A Taste of Heaven and Hell! The Moving Testimony Of Aidah Nnakasujja –

A Taste of Heaven and Hell!

The Moving Testimony Of Aidah Nnakasujja –

Who was briefly taken out of this Life on a tour of Heaven and Hell, and returned to

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Everyone is curious about the life after death and have many unanswered questions. But God is good. From time to time, He answers His children’s questions and doubts. This short book presents a moving testimony of one Sister Aidah Nakasujja, who was chosen by God to let the world know of the reality of heaven and hell. Sister Aidah was in the year 2007 taken out of this life. Jesus took her on a tour of the wonders of heaven and horrors of Hell. Jesus showed her what happens to souls when they die, what happens to unbelievers and to servants of God who don’t obey their calling. Sister Aidah, who herself had not fulfilled God’s calling on her life while on earth, was given a second chance and mission to go back and warn the lost, the backslidden, and the lukewarm on earth with an urgent message.


She recounts all the details of what she saw with such precision that it captivates the listener from start to finish. As she relates her experiences, you will feel as though you are right with her, visiting the heavenly kingdom of God, under the close guidance and watch of heavenly angels! In this book:


You will wonder at the glory and immensity of what God has prepared for those who love Him; and the horrors and misery that awaits those who reject or disobey Him!

You will have a glimpse of the unimaginable paradise prepared for obedient Christians and the doom waiting for disobedient Christians, and those whose lives are full of sin!

Your heart will be stirred at the description of Heaven, the holiness around the throne of God, and by Jesus’ end-time message of “time has run out!”

You will see breath-taking glimpses of Heaven, which will turn your heart toward the beauty and joy that await every believer in Christ!

You will find answers to commonly asked questions such as: Where do good people go after breathing their last here? What happens to “innocent” children who die before they could accept or reject Jesus? Is hell real? It is a burning place or just a place of seclusion? Do people have a body in hell? Do children go to hell? Can “good” people who are non-Christians go to hell? Can “Christians” go to hell?, etc…. etc …., etc…..

You will learn what God wants you to do, before you leave this world, and what happens to believers who die without having discovered/fulfilled what God sent them to earth to do! The testimony will challenge your life and give you hope and encouragement to set aside all hindrances and press on into the glory of God.


If you haven’t heard these testimony, stop everything and read it! If you’ve heard them, hear them again! They will permanently change your outlook on life. Your prayer life will move away from “Lord, bless me here and bless me there,” to” Souls, Souls, Souls for Jesus“! Jesus came to save us from unspeakable doom, and your love for Him will grow once you hear what He saved us from. This testimony will wake up the lukewarm, convict the backslidden, warn the wicked, motivate the timid to share, and put the fear of God into all that hear. This is more than just a book – it is Christ’s loving message to a generation that has largely forgotten, misunderstood or is indifferent about Him in many ways! All people – Christians and non-Christians should read this. Even the most mature Christian will learn a lot from it.


I don’t know how this book will touch your life, but for me it touched my heart and soul and challenged me to live a life of greater obedience and purity like I had never thought before! When a rich man who was suffering in hell requested Jesus to send Lazarus back to the world to warn his brothers so that they also don’t end up in that place of suffering, Jesus replied that even if a dead person was sent back to the world, many people would still not believe his testimony. I hope and pray that you will not be one of these people Jesus was referring to!









The testimony of my death and return to life – Sr. Ida Nakasujja Praise the Lord Brothers and Sisters!


I thank God so much for my life. I’m called Aida Nnakasujja, from Namirembe Christian Fellowship, Kampala. My Pastor is called Kayiwa Simeon. I thank God for the gift of life. It’s wonderful! One day, I was taken out of this life, but the Lord brought me back. It was November 16th, 2006, at mid-day. I wasn’t sick; I was just seated in an hair saloon. Slowly I started feeling a little dizzy. But it progressively increased in intensity, until and I felt like blacking out. Then I started seeing the following things, which I’m going to narrate to you.


I notice a Strange Person in me!


I started noticing that there were two people inside of me. I said “My God, what’s this? I can see another person within me”! As this phenomenon went on, and tried to find out who exactly this second person in me was, and I saw that this person was perfectly resembling me. She was perfectly fitting every part of my body and joints! This person, who was standing ready, then started slowly moving out of my body. Then I started to see the following things:


I noticed that this person who was getting out of my body was my real self, Aida. She was my inner-person, the invisible, but real me. In other words, my physical body is like a mere dress that God made for my inner and real self; and this dress was fitting me perfectly well. As this person started slowly moving out of this “dress” (body). First and foremost, I was rushing. I was going to town (Kampala), and I wanted “this person” in me to get out of way, so that I could go and attend to other personal business. When this person in me reached the knee-level, then I realized that she was really determined to get out of me.


Progressively, this person continued to get out of my body; with every part – hands, fingers, joints, etc. – rolling out of my physical body (just like you remove your hand and fingers from a glove) . Progressively, this person rolled past my neck-level, then the mouth, up to my nose. When she reached the eyes, I noticed that this person’s eyes were actually the same, and resting and fitting perfectly within my physical eyes. So when the eyes of this inner person moved further up and out, the eyes of my physical body became like those of a dead person. But I wasn’t actually dead yet. I (or this inner person of mine) was still in the body, standing just on the top of the eyes or forehead. And the whole of me (from the legs to the head) was perfectly fitting in this part of the body, the forehead!


Panic and Confusion in the Saloon!


Then I began seeing the people who were seated around in the saloon shouting, “She has died”. But for me I was still around, seeing and hearing them all very well. My mind was perfectly sound, and I was seeing and understanding everything very well. Then I saw commotion, with the people around panicking, some hurriedly leaving the scene, each one picking and taking away with them their belongings.


But there was one lady in the saloon who, when she saw what was happening, instead drew to where my body was laying, so that she might try to help save my life. But she couldn’t succeed. So she lifted me up in her hands and chest, and called loudly to whoever could hear, “Please, come and help me!” Then a lady in a room nearby turned up; and she was shortly followed by another one. But for me now, this was the last thing I saw. From then on, I saw myself getting out of my body, through the top of the head. I got out of the body just like a person steps out of the door of a house.









Seeing how God fashioned the Universe!


I started going up and up. I totally lost conscious of whatever was going on earth; instead I started seeing new things, as I went up. Then I started beholding how God created this world. I saw how God fashioned this world with incredible wisdom! The ends, the pillars, the curves – everything that makes up and hold the universe together were all amazing!


Then I saw that the whole world down was filled with too much darkness. Yet it was around noon-time with the sun blazing! I also saw that the world was very dirty; all nations of the world were very dirty, without exception. And all nations were filled with terror. In some places people were being killed. In others people were being beheaded. In others, people were worshipping all manner of false gods. I saw a lot of prostitution going on; aero-planes crashing down; buses falling; and blood was flowing everywhere, as people were fighting and killing each other. From a distance, I saw that evil was filling every part of the world, and I wondered, How on earth do we live in this kind of world?


The Great Sea of Grace


Then I saw that in the midst of this chaos and bloodshed, there was an amazing, great “grace” hovering over the world. The grace was so immense, just like a sea of water covering the whole world, every part of it. And I understood that it’s this great grace of God that enables people to live in this dangerous and evil world.


And I also saw that one day God will take away that grace, and every person will have to save and take care of themselves! I often hear people in the church saying, “Lord, give me grace to do this and that thing”. But I saw that there is enough grace for each and every person on earth to become, and to do or achieve whatever God planned for them in this life. There is grace big enough for you to do whatever you want to do that is in God’s plan. But I saw that many people don’t know that this grace is abundantly available for them; and so they have not fulfilled God’s purposes for their lives. Instead, they daily continue to ask God to give them the same grace that He has already made available to them.


There is enough grace for all people in the world to get saved. There is enough grace for every person to walk in holiness and righteousness. There is enough grace for every person to go to heaven.


The Filth (Dirt) in the World


After seeing all these things, and as I continued moving further to the outer edges of the world, I asked myself, “What good is really now in the world”? I tried to see is there was any really good or precious things in the world. And when looked at them, I saw that all of them were rubbish, utter rubbish! The things of great value and the riches that every person in this world would craves or want to have, I looked at them and they were all like rubbish, rotten and stinking!


Then I said, “This is strange! Everything looks like rubbish! People kill in order to obtain such things. Some people even abandon God, in order to acquire such things. If only such people knew how dirty and worthless such things are!”


As I went further, I said to myself that “May be gold could be an exception.” Then from up I looked at gold, and it was no different. I saw a lot of the gold of this world, but it was also looking like rubbish! I didn’t see anything in this world that was of real value. Everything was looking like rubbish and rubbish! I don’t mean to say that acquiring the good material things of this world is bad. It isn’t.








But compared to the value of the eternal things of God (which I was now beginning to see), everything in this world paled in comparison. It looked like rubbish or nothing! After seeing that everything in the world looked like this, I felt hating everything in this world. This is because I couldn’t see any material thing that was truly valuable or precious in the world. Instead I saw the world filled with all kinds of traps and evil. Then I said, “Thank God who has saved me from this terrible world”!


The Second and Third Worlds


As I went further, I went past and beyond this world (or universe). Then I entered another world. The second world I entered was completely dark – concrete and tangible darkness. It’s real; so real that you can see and touch it; but it’s all darkness, and it’s a whole world of its own. This is the second world, after you have left this world. In this dark world you can’t see anything; and I went through it like you go through a wall, ascending upwards. As I was touching it, I said “This darkness is unbelievable!” I continued moving up, until I came to the end of that dark world; then I entered a third world. This third world is filled with bright light, just like light from a very bright sun. It’s so beautiful! There is no world like it! It is made of very precious things from heaven.


And this world has been extremely well prepared and arranged, like a place that is going to host a grand or royal wedding party. Every part of this world is covered with gold and is sparkling white. In places where there is no gold, I saw only silver and sparkling white. And I saw some big tables that had been arranged, like those put in place in preparation for a wedding ceremony. These tables are covered with sparkling white clothes, along with gold and silver. Every part of this world is extremely well fashioned, arranged and decorated. It is so beautifully arranged that there is no earthly way to describe it. Even if I spent every minute for a year trying to describe it, I wouldn’t manage, for it is too beautiful. It is very good; it is so wonderful; it’s beyond description! But the surprising thing is that I didn’t see any single living thing in it; not even an angel!


The Fourth World – Heaven


After going through this third world, I reached the forth world, which is called heaven. This is the place where God lives; and this forth world is all blue in colour. When I reached this place, it began to dawn upon me that I had truly left earth! Because, all along, after I had moved out of my body through the fore-head, just like I had walked out of a house, it was all like I was in a kind of dream. But when I reached this blue world, I put my hands on my head, and in made a loud cry, “Oh no, for me I was not prepared to come here! Lord, how have I gotten in here?”


In great fear, and I as I looked at this wonderful blue world, I began to see a great, wonderful, marvelous treasure. This treasure was brighter than 1000 noon-day suns put together! You can see it with your naked eyes, as clearly as you see the person seated or standing next to you; and you can understand it clearly. Now, as I came to understand it, this marvelous thing means this – being in the Lord Jesus and walking after Him.


When I saw this, I marvelled and said, “Where on earth has thing wonderful thing all along been kept?” “How come I didn’t hear any person on earth talking about it”? The value of this treasure is beyond description! It’s brighter than 1000 suns, and those who have it are richer, wiser and greater than every person on earth! People who have this treasure are the most precious in heaven and on earth; and they have the greatest wealth and riches in heaven and on earth! After looking at it, and marveling at its beauty, the treasure pleasantly revealed to me that I was actually one of the people who have it! But I could not believe it, so I exclaimed, “Lord, for me I can’t have that kind of Wisdom! Where and when could I ever get it”? “I could never possibly ever have this kind of treasure.”








But this Treasure again re-affirmed that I was one of the people who had it! It said it again, the third time – and this time I was extremely pleased! But still I couldn’t believe it. Then I started slapping myself, trying to see if I was really in a dream, so that I could then wake up! But then I realized that this was no mere dream. It was real; I was in heaven! I was filled with such joy and happiness that you can’t describe it!


Real Life!


After recovering from this great surprise, and as I went further, I saw “life.” This is a kind of life that is real, visible, and clear! I said “Goodness, can life be so real and tangible! Let me touch it with my hands.” As I drew near to touch it, I touched it! It is so real and it fills every place in heaven!


After touching it, this “life”, it began to enter and penetrate the whole of my being! I was no longer myself! I became life itself! I was filled with life, to the deepest part of my bones and marrows, and every fibre, vein and cell of my being! And this life was filling every inch of area outside! As I went further, I saw another thing. This is called “peace”! Like life, peace is so real that you can see, touch and name it! Then I exclaimed, “Eh! Is peace also a living thing like this”! I ran towards it, to confirm whether it’s really real. When I touched it, it also entered and penetrated my whole being! I was no longer myself, but became “peace”. This peace too penetrated to the depth of my bones and marrows, until every part of me was nothing but peace. And every space around me was also covered by this peace (just as snow or dew covers a mountain).


Then I went further, and I saw “joy”! Then I exclaimed, “Oh my God, is joy also such a living thing!” Then I ran to touch it and see how real it was. When I touched it, it was equally unbelievable! This “joy” too entered and filled every part of my being, to the extent that I was looking and feeling nothing but “joy”! Then I was no longer Aidah; I was all joy, peace, riches, life, and every good thing you can ever think of! Like I have said, these things – joy, peace, and life – entered and filled me. The rest of the riches and the good things were in that Treasure that I told you about – namely, Knowing Christ and abiding in Him. In knowing Christ and abiding or living in Him is everything good and great thing you can ever think of – from the smallest to the greatest. I was filled with riches, goodness, life, joy, peace, every good thing. Heavenly life is exceedingly good! There is no earthly way to compare or describe it!


Next I went to a certain place which looked like in a lake. But this was not a lake made up of water; but a lake of joy, peace, life that I have mentioned. I was swimming in such a sea of happiness and joy that I said, “Eh! This life is unbelievably wonderful!” There is no earthly way to describe this kind of life! I could jump into this sea, head first, just like when you are jumping into a swimming pool. Then I would stop deep within the lake and say, “Lord, this life is wonderful”! Then I asked myself, “How did I survive the evil world? How did I know this”? Then I looked back and remembered some of the things on earth that were nearly going to make me fall, and I said “Ha! How did I escape”? “How did I survive the world of evil; for I nearly fell into spiritual death?”


As I was congratulating myself, I wondered where I got the kind of wisdom that saved me, and I thanked God! Then I heard a voice at the back of my heart, saying that, “Aidah, even though you have left the evil world, there is some work you were supposed to do on earth; but which work you didn’t do”. But when I heard that voice, I tried to resist it, and to deny it. I said, “For me I can’t go back; I have no regrets; even if there are tasks I didn’t do, I won’t go back; at least I have safely arrived here; I will remain here; I am going nowhere.” This voice didn’t say anything more; and I continued to enjoy my life of happiness and joy.










Taking you back to the Saloon


Let me just to take you a little bit back to the hair saloon, where everything began. By 3 o’clock, a small group of people was still stuck there, with my lifeless body. They were moved by my sudden death, and were quietly trying to find out what to do and where to take me. Some of the neighbouring people were already sensing that there was something wrong at the saloon; but the people handling my body wouldn’t tell them. They had agreed amongst themselves not to disclose anything or announce that someone had died in the saloon, saying, “Let’s not disturb the peace in this place”.


After 3 P.M, they decided that they first take my body to the hospital (of Mulago) for post mortem examination. Thereafter, they would come back and announce my death. One of them went and hired a special taxi, which parked right in front of the hair saloon. They pushed my body right inside, before entering the car and speeding off. But no sooner had they traveled some distance, than the car developed a mechanical problem. It could no longer move. Now these people panicked again and got confused. They tried to stop some cars that were passing by to help out. First they had covered me, just as like dead body. Then they called out to passers-by: “Please come and help us”. But when the passers -by asked “What’s wrong”? and they were shown a dead body inside of the car, such people would just get scared and run away!


So these people could not get any help; and they spent a lot of time there. But late in the afternoon, five women who were on their way to evangelize in Mulago hospital passed by. When these women saw that there was a problem, they easily came to help. They gave advice. But by now, the driver of the hired taxi had lost his patience, for he had waited long enough. He told them, “Remove your corpse from my vehicle. I want to go. I have been patient with you long enough.” He had indeed been patient. [Now these things I’m narrating to you here, I didn’t see or hear them myself. They were only narrated to me after I had come back to this world. By the time all these things were taking place, I was in heaven, and I had no idea what was happening to my earthly body].


Body taken to Namirembe Christian Fellowship


It was in the midst of this argument with the taxi driver that these five women evangelists arrived on the scene. [Remember there were four women in the car who were taking my body to Mulago. The driver was the fifth person, and when these women evangelists turned up, the number increased to 10 people]. They decided that “Let’s push the car up to Pastor Kayiwa’s church (Namirembe Christian Fellowship), and leave the body with the people there; so that they too can help take it further; we’ve done enough.” So they did that. They pushed the car up to Namirembe Christian Fellowship. At that time Pr. Kayiwa was in his office, with a few women who work there. There were also a few other people who had come to see him.


Immediately they lifted the body out of the car; but before they could take it into Pr. Kayiwa’s office, the girls who were around immediately rushed into Pr. Kayiwa’s office and told him, “Pastor, they have brought a dead body1” But Pr. Kayiwa did not move from his chair. He continued doing his work and instead told them, “Let them wait a bit.” Then the body was taken into the Pastor’s office. At that time, someone from the hair saloon had already gone to my home and notified my mother, who had by now come to Pr. Kayiwa’s office.


The voice of Someone across the Sea


Then Pr. Kayiwa started praying. As he did, I heard him praying, right from heaven where I was. But I heard him like you hear the sound of a parent calling out to his child from across the river. He was calling me in a distant sound, saying, “You come back!”








Then I said to myself, “Now who is this person calling me to go back?” This was because I didn’t want to go back to the world. But immediately I decided and said that, “Let me just see who exactly is calling me; and then I will return quickly.” But as soon as I had decided this in my mind, this immediately linked up with the voice that was calling out to me; and that voice gained more and more momentum and force, pulling me down at a terrific speed. Just like lightening, it pulled me billions and billions of miles from where I was, through the blue world. I was very, very far, but this force was bringing me down all the time at the speed of lightening!


When the Pastor called the second time, I got out of the blue world (heaven). When he called the third time, I passed through the other world that is full of light, and which is well prepared like it’s about to host a grand wedding ceremony. Then from this light-filled world, I went through the world of darkness (which I also told you about).


When the Pastor called the fourth time, I arrived in this world of human beings. As I was coming down in the air, I started seeing all the people who were gathered around my body. I saw my mother, my friends, my brothers and sisters, and the other people who had escorted my body in the car. I was coming down, I was hearing each and every word spoken by every one. I heard some of them sobbing, while others wailing. My mother was crying, saying, “Lord, my daughter, my daughter”! When I heard her, I stopped a bit, and I said, “Eh! Now hear that one!” I wondered, “What are these people really crying for and about”? What I mean, it was feeling strange for someone to cry for me! As I continued to descend down, I shifted my eyes way from those people. After all, they were not the reason I had come back. I had only come to see the person that had called me; and then I would go back very quickly.


At that time, the Pastor had with him in his office a nurse from Mulago hospital. Although his office had been closed to prevent interruption from people who had gathered around, there was no wall or barrier that could manage to block me from entering his office, or any place, for that matter! I was going through roofs, doors, concrete walls, everything, and everywhere! Even if a person stood there to block me, he wouldn’t succeed; I could go through everything very easily!


Entering my “Dress”


So I went through everything, right into the Pastor’s office; seeing all the people around in the office, and hearing whatever they were saying. But the people couldn’t see me. Another thing I should tell you is that, when I returned to earth, I was sparkling clean! I was exceedingly sparkling, and when I looked at what people were weeping at as my body, lying there in the Pastor’s office, it was like a dirty dress someone had removed from her body and threw away. It was mingled and very unpleasant to look at, let alone put on! I didn’t want to enter that ugly “outfit” again.


But the people around just couldn’t recognize my presence, much as I was in their midst. So I realized that I had to put on that dress again, if the people around were to be able to recognize me. So I said “Let me put it on for a little while, and then I will remove it and go back.” Like I said before, I could very well fit anywhere, even in place as small as my forehead. So I entered this “dress”, and as I reached its chest level, then I realized and said, “Oh, it’s you Pr. Kayiwa, who was calling me?”


That was the only thing that had brought me back; and my intention was to go back very quickly. But as I was about to get out this “dress”, again (remember this was just a corpse, showing no signs that someone had re-entered it, let alone that she was talking), I realized something. The Pastor knew I had returned in this body! For he started saying to the people around, “Help me, help me, and lift her up.” This means he was in the spirit.








After lifting my body up, the Pastor hugged me. Then I stood a little, for by that time, I was about to get out (of the body) through the top of my head again. But as soon as the Pastor had hugged me, I heard my inner person who was about go back, now receiving authority to remain in this “dress”, which she was trying to leave. At this moment I felt very, very bad, because I wanted to go back to heaven immediately; for I was feeling that was the best thing for me. I didn’t want to stay in this life, even a second! But as I told you before, when I got to heaven, they told me that there was a task I was supposed to carry out on earth; which, however, I had not done at all. So I remembered this, and understood that this is the chance I had been given to perform this task. So I settled down.


But it took some good time for the people around in the office to know that I had returned to the body. To them, it looked like I was still dead, or just like a very sick person. Then they opened the office door, and called in the people who were anxiously monitoring events from outside. Every one was scrambling to enter the Pastor’s office, to see what had happened. I was hearing and seeing them all clearly – not with my physical eyes and ears, but with my spiritual ones. The people exclaimed, “Kayiwa has resurrected her! Eh, these things (miracles) of born-again Christians are for real; quite real!” And they were all happy and excited. They started lifting me up, and asked the Pastor, “Should we take her to Namirembe (hospital) now”? But the Pastor responded, “It’s not necessary; you may wait.”


Then they gave me glasses of water, which at first I could not drink. I couldn’t swallow it up with my tongue. But the third glass of water, I swallowed it up normally. Then the Pastor said, “Give her a little more.” Then I felt I wanted more water; and they gave me more. And they were very happy!


Then the Pastor said, “Take her back to her home.” But at that time, and in the midst of the excitement, no body could remember that the car carrying my body, which they had pushed up to the church, had ever broken down. Even the driver who was quarrelling and asking the women to remove their corpse, so that he might take his car didn’t leave, once my body was brought to the church. Even the women who were rushing to drop my body at Namirembe Christian Fellowship and go and do other things, all remained after all. Now after I had come back to this life, they carried me back into the same car, and the car drove off to my home, just like it had never developed a mechanical fault at all!


The Mysterious People


But there was one thing, which was not very clear to me. I don’t know whether they were angels or what, but some people helped fit me again into my earthly body. This is because when I re-entered this ugly, cold and wrinkled “dress” (my body), I could no longer properly fit myself into it. I could only occupy the place around the chest. I couldn’t easily fit into every part of the body. It was all wrinkled, dry and stiffened, (just like a pair of dry gloves). The body had so hardened up that when I tried to push up my hands, so that they could fit into the hands of this “dress”, it was like pressing my hand through a brick wall! So I could only occupy a small part of the body, near the chest area. That’s where I was standing. The rest of all the parts of the body were empty.


You see, when I was leaving this body, every part of the body from where I withdrew would be become as hard as a rock. So after some time after I had returned and stood around the chest area of the body, I saw people (or angels?) boiling water. They then placed a towel in that water, and started massaging this “dress” (my body). Every part of the body where they placed the towel the place would become as soft as mud. Then I would place my hand, leg, joint, every part of the body through in that softened place, trying to fit in again; just the same way the same parts of the body had rolled out of the “dress” in the first place.









Slowly like that, I fitted back into the whole dress (body). But even after I had fitted into the body, for sometime I was still seeing two people in me. At times I would even ask people around, “You people, can’t you notice that there are two people in me”? But for them they could only see one person. So I would tell the people that, “At least you listen, as I bend down.” For whenever I would bend down, my physical body would bend first, and then followed by my inner person, making a slight cracking noise … “Paa…” So I would tell the people around, “Can’t you see that I’m two in one?” This phenomenon lasted for about one month. But now I’m one person; I’m no longer two in one. I’m just as you are.


The Work I Hadn’t Done


The main reason why I’m still alive and here today is because I had not done the work that God had created me to do in this world. I think every one of you is anxious to know what task this is. You see, when I got to heaven, I found that I was not the only person who hadn’t done my divine task or assignment. I saw many people who were just like me, people who had done nothing about their God-given assignments. Many of these had already left the world. I saw many others who were still living on earth, and who would leave the world without doing their divine assignment. So I came back to do the task that God had assigned me, when He was putting me in my mother’s womb, and which I’m going to tell you more about.


The task God created me to do in this world was not revealed to me in 2006, when I went to heaven. No, it was first revealed to me in the year 2000, on a day and date I don’t remember very well. I was sleeping at night. First and foremost, I was one person who frequented overnight prayers in different churches. But one night, the Lord said to me, “Go wherever there are prayers, because your brothers and sisters are also there.” So I used to know wherever overnight prayers were to be held. Since such prayers were being held only once a week in our church, I would look out for churches where overnight prayers were to be held on different days; and I would go and attend them very often. On that particular day, I felt tired; so I said “Today, I will not go for overnight prayers; let me sleep.”


But as I was sleeping, around 3 a.m, I had a voice calling me over, “Aidah!” Then I responded, “Here I’m sir.” First of all this was a voice of a man; and the man I came to know as the Lord Jesus, because I knew His voice. When I responded thus, He said, “Come over here”. I saw myself waking up from the bed, going over to Him, and I met Him. He was dressed in a beautiful and sparkling blue gown. He held my hand and we started walking. When I looked up, I realized that when He came to pick me, He had left open behind Him what looked like a door or a huge gate of Heaven. So we went up towards that open door or gate together with Him.


Entering Heaven


We entered, and thereafter the gate behind us was closed. There were angels who were guarding this gate, and who closed it behind us. As soon as we had entered that gate of heaven, I noticed there the following things: I saw there some things which resembled some of the things we have here on earth. But the difference is that those things are far more beautiful and precious than the things we have here on earth.


Near that big gate of heaven, I saw something like tarmac. Then I saw four kinds of winds. The winds are as alive as you and I are! They can understand; they have live; and they perform well their task that was assigned to them, since they were created. I understood that their task was to bring air in its due season; and to bring perfumed air into the heaven. Whenever these winds blew, a wonderful scent filled up heaven. Heaven smells wonderfully sweet!


As we went further, we came across gardens of flowers. Such gardens are so large, they are endless. It’s like they cover the whole of the earth. The sprawling flowers are extremely








beautiful, and were planted in rows; and they are of many varieties. You can never find flowers like them in this world!


These flowers too are as alive and understanding as you and I are! When we reached them, they started bowing down, worshipping the Lord. They would bow down and worship in such orderliness and unison that the whole place would look like a flat-land. These flowers produced wonderful songs and melodies, a little like a skillfully played piano. They would bow on one side, then on another, in such incredible orderliness and pattern, praising and worshipping the Lord!


I was so delighted watching these wonderful flowers, and I wanted to go and pick some of them. But like I said, these flowers are living things, and they do have intelligence and understanding, just like people. So they had already understood what I was planning to do. They thus started moving away from me, running back and forth, playing, just like a calf. So I started chasing them; but I got tired and even sweated. And these flowers, although very intelligent, they too have angels who look after them, under the department of the “gardens.” These angels showed me a lot of love! The angels highly respect human beings, and they love them a lot.


And all angels in heaven are soldiers. But they love human beings; and if you are friend of theirs, they are delighted to come down and visit you on earth. But they operate from heaven, and this is where they live all the time. But just as you may wish to visit America once in while, they too are delighted to visit humans on earth, those humans who are friends of theirs.


From there, we moved to another place; and I saw trees worshipping God, also bowing in lines. Like the flowers, the trees were also planted in an extremely orderly fashion. I also came across beautiful stones of various sizes. And these stones too were worshiping and praising God. No human being on earth sings and praises God like these little stones! They sing in incredibly sweet vices, making a beautiful sound like that of flowing water. As we moved forward, we came across a very large courtyard of heaven. As we walked this courtyard, I saw that in heaven there are many different departments, as many as you can think of. Every department has angels who work in it.



The Unemployed Angels!


And I saw that some of these departments have not worked since they were established. The angels who man these departments are sad, because they have no work. You see, with Jesus, I was walking with the King of Heaven, so the angels could not come close to us. But they would report to me that, “We’ve no work; we’ve never worked”! Then I understood that it’s people on earth who give work to the angels, and if we don’t, many angels have no work to do. As I was walking with the Lord, we passed through different departments; and I saw that in these departments, there is everything a person can ever need on earth. God established these departments to meet the needs of the people on earth, because in heaven they don’t need the things that are in these departments.


As we moved on, we came across a section in a huge courtyard of heaven, where I saw very fierce angels! These angels are like no other. They are giants, fighters, tough, and who don’t expect any one to play or mess up with the things of God. They stand on the words, “As it was, so it is, and for ever will it be”. Their responsibility is to execute or enforce God’s decrees. To be their friend, you have to stand in God’s word, just as they do. These angels have different sizes, ranks and orders. Some are very tall, almost touching the skies! Some are as big as 10 feet wide. Some are of human size, but in different varieties. But all these angels are tough; they don’t joke around. They are there to enforce God’s orders.









As we approached them, I saw something near them and I wanted to draw near to examine it carefully. In heaven, they respect every person who is doing or standing where he is supposed to be. Even if someone’s job is as lowly regarded as cleaning toilets or sweeping roads or cleaning chairs, in heaven they highly respect such a person and what he is doing; provided such a person is doing his divinely assigned task.


Even Jesus Himself doesn’t do what He is not supposed to be doing. So Jesus left me to go to these angels, but as soon I was about to reach them, one of the angels said to me, “You are not supposed to come this way!” The angel’s voice lifted me up with such great power and speed, just like lightening, that it threw me a long distance away! I fell there while standing. Where I fell I found other angels who looked at me, and then waited for me to rest a bit, because I was exhausted and overwhelmed. After I had recovered, one of the angels touched my hand and took me back to where Jesus was. Jesus didn’t say any word to me; He just touched my hand and we moved on. Then I realized that Jesus himself is bound by His word, even if He is the very one who established it. His word is above His head. Just like a very high and white roof of a house, so is His word above His head. His word so governs Him that He can’t do anything contrary to or outside of it.


And I saw some people who pray to Him day and night to help them in this or that thing, but these people are not operating under His word. This means that Heaven can’t help such people or fight for them, because they are living outside of God’s word; and Jesus can’t operate outside His word. And I saw angels eager to come to the aid of such people, to give them what they want, and to help them in every way, but they can’t. These angels say, “If only these people would operate under the word of God, they would see what we are capable of doing!” The angels are eager to come to their help, but the people are outside the word of God, even if they pray day and night, fasting and going to Prayer Mountains. This means that such people are not in line with heaven; and so heaven can’t stand on their behalf, until they come back and stand under God’s word. Then they will be helped.


The Beautiful Stream


As we continued moving with Jesus, we came to the City of God. The City of God is in the middle of heaven. It is enclosed with a fence wall, with no apparent end to its height, length or width. Then we entered that city, and as soon as we had entered it, I saw a very beautiful river, with calm waters and covered with glass. This stream surrounds the whole of heaven, including the throne of God Almighty. In heaven God is called the Almighty. Jesus is called the King of Great Honour or the Lamb of God. And the Holy Spirit is simply called the Friend. He has no other name.


When I saw this stream, I wanted to go and play in its beautiful quiet waters. And so I pulled my hand from Jesus’ hand and I ran towards this stream. Jesus came following me slowly from behind. When I reached it, in bewilderment I asked myself, “Goodness, how did this stream really come into being”? It was simply marvelous. But in heaven, there is no need for asking any questions. Whatever you ask yourself, clearly reveals or explains itself to you. So I understood that this stream originates from the seat of God, from the throne of God Almighty.


So I drew further to examine it, and I saw it. From the throne of God, this stream starts as a thread; and like a thin mirror. It grows bigger to the size of a little grass, then to a little mirror, and then to something like a finger; then like a person’s hand. It gets bigger and bigger, until it develops into a huge stream that surrounds the whole of heaven, through to the front of the throne of God Almighty. After seeing these things, I drew closer to see the throne of God. I saw that the throne of God was made with incredible wisdom and riches! There is no human words or vocabulary that describe it! I gave up examining this throne, for it was simply beyond my understanding. So I went back to what had brought me to this place, namely to play in this beautiful stream.








But like I said before, everything in heaven is living and intelligent, just like human beings. So even the waters have intelligence and understanding. They knew what I was going to do. They started moving away from me; jumping up and down, just like a little calf. So I started chasing the water, until I got tired and said, “I am defeated”. You see, whenever I ran toward this water, it would move away; and whenever I would stop, it would also stop. Whenever I walked back, it would also follow me! An angel brought me back from the stream, and I wanted to look at God’s throne again, to examine the front part of it.


The Glory of God!


So I approached the front part of the throne. I saw things that are so precious that you cant describe or compared them to anything in the world. The little I can say is that I saw a very beautiful flower in front of this throne. This flower surrounds the whole of this throne. And the flower radiates with the beauty of God! There are other flowers that are flowing with what looks like honey. One other thing I must say is that God is beautiful and marvelous beyond description! He is so beautiful that His beauty tangibly falls of His being, like snow falls off a mountain cap. His beauty is tangible and every second it changes like lightening. This means that you can’t know and understand Him exactly, and be able to describe Him. Every second He changes like lightening. He is everything; and whatever He is, He is it entirely and absolutely! I gave up on trying understanding Him.


Another thing, God’s honour is beyond description. Honour falls off His being, just like snow falls from the top of a mountain; and you see this honour flowing all over heaven! There are also sounds like bombs, but hey are not frightening like the earthly bombs. They are incredibly beautiful to the ears! Then there are sounds like heavy clapping of hands, and others like jazz; and different melodies, and so many others. As I continued listening to the beautiful sounds of heaven, I realized that every second, the colours of heaven change. You see different colours, which makes it extremely hard to describe that world (heaven); how it is or its beauty. It is exceedingly beautiful and wonderful!


I gave up on that as well, and I turned on another side of the stream. The place where the stream is located is bright with red and golden colours. This means blood; and I understood that it refers to the blood of Jesus. As I drew closer, one of the angels who work in the department of this Stream of Jesus’ blood came from behind me and threw me into this stream. As I lay in it, I started going up and down. And it was very thrilling! Then the angel took me out and drew me to the side of the stream. Immediately Jesus came to me and said, “Aidah, have you seen that Stream”? And I responded, “Yes, I have seen it”. Then he said to me, “That is the Stream of my blood”. Then He started telling me something that I was not expecting – that of going back to the world. He said “You’re going to go back to the world, and tell all the people, that if they repent, there is blood to purify them”.


He paused a bit, before adding that, “The problem is that they don’t want to repent! But go and tell them to repent. There is blood to purify them”. And I saw that there is no kind of sin that can’t be washed away by the blood of Jesus. Every kind of sinner who genuinely repents, (however wicked that sinner might be), there is blood of Jesus to purify him completely. And Jesus repeated it: “Repent; there is blood to wash you clean.”


A Woman decides to Repent


Soon after Jesus had told me those words, there was a person on earth who thought of repenting, and immediately in heaven we got to know about it. You see, that’s how it is in heaven; every thought you have ever heard since you grew up, in heaven it was heard and registered! And every word you have ever spoken on earth, was heard in heaven and registered! And every whisper you have ever uttered, even in darkness, you were heard! When a person on earth conceives of a thought, in heaven it is all heard, just like a person is speaking








on loud speakers. The whole of heaven listens quietly to the thought. And everything you do on earth (even in the darkest place), in heaven they are seeing everything as clear as water in a glass! So when this woman thought of repenting of her sins, we (in heaven) started seeing where she was located on earth. She was in her garden, and I was seeing her moving around. She was dressed is a multi-flower coloured dress, and was pruning her plantains.


After she had decided to repent, the angels responsible for the department of washing people immediately swung into action. They started making arrangements to cleanse her. They started cleansing her, even before she had started the actual repenting, while she was still in her garden! I was greatly surprised, and I wondered, “They start cleansing her even before she repents!” After this lady had finished working in her garden, she went back to her sitting-room and started repenting. But in heaven they had already washed her clean, and dressed her in sparkling white garments! She was looking wonderful in those white garments! When I saw this I was extremely happy, and I said, “How easy it is to repent! You just decide to in your heart and it is done!” Then I said, “I’m going to go back to the world and tell people to repent.”


From this place I moved on to another side, where I came across another stream. This one was very bright with silver colours. In the middle of this stream was a man who was dressed in white. I understood him to be the Holy Spirit. I tried to draw further to Him and see Him more carefully, but I couldn’t. He was filled with great bright light. I saw him doing something in the middle of this stream.


As I was gazing at Him, Jesus came to me and said, “Aidah, have you seen that one? He is the Holy Spirit. You’re going to go back to the world and tell all the people to trust in the Holy Spirit, to help them with their problems; because He is available to help them”. After pausing a bit, He said, “But why don’t they believe in Him? Go and tell them to trust the Holy Spirit to help them with their problems, because He is available to help them”. And I saw that the Holy Spirit was very sad, because people don’t allow Him to work in their lives.


The Beautiful Flower!


As we went further, I saw a flower; and this flower was planted by Jesus. This flower was surrounded and protected by rings of heavy metal. This means that it is securely protected. This flower was sprawling, just as you see creeping plants, sprawling all around the metallic ring and around the throne of God. Then I understood that one day long ago, God the Almighty, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit sat and decided that, “Let’s create a special creature, and give it the first place, in our midst.” When they looked all around in heaven at all the creatures, riches and precious things they have in heaven, they selected this flower.


I was greatly surprised to learn this, and I asked myself, “How did they come to choose this ‘flower’, amongst all things?” Because this flower was not the best thing; but they chose it. After choosing it, they loved it so much, and they injected in it their riches, their treasures, and all their goodness and beauty. This means that this flower has everything it needs to live life fully or abundantly. As I stood there admiring it, it started changing; for I had fallen in love with this flower, just as God had. The flower was extremely beautiful, with wonderful green leaves. But then all of a sudden, this flower started changing colours; and turning grey, before my own eyes. Some leaves became like the leaves of a plant that had been eaten by insects; or like the leaves of trees in a prolonged dry season.


All the leaves became filled with holes. Other leaves had dry patches all over them, just as it happens to leaves during a prolonged dry season. Others, and most of the leaves, were actually peeling off. The few leaves remaining all lost the green colour that they originally had. For other flowers, you couldn’t tell whether they ever had leaves; only small dry stalks were remaining. I became terribly sad, and began to weep, looking at what had happened! As I was crying Jesus came to me and said, “Aidah, what’s wrong with you?”








I responded, “Lord, do you see that flower?” He turned His eyes towards the flower, and then said, “So you have also seen it”? He then said, “I loved that flower so much, and I filled it with all my riches, and with all my treasure. I was left wit nothing”. And when Jesus said those words, and he raised His hand, and I looked up at it, I and saw His throne, and I saw that it was all empty. The only thing He had left there were his seat and garment. He put everything into this flower. Then He said, “I put all my life and treasure in this flower, but now time is almost running out; I’m about to close the door. But this flower has almost disappointed me; even the people I was trusting?”


He then said that that flower is “the church on earth”. The leaves are the people on earth. But most of the leaves have fallen off the flower; jus like you see leaves that have fallen off and are scattered all around; while others have been punctured with holes; others have already dried out; and those which still have some life on the flower have lost their green colour. Jesus said “That is my church. But there is more; come and see.” We went on another side, and He said, “Look”. But before going to this, I told you that every leaf represents a person on earth. Now you can examine yourself and see where you fall. Are you one of the leaves that have fallen down? Or those that have been eaten up by insects? Or those that have lost their original green colour (pigment)? Or those that are left with dry stalks? Or are you among those leaves that have been punctured with holes? Examine yourself and see where you are now.


My Peopleeee ………”


As we moved to another side, Jesus said to me, “Look”! When I looked down I saw the Church of Christ. All of them were asleep, deep asleep! The scene was just like you take lambs and soak them in a river for a whole year, and thereafter you remove them and they fall deep asleep; dead asleep! I saw that the Church of Christ dead asleep. Then Jesus said, “Do you see them? They are all dangerously asleep. Even when I call out to them, they don’t hear. Even when I speak, they don’t hear. Even when I walk in their midst, hey don’t understand. Let me call them and you’ll see for yourself”. His voice is so deafening that His single call can roar on earth for a year without coming to an end!


He then called out, “My Peopleeee ………” and the roar of His voice was so deafening that it

went on and on across the world without ending. Every other creature on earth, including the foundations of the world would shook; the seas and lakes would fold like a mat; the mountains would disappear like lightening; every creature, including the smallest ones would hear His voice, as would every animal, every valley, including the grass, and all were run. But the sons and daughters of men could not move an inch! For them they could not hear His voice at all! I was greatly surprised by this!


Then Jesus told me that “You will go back to the world and awaken the church.” The people were asleep in a dangerous way. Moreover, they were not just asleep, but when I looked into their hearts, their hearts were so hardened (for from heaven, a person is as transparent as water in a glass or bottle; everything is crystal clear; there is nothing hidden). So we could see people’s hearts very clearly. I saw that these people were not only dead asleep, their hearts were also completely hard-sealed; just as you weld and seal a metal onto another metal.


This frightened me even more. I saw that people were hard; their hearts were hardened. Then I said, “Lord, for me I am not going to go back to the world”. Because I saw that the work He was sending me to do was very hard. If Jesus who has such a powerful voice that moves and folds up seas and mountains, just like a person folds up a mat; if Jesus’ voice that sends running every living creature, big and small could not move human beings, how on earth could such people ever listen to a mere person like me? So I became scared and said, “For me, I will not go back”. And there happened to be many angels in the place, where I was with Jesus. So I pleaded to the Lord, “Let these angels go in my place. For me I am not able. The world is very hard. Let one, two three or four of these angels go in my place.”








But the Lord said, “Don’t talk like that!” In the midst of this talk, with me saying that I can’t go back to the world, and Jesus saying I will go, I found myself in another place. This time I was not only with Jesus, but with God Almighty too. The Almighty was not standing where we were; He was standing up above us. At first I couldn’t hear what He was saying; but I overhead Him saying, “If the child goes back to the world and doesn’t work, she will fall.” Now God wanted me so much to come back to the world and tell you these things; for this is the task that I said I had not performed on earth. Like I said, I had been instructed way back in the year 2000 to come to earth and say these words. But when I came back, I didn’t say anything; neither did I inform my Pastor about it. It was only until recently in 2006 when I died, and upon reaching heaven that I was informed that there is an assignment on earth that I had not done. For I had not told the world these words. Now this is the work I came to do on earth.


Divine Assignment


When I got to heaven, I found that every person on earth has a divine task, and this is the reason why you are still alive. This is my task. You too have yours. You must find it and fulfill it; because ignorance of it will not absolve you of blame! Every person is going to get to heaven and be asked what they did about their assignment. For I saw that the day a child is placed in its mother’s womb is actually not the day it is created. When I got to heaven, I saw the souls of many children who had not yet been placed in their mothers’ wombs. These children are very many, and they are kept in a certain place.


When the time comes for these children to be placed in their mother’ wombs, that is where they are picked from and then placed in their mothers’ wombs. On the day a child is placed in the womb, a file is opened up for it. And in that file is written the divine task that the child will do on earth, and what exactly that child will be. Now for me, when they placed me in my mother’s womb, this is the assignment that God gave me; namely, that when I attain a certain age, Jesus would come and take me to heaven, and reveal to me these things; which I would come and announce to the people in the world. You too have something that God assigned to you and which is written down in your file in heaven.


Every person has their divine assignment. In heaven I didn’t see any person on earth that had no divine assignment. Every person is on earth for a specific purpose, to do a specific assignment. This is the reason why you are still alive; to fulfill your divine assignment. But many people don’t do their divine tasks. Instead, they do their own things. But there is a day of judgment, when every person will account for whether and how they went about their divine task or assignment.


The Reason God took me to Heaven Again


For me, when I got to heaven, I found that my divine assignment was to announce these words to the world. But when I returned to the world, I didn’t say them, because I feared to do so. You know, the world is not easy. I knew that people would not believe me. So it was not until in 2006 when I died, when God took me back to heaven. When I returned to earth in 2006, that’s when my Pastor got to know that all these things had actually happened to me (way back in the year 2000). And from then on, he commissioned me; and told me to go and do the work that God had assigned me to do. And this is the work that I am doing right now – telling you these words, which God sent me to tell to the world (first in the year 2000, and the second time in 2006).


In heaven, I saw other children whose time to be placed in their mothers’ wombs is not yet due. Such children eagerly wait the day they will be placed in their mothers’ wombs and get born into the world. I saw other children whose time of placement in their mothers’ wombs was due, but their mothers’ refused to carry them. Now such children have lost hope of ever coming into the world and fulfill their God assigned tasks. I heard such children complaining,








“For us our mothers refused to bear us; we have no hope; we will not go to the world.” They tell their fellow children who are not yet due, “At least for you, you have a chance of going to the world.” But I saw that even these children who are not yet due for placement in their mothers’ wombs are a little apprehensive; lest their mothers also refuse to bear them into the world. But these have hope.


The Angry Children!


I saw other children who had been placed in the wombs, but whose mothers had aborted them. Such children are very angry, actually fierce! They keep accusing their mothers to God day and night; crying before His throne. And I saw other children who were born, but who died while still young, before they could fulfill their divine mission. Some died in the course of being delivered into this world. Surprisingly, every child knows its story; the cause of its death and who was responsible. This is what it reports to God.


I saw other children who died young and accuse their mothers of being negligent; which deprived them of a chance to live. These too accuse them day and night. I also saw that some men impregnate women and yet refuse responsibility for the babies conceived. Now because the mothers of such children lack support, some of their babies die prematurely. These children accuse their fathers day and night before God. Every child reports the person who neglected it, causing its premature death. Such children ask before God, “When will they come? Lord when will you judge in our favour?”


I saw God telling such children, “Wait; be patient”. But they are very angry. And I saw that depending on their age, they can narrate many things. Some narrate what they saw in the womb or the little they saw in the world. Each of them narrates its story according to the stage at which it died, and what it had seen at that stage. I saw children who died after they were about 6 months, and I was greatly surprised. Such children narrate a lot of things they saw in the world, as if they lived in the world for years!


I saw a lot of children in the place where they are kept, right from the age of 2-3 months, up to 12 years. This means that when children are above 12 years, they considered as adults. I didn’t see those above 12 years among the children. But every such child had a divine task to do on earth. It’s surprising, the people who are already born into the world don’t do their task; but the children in heaven are anxious to come to earth to do their assignment. And I saw that according to God’s arrangement, some people start doing the divine tasks when they are still young; while others do so when they are adults. This, however, doesn’t mean that if your time of fulfilling your divine task is not yet due, you should just sit back and do nothing.


No, you ought to be doing something, even before your time for fulfilling your primary task is due. For me, I was a singer in the Calvary Cross choir. And whatever I would do, I would do it with all my heart. I was also an evangelist and an intercessor. We used to preach the gospel in the villages, even traveling across mountains. And I would commit every resources I could to the cause of the gospel. I used to go to Mulago hospital and attend to the sick – those abandoned, smelling, patients were my patients. I used to walk there on foot, mobilizing any money I could to buy them something to eat, preparing them juice, buying them soap, washing their clothes, washing their bodies, and sometimes giving them my own clothes; blankets, bed sheets, whatever I could.


Such patients were always expecting me to return. I used give them some of the money I could get; and thereafter I would go away to look for more money for them. Every week I had to visit them. I came to a point when the nurses in the hospital warned me, saying, “You will contract diseases in this place!” So they gave me some protective gears, such as gloves and garments. Besides doing that hospital ministry, I also used to be a drama actor in the church. I would play the main character, and many people would get saved.









But it is surprising that although I did all those good works, when I got to heaven, I found that I had done practically nothing? Why? Because I had not done the main task for which I had been placed in my mother’s womb, the kind of assignment that had been written in my heavenly file! Many people are just like that. Like me, they waste their precious time on earth.


You might come across someone who is aged 40 years, and for whom it was written in his file that he would get saved at the age of 16. But this person reaches the age of 25, before getting born again. Then he gets born again, but takes two more years to mature in Christ. By this time he is aged 27 years. This means that when this person reached the age of 16 years and didn’t get saved, the angels wrote in his file “0”; they just crossed out the pages of his file, because that person had done nothing about his divine assignment. This also means that this person can never redeem the time he lost; for every page of your file is opened only once in a year, and then closed for good! Every new year, the angels open up a new page. These angels don’t care if you have done something or nothing about your divine assignment. Their work is to write down and open up a new page every year, according to what a person has done.


When I examined some people’s files, I saw that many people’s files were empty. The angels had simply crossed out the pages, because the people had done nothing about their heavenly assignments. And I saw that some people were still in witchcraft, and the years for them to do their divine tasks had already passed. Others were still involved in prostitution; while others were still spending their time in drinking alcohol, and things like that. In other words, they have not done anything about the purpose for which they were sent into this word. Some people have already died without fulfilling their divine purpose. They only did their own things. Yet the Bible says of the rebellious, that their ignorance will not save them from punishment! I was also like that, because God sent me in 2000, but I didn’t do His work; which means I wasted a number of years. But I am now working.


This means that it was only when I started executing my divine purpose, that the angels started writing in my file what I was doing. Previously I was doing other things. Now those other things I was doing – such as looking after the sick and others – are referred to in heaven as good works. God is pleased with such works and He rewards them. But they don’t save you from judgment!


So, for me, I was doing good works only. And many people are like that. They do good works, but not the primary task for which God created them. Although God is pleased and rewards our good works, when you get to heaven, and on the day when your file is opened, you will be asked why you did not do your primary assignment. For this is the major purpose for which you were created. For me I thank God so much for giving me yet another chance to discover and fulfill my divine assignment; which I am now doing.


The Pipes and the Telephones


I also saw a very huge pipe in heaven on which are connected many telephones. Every person has his or her telephone connected to this pipe. As I approached those telephones, and read the details concerning the owners of those phones, I saw that the entire history of these people is recorded on these phones. This history dates back to their great grand parents, and everything they did and were supposed to do; as well as the reasons why they were born into this world.


But I saw that many of these people died without fulfilling their divine purpose on earth. Every thing is recorded in heaven – right from their whisper, and every word they uttered. They record everything, right from your great grand parents, to your father, and then to yourself. They do the same thing on the side of your mother – right from your great grand parents, to your mother, and then to yourself.








They have the details of everything concerning them – the reasons why God placed them in their mothers’ wombs, everything they did up to the time of their death, and everything they were supposed to do, what they did and didn’t do. This history stretches up to you, including the details of what you are supposed to do. But one thing that surprised me greatly is that when I examined these people’s telephones, I discovered that many of them have never actually been used, since they were established!


And I saw that for every person’s phone, there is an angel who is entrusted with taking care of that person and his phone. So every person has his phone in heaven, just like every person has a mouth. Just like you can’t lend your mouth to someone, you can’t give your phone or pipeline to someone. This means that in heaven, they expect every person to pray. And these heavenly phones capture each and every word you have ever spoken, every whisper you have ever uttered, and every thought you have ever entertained, right from the time you started having understanding as a human being. But capturing such things was not the major purpose. Their major purpose of these phone lines is to act as mediums of prayer. But I saw that most of these phones are not used.


And like I said, the phones capture each and everything, there was a lady on earth who thought of praying. Then in heaven we heard her all around. We even saw where she was located on earth, and what she was doing at that particular time. Now, immediately this lady started praying. She started by thanking the Lord in wisdom, and God was pleased. This means that there is also an unwise way of praying that doesn’t please God. This lady then worshipped the Lord, again in wisdom, and God was again pleased. This also means that there is an unwise way of worshipping, which doesn’t please God.




Now after worshipping God, everyone in heaven expected her to pray (for something). And the whole of heaven was quiet, waiting for what this lady was going to say. God was also listening, from where He was. Jesus who was a bit far, drew nearer, listening attentively. But his lady instead of praying for something she needed, she drifted away slowly, saying, “Lord you are Lord; You are Lord, you are good; you’ve given me life”; and similar things. She continued saying “Lord you are great”, “You are almighty”, “You’ve done great things for me”, “You are the King of heaven” … and things like that. She concluded by saying “You are Lord; indeed you are the Lord; there is none like you, there is none …..…”


Every one was expecting her to pray for something that heaven could do for her, but she went on slowly saying “You are Lord, Lord, Lord ….” Paa! Until the phone went off! All heaven was


saddened, because it is very rare in heaven to get a prayer prayed in wisdom, and one that is able to reach heaven and gets answered. It’s a miracle! It’s great when heaven gets such a prayer, and the angels of God rejoice.


This means that many people’s prayers don’t actually reach heaven. That’s why when any single person’s prayer successfully reaches heaven, heaven rejoices. It’s as if heaven has received a miracle – getting a prayer of wisdom, and one that reaches heaven! So we were expecting this lady to pray for something, after her prayer had successfully made it to heaven. But she didn’t, and God was saddened.


Besides this lady, there was another man who also started praying by thanking God. Then he worshipped with wisdom and God was pleased. Then he prayed, and the angels received his prayer, through his telephone. They placed his prayer in a heavenly golden bowl. Then they took this prayer through what looked like offices; starting with the first office, then the second, and then the third.







When they reached the last office, I saw them opening up a big drawer, which also had keys. Then they removed three things and mixed them in the bowls in which this man’s prayer was. Then they picked a match box and lit a fire. But this fire is not like our fire here on earth. Thereafter, the contents of the bowls (the man’s prayer and the three substances the angels had mixed in it) were well fried. After they had done this, I saw that the man’s prayer smelled so sweet!


I wanted to follow up the angel who was holding this golden bowl with this “roasted” prayer. Sweet smelling smoke was coming out of it. Then one of the senior angels held this bowl up in his hands and went somewhere, holding it. As he was doing it, smoke rose up from this bowl and went higher up to the throne of God Almighty. I saw that God was very pleased with this, because the man had prayed well. Now this is what praying and getting an answer from God means. And I saw that whenever God was pleased, the angels would pick things from the departments where heaven’s goodies are kept. The angels are instructed to do this, even when God apparently says nothing to them. But the angels would still get the instructions and get things and bring them to the people whose prayers God had answered.


I also saw that many people in the world don’t pray. They simply order God to do what they want. It’s like saying, “Lord I need a car this year; this years won’t end before I get it.” I saw that such is not really a prayer; it’s an order to God. But God being the kind Father He is, when such a prayer reaches Him, I saw that there is a way He overlooks everything and still grant the people their desires. I also saw that the prayers of many people go unanswered, because such people set a time-limit for God; and they don’t pray according to His will.


But God doesn’t answer you according to your own will and timing. He answers you according to His own will and set time. For example you might pray for a car in the year 2009, and God immediately grants your prayer. But He might determine that you will actually get hold of that car in 2011, in the month of March, on the date of 12th, at 12 o’clock, in such and such a place. That is to say, God does things according to His own timing, and everything of His is done according to His programming. For some people, He might determine that the car they have prayed for will be given to them as a donation from someone. And for others, He might determine that they will “earn” or work for it themselves through their sweat. But I saw that for some people, by the time God’s pre-arranged time comes for them to get what they prayed for, such people have already left the places from where they were set to receive such things.



They have Moved from their Positions


Others have already moved from their positions of faith and trusting God. I saw God’s angels delivering things to the people, but the people don’t know of it. They continue praying for the same things, which however God has already granted, and which His angels have already delivered. I saw the angels suffering with such things; looking or waiting for people to whom they want to deliver such things, but not seeing them. This is more so for unstable people; people who are not committed in faith.


It’s not that the angles don’t know where exactly the recipients of these heavenly gifts are. They do, but in heaven, everything is done as it was ordered or arranged to be done. When you move away from your rightful position or God’s will, you miss you blessing. I saw the angels carrying such gifts delaying a lot in certain places, while they are still waiting for the recipients to return to their rightful positions and give them such things. Finally, failing to see such people, the angels would go back to heaven with those things. On their way back to heaven, God’s angels sometimes meet the devil’s angels who fight them, and steal these things.


This means that when you pray, you need to take care. Your prayer might already have been answered and the things you prayed for already delivered. If this is the case, then it means Satan has stolen what God has already given you. In this case, you have the authority to fight








Satan and recover what he has stolen from you. You have the power of God to recover anything the enemy has stolen from you. At other times, it is no that the devil has stolen what God has given you; but rather, it is that, the right time set by God for you to receive has not yet come. Many people complain that God doesn’t answer their prayers. But when I was in heaven I saw that God answers the prayers of every person and every creature of whatever description on earth. And the time you starting praying or even thinking of what to pray for is the time it is granted to you! Even if you don’t pray for that thing again, and you just wait on the Lord, as long as you are standing in your rightful position in God, you must get hold of it soon or later.


The problem of Changing Prayers


But I saw another problem with some people’s prayers. They keep repeating themselves. In itself it is not bad to pray many times and remind God, but if you prayed your prayer well and it reached heaven, going through the processes I have mentioned already, even if you pray that prayer again, the angels have already worked on it. They don’t work on it again. They just listen to you as you pray, but they won’t do anything new about it. They say, “For that one, his issue is already settled. He is set to receive it in 2011”. You can remind heaven, but it changes nothing. The angels can do nothing about what is already granted and whose time is already set by God the provider.


And I saw another problem. If you make even a light change in your original prayer, this becomes a new prayer, and cancels out the old prayer. It’s okay to repeat your prayer; but if you make even a slight change in your old or previous prayer, it becomes a new prayer with a new schedule! For example you might pray for a new car, and God says you will get it in the year 2010. If you pray for it again, make sure you pray in exactly the same way, as you did before. If make some changes, it becomes a new prayer, and it cancels out the old prayer that had already been granted.


Then the angels take your prayer afresh through the other processes I told you about, and the time you will get hold of it might be extended. Now some people end up not getting what they prayed for, because by the time someone is about to receive what they prayed for, they make a new prayer all the time. That’s how it is heaven. Everything you will ever need on earth is already in store in heaven. When you pray for something and it is granted by God, that’s the very thing the angels prepare to deliver to you out of the store. If you change, it is cancelled.


And I saw some people praying, but whose prayers were confusing to the angels of God. The angels would ask themselves, “Which of the two, what exactly does this person want? Let’s wait, and see what exactly he really wants.” Now the person prays again, but he prays for yet a different thing, like that and like that. I saw some other people who were aged 40 years, but since they started praying, they pray badly. Every day the angels say “Let’s give them another chance to pray rightly”, but the people continue praying badly.


In heaven, such prayers which are not properly made don’t get through to God. The angels place them in some golden bowls, and they wait until the person prays in a better way. When you pray in a proper way, then this new prayer replaces the other bad prayers. Then the angels pour out your other bad prayers they had kept in a bowl. But if your prayer is as bad as the other you prayed before, they just add it to the other prayers and set it aside.


So many people on earth pray but don’t get the things they pray for due of reasons like that. Their prayers are not correctly prayed, and so they are just set aside. You need to pray properly and in wisdom. That’s when your prayer will go through the channels already described, reaching God and getting you an answer. Improper prayers don’t get answered, because in heaven everything is done perfectly. God is holy and holy! No imperfection can get anywhere near to Him. Whenever you see anything wrong or amiss in your life, then know that








the problem or issue is not with God; it is with you. You need to check yourself. You need to do something properly. God is exceedingly holy. In Him there is no imperfection.


After seeing all this, I wondered why in heaven it looks like people are not praying at all, whereas here on earth people seem to be praying a lot. But again as said, in heaven they don’t ask questions; everything is self explanatory. So I understood where I had to go for the answer. So I moved on. I have earlier told you that when we were walking with Jesus, the doors in heaven would open themselves automatically for us, as we reached them. This time, however, it were the angels who opened the door for me and I entered. When I was inside, I looked own on earth, and I saw many pipes, which looked like pillars; and which I have already told you about. Every person on earth have their personal and exclusive pipeline, through which they are expected to get linked to heaven.


When you pray, your prayer just doesn’t travel through the air anyhow; rather it gets into this pipeline and then it is channeled through to heaven. These pipelines end somewhere near heaven; they don’t directly run into heaven. But there is something I saw here. Exactly where these pipes end, I saw mafia-like men, the fierce angels of Satan. These are murderous, strong demonic spirits that are armed with all kinds of weapons. These satanic angels hate what is called a human being; and their mission is to ensure that no man’s or woman’s prayer passes through to heaven. And I saw that these satanic angels are very effective in their work. I saw that most people’s prayers don’t cross this point. This means that heaven doesn’t get their prayers, because these Satanic angels crush them to ashes!


Weak and Strong Prayers


Another thing that I saw regarding some people’s pipes is that even when these evil forces don’t interfere with their prayers, the prayers of these people are themselves already so weak that they just disappear around this place, without getting to heaven. I saw other prayers, and these prayers looked strong. But they kept bouncing back, in and out of these pipelines; which means such prayers were not direct. For a prayer to effectively go through the pipeline, it must be as direct and as strong as an iron bar; I mean spiritually. Satan’s angels are not bothered about weak prayers; such prayers just evaporate or disappear by themselves.


Then I saw some people who were praying very strong prayers; and the devils were struggling and fighting with those prayers to see that they are destroyed. Some of such prayers would get destroyed, while others would fight their way through. Then I asked myself, “Whose can survive these evil men? Who on earth can get past these evil forces”? And this question too answered itself to me. A person whose prayer gets past these evil forces must stand in the principles of prayer. Not every person who prays is a prayer warrior. In heaven, the people they know as prayer warriors adopt certain principles. The first principle is praying in spirit and in truth.


The second principle is praying in faith and in wisdom. The third is praying in power and in holiness. By power, I don’t mean in the energy of the flesh; but in the power of the Holy Spirit. If a person abides by these principles, these evil forces can’t manage his prayer. This is because as soon as this person’s prayer gets out of his mouth or heart to enter his pipe that leads to heaven, such a prayer is as hot as fire! These evil forces feel the heat of this prayer from a very long distance, which burns them and forces them to withdraw backwards, shouting “Ho! Ho! Ho!…”.


The devils go very far, and wait until that person’s pipe has cooled down. These are what they call prayer-warriors. So you have to ensure that your prayer is thus powerful, if it is to get past these evil forces; and through the phone system. It’s equally important that you pray in wisdom and properly before God. Another thing I saw at this place of the pipes is that there are prayers which these evil forces aren’t even bothered to stop. When such prayers come through the








pipelines, these spirits just withdraw a little away, lean nearby and are very happy with such prayers.


What type of prayers are these? These are the prayers of people who pray while cursing. Now these angels of Satan are excited about people who pray like that, because they are partners with them. Such prayers don’t go beyond this point. The angels of Satan themselves come down and implement what those people are praying for. This also means that when you are not standing properly in the Lord, someone can pray such prayers against you and these angels of Satan can harm you on that person’s behalf. So you have to be a person of prayer, because even in the church there are people who curse or pray like that. You need to pray in power and faith. And walking in holiness is what deprives these evil forces of the right o attack you, based on someone else’s cursing prayers. Walking upright with the Lord is also what protects you against the machinations of evil people, witches, etc… because then, the angels of God are on your side to fight for you. It’s particularly important to stand in the word of God. Then the angels of God will defend you.


And I saw many people who pray a lot; some even spend nights praying on prayer-mountains, but when these people are not standing in God’s word. Such people are not connected to heaven, and so heaven can’t help them in their problems. A lot was revealed to me in heaven about prayer, but let me stop here for now; for there is a lot on prayer.


The Prepared Place


Then I went with Jesus to those places which He promised His Followers, when He said “Behold I’m returning to my Father to prepare places/mansions for you.” He prepared those mansions a long time ago, and I saw them. They are very many; and every person born of woman has a mansion. Jesus prepared and equipped the mansions with all the treasures and riches heaven has! They are very many, and they are beautiful beyond description! But I was saddened when I reached there, because, ever since Jesus left the cross, He has been preparing places for the human race. And when He finished preparing them, He prepared even more. But the saddest thing is that He used the greatest treasures and riches to prepare these mansions, but I understood that only a few people will inherit these places. They don’t even come near to half the world’s population!


I was greatly saddened by that, because I saw that Jesus has spent many years and everything treasure of His on preparing those places. So I said in my heart, “I wish Jesus prepared places for only those what would come; instead of spending all this time and riches”. I hadn’t known, but my thoughts hurt Jesus like you say something in the presence of someone who is already deeply wounded! He was angry, but He took my hand and we moved on. From this point on He said nothing; and proceeded further.


When Jesus finished preparing those places for His Followers, He went to the huge kitchen of heaven. Here He works will millions of angels, cooking and making preparations, just like people who are preparing for a big party or wedding ceremony. And I saw that the hour was about to clock! Jesus stood and said to the angels, “Every one, whatever you are doing, do it quickly”. There is no idle person there. Whoever is not working doesn’t go there. I was walking with Jesus, but from where I was standing, the angels were colliding with me all the time, at the speed of lightening! I had no space where to stand. I left the place and got out.


But I was saddened so much when I saw billions of angels working at a terrific speed, preparing for the big party; and they have been doing this for many years, but all their faces were sad. Another thing that made me cry was to see Jesus labouring with them in the same way. Both His left and right eyes were gushing out tears, just like when you switch on two taps of water. Jesus was crying for the many people for whom He has prepared a place, but who will not be getting there. He was also remembering the bloody price He paid on the cross.








Remembering all these things was bringing Him tears, which was gushing out of His eyes like water gushing out of two taps. I again reflected upon all this, and I felt for Him, and for the many angels who are working so hard, and have worked hard for so many years. I saw how hard Jesus was working, left and right, since He came from the cross, and I said, “I wish He spared His energy and prepared for only those people who would come here!”


Jesus heard this thought and feeling of mine, and this time He was extremely annoyed, and pointing His finger at me, said: “Leave me alone, because it is in order for me to fulfill all righteousness. Let me do what I am supposed to do, because for us heaven, we fulfill all righteousness. It’s you sons and daughters of men who don’t fulfill all righteousness. As for me, let me do what I am supposed to do, because time has run out. I’m about to close the door. Now this is what I am going to do: I am going to close the door; I will forgive those I will forgive.”


A Taste of the Fires of Gehena!


When He pointed His finger at me, saying that “I will forgive whom I will forgive”, a mighty force threw me a great distance; and immediately I began feeling a lot of heat and fire from where I had fallen. The force started pushing me further backwards. I was feeling helpless and with nothing to hold on to. I tried to find any object, so that I could get held on to it, but I couldn’t find any. The force was pushing me helplessly towards a huge valley; and the further I went, the hotter it became. The force of Jesus’ words pushed me too far, a distance like from Uganda to London. It was very far; far down the valley; towards a deep pit. As I went further down this valley, I began to feel like I was seated in a very hot place. As I came to understand, this place is called Gehena. This is the lake of fire, or the bottomless pit of hell. I was not really inside hell, but I was suspended in mid-air, directly above hell.


The fire was burning me terribly. I started crying, just like the people who were in Gehena were crying. This fire burns terribly! There is nothing I can compare it to in this world. It’s like you put meat on a stick, then light a fire and roast it; not rapidly, but like you burn charcoal for a long time. You can’t imagine it! All inside and outside of me was fire, and it is terrible, terrible! It doesn’t burn all round, but it burns right from the inside of the bones and marrows, the flesh, the muscles everywhere like you are roasting meat! I started calling “Jesus”! But whenever I would cry “Jesus”, I would feel like another tank-load of fire had been poured into my mouth!


There is no fire like this in the world. It’s a lake of fire, never seen in this world. What can I compare it to? It’s dark fire! A distant comparison is like boiling tar – that black liquid obtained through coal. This fire of hell is remotely similar to this, it is thick and dark. I again called out “Jesus”, and they brought another tank load of fire and poured it through my mouth; and I felt I was dying! They poured more into me! Whenever I opened my mouth, more fire would be poured into me, and I continued to burn and burn. There are no words to describe the pain inflicted by the fires of hell! They are terrible and horrible!


And in this Gehena, there are so many people, just like sand on a sea-shore. But all of them are black and burnt out. They are like woods that have burnt out after a bush fire. All the legs are thin and dark. Although this fire burns a person terribly, the person doesn’t get consumed entirely. People in this fire are burnt out like charcoal. When a person is about to be nearly consumed, then he recovers to their original form, like when they had just entered Gehena. Then the fire starts burning him afresh, through the same process, until that person nearly gets consumed; before undergoing the same process over again and again.


That’s what people who are in hell daily go through; yet they don’t die. They are as alive as you and me. They understand very well, and they remember everything they did; and they think very well, but they are in hell. They talk and see well, and when they see they people








they knew in their lives on earth, they recognize them. They remember very well everything they did on earth. I heard them passing judgment against themselves for committing evil things that took them to Gehena. Some lament, “Really why did we end up in this place!”, “Indeed I was the guilty one”, and statements like that. And they are often crying from thirst. All the time, they are suffering from acute thirst, for the fires of hell drain a person to the last drop of water in one’s flesh!


Yet there is not a single drop of water in hell. I also started crying for water like them. I was feeling terribly thirsty. As I was agonizing in great pain, a certain angel came along, dressed in bright white. He pulled me out of Gehena. He then took me back to where Jesus was, when He had said the words, “I will forgive whom I will forgive.” And I found that Jesus was still very angry. Jesus is so good; but He can also be so tough! Jesus is very kind, but He can also be very ruthless! Jesus heals but He can also kill! That’s to say, whatever He is, He is that absolutely. He can be a great friend, but He can also be a very tough one. I found Him in that state, and He said, “You have found mercy in my eyes.


Let this be an example for you, should you go back to the world and fail to do what you have been instructed to do!” Then He forgave me, and He led me by the hand and we moved on.


What takes place at Abraham’s Palace


After we had left that giant kitchen or cooking place, Jesus left me alone for a while. I walked out of the city of God, which is surrounded by a huge fence. I exited through another door, and walked through the court yard. Then I came across another gate, and this is where the palace of Abraham is located. Near the entrance, I met two other people who had just come from earth. They had just died, but for me I had been there with God for some time, as you know. When we reached the gate, they opened it and I heard these people who had just arrived in heaven saying: “Eh! He is the one! He is the one, our grand father Abraham!” They ran towards him, very excited. Then I wondered why they were talking like that!


Then I also saw him. You see Abraham from a distance. His is a giant, extensive palace. You see him seated in a very beautiful shade on a very beautiful chair and in very bright colours. That’s why every person who gets to him says “He is the one!” It’s as if you already knew him! You understand him, even if you had never seen him. Very excited, I also ran towards him. But the other people who had just arrived from the earth reached him before I could. Abraham sits in front of his place, waiting to receive every person who wins the battle of the world and makes it to heaven.


Such people don’t go to heaven directly where God Almighty lives. They first go to Abraham’s palace. He is always there waiting to receive them. When the people arrive at Abraham’s palace, he stretches out his hands to them, warmly welcoming and embracing them, just as you do to a child. But he does this while he is seated in his chair. So I said to myself, “These people have beaten me to his handshake.” So I ran fast and I sat on his laps and I said, “Yes, at least I have beaten them to sitting on his body.” I touched his beard. It is very beautiful and very bright! It is short but as bright as the sun. It is magnificent!


Abraham is a very good-looking old man. He is actually neither old nor young. He has a very beautiful body, very bright, very soft. He looks wonderful! We were enjoying every moment in his chest. On his left and right I saw some elders, whose work is to lead away the people he has received. People have to be led away from this place, because every person who arrives at this place doesn’t want to leave it. I saw these elders pulling away such people forcefully, just like you remove a child from its mother.


They also pulled me away, and I wondered why they were pulling me away. They also pulled my colleagues away, but for them they led them into the house, deep inside. And looking inside there, I saw very many people who were dressed in white; people who had already








arrived. These people live there, and I heard them asking, “Who is that? Who have come in”? After the elders had led away the other people, they struggled to take me away too, for I didn’t want to leave this place. Finally they took me away. But for me, they didn’t take me inside the palace, for I had to come back to the world.


Closer to God’s Throne


I felt very sad after they had taken me away from Abraham’s arms. They then took me out of the palace, right up to the gate, and thereafter they closed the gate. I walked slowly back to the City of God where I had come from. As I was walking, I met Jesus. He took me by the hand and we walked further towards the throne of the Almighty God. Jesus led me before the throne, just like someone leads you into their office. I stood in front of that throne, and saw that Jesus has profound respect for God the Father! Before Him, Jesus humbled Himself. Then He said to me, “Aidah, this is God our Father.” He then led me towards His right side; and after leaving me there, He walked further towards the seat of God. Standing before God, Jesus bowed His head in deep respect and honour of God Almighty. God Almighty is extremely bright; brighter than tens of thousands of the sun put together!


Golden colours beam from Him all the time. In the midst of this brightness, I saw Him dressed in a big golden garment, flowing all over heaven. You can see His garment, but you can’t look at Him, for He is extremely bright. You can’t even lift your eyes towards His throne. As Jesus was leading me towards God’s seat, my eyes were closed and could not open. I even had to bend my head to knee level. But even with closed eyes and a bent head, I couldn’t avoid seeing Him! That is to say, His glory is so much abundant that even if you chose to close your eyes, wherever you face, whatever you cover yourself with, Hs glory would still penetrate or pierce through your being!


When we reached His presence, He wanted to speak to me, but He realized that I could not speak to Him. So He hid His glory, but still I could not look at Him. So He left His chair and came down the stairs. The stairs were so big, yet very beautiful, bright and shining white. He came down towards where we were standing with Jesus. He stood four stairs above where we were, and He called me: “Aidah, you have received favour in my eyes; I am God Almighty. You will go back to the world and tell the people that I am God Almighty. Go and tell all the people that I am holy; let them also be holy. Go back to the world and tell all the people, that they should worship me in Spirit and in truth. Go back to the world and tell all the people to obey my word. And you are going to go the world and tell all the people to ascend to my Holy Mountain, because only those who will do it ….”


And He said again, “Tell them to do it quickly; because only those who will do it will come to heaven.” And again He said, “Only those who will ascend my holy mountain will get to heaven.” And as I told you before, in heaven they don’t ask questions. The issue of ascending God’s holy mountain was already clearly explaining itself to me. Ascending God’s holy mountain doesn’t mean merely climbing hills or mountains, like we do in this world, even as this is in order. It explained itself to me like this: Ascending God’s holy mountain means seeking the Lord with all your heart, soul, strength, life, power, understanding, and with everything you have in you. It means sacrificing your life for Him, giving Him everything you have; seeking Him in holiness; obeying His word; and separating yourself from the world to be with Him. It means that even if it means losing everything, you do it in pursuit of Him. It means knowing and seeking God, like a person searches for a treasure.


This is what it means ascending the Lord’s holy mountain. And God made it very clear to me that only those who do it will get to heaven. After saying those words, he smiled and bid me farewell. He then climbed the stairs and went back to His seat. After that Jesus came back from the right home side where He was standing. He took my hand and we walked on through different parts of heaven. We went everywhere and it looked like we were climbing a hill.








In heaven, everything, everywhere it is golden. Where it is not golden, it is beautifully like nowhere on earth; courted with very beautiful, short grass, flowers and trees. The rest of the places are all made up of gold. And this grass is as alive and intelligent as you and I! Everything there is living – the flowers, the trees, mention it. As we moved on, I wanted to play in some of those very beautiful courts, but Jesus wouldn’t give me time to do that. We moved on.


And note that by the time I arrived in heaven, I was walking on bare feet, because when I woke up from my bed I didn’t put on my shoes. But it is very thrilling walking on this gold in bare feet. We climbed up and then down, until we reached what looked like the end of heaven.


The Thread-like Bridge


Now heaven and earth don’t connect. There is something that separates them; a very huge valley, that is as big as the universe itself. So there is a bridge you have to cross to from earth to heaven and vice versa. This bridge is not like the bridges of this world. For it, it is as small as a thread. It’s this thread which crosses or bridges a valley that is as big as the whole world! To get to heaven, every person has to cross through this bridge. There is no other way. I also saw only three places, namely, heaven, earth, and this valley or Gehena, above which is a bridge. I didn’t see any other place. This means that if you are not in this world, you are either in heaven or in hell. There is no other place I saw; it’s not there. Let no person deceive you. There is only heaven, Gehena and this world. If you leave this world, you go to heaven or to hell. But you have to cross this bridge to get to heaven. If you fail to cross this bridge, you fall into Gehena!


As I was walking with Jesus towards the end of heaven, on golden roads, we started going down this tiny, thread-like bridge. It’s extremely tiny, yet it is as long as this world; and the valley it bridges is bottomless and dark. It is also filled with dirty, awfully smelling water! As we were crossing this bridge, for me I did not feel it, because Jesus was leading me, and I was following from behind Him. I walked on it like I was walking on a normal tarmac road. We went very far and reached the end of this bridge. We reached a place that looked like a sea-shore. This place had grass, just like you find on a sea-shore. We walked a little bit further on that land, near the tiny bridge.


This area of the bridge is extremely busy. There is no place that is as busy as this one. May be with the exception of the Kitchen or cooking area. But even then, this place is many more times busier. And I saw that the Holy Spirit was at this place. He does His work at this place. Why? He is the one who helps people to cross this bridge. But even though the Holy Spirit is there, I saw millions and millions of people falling from this thread-like bridge into the valley, every second! They could not cross this bridge due to a number of reasons I’m going to tell you about.


Even though the Holy Spirit tries to help the people, many still fall through into Gehena; right from the small breast-feeding children up to the big ones. And from the words Jesus had spoken to me when we were in the presence of God the Father, when He said that “Aidah this is our Father”, He did not speak any other words to me until we reached this bridge. We looked at what was going on around this part of the bridge, and it would cause one to shed tears. People were drowning into Gehena in large numbers!


Amazingly, there were also small holes like those ones that are dug by ants and other insects. Thousands of people were emerging from each of such holes and pouring into Gehena. Some were coming out of such holes; some were coming through small paths; others through bigger ones. People were coming from every path, entering in big numbers. For example, people as many as those who work in Owino or Nakasero markets would emerge out of a hole; but all of them would fall into Gehena in a matter of seconds! It was extremely frightening. People, especially those who were not saved at all – for these there is no question about it!









As soon as they arrive at this place, they just fall off this thread-like bridge and into the valley. This is because, in this life every person has a chance to choose where he wants to spend the rest of his life (eternity). I saw that this kind of judgment is already made. At this time, there is no judgment in heaven. There is no asking questions. There is no getting near to God. Every person who leaves this world goes to the place where they are supposed to go. And such places are well known to these people. You also leave this world well knowing where you are supposed to go. There is no question about this.


People who refuse to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour while they are still alive are already judged! As it is written, “Whoever believes in Him will not be judged; whoever refuses to believe in Him is already judged.” By the time you arrive at this bridge, you already know your fate; there is no other judgment. I saw all those who are not born again just falling into the dark valley straight away!


The Born-again Falling off the Bridge!


But even some of the people who are born again fell off this bridge into the valley. There are different reasons for this, including the following. First of all I saw many born again Christians in church, but who are carrying heavy burdens. Some are carrying them on their heads; others on the backs; others are dragging them like bags, in both their left and right hands. Yet the Holy Spirit was trying hard, speaking to them day and night, trying to help them with their burdens, but the people wouldn’t let Him.


Remember, this bridge is like a thread. You just can’t cross over it, if you are heavy-laden. So such people couldn’t cross it. They just fell through the valley (Gehena) with their heavy loads and burdens. I saw many other people who on the outside were looking good. But deep inside, their hearts were rotten; so much that parts were falling of their rotten hearts! Deep inside, their hearts were badly swollen and rotten. Such people too couldn’t cross this bridge; they were falling with their hearts into this valley of Gehena. Other people had small hearts and they looked good on the outside; but their bodies were covered with very sharp swords!


In their faces were sharp swords, in their hearts were sharp swords, and in their back were equally sharp swords. In their ribs, and both hands they had four sharp swords, hanging from every side. This means such people were piercing every person from every side who came in their midst. These kinds of people also could not cross the bridge. They were just falling off into the valley with their piercing swords. Others looked like people who were waiting on the Lord; but they didn’t worship God in spirit and in truth; and they had not understood the days of the Lord. These too fell into the dark valley.


Others were troubled in their thoughts by the cares and concerns of this world. They were worried about finances and debts, and worried about children and other things. The Holy Spirit had been speaking to these people, trying to help them, but they would not let Him do it. They continued worrying over the things of this world, and this drew them further away from God’s presence, until they died. Other people were very lame; crippled in the spirit, beyond description! Outside they were looking normal and okay, but in the spirit they were terribly crippled. Some were blind and others were deaf. This means that such people could neither see the Holy Spirit nor hear what He was saying to them. Such people also fell off the bridge and perished into this dark valley!


Other people had very bad hearts. They were filled with hatred; malice, envy, un-forgiveness, frustrating others, unholy, people who don’t seek God; people who don’t pray to God; and things like that. All such people too could not cross this bridge. They would just fall through into Gehena. Others were very heavy in spirit, but light in the body. This means that it was very hard for them to do the things of God, but very easy for them to do the things of the







world. But remember, this bridge is like a thread. People who succeed in crossing over it are those who are light in the spirit, not in the body. People who are light in the body but heavy in spirit can’t cross over it.


Some of the few people who managed to cross this bridge and get to heaven had some amazing things I noticed. In the world, such people looked like dead people! They were dead in the flesh, but alive in the spirit. It was as if their eyes, senses, hearts, thoughts, their whole life was dead. They were so united with the Holy Spirit to the extent that He was like covering them all over. Such people were so attentively tuned to the Holy Spirit, obeying every simple instruction He gives them, and doing only what He tells them. These people looked like they were dead, so dead that even if you took a needle and pierced it through their flesh, they would not react at all! They were all in Spirit. I was greatly surprised by this. These people were so dead to the flesh and the world, and so totally surrendered and consecrated to the Holy Spirit, that they had allowed Him to do whatever He desires in their lives.


I saw these people were crossing this bridge very easily; and I saw them walking with the Holy Spirit, as He was leading them through it. I saw some children who had died with their mothers during the process of birth. These were arriving at this place with their mothers; the mother in front, and the child following from behind. I saw such newly born babies actually walking, following their mothers! But the mother was not aware of the child, and the child was not aware of its mother. All of them were looking to the Holy Spirit, as the only person who could help them cross over. Indeed every person at this bridge is helpless.

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Then there were these children who died with their mothers as they were trying to abort them. I saw such babies crawling on their own; with their mothers being not even remotely aware of their existence! It’s a very complex picture there. There is nothing you can remember at the bridge, or even in heaven. As for heaven it is so good there; there is nothing that can upset you; there is nothing to regret about; there is nothing you can miss in this world. Heaven is heaven!


But life at the bridge is very hard. Every person is responsible for themselves. Only the Holy Spirit can help you. I saw some people who during their earthly life neglected the Holy Spirit; hoping to turn to Him when they arrive at a place like this. But now it was impossible, because such people were not one with Him from the very beginning. You have to leave this world walking with Him, if He is to help you cross that bridge. This is because, when you arrive at the bridge, there is a supernatural power that leaves you and unites with the power of the Holy Spirit who is at the bridge. It is this combined force that then carries you across the bridge.


If you don’t have this supernatural power, you just fall into the valley of Gehena! Another thing, if you don’t listen carefully to the instructions of the Holy Spirit, even if you miss just a few steps, if He tells you to move and instead you stop; or if He tells you to stop and instead you move, etc… you end up falling through into the valley, without any hope of coming back! There are so many things that prevent people from crossing this bridge to heaven, but let me stop discussing these for now.


The Perishing Children!


After seeing all these amazing things, Jesus called me and said, “Aidah come”; holding my hand, we walked along this bridge up to its central areas. He asked, “Have you seen those things”? Then I looked into the bottomless valley, and He said, “This is the world of Satan; Gehena, where my people perish. But I want you to go back to the world, and this is very urgent. Tell the people on earth to help the young children as much as they can. The young children are perishing.”









And I saw many young children falling into the valley of Gehena. Such children would try to navigate this thin bridge, but eventually they would fall into Gehena. Why do these apparently innocent children perish? Because within them there is no seed of God’s word! So the Lord told me to go back to the world and tell all the people that the children are perishing. They perish at a terrific speed, just like lightening! These children range from little infants up to those who are in tertiary institutions; they were all perishing! This is a responsibility of every person on earth.


Jesus told me to tell every person on earth that, “The children are perishing at a terrific rate; and that they should help the children. Satan has hatched a plan to steal children at a speed like that of lightening. Go and tell all people to preach the gospel to the children; to take them to churches; to teach them how to fear the Lord and to know Him; to teach them the word, and to help them in every way, for many are not cared for. ” He said, “ Go and tell them to help the children, and to do it very quickly.”


And now I am telling this to you. It is a responsibility of every body; for the Lord said so. And this time I saw some people who were travelling through villages and towns, but his time looking for children; right from babies, to those who are studying in higher institutions, preaching to them the gospel. So the Lord is asking you to help children, because they are perishing. And you should do it very quickly, for this is the responsibility of every person.


From here, we moved on. I saw too many things at the bridge which I can’t exhaustively explain here. But it is fitting that you examine yourself and see if you yourself would cross this bridge! You have to be light in the spirit, and heavy in the body. In other words, you must be a person who finds it easy to do the things of God; and a person who finds it hard to do the things of the flesh. Then you will be light in the spirit, but heavy in the flesh. Only those who are heavy in the flesh cross this bridge; for they are light in spirit.


Terrible evil on the High Way!


Then we descended this bridge up to the world towards a high way, which is called the Highway of Salvation. This is the direct route from the end of the earth connecting up to the bridge. In other words, apart from the other small paths and holes through which I said people also poured through from earth, this Highway of Salvation is the most direct route leading to heaven. In this Highway are so many things which I can’t exhaust here. But I will try to point out a few. First and foremost, the people who should be in this kind of way are the born-again Christians. Yet surprisingly, some of the people who are in this highway are also like criminal mafias; who are not so different from the people who are outside of this highway!


And this Highway is filled with terror, just like other places of the fallen world! There is a lot of madness, confusion, violence, murder, gossip, and every other dirty practice you can think of. Some of the people in this Highway are like real agents of Satan; but they are also moving along. In this way are killers, who are armed with swords, and who go around piercing others.


And the people who travel in this highway should be dressed in full combat gear or dress; but surprisingly they don’t have it! They are not dressed in full combat. Some are just dressed in rugs; others in plain clothes; some only have shirts on; others only shorts; they are all like mad people! And these people are fighting each other. But these people were all given a full combat and all the necessary weapons, just like soldiers. Indeed these people are soldiers; and they are not meant to be fighting themselves; but they have a common enemy they were armed to fight. And the enemy they were supposed to be fighting is dressed in full combat; and is also strongly armed with all kinds of weapons he needs. But the people in the Highway of salvation are just a confused lot.








Some are just idle. Others who looked like they are sensible, they are however, also confused! They don’t know what they are supposed to be doing. They were given a full combat uniform, but they are dressed in some other funny dresses. They are very weak. So they are doing nothing. Some who look like they have some strength are half dressed – others in casual wear, others in only shirts or trousers. The person who is dressed in one of the parts of the combat uniform, that one is posing around as a very strong person. The person who is wearing only a shirt part of the combat gear also is posing around as a very strong person. Then there is one who has only a gun. Every one only has just a piece of the full combat they were supposed to have. He who has a trouser has no shirt. He who has a shirt has no trouser. He who has a gun has no shoes. Some are armed with iron bars, others with pangs – and they are moving around using these to cut down others.


Some are only putting on hats, but they have swords which they are using to cut others. Some are dressed in only shoes, and they are using them to kick the heads of the weak ones, killing them completely! Now in this Way of Salvation there are many people with differing measures of strength. Some have already fallen on the wayside, and look like they are dead. Then there are others who seem to have some strength, but they are so weak that they can’t even breathe; they are just crawling on the ground. Such people need someone to help carry them slowly a distance, until they have regained some strength to be able to continue on their own.


But strangely, those with some bit of strength come and crush those who are left with little strength! Others they hit them with iron bars; and others they pierce their hearts with swords. They use such swords to pull them, before using the same swords to pierce and throw them into the valley! They kill them and throw them completely out of the way.


And I saw others who were looking strong, but they were moving around knocking others, throwing them behind. That is to say, when someone sees his neighbour getting ahead of them, instead of trying to learn from him and pulling up his socks too, he just looks for a big stone and hits him on the head; sending him miles behind. And then this person after removing the other person tries to occupy his position. People were very mad! And I saw other amazing things. There were some very weak people. And you would have thought that such weak people would help each other; but even the weak people are undermining each other. I saw a lot of jealousy, stealing, violence, murder, every evil – all in the Way of Salvation.


Angels and the Holy Spirit on the High Way of Salvation


Although there are also many angels on the Way of Salvation, the people travelling on this Way don’t know they are there. As a result, these angels don’t work. Every angel is just standing in their position, doing nothing. They are just looking at the people; for what can the angels do for these mad people? So these angels just look on, until the end of time when they will be withdrawn or redeployed by God. And I also saw that in this way of salvation, the Holy Spirit is also there, trying to help the people. But the people are not willing to be helped. They are mad; they don’t hear; they are deaf; they are blind; they are just moving up and down. There are so many things in the Way of Salvation, many of which I haven’t narrated.


Now I have told you that people in this way of salvation are soldiers. There isn’t a single civilian. They were all designed to be fighters, and strong fighters at that. These people are also on the front line, facing an enemy. But the disturbing this is that these people are sleeping, and others are fighting one another. Now, because they are so confused, and others are there seated not knowing what to do, the enemy at times infiltrates them and hits them badly, leaving many of them dead, others broken, and others taken captive. This Way of Salvation is surrounded by two strong walls on both sides. The walls rise as high as up to the skies. This means that the Way is very safe, and the people who walk in this Way should also be very safe, if they were what they are supposed to be.








Now on both sides of these walls are strong armies of Satan. Like I told you, this army of Satan is well prepared to fight; and it has all the weapons in needs, besides being dressed in full combat. But the people in the Way are not dressed in combat gear, just as I told you; and they are not armed. And they don’t know whom they are fighting. And because the people spend a lot of time fighting themselves, the armies of Satan take advantage of this. To take you a little behind, when I was walking with Jesus, He told me these words. And why did He tell me the words I am going to tell you? Because I had left this world with a sad heart. I was saved, and I was serving in the church as a singer; but fellow believers were making all kinds of false accusations against me. They had broken my heart. They were treating me very badly, yet I thought they were my fellow servants.


There was a lot of gossip, people talking behind my back and accusing me of things I hadn’t done. I felt ashamed and reduced to nothing! I was thus carrying a wounded heart. So by the time I died and got to heaven, it was like I was accusing them before Jesus. And they did not do these things to me alone. There are many of you out there who have been wounded in this kind of way. This is the reason why Jesus said to me these words that I am going to say to you. He said: “All the children of men are liars; only God is to be trusted.” He went further and said, “Listen, all of you to the ends of the earth; look to God and get saved. If you look to sons of men, you won’t succeed.” He further said, “Don’t be upset by sons of men.” And He said: “Not every person you see in the church is a Christian. Not every one who says Praise the Lord is born-again. Not every person who serves in the church is a believer.”


But like I told you, in heaven there is perfect orderliness, and everything in done in set departments, just as we have departments here in our world. Another thing, Jesus said it is us sons and daughters of men who don’t fulfill all righteousness as required; but in heaven, they fulfill all the requirements. As things were, they still are and for ever it shall be. In heaven, things have not changed. Whether you fulfill your role or not, in heaven things remain as they are supposed to be. In heaven therefore, everything is well organized. Even here on earth, every person falls under a certain department.


Life and Death, Heaven and Hell


And there are two ways – they way of life and death; and as there are two places – heaven and hell – it’s up to you to choose; and what you sow is what you reap. What you do on earth is what you reap in the life after; and you reap it in fullness. This means that whatever you do, do it with all your heart. If you decide to change, change completely; if you decide to get saved, be fully saved; if you decide to live holy, live holy; if you decide to obey the word, obey it fully; if you choose to give, give with all your heart. This is the time for every person to do whatever they are doing with all their heart. The rewards are full and real!


In heaven everything is done in an orderly way, although here in the world there is a lot of confusion. For example, concerning the church, Jesus told me that there are different departments. What did He mean? That if you see someone doing certain things in the church, then you know that that’s the department in which that person falls. Don’t blame God for the misbehaviuor of people, for this grieves God. If I got saved on my own, and I joined the church, and you also got saved on your own from nowhere I know, we all met in the choir; then if I annoy you and you get so upset to the extent of leaving the church or the choir, ask yourself: Was it a person who called you into salvation? Have you been singing for people or for God? Were you saved by human beings? Did any of them shed blood for you? Who will be asked to account for their services to God – isn’t you?


Let every person know who called them, and do what they are supposed to do. It grieves God, even if I am the one who has mistreated you, for you to get so upset that you abandon the good things you are supposed to be doing. This way, both yourself and the person who has mistreated you are guilty; and perhaps you are more guilty because you have not understood








what you are supposed to do. Jesus told me that people in the church fall into a number of departmental areas, as follows:


Those who recited the salvation prayer but who actually never truly received Jesus from the bottom of their hearts! Such people thus are not saved at all, and heaven doesn’t know them. But I saw some of such people even serving in the church. And in this world, they are seen as being very powerful people. But heaven doesn’t know them. They are not saved.


Those who truly accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, but who don’t do what He tells them to do; and so heaven doesn’t know them as well! When we respond to the call and accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, every person is given up to two minutes of perfect holiness. As it is said, a person believes Jesus in his heart and is saved; and when he pronounces it in his mouth, righteousness is credited to him. So within those first two minutes, every person is blameless. Whatever crimes a person has committed, if he genuinely repents, he is immediately forgiven them all.


But it’s not just a matter of saying words, for even people in the first department above said the sinner’s prayer. But the difference is that it didn’t come from their heart. If you truly repent from the bottom of your heart, you get two minutes. But after these two minutes, you have to work out your holiness (working with the Holy Spirit).


These two minutes are given to you as a start up. If you continue walking in holiness, it grows. But you have to work it out (with the help of the Holy Spirit). But if after those two minutes you start walking with devil again, after repenting, then Heaven blots you out! And there are so many people who fall under this category. They received the two minute after coming to Jesus, but thereafter they went back and continued living their old sinful lifestyles. So Heaven doesn’t know them; but they still go to church and pose as Christians.


Those who gossip! Jesus told me that this department is the most active; and that it has destroyed many, sending them into Gehena. He said to me, “Go to the world and tell them that I am tired of gossiping! It’s like smoke that billows out day and night, and which has reached my presence. Go and tell them that I am fed up with gossiping in the church!”


Those who got saved, but who don’t worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth! They got saved; they left everything for the Lord’s sake, and they have given up everything for the Lord. They have also suffered a lot for the Lord; but unfortunately, they don’t understand the times of the Lord. And so they don’t worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth.


Those who are confused! They left or gave up everything for the Lord. They have suffered for the Lord; and they say they are waiting on the Lord. But they don’t know the days of the Lord. They are filled with fear and worry over the affairs of this world. Such worries and anxieties draw them away from the presence of the Lord; and they end up confused and disturbed.


They say they are waiting on the Lord, but they don’t understand Him. Even the Holy Spirit, they don’t understand Him. They don’t understand the days of the Lord. They think there is till more time, whereas time has already run out.


And I saw many things in the Church, and its different departments. All people fall under certain departments, like I said. But it is their actions or behaviour that show you where they








fall. So don’t be scandalized or discouraged by people’s behaviours and acts. Just look to God, and get saved yourself. This is the time for every one to know their God, and choose whom they will follow, for many people are confused.


As we walked with Jesus, we went somewhere where people were in an overnight prayer. Some people are amazing, yet they are in the church. And Jesus asked, “Who allowed these people to come and spoil my courts?” These people were moving around knocking others on the heads! God is seeing everything that is going on in our lives.


[But you who walk with the Lord] Don’t fear; don’t worry; you will finish the race. Let’s continue moving forward, until we get to heaven. Don’t lose your strength. Let every person find out where they lost track. As the Bible says, this is the time for every one to go back to where they lost it; to go back to their first love; to walk the way of peace. Let every one go back to the original path; wherever each one went astray; and get back to the right track. This tendency of saying “I have been born again now for 40 years”, is no longer valid.


I saw people saying they were born again now for 40 years ago. But in those 40 years, they had walked in holiness for only two minutes. This means that they had never truly got saved; and heaven doesn’t know them. Others testified that they had been born again for 10 years. But the question is that during those ten years how many minutes have you lived holy? The time you have spent walking in holiness is what really counts in heaven.


Ministries in the Church


Now let me talk about the different ministries in the church. People often look at ministries only in terms of pastors, prophets, teachers, and evangelists; and every person wants to join one of these. But not every person was called to serve in these ministries. Every person have their different ministries in which God called them. Some of these ministries are quite ordinary, such as working in an orifice. This could be someone’s work that was written in their heavenly file; that such and such a person, when they grow up, they will graduate and do such and such a job.


And that such and such a person will help the church, by bringing in tithes and offerings, so that there is food in the house of the Lord; as it written, so that the servants of the Lord don’t suffer from poverty. If this is the work that was written in your file, even if you donate millions of shillings, and thousands of souls get saved in the process, but without doing that work that was written in your heavenly file, you will not have done what you were created to do!


You would have done good works, just as I did, but not what you went sent on earth to do. So people fall in different ministries. Some are called to be in business; and through which God planned to bless them so that they bring money into the church to promote the work of God, such as building, evangelizing and helping the poor.


This could be someone’s ministry, but not to pastor a church. But now the church is in confusion. Pastors are businessmen; and business men are pastoring churches. But people think it all about becoming a pastor or singer or the like. First of all, for me when I looked into the files of heaven, I didn’t see any person that was specifically called to be a singer. Singing is just one of the gifts. Actually what I saw was that every person is called to be a singer.


I noted in heaven that every person is required to sing. Even the grass, insects, trees, flowers, every creature bows, sings, praises and worships God. Even here on earth, for from heaven I could see and hear the grass and plants, praising the Lord; even birds, pussy-cats, every creature were worshipping God in very audible voices. The thing is that here on earth, in the flesh, you can’t hear these voices. So it is the responsibility of every person to sing.








But if you have decided to be a singer, and it is the Holy Spirit leading you to do so, this can be your calling. But for me, while in heaven, I didn’t see in any single file where “singing” was something for which some specific people were called to do. I only saw other callings, like those I have mentioned. I saw some people who are called to be helpers. They are planted in the church to help those who are distressed, the destitute, and the helpless and people like that.


There are some people that God has called to minister love to such people. For example, someone might come to the church, when he is at the point of committing suicide, or his heart might be distressed. Now your calling might be to restore strength and hope to such people. When you help such a person, then that person comes to know that God really cares about him; and he or she can go back to their home and victoriously walk in the way of salvation. The little smile you showed to such a person may be just enough to change the course of life for that person. So some people have been called to do such and similar ministries or work. Think of anything that builds up people in the body of Christ, God has assigned someone to do it. From sweeping the Church to going out to evangelize, someone has been called to do it.


And such a person is a “Minister” of God in his or her own right, as much as someone who has been called to be a pastor or evangelist. But you see now every one wants to remain in the church, rather than going out to preach the gospel and win souls. People like that will get to heaven and get surprised to find that they didn’t do anything about what they were specifically created to do!


Some people were created and called to do door-to -door evangelism, but they have instead decided to pastor churches. And some of the people who turn themselves into pastors, when God actually never called them into that office, such people can create problems for everyone. Remember, a Pastor is equipped with the spirit of fatherly love for the sheep; that parental, nurturing and guiding spirit. But if you see a Pastor who divides the sheep, that Pastor may not be standing in his proper calling. Such pastors are better advised to leave the work of pasturing churches and go and look for what God created them to do. Then they will be standing in their rightful position.


There are many people whom God actually called to be evangelists, so that they could bring souls into the church, and then the Pastors would nurture such souls. But you find such people instead pastoring churches. There is a lot of confusion, as everyone is now doing what they want; rather than what God called them to do. And let me tell you, it takes a lot of strength to stand in your rightful position. Because I saw people who are standing in their rightful positions, but then there were other malicious people armed with sticks or iron bars, who were beating them or trying to pull them away! It takes a firm stand to be where God has called you to be. This is because there will always be people who are trying to beat, knock, or pull you down from what God has called you to do or be. But it’s your responsibility to fight and stand firm in your rightful position. There is nothing like a soft or free ride in the way of salvation!


There are thus so many ministries or callings in the church, right from the toilet cleaner, to any work you can mention. Every person is called to do something that builds up the Body of Christ; and those who rightfully do what they were called or created to do, God will reward them. Every person will be crowned, according to how faithful they were in doing what they were called to do. Another thing, every person is going to be asked to account for every word they spoke while they were still on earth. As I told you, every word we speak here on earth is recorded in heaven; as is every thought, whisper, and everything you have ever done on earth. You will find it all well recorded and documented in heaven! So strive to do good; so that when you leave this world, you might find a good report in heaven.


End Remarks









You are very fortunate to hear these words! But you are also in trouble, if you hear them, but refuse or neglect to do what they are telling you to do! May the Lord greatly bless you!


I would like to register my deep gratitude to Hope Studio, who recorded the voices (from which these scripts were transcribed). The Enemy tried hard to frustrate the exercise, but God prevailed.


May God richly bless you with an overflow!


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Editor’s End Notes:


  • How have you responded to the great and unmatchable love of Jesus for you, who, sent by God, left all the comforts and riches of heaven, came down to earth, was abused, beaten, tortured, greatly wounded, stripped naked, and later killed, before rising up again, in order to save your and my soul from everlasting condemnation to hell?


  • You have also had the rare privilege of being taken, in spirit, on a pre-tour or journey to heaven, before God finally calls you out of this world and you undertake the same journey? Are you prepared for that final journey? Are you prepared to cross that narrow bridge? Are you prepared to meet God, if He called you this moment? As it is said, no one knows the hour or the moment!


Rewards and punishments are real, as this Sister saw, and hell is a reality. The Bible describes hell as a place: where the “worm” that eats up those cast there “does not die, and the fire is not quenched” (Mark 9:48); where “the smoke of their torment goes up for ever and ever; and they have no rest day…” (Revelation 14:11); “the pit which has no bottom” (Revelation 9:1,2); where “There will be weeping there, and gnashing of teeth … “ (Luke 13:28).


In brief, this is a place where you or any of your friends and loved ones should get to, by all means! Jesus provides the means and He came into this world precisely to give us the way to everlasting life, and away from eternal condemnation. You can get everlasting life and avoid this terrible place, by giving Him your life.


As Jesus went through the towns and villages, teaching, on His way to Jerusalem, someone asked Him: “Lord, are only a few people going to be saved?” He said to them, “Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to. Once the owner of the house gets up and closes the door, you will stand outside knocking and pleading, ‘Sir, open the door for us.’ “But he will answer, ‘I don’t know you or where you come from.’ … Away from me, all you evildoers!’ … There will be weeping there, and gnashing of teeth, when you see Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of God, but you yourselves thrown out…” (Luke 13:22-30). “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it(Matthew 7: 13-14).


The world and every thing in it, as well as your and my life, are all temporary things. Very soon we will leave this world and go back to where we came from. Are you prepared? Did you receive Jesus as your Lord and Saviour? Jesus is that “narrow gate” to Heaven. “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life …” [Jn 3:16-18]. “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved“, other than that of Jesus (Acts 4:12). Jesus is the only way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father [God] except through [Him](John 14:6]. You might say you are a good or well behaved person in your own religion. I commend you








on this. But Good behaviour and works can’t save a soul: “A man is not justified (saved) by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ …” (Gal. 2:16). The Kingdom of God is not about the good things we can do for God, but about what God, through Christ Jesus, does in and through us. You need to give your life to Jesus, if you have never done so.


If you have never asked Jesus Christ to come into your life, I want to invite you to open your heart to him and accept the salvation and way to Heaven which only He offers. Jesus says to you: “Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come into him, and will dine with him, and he with Me” (Rev 3:20). If you want to receive this salvation, please kneel down, close your eyes and thoughts to every other thing, and look to God in spirit, and respond to His gracious invitation, by saying this prayer, from the bottom of your heart:




“Dear God in Heaven, I come to you in the name of Jesus. I


acknowledge to You that I am a sinner. I need your forgiveness. I believe that you sent your Son Jesus Christ, and He shed His precious blood on the cross at Calvary and died for my sins, before rising up again. Lord Jesus, I need You as my Saviour. Thank You for dying on the cross for my sins. I am sorry for all my sins and the life that I have lived. I open the door of my life and receive You as my Savior and Lord. Please take control of the throne of my life. Make me the kind of person You want me to be. Thank You for forgiving my sins and giving me eternal life “


If this prayer expressed the desire of your heart, Christ has come into your life, as He promised! You are now a new creature! Committing our lives to Christ is the first step in our Christian journey. You need to go to a Bible-believing Church and get baptized in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Thereafter, get involved in the Church activities and fellowship with your fellow believers there, so that you might grow in the knowledge, love, goodness and service of God.




If you have already Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, but you have not been obedient to Him in some areas of your life, you need to confess your sins, recommit your life to Him and have your fellowship with the Holy Spirit restored. God loves us beyond our wildest imaginations. But He also loves righteousness and hates sin with a passion (Heb. 1:9). In His love for humanity, God won’t, however, compromise His holy nature.


This is what He says about those who receive Him as their Lord and Saviour, but later opt to live in sin and refuse to repent: “If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have







received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left, but only a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God” (Hebrews 10:26). you yourselves cheat and do wrong, and you do this to your brothers. Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God(1 Cor. 6:8-8). “


Jesus says, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God” (Matthew 5:8). If you’ve been living in some kind of sin or impurity, you need to repent, or else, as the Sister’s Testimony shows, you might be found too heavy to cross that “threadlike bridge!”


Hate sin with all your heart, because sin is what led to the terrible suffering and crucifixion of your Lord Jesus. If you commit any sin, immediately go to the Lord and confess it. He is faithful; He will forgive you and restore your fellowship with the Holy Spirit. His word says, “”If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us …” (1 John 1:9).


Say this prayer:




“Lord Jesus, I have lived according to my desires and will. I have not lived under your Lordship in the following areas of my life: ________

(name them all) . By doing so, I have dishonoured your presence in my life and grieved your Holy Spirit. I’m sorry for my sins. I request and receive your loving forgiveness. I recommit and surrender my heart, my soul, my body and every part of me to you. Please give me the power to live a life that is worthy of you. Precious Holy Spirit, please forgive me and fill me, in Jesus’ name.


Thank you Lord!”


If you’ve prayed this prayer in all sincerity, the angels of God have cleansed you totally, and God has forgiven you! You are now as pure as gold! Daily keep yourself pure, by surrendering your heart and every aspect of your life to the Holy Spirit and walking with Him closely as your special Dear Friend and Helper. Ask Him, in Jesus’ name, to help strengthen and to help you in every other way. He will. He loves to do it, in Jesus’ name!





(After reading this book, please do share it with others, so that they can also get








the very important and urgent messages contained

in it).






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