Translation from the transcription of the audio testimony recorded in Portuguese in the beginning of the 1980’s This is the stunning report of Elder Adão de Campos, about his conversion, disease, death and resurrection occurred in October 1980, in the Rio Grande do Sul (a State in the southern of Brazil)
Try not to be frightened by the report. Instead of, try to think about it. May the Lord God bless you in Jesus Christ.
[Grammatical errors in this text were purposely left unedited to preserve the translation in its original form.]
<Introduction – Man interlocutor’s voice>
I state that this testimony is real and true! This is a warning for those who have not accepted Jesus as your savior and, those who are out of the Lord’s way, that may they have their opportunity to return to the feet of the Lord! And the Believers who serve God may watch over constantly, so that they do not fall into the trap of Satan! And here is, on speakerphone, our Brother, to tell their experiences as an incredulous and as a Believer man.
My name is Adão (Adam) de Campos. I am an elder of the Evangelical Church Assembly of God, in the city of Cachoeirinha (Little Waterfall), State of Rio Grande do Sul (Big River of the South).
Brother Adão! Tell us how your life was before knowing Jesus.
I was a very incredulous and a very hard-hearted man. I used to persecute the religions and the Christians. I used to challenge the Christians to quarrel with me, but they groveled. I stoned many churches. I stopped many outdoor worship meetings. On one occasion, about a week after I had stopped an outdoor worship meeting, the Angel of the Lord came into our house, around midnight. He had a crown of glory on his head. My wife had just gone to bed. She was awake and she froze, without moving. She saw the Angel coming in, with that golden crown on his head. He walked straight to the cradle of our daughter, who was one year and nine months old. Then, at the footboard of our bed, he said to my wife:
— I will take your daughter. It is not because of you. It is because of the unbelief and the hardness of heart of your husband.
And the Angel came out! My wife got out of the bed and checked the doors (the house went dark when the Angel left). She checked the doors and they were all locked. Then she began to cry. It was about four o’clock in the morning when I arrived. She told me:
— An angel came into our house!
I did not believe it. I even said to her:
— You sleep with your stomach full and then say that an angel came into here!
And she spent the night crying, with our daughter in her lap. She was worried about what the angel had said, i.e., that he would take our daughter. My daughter had never been sick. She had never suffered any disease. She was full of health and full of life. This happened in a Friday. In the Saturday, in the beginning of the afternoon, my daughter began to feel sad. In the midnight Saturday, my daughter was already dead, after taking her last breaths in my arms! In the afternoon Sunday, my daughter was already in the tomb.
About seven days after the lost of my daughter, I was coming back from the military service (I am a retired officer of the military police) and I went into my house. When I went to the backyard, I heard a voice in the air. It was a rough and angry voice, which spoke to me this way:
— Do you know the reason why you lost your daughter?
I began to look and to listen. A voice came from the air! And that voice said to me:
— Believers are to blame! They are to blame about you have lost your daughter!
As I had stopped an outdoor worship meeting in front of my house, I was furious! I thought they are really to blame about I have lost my daughter. I was with a great anger in that moment. It was anger against the Believers, against the evangelical Christians. And I decided to end with them. I even said:
— Whatever the cost, I will eliminate these Believers! I will eliminate them indeed!
And I put six bullets in my revolver. I also put sixteen bullets in my pocket and I took the machete, too. So, I went to the church. I tell myself:
— I know where they come together.
And I went there! I arrived at the gate of the church. I gave a kick at that wooden gate and it broke completely. And I came into the courtyard of the church. But I had forgotten of grabbing the revolver. I arrived at the door of the church. I looked inside. The devil said to me:
— Shoot inside! There is just one door to exit. Shoot inside and they will come out. So, you cut their neck with the machete.
I put my hands in the door and I looked inside. But I remembered that I had not grabbed the revolver. So, I put my hand in my pocket in order to pull the revolver. But, when I tried to pull it, my arm was static. My arm did not move! I did not have strength in myhands. My hands were fixed in the door, in the doorway. I could not speak, I lost my tongue. And I stayed there. I saw that the doorkeeper was asking me to come in. I could not speak; I could not go out from there, I could not move, I could not walk! I felt that big hand, a very big arm took me from behind, between my legs, and pushed me toward inside of the church. I “was transported” and I fell down in the doorkeeper’s chair. I stayed there and that voice talked to me. The Heavens opened and that voice talked directly to me. It called my name and said:
— Adão! Do you know who I am? I am Jesus! You will not do here what you were intending to do! I am Jesus! Today, you fell down in my hands!
Ah! When that voice talked to me, I began to cry. It took me to pieces, it touched deeply my life. I was broken-hearted. That voice was veiled to me, between the Heaven and the Earth. I heard that voice speaking, that soft voice, that sweet and lovely voice! And I was crying, desperate, but I had no voice, I could not speak. And that voice said to me:
— Are you seeing these people here, Adão? These people! There are people here who do not have footwear to wear. But I am among them. It is here that I am where you never thought I would be! Today, you fell down in my hands!
And that hand let go of my neck. I raised my face. That preacher was talking about my life! He was telling my life:
— This life you live is a life of sadness and pain! That statement came to me and. I shouted in the church! I said:
— It is true! This life I live is not a life!
And everybody looked back. The church was crowded. The people looked back and I felt embarrassed, because I was inside the church! And the preacher said to me:
— Stand up and came here, get down your knees, Jesus has a plan in your life!
And I stood up! (But I had never bent the knee to anyone!) When I stood up, I remembered that I had a revolver. I put my hand in the cartridge belt, but the revolver jumped mysteriously from my belt. I had never dropped my revolver, but it was there, on the floor! A being caught me by one of my arms and another being caught me by my other arm, in such a way that I could not bend down to pick up the revolver and put it in my pocket. It was there, on the floor, and my belt was on the chair. And I went before the pulpit, I was taken there. I arrived in front of the pulpit, I was put there. So, the preacher asked me to bend my knees. I knelt down, with my eyes opened. They began do pray, and I was with my eyes opened. All of sudden, I felt like a punch in my chest. I looked and I saw two thick ropes snapping on my chest. I was terrified! I tried to catch those ropes (there were threads coming off from them), but I could not catch them, because they disappeared in my hands. When those ropes snapped, I fell down with my face on the floor of the church, in tears, weeping. My soul was touched! My soul, my spirit and my body were touched.
<A short unexpected pause> Brother Adão began to cry.
<Woman interlocutor’s voice>
Dear Brothers! This is a live interview with Brother Adão! He cannot control his tears. He cries, because we know that God had a plan in his life. And we know that there are hundreds and hundreds of souls that have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior, through his testimony! Dear Brothers, I am speaking now so that Brother can recover after these tears that are given by Jesus and by the Holy Spirit, and can continue his wonderful testimony!
And so, Sister, I stood up. There was a green carpet in front of the pulpit, which sank our feet! I saw that clouds of glory from Heaven, rays of light. I was like a little lamb! I wanted to leap! I wanted to leap for joy; I could not resist the glory of Heavens! I began to walk by the corridor of the church. It seemed that I wanted to fly! I came back to my chair, I sat down, I grabbed that rubbish, that revolver, with the great embarrass that I have never felt in my life! I came out the church, I wanted to leap! I wanted to shout for joy, because of that glory that was following me! I went to home, I spent the night in that glory, and I could not sleep for joy, for glory! Next day, I went to the military service. From three o’clock in the afternoon, I said to the captain, my commander in the military service:
— Captain! I want that you let me go; I want to go to the church that I went last night. I am feeling a joy that I cannot resist! From the moment that I went to the church yesterday, in order to kill the Believers, I was transformed this way!
And he said:
— You are crazy, man! You were not this way!
I said:
— No, I am different. I feel a glory, a joy inside of me!
And I began to cry before him, because I could not resist talk about that glory. And he let me go, he let me go home. When I arrived home, I said to my wife:
— You get yourself ready, because we go to the church that I went last night. I cannot resist this glory; I want that you go there, so that you can feel the same thing that I felt!
And this was the way by which Jesus converted me, Sister. This was the way. He really saved me in that night. He came into me, the Heavens came into me. God spoke directly to me and saved me. He came into my blood, into my flesh, into my veins. So, I was totally transformed in that night. And I never changed my mind!
<Woman interlocutor’s voice>
Brother Adão! In the Rio Grande do Sul, your story is much commented. They know about your disease, your death and your heart transplant that was testified by the doctors in that State. We want that you tell us this wonder!
For the rest of his amazing testimony where he described his visit to Hell and Heaven and his resurrection after three days, kindly download

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