A Generation Of Pretense And Perverse Christian In The Church – Part 1

A Generation Of Pretense And Perverse Christian In The Church – Part 1

Pretense And Perverse Christian In The Church

The deceitful lifestyles of many Christian have left me wandering if Christ has postponed his second coming or if we are still in expectation of his return. When you vividly view the secret and pathetic lifestyles of many Christians; if care is not taken your faith might crash and you might even stop going to church.

Hence, the heart of this perverse individual that called themselves Christian are rotten with pride, anger, hatred and no different between them and the devil himself but only hiding under the umbrella of the Church, From my research; have observed that some unbelievers are far-more self-righteous than those that profess to be Born Again in the church. 

Sometimes ago, while preaching to a sister about the important of dressing modesty she reply “My brother, I rather live an open minded-life and continue in my lips and nails painting, woman attachment, jewelries and trouser (pant); than living in a pretense life of portraying in modesty dressing and secretly indulging in other secret sins.

a Christians sisters fighting in the church
She continue, there are many Christian sisters that often dress gorgeously in modesty attires as sister Pentecost but inwardly, their heart are rotten with maggot of hatred, sexual lusting, lies, back-biting, bitterness and wickedness”
However I counseled and unveiled the truth to her that merely dressing modesty without nurturing the heart against inward intruder’s isn’t a guarantee for making Heaven but rather through Holiness, righteousness and truthfulness. This three elements will penetrate into your life when you begin to examined your inward characters, thoughts and ensuring that your heart is perfectly soak with the word of God.
Hence, when you abhor all those outward immodesty dressing, it simply marks the beginning of your seriousness in serving the Lord because perfection in one’s life is a gradual process. In short-run the Holy Ghost will begin to work upon you by nurturing your heart through daily meditation of the word of God.
Above all, the reason why those sisters often portrayed in pretense is due to inadequate time they spend in reading and meditating the word of God. Whenever you deliberately vowed to read the whole Bible in a year by reading about 4-5 chapters per day, honestly your spiritual life will certainly metamorphose into greatness because the word of God is a light unto our lives. Psalm 119:105 “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

Nevertheless, after counseling and encouraging her to overlooks the pretense life characters of some Christian in the church, I thank God that she is presently working out her salvation. Honestly, I felt so sad when she was narrating all the faultiness and pretense character of Christian sisters in the church.

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Sometimes ago a pastor shared an ordeal which a sister witness at the hand of this canker-worms and pretense Christian in the church. While entering the church premise he saw a sister weeping bitterly and their conversation goes below.
Pastor: Sister what happened?
Sister: Sir, they said i am not worthy to be in this church.
Pastor: Who say so?
Sister: Sir, Do you remember the sister that share a testimony about her involvement in prostitution, drugs and abortion last week and how God granted her salvation?
Pastor: Yes, Yes, ooh you are that sister, yes i remember?
Sister: Yes Sir, i am the one. I came for today service but i was not aware it wasn’t a weekly service day so i decided to join the prayer warrior members [Intercessor] in their praying session [wiping her tears but while sobbing].
Pastor: Please my sister what happened?
Sister: [she burst in tears] Sir, when one of the sister saw me in their group meeting, she screamed that  I AM NOT WORTHY to be in this church, that i am a chief sinner and a horrible wicked person. The pastor said he was greatly provoked in spirit and can’t even imagine what he would have done to that perverse and serpentine being in church if he eventual find her.
Presently, we are in a viper’s age where many believers takes God for granted but they shall be grounded. They took God as spare-Tyre and definitely they shall also have flat Tyre while driving on high express road without any spare Tyre to replace and fix.
They serve God with human ideology and let me say this “If you are too wise, intelligent and educated you can’t serve God with a perfect heart. A true Christian ought to act as an idiot and foolish while serving God, irrespective of their financial muscle and career.

1 Corinthians 4:10 “We are fools for Christ’s sake, but ye are wise in Christ; we are weak, but ye are strong; ye are honourable, but we are despised” Apostle Paul said “we are fools for Christ” but still He abandon his law degree, likewise Peter an international business fisher man and also Saint Luke a medical doctor.
They all forsake their personal business and practitioner for the sake of the gospel. Almost all the disciple senior Jesus Christ in age but yet they pocket their seniority Jargon’s and served him faithfully. They felt happy when persecution engulfs them, unlike today, just ordinary dreadful dreams you perceived while sleeping, you already vibrating in fear.
Moreover if you can’t tolerate, overlook and forget the worldly degrees and honor you can’t serve God faithfully. Many are in church but always nose-poking, finding faults, slandering and gossiping against their brethren and neighborhood, this is pathetic!
The Danger Of Gossiping In Life Of Christian Women
After gossiping and slandering against your brethren during the day, at night the whole offence and complains will comes and built a cloud in your thoughts. That is reason why you can’t pray effectively nor sleep peacefully; you always bothered and worried while recalling the offence of Brother “A” or Sister “B”.
My friend, if you are into these perverse attitudes you will soon die of High blood pressure or heart attack because the word of God is infallible. Ecclesiastes 8:13 “But it shall not be well with the wicked, neither shall he prolong his days, which are as a shadow; because he feareth not before God”

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Many Christian are engross in Church politics, fighting and contesting for church leadership and positions while some conspiring how to overthrown their pastor and assassinate one another in the church. It’s unfortunate that not everyone that goes to church are truly born again. Some came to church purposely for marriage, to seek for beautiful woman and handsome men to seduce and marry.

christian trapped in stealing church money
While some comes to church in order to steal church offering and tithes, fashion parades, miracle and prosperity seekers. While in church always professing of surrendering all to Jesus but haven’t yet surrendered their lustfulness, hatred, anger, gossip and pride. While In church, they promise to “Dwell In The Presence Of The Lord For Ever” but always comes to church late and always in haste to go home early.
How can you overcome Satan when you open your Bible only during church service? The first thing you often enact every morning is to glance at your social media apps neglecting to approach God in prayers and appreciations unto him for another new day.

the bible and mobile phone hindering christian
Hence, you can opened and spend un-countless hours on Facebook, twitter, instagram and whatsapp almost 50 times a day and you assumed you can overcome temptations, spiritual husband/wife, masturbation, sexual lusting, eating and having sexual intercourse in the dream in such pathetic sinful character.

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We are presently in eternity race where many Christians are no more conscious that we are in pilgrim journey celestial city. The holiness standard and evangelism lifestyle of church is in jeopardy, an age where fast growing church are also fast decaying in hatred and envy.
You will behold some church members and minister professing “Heh our church is Holy Ghost locust center; if you come you will see liquid fire and automatic miracle. Our pastor is latest in town and after the anointing of our pastor you will become a billionaire in just single service” (Prosperity without effort).
Let me advice you, please if you are going to Prayer house or church beware because Native Doctors are no more living in thatch houses in the village. Do you know where they are living now? They now live in prayer houses.

fake and counterfeit ministers and pastors in the church
They will see vision and divination and prophesy “hmm-hmm, as i was praying i saw a rat pursuing a Lion; Come and fast for 7 days and if you can’t fast, pay money so that we can fast on your behalf and let us know why a rat was pursuing a Lion”

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My beloved that is a psychology method of retaining you, The bible said, Psalm 66:18 “If i regard iniquity in my heart the Lord will not hear me” Even if i fast for 70 days the Lord will not hear me. If i refuse to repent my prayer becomes nonsense”
How can a woman who is a prostitute open a prayer house? Her children are scattered all over the places but no husband yet People are trouping to her home to receive vision and prophesy. I still remember yester-years, when somebody repent, the first thing he/she will seek is Holy Ghost Baptism and burning zealously for evangelism and their dream is always about rapture.

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But today after salvation; what Next? People want prosperity, marriage and breakthrough in business. Today, prosperity and materialism emphasizes has taken the zeal and burden for souls wining while eternity kept knocking at our door because we must all leaven and none is going to abound here eternally irrespective of the cathedral, houses and cars we have.

the soul leaving the body

The day shall come when the soul shall be separated from the body and they will look for us here and will no longer see us. Whenever I look around I always get challenges beholding people going to Christ-less Hell, then I began to ponder, is Christ the only way? Jesus himself says, I AM THE WAY AND THE TRUTH” 

John 14:6 “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me”
When you behold the grammatically function of that statement, he didn’t say I AM A WAY. He says “I am the way and his resurrection truth justified that he is the way. Socrates died up till today he is in the grave, Muhammad died up till today he is in the grave but Jesus died and the power of the grave couldn’t hold him after three days but he arose. When he arise he said, “All powers in Heaven and on Earth has been given to me” He said, go and preach am with you always”

Matthew 28:18-20 “And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen”
If we have this power, we shall also acknowledged that our colleagues will be lost without Christ and everyone who isn’t in Christ is forever lost by virtues of what God has said. Moreover, why has the devil bribe the church to keep quiet? Why?
In those days when you dream you see the rapture taking place but right now when you dream you behold yourself dedicating a bungalow. You dream and you saw yourself dedicating limousines, cars and estates. That is the type of dream you always dream this days because your heart is defiled by worldly materialism.

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However i did advice you get back to your God today and ensure you eschew those perverseness and pretense that has rotten your mindset because Christianity is not theory but rather practical. I believe the second part of this message will help you to understand the urgent needs and reason why you ought to get straight with God and exhibit that righteous degree because tomorrow might become too late.  

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