in a body of glory. The floor of the ICU was the same way: pure gold and crystal; pure glory. By the way, our fleshly eyes cannot see such a glory. But, during the worship meetings, when we feel a glory in the air, it is the same glory that I saw in Heaven, which the people cannot see with the naked eye. We cannot see the glory of God with our physical eyes. Our flesh cannot resist, Sister. So, I saw my body and I went toward it, walking with a body of glory. I was walking on gold and crystal. When a being of glory goes down, nothing can resist, and the floor turned into glory. I was walking in glory, on gold and crystal. I arrived next to my bedand I stopped. I saw my physical body lying. I looked at it and I went into it! And I woke up! I was very cold, shivering! There was a male nurse next to me, changing the bed sheets. Later, the doctors told me that they could not resist the odor that was exhaling from the sheets drenched in cold sweat that was coming out of my body. I was there for three days! So, they had to change the bed sheets all the time. And he (the nurse) ran away from my bed. And I told him:


— Give me some blanket; cover me, because I am shivering! But he run away and was looking at me from the door of the ICU. And he asked: — Are you alright, Mr. Adão? And I answered: — I am alright! Cover me with a blanket, because I am very cold. (I was shivering). And he called three doctors and a female nurse. And the doctors came, looked at me and began to cry! They cannot resist looking at me. So, they began to cry and to tremble. They were trembling and crying! And I was asking them to cover me with a blanket, because I was very cold. I told them that I was in “comma” and that I was feeling good! Two of them took a blanket and covered me. And the other sick people, who were there, hopeless, almost dying, began to free themselves from the medical equipments, to get out of the beds and go walking in order to see me. They began to get out of the beds in order to see me! Jesus healed everybody! He healed me and the others! There were nine sick people in the ICU and just I stayed there! The others were gone next day, because they were healed. Jesus healed everybody! It was such a tremendous happening, Sister! Then, a stir began in the hospital. They began to call the doctors of the city on the telephone, as well as the rector of the university. It was such a stir in the city! The science was shaken! Jesus challenged the science! And I stayed there, quiet. They covered me and my body began to heat up. While I was resurrecting in the hospital, Satan came in my house, at three o’clock in the morning of the fourth day, at the window of the room where my wife was sleeping. He knocked on the window; he knocked strongly on the window and said: — Nanci! Nanci! I came to tell you that Adão died! My wife got out of the bed, crying, went toward the wardrobe and grabbed a red dress. She called our children. It was such a shouting in our home. And she was wondering: — But how can I go in a red dress? Just I am a Believer. Nobody of his relatives is Believer. Satan gave such a guffaw and said: — No matter! Go dressed this way! And she said: — Ah, so it is you, Satan! My husband resurrected!And she fell down on her knees, at three o’clock in the morning, and she was praying up at six AM, until daybreak. At six AM, she reached the telephone, called the hospital and asked about me. So, the doctor said: — Mrs. Nanci! Come here soon! It happened something that is shaking the hospital! And she said: — I already know. My husband resurrected! — But how do you know that? — Jesus has already showed me! And so she went there. When she arrived in the ICU, I saw her through the


glass and I waved to her. So, the doctors allowed her to enter. I showed her my hands and my toes. I told her: — Look at my lips and into my eyes. My eyes and my lips, are not they black due to the Death? In fact, the stain and the blackness of the Death took three days to disappear out of my mouth, my lips, my eyes and my nails. It took about three months to disappear! And I stayed in the ICU for eight days, in order to recover my physical body. After these eight days, the head doctor of the ICU told me: — Today, we are going to get you out of the ICU. You are going to be taken to a special room. But, before that, we are going to interview you. You should tell us everything you saw and heard. So, I was interviewed by them.

There were three surgeons and a secretary. The interviewer said: — Everything that I am going to ask will be filed in your folder here in the ICU. The secretary will write everything you are going to tell us. So, he asked me my name and who I was. I told him that I was a Believer of the Evangelical Church Assembly of God. He also asked me the name of my parents. So, he talked to me this way:


— Do you know that you had a heart attack? I answered: — Look, doctor, I do not know if it was a heart attack. I felt a terrible pain. I thought that my heart was ripped out of my chest! It was a terrible pain which blocked my breathing and my vision. I could not see anymore and I fell to the ground in agony!He told me: — You suffered an acute, total and fatal heart attack! Instant death! The heart attack that you suffered kills faster than a bullet in the heart! And a mystery had happened! You have a transplanted heart and three coronaries! A mysterious transplant! And I want that you tell us how could this happen! And I answered: — But, doctor, have not I told you that I never wanted to have surgery? So, why did you do surgery in me? He answered: — Open your shirt and look at your chest! Are your chest cut? So that we could do surgery in you, we would have to cut your chest! So, I looked at my chest and there was no cut. And I said: — Ah, I already know! When Jesus caught me up out of the ICU, two angels descended from Heaven holding gold trays and gold scalpels. And it was them who did surgery in my heart. So, the doctors covered their faces with their hands and were frightened, listening to me. They turned on the medical equipments in my heart and, in a little screen, they showed me my heart working! One of the doctors said: — Look at your heart there! Nobody has a heart like that! A person with a heart like that never will be born! You have a good-looking and a perfect heart! Your coronaries are goodlooking. Such coronaries are not seen here on Earth! And you have such a transplant. You were submitted to such a transplant. And the science is not able to do even something similar to the mysterious transplant that you were submitted to, especially something so perfect like that! And you were submitted to it! This is a mystery! You will not die due to a heart attack anymore! Your heart is perfect! So, Sister, it was fulfilled what is written in the Psalm 51, verse 10: “Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me”. And Ezekiel 36:26 says: “A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you.” Since I am faithful to God, I think I deserved that. How could I give a testimony on Earth about something that I was not submitted to, that I did not suffer, that I did not see and that I did not hear? I did not know that I would be a witness in the future! So, I had to know, I had to suffer, I had to be submitted to, I had to see and to hear in order to testify on Earth! That is why God submitted me to all of these things. So, while I was telling them these things in the interview, they were frightened! They asked: — But, what did you see and where were you during the three days that you were dead?I answered: — I know the two sides of life! I know the side of this material life and the side of eternity: with God and without God! And they were frightened. I said: — Jesus came down here in the ICU. He caught me up and took me to Hell, in order to show me what happens in that place, the horrors and the sufferings of the souls! Jesus showed everything! Warning <Woman interlocutor’s voice> One more question, Brother: how about the doctors? Did they accept Jesus? Or did they criticize? What happened? They were frightened! But they got down their knees and accepted Jesus as their Savior. And the interviewer reporter who was there also accepted Jesus, in tears. But the most important thing that I want to do is to warn the Church, since God has chosen me as a watchman, as a witness on Earth! So, I want to warn the Christians, the Believers, that they be careful and sincere to Jesus. This is a warning! God is ordering and asking for me to testify quickly, so that there is an escape while there is time, and the people can be saved in Jesus! Only Jesus and the Bible can save! So, Brothers, be careful before this warning! Jesus is


coming back in order to catch up the Church! May God bless you with these words, in Jesus’ name. Translated out of Portuguese to English by: Marcelo Raupp Contact:



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